The Real Presidents Memorial Day Address Monday May 25th, 2015:

Representative Gowdy, Chief Justice Roberts, Guess Whoo’s President, Guess Who’s Vice President, Before The Nations International Republics, Senator Paul, Speaker O’ oh Speakers, Reverends, Oh Preachers, All Before “The Nation of Americas Iron Dam Citizens!

To three hundred and twenty-one million Americans, including all of us tomorrow, reminding all I.N. Nations this is an intense and consequential moment in our history! Our great American legal and lawful order in the transfer of command has taken place within the United States, which will rewrite the history of our Nation. May I say this existence remains without commonplace in this great incident JI.

An orderly and peaceful transfer of authority remains within our reach as prescribed in our Constitution. Remedy for which frequently transpires today has called forward our “Great Days of Justice,” as it has for two hundred and twenty-eight years. For over two centuries the real Americans, the ones who still say “I Do and Believe,” who can take a momentous moment to contemplate how unusual we really are. You better believe the attention of the world is witness to our unbroken ceremonies, connected without interrupt, to our “Founders Faith,” who consecrated this Nation which became “The One Nation,” and in fact many have become too used to the freedom we enjoy every day; which is nothing less than a living extraordinary event. “Alleged President,” we the people of the knowing nations by now, want to take this time to provide our own relief before our shoulder-to-shoulder citizens, this way they can know how much we have done to carry on their unbroken belief. “O’ Fraudulent Operative,” I desire for our fellow Nations members, natural born Citizens, and the lawfully undivided, our unwavering; to know how much you have done to attempt to destroy these American traditions. Now, “The Great American Time Has Come,” as everyone should know by now Justice is coming and like the wind is our breadth; reminding our “Nations Servants” they are all invited to their nondiscretionary cooperation in this transition process. II.I.JI. JI. I…

As everyone must know by now, or will know soon enough as to show the world a witness, not just any witness, who shall show the watching world we have always been and will forever remain a “United People” as seen sworn preserving the Constitution it remains over all treaty. Remember 5.56 million people armed over disarmament, united with all those who lawfully defect, we are the united people, who were pledged when we were born into this freedom inheriting those dreaded God Given rights and never forget we have them for good. We the people are pledged to something greater than all the foreign nations of the world have combined and now that is a promise built to last. Past any operatives pledged to dividing our political system built on a foreign belief and faith fully discovered which could never last… Our working system is found again in a system built to last past any ability of a watching and witnessing world that in fact, we as a people united again have rediscovered our original political system, which provides remedy for all those found out to have attacked our personal liberties and fully upgraded now; as to our brand-new powerful degree found in our “Fourth Document.” We would like to thank you for all your help in “Galvanizing our Military Strengths,” loosing our alleged allies and eradicating all the webs of foreign law as remedied by the bailiwick of our restored “Republics” interests… No longer does our Nation fly on the plane of disbelief while heading into a foreign manufactured certain destruction. II.I.JI. JI. I.

The “All American 180” includes our Nations business, that starts with turning “The Order of Sovereignty” back to the people again and without corporate approval in fact, without our “Nations Servants” permission. The business of our government works for the people, at last the corporations whose business serves our government with their taxes, it is our business to fly our nation right and straight as we not only march forward, but also sail forward in all our analogical descriptions together… In fact, we are more than only a United States, but as we are confronted with the greatest treason of our times and since our republic’s foundation in 1787, we have become evolved into the reality found in our States Sovereignty again; welcome world to our “International Nations.” Each sovereign state stood confronted with a power struggle, an affliction of great distress in which any “Real President” of the United States, “International Nations” would protect. The economic afflictions of great impact would have suffered transfer of authority to a United Nations not our own, only to remind a witnessing world again of our “International Nations Treaty,” which has always been and shall forever be our “United States Constitution.” As you may or may not know I have personally fallen in love with our suffering of the longest and worst sustained inflictions of Islamic attack in our Nation’s history. I personally adore the pain in bearing the cross for my sleeping Military with the ones who are awake, but may remain without course, I gleam in the economic decisions of distorted view; I bask in the ambiance of permitted legislation articulated by international banking and corporate craft. JI.

Opening the eyes of the masses to an Amtrak train derailed cannot derail this focus, our Nations focus, the plan trains the reader’s reality check to comprehend the outcome of a TPP fast track. Their bombarding of information crushes the chances of our struggling youth and provides shock horror to our elderly who cannot believe what their eyes are seeing every day, but a threat made to shatter the dreams of millions of Americans and to a foreign control not our own. American industries have suffered the greatest impact any terrorist could inflict, but as they have always said boastfully before every American, they would attack from within and in fact we have seen an entire energy industry affected.  Effecting every American affected, seen casting workers into unemployment, with a loss of words to describe their losses equates to their human misery, may I be permitted to restore their hopes for their own personal indignity; it is finished.  Justice is coming like fire in tornadoes and those who do understand storm forces, can see the affect is greater than man made weapons. Who else but a “Real American President” who has on court record been proven to move heaven and earth? Who other than the one who shall provide work back to those who were denied the right and provide relief for all those attacked by a foreign operative targeting Christians for their belief? What other President in the world can and will restore the “Moral in our Military,” reviving the culture for all our military personnel?  What other President than the real President of the United States has the power to be able to coax those who do work, but do not have the time to pay energy to the “Matters of National Security,” entrusting them to an “Iron Dam Track Record,” clearly that has not lied in over eight years! What trust do I need in order to provide work for those who remain denied from an economic system being directed into Socialism by design? II.I.JI. JI. I.

May I say, “There is a greater return coming for those Americans, who can look past an old tax system rewarding them with their own money.” Our new rewards include awarding success with a Justice system that severs the ability to reward for punishment. Our great American achievements start within and keep us from losing what worked once upon a time when we had full productivity. The tax burden is changing as we speak, as some of you may or may not know, but now that we have started seizing treacherous companies, their government funding for the people has more than doubled and this keeps pace with decreasing our public spending by eliminating evils interest. Now as seen for decades upon decades, or should I say about the time an NWO/UN was on scene, we have piled on the national debt and we have to ask ourselves how come? Once again history repeats itself, as it always will, until finally someone wins the real wars. The real wars included our troops dying, bleeding, and fighting wars manufactured by their design to remain without victory, wars without victory, equate to nothing less than utter defeat. How have we successfully allowed those who profit off war and our troops blood, including our peoples burden of the mortgaging of our nation and to nations that are not our own? While we all slowly rise to the awareness of the only motive found which remain in sectors, which have always been banking, their politicians, and those who promote these weapons industries, it remains no mystery anymore as to why, or how come our troops are always installed into another Vietnam; but it’s just good for business isn’t it agents? Continuing our day, I remain very different than the Presidents found in the past, many installed by International Banking or Weapons Industries. II.I.JI. JI. I.

