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America up and standing for your future of freedom G A M B E R T, who is more than willing to serve the official manifestation of the “Fourth Branch,” now in which officially operates within the United States of America. After fighting for the future of commerce in America and when it comes to how he envisions the future of business, he will be serving and providing Justice for every American so they too can have access to ultimate operations while operating in their arena.

Today, now in the fortifying of the “Sovereign Branch” and after fighting for eight years inside the intellectual property administration of the United States Patent and Trademark Organization, the creation and funding for “Americas Sovereign Branch” is finished. “Your Fourth Branch of The United States of America” including all the people who shall remain free is complete…

Lawlessness is being abolished now and while being failed from incompetence and criminal activity, G A M B E R T is standing for your expectations for justice America. G A M B E R T is standing for your “International Nations Faith!” G A M B E R T being the official creator and implementer of the “National Sovereign Branch Faith,” has elected to unanimously include all “The Believers I.N America,” the ones who fight for the voltages and who really are the hero’s by electing themselves as fighters for freedom; who certainly will see “Justice and Faith” through…

G A M B E R T is someone who will hold anyone, anywhere, accountable to their “Sovereigns” and their required voltages. Someone who has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to “Government Corruption.” Undivided criminal activities, with those who were found out to have only served crime upon our peoples sacred trusts, now certainly have a met their dam nemesis. Now, while G A M B E R T knows first-hand what is like to be a victim of injustice, in no way would G A M B E R T become a victim of their dam injustice, but would create a furious inferno state of fire for all of American injustices to become united to… This service for the future wellbeing of each other, standing together as sovereign again, are now able to precipitate reign…

It has begun… G A M B E R T will certainly provide you an elected and unanimous land slide in the coming years ahead by helping you to elect the best candidate for the job of your required service… G A M B E R T is now holding out a hand to you, inviting you, to stand up personally by also serving America more than ever… Welcome to our much-needed “Other” party and by including all of Americas’ parties now combined… Marching now, G A M B E R T seeks to force “The Administration of Justice” by taking her with all of the power vested in H I M back to the people once again! With providing all of her back to the people again, this movement only provides you back to the highest places and position of Government as Sovereign again! All in service to you personally and by providing you this “United Spirit” & “Love” G A M B E R T shared for all of “Americas Sovereign Class.” G A M B E R T you better believe it! He is the servant for all of the citizens now becoming sovereign again! ALL I.N. A M E R I C A | U S A!!!

G A M B E R T has shown nothing less than the courage and the Spirit of America, with how this country was founded upon being faith and how we spell that in America is R I S K! One thing certain G A M B E R T would not risk though was America, your rights, or your God provided freedoms… With what G A M B E R T did add to your overall future of how Government shall be ran inside the USA, it was championed over all inferior adversaries our God given rights of this justice campaign! To further inspire partnership what the almighty, and who certainly did back it all up! Now up and shining United States sovereign “G A M B E R T” did serve all of the people of America… Where G A M B E R T performed “A Key” role in fortification and rejuvenation; while restoring America back again! America being born again, starting fresh with new wine skins!

Now when it comes to qualification, Law, Politics, Technology, Justice, or most importantly HEART for our nations people, and our rights, further includes ministry with education… Your passion for America as the one nation still, and that is the most important matter. G A M B E R T has the passion inside, someone who shares the same spirit of our troops worldwide and would lay down his life for his God or his people without a question and with no hesitation as demonstrated.

However, G A M B E R T is not alone, standing for the entire United States Military! Your instrument G A M B E R T will certainly be key in many issues of Justice and would like to start in helping appoint an Arizona Superior Judge to be confirmed in a high place of a lawfully elected position and if agreed upon by him, all the way up to the high roll of associate justice in the U.S. Supreme Court! G A M B E R T supports current members and patriots of the Judiciary Committee, however G A M B E R T will certainly help Justice and the RULE OF LAW be the touchstones of this “P R E S I D E N C Y!”  While other individuals may or may not keep their word, it is also G A M B E R T who will certainly keep his word as law including all of his promises, which are backed up statutory! All I.N. other words iron and because G A M B E R T can see the future and the constructs of technology, breaking records, but not just any records, but world records! Today G A M B E R T has a policy of solid foundation administration; striking any future encumbrances.

