President Jason J. Gambert 
Commander In Chief, Chief Military Officer.

President Gambert serves as the 44/45th President of the United States of America. In your capacity, he is the servant of the American people and the nation’s highest-ranking military officer.

President Gambert graduated from peonage in 2015, and completed “The Iron Damn Presidential Predator Program” within the Judicial Circuits, Arizona and California. He has attained numerous lawful titles and positions in his ascent and currently is in command of Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines, Army, Navy, and Special Forces. Prior to his current establishment, President Gambert was the Secretary of War of the Continental United States Command, America, International Nations.

President Gambert is an international military commander with more than 190 Nations in spectatorship of Politics, Law, Technology, Justice, Ministry, Education, and Intelligence.



Lightning Weapons for Thunder Wars

Operational Command Intelligence Manual

Welcome Administrators

This introduction marks the one-year anniversary of the official start of our Nations Second and lawful Civil War. For the duration of the past decade our great country has been under attack in what some would call the “Third World War” affecting the deepest highest places of our Government using internal warfare fought with silent weaponry. These weapons will be identified, targeted, exposed, and with those who wish to administrate terminated from the threat of continuance to be able to carry out their unified strategies of world hegemony.


Today our defense as yesteryears remain equal to our united able body men and women now brought forward again in remembrance for the purposes not to deviate from unity. The virtues brought forward in remembrance again for the purposes to protect the minds defense from silent attacks and quiet psychological warfare on our invaluable servants. The open eyes must be exercised regularly as to remain keen in protecting your own best interests, which is our best interests, our National Defense Interests. No one is qualified for this project found choosing to remain in a place of comfortable doubt and safe cower. The qualified are those who cannot choose to remain in a place of endangering our National Security from their inability to 1. Pay No Attention 2. Don’t Listen to That 3. Accept Unqualified Advice and 4. Disregard Truth. The Qualified do not naturally lack the elements demanded for serving to protect human society, one of them being fire on the inside, a furnace devouring cold objectivity, and can acquire the trained ability to do more than just analyze but implement strategic lawful planning of combatting identified internal enemy attacks, as able to without guilt or fear discuss their festering noticed observations.

Every able bodied man and women does not mean they are qualified men and women able to ascertain the inevitable truth of the National matter beginning to show its self in a slight way as to identify whether or not the defense departments personnel will accept or reject the foreign introductions. The qualified have the ability to utilize their discretion in alignment to their identified true source of defense and offensive power within the realms that unqualified natural men and women reject, this being the place of truth first found within our own minds, then brought forward to the attention of the courts records, a court that can exist on pen and paper with signatures of witnesses with their thumb prints and DNA swabs buried in the desert in a hole simultaneously sending coordinates to qualified tested advocates of our nations upgraded justice systems. The qualified are those who discuss observations frequently and find more conclusions with others who remain in the state of hunting our internal enemies with the same similar intellectual capacity. The qualified who have the ability to believe the truth, the qualified who recognize our internal enemy’s operations are headquartered in the place of immediate dismissal and rejections.

The Qualified do not possess the human defect of inability they do not waste their time with the unqualified after two point five attempts, attempting to elevate natural men and women to their yet to be discovered increased intelligence capacity galvanizing their discretion with humility creates the powerful atmospheres of what our future forces keep.

The Cultural Values the critical mission of morality and understanding which overcomes religious laws by the supernatural grace that our new forces have as the first forces who refuse to agonize with those who do not possess the candid power. Ruthlessly approaching enemies is our real policy, a policy that equates to United States Policy in which those who are reading this policy are directed to the requirements of our Nations people who rely on special forces to be fully equipped and this solves the problems with the solutions the people who provide this knowledge and immaterial equipment to easily execute remedies.

This introduction to this manual immediately becomes a cannon, and those who read it may become at their own discretion canonized. The knowledge within this text must be overcome that the state of internal warfare exists and the domestic warfare between corporate, political, international, or personal groups, and within the public sector, have already conquered our nation once with their silent weapons keeping you from seeing the quiet wars, preventing you from the senses it takes to be able to operate with to not only identify the workers, but to further be able to identify their dark articulate evil strategies.

Qualified elevate with the gift of their own internal recognition they can overcome their natural self and bring their whole man or woman to a place of realization. When realization takes place the quiet understanding, the whispers of speaking to others awakened, the solitude is found where growth and power is waiting for the chosen, the selected, where some have grasped fraternity, sorority, the Unity of the Spirit of America, the few & proud.