In fact, that I am manufactured by something greater than all the banking and weapons found in the world and I am installed by the same design found in our “Constitutions Victory!” That I am someone who did not rely on a vote to obtain this presidency like Washington, as found in the middle of war a much-needed warrior; someone who would and could win all the wars. He was sent, like I am sent, the only difference is and will be that I am sent to finish the wars… Oh, say can’t you see the temporary safety of promised lies has been discovered, oh Americans and international united militaries, cannot you convene in something greater than the calm before the storm? What convenience do we have in the soon dissipating present, but to present ourselves with greater strength to overcome the venom of injected paralysis with its fear and confusion? We shall win all the wars now and we shall overcome all our historical enemies, we will do more than educate the masses, but we will teach the earth of our guarantees! Our tremendous dam Justice and when we say tremendous, we mean business! We have meant it in our long-standing history, we earned it in our long enduring unities. America, the real version, guaranteed before all our newfound out internal enemies, with their massive social, political, cultural, and scholastic exhibitions! II.I.JI. JI. I.

However, witness our “Terrific Proclamations,” bringing forth radical Islamic and National upheavals! You and I as active official “Justice Party” participants can precipitate, but allow us to first come to the awareness as individuals, we no longer have the legal right to borrow. It is encouraged for every family to start to live within their means, but only for a short duration while within this limited period of transition, because the Americans economy is about to ignite into an economic inferno. Then I say, then we say live within your means! We are no longer under foreign law, we are no longer under the spell of conditioning made for the box of only being able to think within their scope, but now with the intelligence we have as a people, we can begin to think together and more collectively! We are not bound by the past any longer, we are bound for the future of our open-source government and this of course shall usher in all our investments, as the reward brings the fruit of concern, the filling of the void of care becomes obsolete when the people become involved again. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Acting today is prevalent, it works for a conditioned people, who vote for sitcom like politics. Again, today we are found doing more than sitting in idol movements, but standing up again as a people, we are found doing so and which preserves our future state. The reality is everyone must come to grip with the misunderstanding of those who were found to maintain fraud, that Justice is coming and let there be no misconception about what Justice requires! What we have required since our beginning, is something more, as we being to act starting today, America! Economic ills may be one thing, but a plague is another, when the host is the target of termination, you America as a body of believers who believed it wasn’t possible the pathogen could have created the image of your “Presidency!” You suffer for no apparent reason other than lacking the strength it takes to actualize the simple removal process. Suffering is the beginning, but death is the ending so let all suffering & death end by your immediate discovery to victory. The law is the foundation and through the lawful means creates our foundation of solid marching grounds! II.I.JI. JI. I.

All pathogens like pretending presidents shall find their makers! It is the American people who have always kept their capacities, the same real Americans who are finding the internal capacity; as it is increased into something more than tired! The capacity is being increased to a place of overpowering ability simply taking out the disability. Everyone currently shall remain alive because it exercises our power over all disabilities! It is our renewed iron dam capacities grafted into the voltages of our fourth document! We always shall do whatever is required for all of the people within our great country to persevere and by doing so preserves our Liberty, and this as we all know is our grooming process. We are in a Justice crisis, this present moment has an unbelievable goal, to keep you in an unbelievable state of paralysis while it continues its damaging works. For government, as we have seen now is not the solution, but the great solution to our epic found failures is to make them feel our epic dam tone! The tone that sentences failures to death without remorse. We can celebrate funerals, our enemies do it all the time and they love our defeat. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Why in the world would you the people of the United States not lift your voices in a time like this? Or are we still dueling in our sympathetic silent match to see who can hold their tongue the longest? Government has become the intentional manufactured problem with apocalyptic consequences, if you remain silent, I assure you this time will come. You cannot continue in a place you have been manufactured and expect it will become better. It is not possible to continue in a place of expectancy assuming someone will do your work for you, this is the time of your wills testing. Every American looks at the problem and assumes it’s too big to conquer, or that it is too complex, if you’re not a lawyer, or that we cannot have impact because it is too complicated. The society you live in personally has become their rule, managing your rule, eliminating self-rule. I assure you the elite agenda will remain steadfast in your conquering. The overcoming of your personal place of comfort is underway by those who believe they are superior to you and your rule. Who have proved it to your servants, they are superior to your government, by owning them and whatever happened to your concern for you, by you and for us as a people? Can you not govern your laundry? Can you not govern what it takes to remove plaque from your teeth? Do you not have the ability to speak? Can you not play your own part? Can you not overcome your fear of what people think? It is without question as to who can among us tie their own shoelaces! II.I.JI. JI. I.

What government have you become when you expect everyone is going to do your work for you all the time? What has it become of our government to permit your subservient relocation to bear the burden of corporate profits and remain without the solutions equitable to each of your own capacities? Our justice agencies appear to have become special Olympic groups. Well, is not our concern in the real Olympics we are in, to have more than this? Have our agents been carefully selected matching them to the traits through human resource testing, engineered to closely match the psychological traits of less than cowards? These special people who protect our environment, they keep our environment in tact by keeping foreign nations from being forced to attack environments with weapons that can eliminate all environmental agencies! Our concern must start to align to what actually matters for now, rather than assuming a future will remain without such consequences as neglecting internal found out enemy’s punishments. It is more than a special interest to be concerned, in fact with interest that includes the preservation of life and freezing the ability to permit another attempt at a false flag attack. II.I.JI. JI. I.

It is more than required, in fact too long it has been neglected found from our servants, who are made to attack such pathogens, to eliminate the threat of continuance and when found neglecting this requirement, found endangers not only our lives, but endangers all other nations lives with this kind of overt criminal negligence. Our newfound justice for all nations sake knows no boundaries and this is with the most reassured gesture as this starts within our very own. All ethnic and racial divisions have lost site of the mere truth, the only race is the human race and we combat the misconception that races or religions threat of divided continuances would continue in peace in fact. The realization that enemies of the state have existed, will exist and will remain our Nations opposition forces. Which now shall be perceived in a different light, but that the light has turned on within our nation to combat all internal enemies found within and without compromise uprooting their roots. Crossing the political party lines, it is not safe to intentionally attempt to overthrow our government by the people, for the people and it is no longer safe to be a company found interconnected to any of their overt attempts. It is without question we are the people made up of military and without the need for world conquest! II.I.JI. JI. I.

We are the real Americans that know in history no such domination has found or could ever defeat the human spirits desire for true freedom. We know by history no empire, structure or creation ever was found able to continue successfully, but found their demise in overextending their military reach, while overspending themselves; this always found their own defeat. America is made, was made of men and women, and men and women we must become again! Like them GMO is not the solution to yield four times the production, but the solution is to expand 400 percent hiring four times the laborers to produce the health of our Nations vitality; which includes providing the food we all can trust. Patrolling our streets includes every justice enforcement officer and treating them with the dignity and class they deserve requires acting more decent than human animals. It is the job that requires the most patience and dealing with the wrong kind of people all day long every day, we as a people must see is the most excruciating job in our society. Who else would patrol our cities, or discover more of our Nations oil other than our countries hard workers? Who can man our factories and who has the gull to bring them back to our Nations team? II.I.JI. JI. I.