G A M B E R T means business & as a member of the “American Justice Party,” G A M B E R T is “THE CHIEF ADVOCATE” for Justice. Your Constitution, and who supports all of your rights without question! When it comes to black and white, red or blue, G A M B E R T can and did destroy everything that stood against this great country of the United States of America! He did certainly help bring back the vision of what your enemy is to the United States! Finishing with the national debt and by wiping it all out while America slept already! When it comes to growth you can count on G A M B E R T for it all and when it comes to tax policy, G A M B E R T suggests more research! Do your due diligence, find the spirit of entrepreneurship with all your incentives!

Rewarding for hiring our own people yes! Capital gains = Made in America and it is about time someone is not afraid to introduce what all of America desires, but absolute revolution! Change is not broken, just not performed to the expectations of what was preached by charlatans in history now gone… G A M B E R T shall certainly Prrrrrrrrrform what he preaches… JUSTICE | FAITH

G A M B E R T is a class name standing for positivity, with victory, and supercarriers! Who can stop magazines, internet websites, or television stations from becoming interested in a new American brand name SEO® G A M B E R T? Politics was for the taking, & because anyone with a technology background, legal, and justice mind, could easily sweep all of our problems all out!

G A M B E R T never desired to become political or famous for the record, G AM B E R T was coerced into this service for you personally! The administration of justice for doubters, lawlessness, and a hopeless system – that needed real change! G A M B E R T practices what he preaches, however G A M B E R T actually perrrrforms, because G A M B E R T will not stand for injustice, but did in history stand against it all! G A M B E R T is not worried about the popular census, however G A M B E R T is a passionate fire on the inside cool on the outside, but will do whatever it takes to bring Americas’ victory back home again! Further bringing our country back to freedom with all of the power back freely given to whom it belongs! This being the people who are his beloved sovereigns of the United States! Traditional media will be turned down, as well as other certain news stations, along with some other outdated outlets! Because when Gambert calls the media they must deliver, but when they fail Gambert, they can no longer call Gambert, because how can they expect to not receive the same courtesy? Gambert will not save Fox, Nbc, Cbs, Abc, or Cnn! This is a perfect example of how Gambert runs his administration, it comes down to 1. Loyalty 2. Belief, 3. Faith 4. Hope 5. Justice 6. America & 7. All I.N International Nations USA!

Forbes must soon identify Gambert as the SEO magazine owner and as not only part of the American Billionaire club, but one of the 10 hardest working entrepreneurs dedicated into the service of generating foreign income back INTO America again! J. is someone who will certainly lead the future of politics, law, technology, justice and our nation’s business. Sharing a clear vision with the United States, Gambert sets the tone for never quitting and doing whatever it takes to win!

G A M B E R T before entering into his international service practiced law from becoming self-taught to fight the corrupt! Although not an “Esquire,” will continue to conquer many… Gambert will identify, disrupt, and dismantle any “Gross American Injustice” always… and will certainly bring a “New Fresh Spirit” when it comes to this restoration by contributing to the protection for all of America! G A M B E R T a “New American” name who certainly did CHANGE government oaths for all of America! Who did seal the dam and brought trust and faith back to the American people! By U.S.J.C. with the most important attribute of all being contribution to a renewed love, life, and posterity for our Government people! Finally renewing appreciation for all our troops lives, severing separation; uniting all our country back again to the “Greatest Country” on earth.

Your Republic of United States of America Again!

ALL I.N. God We Still Do Trust,

God Bless America!
G A M B E R T | J1!

Born in Arlington Heights Chicago, Gambert shall reform education, bring complete rejuvenation, by ushering in the administration of knowledge, to represent new generations… Saving new blood, turning new change, who is currently thinking about a lady, has no children, and loves serving all our “Fourth Branch Members” and by “Including All of America” more than ever! Again and again, God bless you all; I love you all & thank you all for all your new found awareness! II.I.JI. JI. I!

The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law.
The Rule of Law gives the people the power to trust their governments by trusting in themselves and God, and by way of this knowledge able of holding anyone elected accountable to their oaths of office…

— Jason Gambert, United States Sovereign and Advocate for Your Personal Dam Justice!

“The unbelievable amount of “Boulder Dam Victory” for the people of “The United States” has been achieved and now it’s for the American Universities to catch up to it all by studying U.S. – likewise will be able to fully achieve their knowledge state!”







American Restoration

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