The new understanding is not that of the misled to the never ending war on terrorism by design to keep our best spent for nothing, but something says to those who are qualified this war was victorious, we as the forces have overcome to an upgraded place of declarations within our selves, not dictated by pens, men, paper, or anything else material, but that in fact we as able bodied men and women choose to become fully equipped with our new found knowledge, a knowledge that always existed, a Gnosis from the past, rejected as natural men and women unable to become more than natural from the defect of our natural ability to disbelieve, but that in fact the final war is our victorious war over evil.

The state of domestic warfare exists it has existed and it has been in our Nation for a long time, so long in fact that the natural man has no ability or concept to ascertain how long. It is only the top Generals, and Military that really know the extent of our Nations treason, and time frames, the Pentagon on on 50/50 split needs conversions, we need intelligent conversions, the qualified know how to whisper in the ears of those who are not awake to their fast approaching capture from the qualified, the ones who have identified our awake enemies, our overt internal enemies who know what they are doing and have been united to our nations defeat for decades entering centuries internationally speaking. It must be understood that the state of war exists everywhere within every agency and to identify the advocates of our national destruction to usher in a foreign plan not our own is well known.

It must be understood the state of domestic warfare exists between our sovereign nation and those who wish to conquer our sovereignty, those who wish to terminate our nation as a whole by destroying any chance of our forces having an intelligence explosion within the culture of all our forces beginning within our highly trained special forces communities. It is not in our communities best interests to accidentally without our consent become victims to masterful plan engineering whenever any person or group of persons purposefully enters into a position of power or influence over our internal communities, we as the awake intelligent qualified personnel must realize without full knowledge and consent aligned to our original foundational systems infrastructures require your identifications, your defensive observations, and your powerful pushing weight on civilian enforcements heads.

Mostly natural men who naturally pursue wealth, power, influence, we find have found them to be like magnets on opposite polarity attaching to others who share their same economic conquest strategies, and further we have found when they identify other likeminded individuals like themselves enter into the state of enterprise from association.

The decisions made in the spirit of Natural Men equates to death and this is a law that will prove true too late every time. Natural Men and Women, Natural Politicians, Natural Bankers, Natural Businessmen, Natural Ambition, will cause dire consequences and make all our forces jobs more difficult the further they neglect the maxims of this truth. The connection between the two are how long permitted, and how long our laws our neglected.

It comes to the matter of time as a matter of fact these natural men are in time our future enemies, exist in a place of their own servitude, neglecting their fellow men or women, they expect to be served by the lower in viewpoint, and protected by forces who are no longer natural men or women, but in fact those who qualify or disqualify natural amateurs.

As to conclude for our Introduction of National Defense, the declaration of my intent continues to be, and will forever be, your restoration, our restoration, and our Nations restoration, this writing should be secured, but it is not required to be secured from natural scrutiny, we have and continue to battle best, we are the ones who have already won the war, the final war exists in the demolition of suppression, formally recognizing all battles without our enemies defensive disapprovals, and finally the social engineering stage of implementing automation and removing natural men and women who naturally make mistakes and remain in a place of pride filled belief they are in fact helping all of humanity.