It is without question we as a people are going to overhaul all indoctrinations without compromise or apologies. As to teach our teachers how to become programmers and to teach the future men and women, currently our nation’s children, how to recognize such indoctrinations, how to find them out and how to think critical on their own and for themselves. Keeping our jobs within America maintains in keeping our homes and healing our nation is required first by eliminating all pathogens. The “T” cell is the greatest analogy to what it takes to consistently identify our enemies and with our “Great American Litmus Test!” However, instead of one cell, still today you will find only takes another witness as to combat our nation’s greatest threat terminating all cancer within. Healing us when we are sick takes the nutrients and intelligence to lift ourselves back up into a state of being able to walk and talk again. Attempt removing the alien face hugger that is seen attached and impregnating our nation’s attention all the time. The outcome of detaching from the firm grip of the foreign human parasitic nature of its creation, while unwinding the tail around your necks will do more than just heal us, it will prevent the sickness, it will give birth to new professionals, it will cause a renewed spirit of industrialists and causing this kind of health restored to the people again provides the jobs we need which prevents our internal destruction. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Graphic depiction of what is attached to your face is the reality of the impregnation of your indoctrinations and currently exist found throughout all forms of intelligence transfer mediums. This as you are becoming made aware of includes all their political images, news, print, and media. It is not a game that “We the People,” are awakening us all to the fact that we the people are the ones who have already defeated this international enemy who maintains what is left of their fraud. The good news is we stand tall in the health of our renewed state of “We the people!” This alien defeating, encroachment conquering and new generation found combatting foreign allegiance geared differently, tuned correctly, fashioned irrevocably, and with everything we call American! As the image created of our so called “Enemies,” maintains their attempt to get the populous to agree with our nations real found out enemies, it is without recourse, that I stand to not only set all the records straight, but further expand this administrations justice objectives of national safety first. II.I.JI. JI. I.

A National Security already noteworthy, but more so historically worthy of the only defense you genuinely have in this moment requires your hurdle over the lowest set bar in our Nation’s history, but to recognize Justice and reality, the only place real remains with remedy found in our courts of law. Some may object and that is healthy because our courts have been in a conditioned state of cult and not court, but today our courts have been upgraded to vigorous! The simplicity of your challenge, restoration of Justice has been fulfilled and all the Americans have to do is recognize their own solid victory! Justice restored will further maintain our growing economy and this restoration of Justice movement has birthed our Thirteenth Amendment enforcement and which will provide equality all across the board. Equal opportunities for all healthy Americans start with eliminating all nutrition aid, relocating nutrition aid with transportation services to jobs ready! As America is both hiring and firing, especially all the way down to the Pentagon! It is our general economy that will fix all American barriers, it will provide our American borders, the ones that intentionally defeat the adjoining of Canada, Mexico, and America into a North American Union. II.I.JI. JI. I.

This will perish the attempt to introduce the lubrication of the Trans-Atlantic Partnership to usher in any such thing as an Amero, because in fact we cannot default on the debt now that we own it all and bringing everyone up to speed is my dam job no more debtors! They cannot defeat this new rising generation who are all up to speed and sharing each other’s bandwidths creates the kind of sharpening it takes to see what their manufactured bigotry and discrimination was attempting to find success in, but that in fact it was futile when seen by Americans who see through their weak attempts of creating internal wars of distraction. Our new-found victory shall blow off such things as this simultaneously focusing our energy on putting Americans back to work, which means putting most of our broken government out to fill the work force! We the people who see the value, the current value of our government, have always seen the fruit of the selection made from “Working Human Resources,” which equates to the real result of working selections. Ending inflation has now been implemented by freeing up our burden owed to a minority who is concerned with the only thing that they can see within their binocular vision. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Their viewpoints do not include freeing every American from the terror of being enslaved to interest not our own. The costs of living shall now be decreased down to a place of renewed economy, in other words our Nations focus is not so much war and middle east violence; as it is having the resources to maintain our way of life without sacrificing everything we have on the altar of “Peace and Safety.” The combatting of “Terrorism” has been defeated and winning this war was simple that is why nobody could win it. The victory was simply changing the definition to read “The War on Enemies of The State” and this of course will be ongoing, but we do not need to constantly be reminded every day by paranoid new stations, with their induced state of trauma, as to keep in maintaining attachment. Welcome to our Nations new beginnings and everyone must share in growing quickly into the state of spreading our Nation’s Intelligence Works.” Everyone must become invested into the requirements of our revived economy without the card stack. No more magic, but authentic are the demands of our investments into idealism, entrepreneurship, small business, and fair play with the actualized consequences of Justice when racketeering is found out and at any level! II.I.JI. JI. I.

As the core of our renewed system equates to simplicity and which is likewise the core of our strength. Everyone can understand yes or no and understanding simplicity in a system upgraded equates to nothing less than our requirements of this kind of simplicity and prosperity.  Everything hinges on “Justice and Judgment” and that is the American way, so it is without wonder why “Justice and Genuine Judgment” was found blatantly under attack. Having a strong and prosperous America likewise hinges on Judges that do Justice and do not take advice from foreign anyone in fact! Doing such things as dangerously deciding Justice, equates best when it includes penalty for taking the peace within our Nation and providing punishment when punishment is due; as this will cause healing vibrations which can be health all across the world. So, as we finish the story renewing every day with our daily beginnings, let us take our “Great American Inventory.” Let us proceed in holding our officials who are too attached to let go of what we command them to let go of, let us bring them into account now and let us continue proclaiming we are the people who own our government; especially now they don’t like it! To shape-shift their minds and relocate them to their job descriptions, as to remind them they were nothing before us and after us other than God there will be no other! Remember when it comes to our government we shout aloud to the system, under our feat, under the soles of our boots by law to shake the grounds, we have the legal reunifications, all in order which reminds our servants of their very real prison time! II.I.JI. JI. I.

So, let us take inventory of those who are with the people and not the corporations, with the people and not the international bankers, with the people as leaders and not subservient to the lowest order found as followers, but leaders elected by the people to represent with “Iron Will” over all flaccid foreign compromise, mingled in the only outcome in their shortsighted attempts at our national defeat. This makes sense and makes for good leadership and this is seen today, where I will show the earth of the real statistics both within the Senate and the House. I will show who was for the people and who were subservient to foreign corporations with their international bankers attempts at world hegemony. Reminding the world, the ones that matter were wide awake taking into account our nations transgressions by eliminating the war machine and by simply targeting their workers. This created us respectable among the nations of the earth again and it took this kind of Giant Justice! Our government has not only no power except that which was granted to it by the people, but today it’s much, much worse… We have martialed up the international accountability firms and with prosecutorial powers, by executive judicial branch authorities, joining our national movement found it was dangerous not to; right agents? Reminding again our government has no power except that which is granted by the people and to the people they shall give an account! II.I.JI. JI. I.

To the people, they shall be checked now and the reversal of the growth of broken government is now worth your money! We have a new dam policy and in fact iron ability to sever entire agencies when failing our nations people! We do not and will not keep what was found to be broken, let alone criminal, in fact we are not going to allow anything to remain standing anymore that has been found out to be so overt and explicit! Don’t think, assume, or expect the people will be so weak as to permit for this kind of enterprise to maintain its continuance! We can do better starting with our governments reality check which happens in court in fact without consent. The people are not asking if it is ok to reverse the parasitic alien creation that has no resemblance of our Nation, we are not allowing the threat of continuance to remain in the state of growing past the people’s consent; who are the government. This is applicable to every decent man and women in this Nation, this is relevant to every person who cares to maintain our Nation, this includes the government. It is all of our intention to maintain a model that works. It is our ultimate intention to remove any disability while prosecuting the intentional incompetence and of course remanding “Our Federal Creation” back to an establishment to more than sand! II.I.JI. JI. I.

I have witnessed the way the people have been treated, I have seen what has been done, I have been building the case for eight plus years. I have watched the tears fall from their American eyes; I have seen the Military personnel bow their hat in utter embarrassment. I have recognized the distinct differences between the powers the sovereign states have provided to their creation of a Federal Government sell this sacred trust to foreign enterprise. I have personally been neglected within agency institutions, I have witnessed our people treated the same way, I have captured the wicked spirit on court record and I have caught wind of their remorse. The people were the creator of all our states, the people were the creator of this “Great Nation,” the people who work within to protect us all include all of the agents who are reminded created; people. So, there is not ambiguity in their creation, the same creation in which we the people hold is the power to eliminate them from their job profession, but today have found it is not enough to simply allow such grievances to go without punishment! We have seen the mercy shown from our struggling people, again it is not our intention to do away with their ability to pay their rents, drive their cars, or provide food for their families, electricity for their homes, but it is to make just like their jobs, to actually work for the benefit of those who employ them! Absent of utopian world hegemony fantasy and to point them all out for us who hunt best! Everyone should find the obstruction of justice and place the obstruction under arrest, you guessed it, for obstruction of justice! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Every agent must be reminded, you are the next one in line to succeed in your leadership positions. Work with us again, the people without the problems of your internal soulful sacrifices, it is better to simply not trade your soul in maintaining your provisions at the cost of your greatest fans! All the people ever wanted in this life was heroes who do not compromise and especially with their bosses when they are actually found out to be criminal! No, it is not legal to cover-up conspiracy, nor is it legal to stand by their side with your support! No, it is not permitted for you to walk all over your employers and remember government has a Government! You must give an account, should we provide the better opportunity in our own national security without apologies? We are not the mule, we are more than you think, you have to understand the masses of silence, you must understand the time of reckoning is here! Now I am the peoples very real and lawful enforcement, I am like them; I am livid. Right now, I am the silent night and it is something once the people recognize is here to serve for them in all of our interests! As Government can and will provide for them their Justice, not obstruct it, nor neglect it, or place it aside, or pass it off to another agent, or smother it, blowing it off, or playing Judge, trial, & Jury, this ends now. Yes, lives our being ruined and in fact “The Racketeering Act” will ruin many agents lives, the penalty will yank a comfortable agent without punishment and force-feed them the reality of twenty years behind bars in prison! Agents who see other agents facing their lives being yanked into a state of hell may find sympathy and even combat the hand who holds their sword, but it is reminded of all agents aiding and abetting, gets the same time during sentencing! II.I.JI. JI. I.

The ruined lives were first ruined by the agents, the agents who ruined their master’s lives are now being remedied and the relief sets the tone for all damned agents to remember justice is always coming, always coming agents; never forget the day of neglected justice and because its coming… Not threatening anyone but promising everyone! The day we look again to the answer, as to why we have been able as a nation to have such protection and success, hinged upon “Justice and Judgment.” We have prospered as no other nation on earth, until we were found compromising such things as “Justice and Judgment.” When we were found protecting our internal enemies, because when they were all found out they were all found out at the top! We even compromised to such a degree we fell into the trap, the trap set trying to save face! Attempting to salvage our credibility kept the enemies alive, able to freely conduct and create more damaging acts! It is this cult that is being eradicated and brought to “Justice and Judgment America,” it is your enemies that for years have achieved so much in their successful enterprise! II.I.JI. JI. I.

“They” have prospered as no other enemy has prospered on the earth, but today here in this land, we have a working Justice system again and it is just like the image of justice is shewn, but as such blind folded mastery! Looking to this answer is the solution to why for so many years we have compromised at the cost of our nation’s prosperity! We have been unable to achieve all that was promised for us by allowing fraud to continue its damaging works. Today, here in this land, we have removed the blindfold, but are seen to retain the mastery! Going bigger than anything the unbelievable enemy has; we are unleashing the Lion! We are opening the floodgates, we are sealing the dam, we are requiring anyone and everyone found in our way and this energy is more than energy; but it is our people’s power! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Individual merit, or monumental victory achievement includes more than genius, it requires the shared vision to create a supernatural movement, it is the Man and Woman the Men and Women of this Nation who slap the face who has no right! It is the greater American heritage, an ancestry that smiles in the face of doubt or disbelief, it is the careful faith which discovered the worst cloaked out enemies, it is the hunt for treason and the desire of our nations soul to be the servants of Justice for wraths sake; the satisfaction of devouring our enemies whole! It is within this land, we have discovered our Spirit Again, The Spirit of Warriors, with the dignity and class it takes to be reserved, the difference between the civilized compared to religious human animals; the availability for our family as servants of truth to protect all our households from wicked evils intent. More assured here than ever before our Nation is healthy again, because there are cells with the code, there are the ones who have what it takes and the ease to provide it for others battling the same battle, both nationally and internationally! The human race is up against a single focused prong type enemy, this great freedom and dignity found in every human individual has the capacity to feel for the pain, and feel for the emotions of their fellow man! There fellow observer who has found them all out, who may be suffering under their soon dissipating power of containment, but rest assure the people of the United States are done being the victim and this should strike a cold dam reminder down the spines of everyone who we are finding out. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Here in America, where else in the world would Justice, “Real American Dam Justice,” that is, start and which would reach the ends of the earth? Where else in the world would other nations be found in any other place than to agree, the price for freedom at this time is very high, but may we remind every religious enemy, all human animals, murderers, and killers, we pay the wages! By design, equates without coincidence, as our current issues of which are troubling align to the very same level of our servants overcoming! This great requirement of their job descriptions prescribes more than intervention, but to eliminate foreign intrusion found forcing its COBRA ways into all of our lives! We require more than agents to permit snakelike tactics, which result from lack of concern mingled in the spirit of careless negligence’s. The motive to eliminate unnecessary spending begins, the creation of a system that provides salary starts on an individual agent basis, as this combats growth of unnecessary government! The time has passed, for us then it was to realize we were too great of a Union only found limiting our lives to broken dreams! We are the Americans, not what the intentional defamation crowd manufactured to have you disbelieve, but we are already past the stages of doomed and defeated! Dumbed down and conquered as a Nation? We reject our enemies fantasy dreams; we renew again with a firm belief in a destiny traveled best in the fire of hells adversity! The only fate falling is the fate falling on the heads of those who we found out, the ones who are now caught without a defense from all our hell! II.I.JI.