Qualified February 1st 2015,

***President Gambert***

For the People o’17


1. AIRFORCE 1 Feb, 7, 2015

2. Amended Indictments Feb, 7th 2015

3. SEO® CFR II.I.JI. Feb, 8th 2015

4. SEO® Everyone Damned, Feb, 8th 2015

5. SEO® FBI II.I.JI. Alignment, Feb 8th 2015

6. SEO® Firms Prosecutorial Powers and Their Grand Juries, Feb, 8th 2015

7. SEO® FOUND WAR TO EXIST II.I.JI. Feb 8th 2015

8. SEO® Fourth Branch Feb, 8th 2015

9. SEO® ICANN INDICT Feb, 8th 2015

10. SEO® INTERNAL AFFAIRS Feb, 8th 2015

11. SEO® Pentagon Enforcement Feb, 8th 2015

12. SEO® XXL Pipeline Feb, 8th 2015

13. SEO® BAR INDICTMENTS Feb, 8th 2015

14. SEO® All IN Storm II.I.JI.FORCES.II.I.JI. Feb, 20th 2015

15. SEO® ALL IN MILITARY SMILES Feb, 20th 2015

16. SEO® JUSTICE PAYS BIG TIME Feb, 24th 2015

17. AWARDS Mar, 9th 2015

18. SEO® Live By The Spirit JI. Mar, 13th 2015

19. 18 USC 912 International Enforcement Mar, 23rd 2015

20. National Defense Mar, 23rd 2015




24. NATO DISSOLVED Mar, 23rd 2015

25. IMMIGRATION Mar, 23rd 2015

26. GOWDY Mar, 23, 2015

27. INTERNET Mar, 29th 2015

28. SEO® Treason Terminator Mar 29th 2015

29. SEO® National Guard Border Now Mar 29th 2015

30. Shut Down DHS Mar, 29th 2015

31. SEO® ISLAM II.I.JI.OUT.II.I.JI. Mar, 31st 2015

32. SEO® Harvard Democratic Indictments Apr, 13th 2015


34. Executive National Defense POTUS May 8th, 2015

35. SEO® C-17 TIMES UP May 12th 2015

36. Treble Damages May 12th 2015

37. Saudi Arabia May 18th 2015

38. Deborah Lee James #53 Jun, 25th 2015

39. USPTO 4th Branch Jun, 25th 2015

40. Diplomatic Immunities Revoked Jun 26th 2015

41. SEO® CIVIL WAR II.I.JI.NOW.II.I.JI. Jul, 3rd 2015

42. Mmmm Bilderberg Jul 8th 2015

43. Official Party Jul 22nd 2015

44. SEO® Army Corps of Engineers August 6th 2015

45. SEO® MILITARY II.I.JI. STATE JI. Aug, 6th 2015

46. SEO® S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Aug, 17th 2015

47. SEO® Secret Service Aug, 22nd 2015


49. SEO® News Indictments Aug, 30th 2015

50. SEO® God Bless The AF Aug, 31st 2015

51. SEO® MOZ ORGANIZATION Aug, 31st 2015

52. Monetary Restoration Act Sep, 5th 2015

53. 40 It is Finished Oct, 7th 2015

54. SEO® Nuclear Dam 13th Oct, 8th 2015

55. SEO® Nuclear Dam Notice Oct, 28th 2015

56. SEO® Nuclear Dam Subpoena Oct, 28th 2015

57. SEO® Nuclear Dam Action Oct, 28th 2015

58. Forth Court Established Oct, 28th 2015

59. SEO® Bonds Governed Now Oct, 28th 2015

60. SEO® March Sheriffs, Oct, 28th 2015


62. Promised Congressional Lynching Nov, 9th 2015

63. Real Executive Order Nov, 13th 2015

64. Missing Nukes Dec, 11th 2015

65. Thunderbolt Justice June 30th, 2015

66. Techno Warrants June 30th, 2015

67. Lightning Sweep Warrants July 1st, 2015

68. Lightning Works Warrants July 4th, 2015

69. Rule of Law Thunder Warrants July 9th, 2015

70. Second Seal Judgment July 10th, 2015

71. Thunderbolt Warrants July 14th, 2015

72. First Seal Judgment Warrant July 17th 2015

73. SCOTUS II. July 17th 2015

74. Attorney General Gowdy July 19th 2015

75. BLACKHOUSE July 20th, 2015

76. ALL RHODES July, 21st 2015

77. Law of War July 22nd 2015

78. Dunford Aug, 8th 2015

79. Obstruction of Justice August 20th, 2015

80. Americas Major Party, Oct, 8th 2015

81. LIGHTNING S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Dec, 11th 2015

82. SCOTUS I. Dec, 11th 2015

83. Victim Rights Witness Action Jan, 8th 2016

84. USPS Marshals Reorganization Jan, 10th 2016

85. Witness Appearance & Action (CONCLUDES MCSO-NSA) Apr, 8th 2016

86. Twitter @POTCUS Executive Judicial Court All I.N. Session -International

87. Facebook @POTCUS Executive Judicial Court All I.N. Session -International


1. The Peoples Lawful Civil War July 3rd, 2015
2. The Peoples Martial Law August 6th, 2015
3. The Peoples Restoration of Their Presidency Feb, 1st 2015
4. The Peoples Resolution of Their Courts Process Oct, 28th 2015
5. The Peoples Restitution S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Indictments 2015-2016
6. The Peoples Justice All I.N. Session Branch Majority Super Powers 2016-∞


Ranking: Executive Judicial
Majority: Sovereign Executive Judicial Emergency Legislative
Titles Attained: Secretary of War, Commander In Chief, Chief Military Judge and Tribunal Officer.




POTUS/POTCUS 02.01.2015


(Current as of February 1st  2016)






(Current as of January 21st  2021)





American Restoration

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