Therefore, permit our extravagance while we capitulate to swallow them whole. It is our Damnation and it is best served at our command! Let the Americans spark the international renewal era, winning all cloak and dagger fights with war hammers and invisible sickles! Not to forget about our burning blades, the new determination and courage with our nations sharpened united sword strengths! Let us do more than just renew faith and hope, but graft into Justice and Faith, as we dream bigger dreams! We created the environment for heroic thoughts, those doubters who maintain disbelief remain in their defeat, now only to face the time for their own foolish crimes. The window says look and the clock tells you what time it is, but what Victory is found where the people lacked the sense or the direction to look, where did the victorious go but into the new story pages of our history? The real version, the pages the people are writing discovering the eternal treasures experiencing what it is like to pound our enemies with the full weight of our working justice systems, rather than being boiled to death without any chance to live free again! II.I.JI. JI. I.

It is not without these heroes we would precede, and because again now it’s really “No troop left behind!” All in America the secret is every American has in his or her genetics this warrior code, the conduct it takes to create their own enforcement! It takes the rights, places them in your dam hands, your clenched fists, and it’s ok now for you to live them lucidly, accordingly and all for the benefit of your best dreams! We are talking about Warriors over all damned Champions! We are the warriors who awakened to the fight underneath our feet, found was the skull crushed by the boots breaking all damned serpent’s momentum! Who’s among us that shares in the volatile effect of our new-found remedy’s ready found formations? The lined up who say we are in a day when we find ourselves as warriors, who know where to look, they look right at other found warriors standing beside them, you see it on their faces everywhere! They just don’t know who to beam at quite yet, they don’t know where to begin, because they don’t know who it is just yet, but those days are swiftly ending… Everyone shall be brought forward into the acknowledgment and clear focus for all those standing together in times like this, as to identify who “They” really are… Now Factories are beginning to catch the warrior spirit, the ones who battle every day with their teams to start to bring “America Back from The Dead.” We don’t exist in only ones and twos; we exist more in fact than others threes and fours! II.I.JI. JI. I.

We are reality nonfiction, the masses produce the movement, we feed the hungry, the ones who remain selling us out the world can be fed to the earth! The ones with the spirit and drive it takes to overcome the world, introduces themselves to other heroes who stand up to adversity, thrive in lawful victory, take the fraud and play baseball with it by knocking it out of the park! It starts with entrepreneurs finding that spark within to swing at the attempt, to provide inspiration and ideas to others who also create jobs by doing business with each other, doing more business with owners locally, maybe not so much internationally is the way for our future state… New wealth and opportunity exists in our Nation and it is if you haven’t noticed plentiful, we shall replenish ourselves by coming to this magnificent awareness of our prosperity, the individuals that have found the idea are nourished by the drive of seeing your wealth and created the opportunity! The individuals create families, the powerful families remain at the table and some businessmen/businesswomen conduct their meetings the same way! Whose support actually is manufactured for our government, whose services provide protection and whose sworn duty is it to protect our Nation?” Whose duty is it to provide for the churches? II.I.JI. JI. I.

Whose health provides for all charities and what about our new relocation of all controlled forms of culture? Renewed culture as to now become free and which included all our new American arts which pioneered super education technologies made for everyone just the way they like to learn all through challenging entertainment systems! Our America is unity and fairness made for all families who show their support and as seen through their taxes… Stewards were the problem, bad stewards, which shall be stewarded appropriately through mechanism now without the possibility of corruption and that’s the future state! The formation of such an enterprise unable to be politically swayed was long overdue. The call for such change has been quiet, but is becoming louder and louder the more we see the ones entrusted with the purse seen in our history going as far as handing the purse away and allowing the thief to charge us interest? What should we do other than hang them? Should we allow our agencies to keep the purse we have successfully taken back through victory? No, we shall allow them to print the money, but we the people through our brand new “Fourth Branch” will determine how to spend our money… It’s not going to be both, print the money, and tax the people, or tax the people and print the money, that is not how the story goes, you either print the money, or tax the people, in other words tax the people, or print the money, but our “Heathen Friends” in Washington, those who drool at the chance of more power and wealth always want both and additionally with war. II.I.JI. JI. I.

However, our “Great Renewed Patriotism,” the one underneath the fraud, is quiet; but deep within our “Nations Life Force,” there exists a hunger within our people again who desire to cheer without fear, but they haven’t found anything in elected existence worth cheering for besides Gowdy! However, even he needs to catch up to our systems, it shows to the world justice is popular, bravery is rare, but the values we sustain to our Nation is our “Way of Life,” our “Way of Liberty!” We of course, now that we are awakened to the reality of European conquest, again within our own Republic, found in actualizing their world hegemony! This makes for a royal mistake when discovered “Foreign Powers,” who we have been at war with us in the past, seen undermining and utilizing their enemy “America,” while profiting off of our wars! Wow utilizing our children’s blood for their advance at world conquest all the while if something were to happen it’s not their damnation! Well, it was not their Damnation and it was not their dam children, but their domination that we the awake Americans have discovered! Wow in fact we are not alone, that’s right Gowdy, Russia has awakened to this fact, China has opened their eyes to their overt attempts. Germany is rediscovering their history and the Pope wants to come to America and have a debate about God Given rights who shall he debate? Would he be the religious face to usher in the United Nations world hegemony plan? II.I.JI. JI. I.

Now we have to educate the world of our long history, which includes a time when white people were slaves under British rule, and it is without a doubt at one time or another it’s likely everyone has felt in one way or another what it is like to be a slave. One thing is certain America is still here and we will not allow anyone anywhere to dictate our Nation’s wealth, as whether we are permitted to have this wealth, or if it is not permitted in black and white whether we are free or in invisible terms modern day slaves, as you know already these are war like terms. My military suffers because of their lack of knowledge, all personnel suffers because they lack true intelligence. Then we have the ones who have the knowledge and intelligence, attempt to provide them with knowledge and intelligence, we then have had true cancer in Washington shut down providing their oxygen! Yet we see their actions and it exposes who they really are under these war type circumstances, but the “Real Enemy Combatants!” I of course am speaking to any agent, military, civilian, or national who desires intelligence, the intelligence in which may be hard to digest at first, but once understood will create questions, which demand arising from the depths of all those who love America. II.I.JI. JI. I.

I am speaking to our Military the leadership of our Military who maintain unlawful steadfast decision! Addressing our heroes under them, it is the ones under my authority remind you at the wisp of my dam pen can be made over you. It is the same “Leadership,” who will stand before our accountabilities, yes who will give an account, dread a national account! I have lost most of my mercy starting in the year 2007 and it is not heroes I am after; I am after the ones who know they are unlawful and remain unlawful anyways! The overt cause of our hero’s blood and slavery! I’m addressing you the heroes who are not under their law, but under this newfound Grace! A protection WHO has according to the constitution the ability to command YOU and where it is your sworn oath before the God of your Oath where you find your contract on exactly how to enter this, Grace! Those of you who have intentionally forgot about Grace, or violated your oaths and contracts, those who are on foreign belief systems, of course who are found to be law breakers, those are being found who are already under Judgment, you are already under the law! II.I.JI. JI. I.

It is you who have deliberately shed your brother’s blood by your broken covenants and I am the one who is sent to make sure all blood remains un-wasted when they are brought to “Full American Justice” All I.N. “Accordance the Order of The Law.” Yes, in fact, “Law has Order,” and the words are written here for you and for this very reason! They defend your dreams, hopes, goals, and aspirations! They are your vision on how to clearly see the time is long overdue and when our whole nation commanded you through this Administration to listen! To hear what I say when I say, so help me God! We shall spend the duration of the next five- and one-half investigating, prosecuting; operating in understandable military terms retaliating. You can trust I know what I am doing, Massive American Restoration, I always have known exactly what I was doing and I was always doing Justice! Reflecting on this image burns best in the brightest of days before every Nation, you can also trust that my word goes out written, and my voice shall surely follow. Every Americans new genetic makeup consists of renewed love for one another in the great agreement found in “Our” country again. Loving our countrymen is worthy respect and to disrespect our country is an unworthy image made for identification! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Reaching out my hand was long ago, commanding my orders over two years ago, healing our nation started years in the past, and when you are sick, but may just not know it yet, it is my hand who provides the helping opportunity for you to ask how sick? I say very sick. Why our Military has had innumerable suicides, it’s no wonder, only the thorns distress of Ungodly leadership proven. Their only fruit is the thorns of suffering, our defense system is more than a system, our Military does not need bureaucracy to the micromanagement levels it has seen in the past assuming these human beings are manufactured to be treated as less than robots. Unless our enemies in fact fear what would happen if our entire Military was unified to a spirit that is self-sufficient and unequal in strength to any other operation without the theory, but undivided in unequivocal support found throughout every level of personnel witnessing “The Spiritual Creation” the spirit of “True American Military” ripping through all “Six Branches” causing a Wurlwind of “Atmospheric Difference.” You see a “Real President,” would never ask you to break your oath and a working military could never calm down! We have already solved the problems facing us all, the good news, is they have all been resolved; but without the preachers who could know about all our dam victory? Without the word of mouth traveling throughout every agency, through the spirit of every Marine, without the ability to be prosecuted simply quote “Gambert vs. United States” and here is your dismissal! While all your true answers are only discoverable within our courts of law! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Of course, the letter of the law tells the truth, all the while victims of fraud continue to be led by the tails, but not the heads! Empathetic may you be to the ones who have been caught subservient to foreign nations for so long, but when you awaken to the overwhelming fact of our nation’s unbelievable reality, may you further paraphrase for them in simple terms they can understand when it comes to our dam victory! At last, paraphrase this for them then, JI. Who JI., Who JI., Who II.I.JI., Whooo, Whoo, Who, Whoorah! I did not take your oath, but I have written the upgraded nations new covenant! To the intent of our “Great American Proof,” our nation never, ever had a blind spot for your informational purpose! It may have been found to be a little unrefined, but Article III. Section 3 is clear vision made for any and all forms of treason! The oath in which you have taken, provides great power over the dissolution of internal enemies, reminding you by your own words contract and made before the invisible! Today, found again we are the strongest form of the world’s “Supernatural Military,” all upgraded “Spiritually Made Men and Women,” guaranteed with them! Did you think I would have forgot about my favorite people? Our nations great protectors and would you have perceived I would have permitted your eyes to be damaged by darkness any longer? Could you have talked yourself into anything other than the awareness I am providing for you clearly before the noon day! Ahead, I propose removing all dam cancer, especially at every dam level! It is these deliberate blockers of our Nations paved ways that I am speaking about, the ones who have slowed down or even prevented our growth! There found out even taking away our Militaries pensions! II.I.JI. JI. I.

These agents, most who have never fought in foreign lands one day in their life, continue to reduce our military! Leaps will be taken over them I tell you, aimed at restoring everything they have unlawfully taken from you! Starting with restoring any attempts at your decreased retirement pensions… Progress is in direct proportion to our commitment to remove the spirit of suppression and start to celebrate our enforcement, both Military and Civilian, meaning mostly enforcement without democrat, a removal of republican, made all in alignment for our wondrous working “American Justice Party!” Carrying out orders are simple in fact, all anyone has to do in order to do them, is as simple as a top to bottom, in other words a very real “To Do,” list. These steps made in order, as they go in order and they are orders in fact! Action taken to assure restoring the fine line between love and hate between various agencies within our peoples’ government! Measuring is not within my Job description, but as a courtesy I will say, “It is measured by all lawful activity,” in which equates to salvation rather than certain destruction! II.I.JI. JI. I.

In this great time, to awaken our countries “GIANT,” within and to do more than just get our government back in line; but also, within its means does include punishment for all their damned transgressions! Allow me to be clear, I am going to punish the evildoers for their international crimes. Those who have done this to all of you and because that is within not only my scope of office, but my job description as none other than, “True Law Enforcement!” The world should know “They,” are already finished on paper and in the spirit of real court, with real executive signature authority, all in extraordinary circumstances such as these, it should lighten your countenance to know I have been personally defeating many of your internal enemies already and have been for a while! Within this administration, remember these actions will be our first priority and herein exists no such thing as compromise, as that is not within the scope of any of our job descriptions when it comes to the enemy! On this eve of our darkest hour together, I speak of such an hour as this often, because it is of grave matter, serious consequences entrusted to the ones who understand it is not worth the mistake to blow off nuclear warfare! Now “They,” as some may know keep most of your brainwaves maintained at a manageable level, but the struggle for our independence again takes more than controlled thought! It is more of a challenge of who in these later days can stand as “Advocates of Justice,” marching together as “The Real Forth Fathers?” President Gambert your “Iron Dam Victor,” provides a statement here today for all our fellow Americans! II.I.JI. JI. I.

“Our Country Is in Crisis,” detach from the medias colorful reassuring images, look past the comfortable spectacle manufactured to control your very own thoughts! Everyone must decide now what they desire the future to be and within this Administration, it will only rest when there is a bright outlook for all our futures sake! The liberty of millions of Americans remains asleep and to what was really going on before their very closed eye lids! As we move forward into another year, we must come together to do something more powerful as a nation than always autopilot to manmade natural disaster! I believe we, the Americans of tomorrow, today, finding our Nation’s past are now ready to believe again! Which equates to the standard, the worthy spirit, ready to do more than only act worthy for ourselves again! In exercising our selfless posterity for the future, we must come together and do the job our paid people will not do! We must first stand in spirit ready to do what must be done to galvanize our children’s inheritances by reasserting our foundation of iron and for their children’s children! It has been too long our Nation living from paycheck to paycheck, analogically likewise from day to day, sometimes hour by hour, minute by minute, but wait just one dam second; as we fight to renew ourselves here in our own land! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Let us flex our civilian strengths in masses, in raw numbers, allow our Military to burn inside with us all and by becoming ready to incarcerate! By doing so we shall be seen as having greater strength over all foreign installations, indoctrinations, international banking creations, the weapons industries blood parasites, all treasonous enemies, affecting the real men and women of every nation found in the world! We are at war and this surpasses the dictations of our very own organs the brain, now only playing your conception of the reality of events transpired, or choosing a perceived reality you’re comfortable with, entertaining your low vibrations! Slow and low without reactivity, easily terminated by leading you with the masses to their state of sovereign extinction! Your intelligence annihilation by your own will without ever seeing their crafted articulate design! Great job! As the masterpiece to your extermination plan as Americans exists in your beloved U.N. agendas! We instead will combat this overt attack on our nation with the full wrath of real Defense! It is without compromise or mercy to our enemies both internal and external, the coming of our race will again burn into the exemplar of freedom! Certainly, found inflicting ultimate punishment for their dam transgressions on our people! II.I.JI. JI. I.

This may just inspire all Nations who agree in our relit beacon of hope! Remove the tape quickly neighbors and allies who wish to remain in your own freedom! Together we can and will strengthen each other in this historical battling event and who else among us wishes to strengthen our historic ties by eliminating them all together? Setting ourselves free again! It was the law and their lawyers, it is their legal creation working with their forms and functions; it is foreign treaty divided to our nations Sovereignty! Their attacks have slow boiled every place of our Nations body of believers; our organs were failing everywhere! The foreign attacks attacked the morality and class of our Militaries! Their cancer engulfed liberty and strangled ability! This is much more than you may think, it is why all of us must come together and leave no rock unturned! We must blast into every form and function, we must investigate every liaison, every lesson, every case left unturned! We must follow every trail, every whim, and every spark of national concern! Support and firm commitments start with the reality check of asking your selves, have I been left in the dark? Yes of course, we will match “Iron for Iron,” we will show renewed loyalty for loyalty, but now that our “Great American Discoveries” have been brought forward, it is only why we shall strive to a new mutuality! Reforming to form agreements that work against Utopian Hegemony! Something that works for our beneficial relations, that in the spirit are found further to exist on the foundation of a true gentlemen’s agreement! Mutual beneficial relations work best agents, especially when first thinking of the God of your Oaths! Now then the people in which we serve, this protects both eyes, both two and one! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Allies is where it can start, but do you know what both my new friends and I know? We know and agree that friendship equates to a stronger national muscle than any form of spiritless timidity! Who are my friends but the same friends who would share in our alignment, our gentlemen’s agreements! Nuclear friends that have honor and respect! Exists in this Administration, the same attitude that would never impose on their Nations Sovereignty… For all our own Sovereignties strengths, all our real friends know Sovereignty is not for sale! More so, those who attempt to sell out our God, or our “Nations Sovereignty,” for those who are still alive, may you be assured the hell of our wrath is coming for your name’s sake! Your selling out all our lives was found out and without any dam rights you did the crime and as you all should know by now you shall all do the time! Would not millions of Americans stand for one who stands for all? Would not every nation that matters most stand with the awakened? Who could form a better alliance than the friendships found which did not cross the lines, as we witnessed some befriending our nations blatant enemies! At this livid state of both our internal enemies and the nations they have sold us out to, those they represent, may you be reminded of what is coming, may you deeply be made aware of the indignations you have manufactured and all for your very own eternal detriments! II.I.JI. JI. I.

As for the enemies of Sovereign nations freedom, found impotent advisors of our adversaries, they shall be terminated legally with the full power of our dam articles! Remember that our peace is not for the ones who suck up oil out of the ground our God owns and pays to destroy our Nation’s highest aspirations! We the American people, the ones before the intentional defamation crowd by design, as to manufacture the world to despise us? The same cancer that has controlled and caused the suicides of our troops, the same disease preventing them from ever reaching their holy salvations, remind you cancer this is what happens when you cause a “Real American President” to enrage into something that the world is just not ready for! We shall never negotiate with terrorists; we shall especially never negotiate with their dark workers! Especially when the iron hand is ready to punch with Nuclear Fire! These ears they are mine and they shall be governed by the rule of my thoughts to remain deaf to the sounds of your cries for peace! It is not that you have caused sacrifice, it is that your unholy filth of a nation was found sacrificing humans on the altar of your ungodly law! For “Civilized Nations,” who refuse the vomit spewed out all over the world by radical religious human animals, who are ready to throw off their foreign nation’s foothold on their Sovereignty, for those who are willing to join the United States of America, the burning dam version in fiery strength; we may negotiate with you speaking of this other form of peace! The peace we will negotiate on terms, mutual terms, iron dam terms that equate to the same sacrifice we have always been more than willing to make! We shall sacrifice for it, we shall sacrifice those who have been found sacrificing humans, those who call themselves holy, but are the unholy! The same sacrifice it takes is in our wonderful dam alignment, it sounds just like sirens! The same war sirens that scream like eagles! II.I.JI. JI. I.

It is the same screech that does not fall on any deaf ears and this is wisdom to hear the Americans roaring, “We shall never surrender for it, not yesterday, not today, or tomorrow; not ever!” Our enemies horrendous mistake, their terrible new nightmares, their cold sweats in the middle of the night and their own voice inside their minds that haunts them always asking them the same reoccurring question, could this all be true? Dismissed from any more attention it serves our forbearance now, as to remind our enemies this patience must never be misunderstood or dismissed by blowing off fire! Blowing off real American fire is the greatest mistake found in our negligent leadership, the symptom of their treason! The wind of who they really are underneath their own man made graven images! Our people’s reluctance has long ended, our conflict has been judged by the appropriate authority; which is well known throughout history it’s called treason… Treason has no statute of limitations, even past my life, our future generations already awakening will hunt them down like the lions they are, they shall hunt the hyenas and make sure you know, your foolish laughter is only the folly before the pain. I don’t know if all the nations can read sign language, but if they could digest what is written already as ruled before, they would know and become like others who invest the time it takes to discover everything we have achieved as a nation together! II.I.JI. JI. I.

The iron will set out on the course to show the world we the people of the United States never had a failure of the will! Our will has now become something greater than their wind, something that will survive past their lives, and when they lose their breath dropping like the flies they most certainly are! As they say there is nothing new underneath the sun! Do you believe I hold this power in both hands when action is required to preserve our nations Sovereignty? This security is more than security, it is a promise America will act! More so our people shall act! It is without stupidity or ignorance found in our “New Generation,” standing up together in “Great International Power!” Found suffering together no longer, as some are finding out it is already too late; we have the knowledge! We as a nation, the “Nation of America,” anyone who knows the art, should be reminded; “We may know ourselves, but now we know our true enemies even better!” We shall maintain the “Iron Will” and the sufficient strength it takes to prevail in fact over all damned enemies, we now can do this easily, as it is the wind beneath our screaming eagles wings! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Maintaining overpowering strength is a secret and skull and bones is no dam secret! It is all cults, all darkness and all conspiracy now coming to our “Glorious Light,” as to become swallowed whole! Understand our damn statutes and understand my mind is like a Nile of II.I.JI.NAILS.II.I.JI. the II.I.JI.TRAIN.II.I.JI. sufficient in strength to overcome anyone and anywhere! We are more than Champions, we are more than warriors, we are just getting started! They pay no attention to the law and clearly are continuing maintaining us to follow their direction, but it shall be the very same strength we use against them in their end! Knowing one thing, knowing we already have the Victory in the end! It is something doubters can fight all the way until their end. It is something that reminds them again and again, the decision has already been ruled before Washington! Having to use that strength, well isn’t that what this strength is used for? Down low in the quiet trenches in their silent wars, we above all must realize that no arsenal or weapon formed against us shall prosper! Listen, for those who are waking up too late, don’t worry you may retain your composure! I have been hunting the ones who have crossed your red white blue and black lines; terminating all their damned workers for everyone who calls themselves American! This is something that creates my spirit to have ever more weapons and arsenals! Made just for “Them,” existing all in the inside for the right ones who thought it would remain their way forever! Who actually assumed that their decisions were the right decisions and that their mockery was the correct mockery, but doesn’t anyone know by now my arsenals are not of this world? Obama Nation who brings your Iron Damn Desolation? That’s right the Americans do! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Who who who is so formidable of an enemy nobody has the ability to stand up against nothing? Who can stand against zero authority, anyone? Our power may be found in a few, but our few can affect all, when we say all, we mean all these free and repurchased back men and women inside America again! All found where our Nation has been conquering again is our weapon, was our weapon, and forever will be our weapons over all damned fools! Will and moral courage exist in these pages written for the souls of all believers, moral courage made for the strength and assurance for all our dam men and women to celebrate all in intelligence over all fraudulent operatives! May my burning blades found in our new molten “Iron Dam United States Justice Code” sever all their fraudulent powers! Now what of their laws? What codes and what statutes, what craft can stand its match against the spiritual blades of our land’s true laws? Let us discover what bureaucracy, with their manufactured bureaucrats, what implants can stand when we command them underneath our new-found powers to take the stand? Whooo whoo who can stand against the full power of “The Americans Great Dam Justice State?” Well then, we say, “Stand Up,” let U.S. see you! Dissect and psychologically analyze these lines we have made just for you! It is a weapon all our adversaries in today’s world do not have, but this great American defense systems content! II.I.JI. JI. I.

It is our dam weapons that we as the Americans have, we have our Holy Bible for Oaths, we have our Constitution, we have our Bill of Rights, we have our Declaration of Independence, let the trumpets and war sirens sound, we have the final document the finishing dam work the ultimate remedy for all treason! We have our days of drum roll, we have our marching bands, we have the trumpets being felt and heard all across the world! We have the United States Justice Code, we have our RICO links, we know and have always known in the darkest hours in history, they make for the best nights of our Magnificent Fights Oh Starlight’s! II.I.JI. Silent war does not mean we shall remain in a state of silence, do you not know the history, have you lost all sight of everything we have, really have you? Are you the one who forgot about the calm before the storm? Our weapons our greater than anything our adversaries have in today’s world! I do not only rely on the weapons made by man, but my strength is the quakes in London, our reminder before all foreign helms is a hell that lasts forever! Now for the fiery tornadoes! We are the living impossibility, we create the tears that fall, we cause the spirit to arise in our gathered masses, we shall show you who you have decided to fight and we are ready, we were born ready, and now we are reborn ready! We are hungrier than you think beasts, we are the hunters of all damned beasts, we are the arrows in the site! II.I.JI. JI. I.

We remind the world let that be understood especially by those who practice murder in the nations they assume they own! The religious enemies who assume the blood has not caused the ring of fire to erupt, that reminder earth has remedy for this kind of maggot! Do “They” the world botfly maggots not know they will never find any peace or hope in hells fires ever being extinguished? Fools who entertain foreign, remind you all who aid and abet, those who practice terrorism or entertain their fanatics! This is an outdated statement, the dead already and who are deemed enemies of the United States! Those who we have caught, simply point at them and say “In accordance with 18 U.S.C. §2381 dead man walking, dead man walking!” Those who practice being our enemy, those who have slain their neighbors, those who did not know that it would be the same neighbor coming to collect! They should have listened to the prayers coming from the Nations churches, the ones that are heard by the name that has the power to open all Seven Seals! I am a witness to your labor, I am a witness before all your prayers for all our enemies, but now comes the time to serve all our damned enemies! Thousands upon thousands of churches across the world, with the human race that may not have yet established this faith, a faith that is enormous past the Roman Catholic Church, a living breathing spirit without lungs, the human upgraded to immortality, the ultimate unification of this race to stand against all religious animals! In fact, for this I am deeply grateful to be of international service. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Recognize we are that “One Nation,” and we have plans to free many, many captives being misled falling into evil finding its way to having the “Upper Hand” in your nations! They creep their way into the most trusted positions in society, they long for the long-established credit found in your historical creations, but today we must simply look with both eyes the time for all of them is running out! Your adversaries were found all out and you guessed it they were in fact going all out! May we remind you, we are that one nation, under God and I do more than agree with the standard! I said standard of believing, our countries foundation of faith, God intended for us to be free from the beginning! Now having become the living substance, providing you the ingredients for your own national aspiration to be free! Suit up now is the time, it is more than fitting and good! We think, if on each and every day when we can use this thought, it would make sense for all futures sake to declare every church a twenty-four-hour burning prayer furnace then! There are only so many hours left, so let us become humanities leadership, allow us to burn the way forward with the light of great spiritual and supernatural conception! Permit us to shake the world from their disbelief with undeniable action, because this is the greatest time in human history and our ceremony is this magnificent agreement to hold on to what you have been told; you can rely on “Truths Iron!” II.I.JI. JI. I.

The truth like Justice is coming! Standing here assuring you is this living testimony, is this living Victory, in the face of all adversity! Opening up everyone’s dam minds to the promises found again in our nations “Special New Found Beauty!” Now especially with a reality check and a reset rocking history! Who but the Americans and who in this end are the ones who can become built on the shrines of national excellence? Who can decide to be their own Giants? Whose shoulders do we need to stand on and when it is our foot on their heads? Whose hands hold the swords? Directly in front of me is this monumental achievement, the dam monument for all iron like monumental men and women! Become “Your Washington Fathers,” it’s your dam country and take it all back by the same spiritual force! This is not a test. The emergency broadcasting system cannot awaken your humility and cannot beckon your greatness! Reluctantly nor can it lead you to lead America, the only one who can bring you to a revolution, is your leadership to lead yourself to your own personal revolution, now find your revolutionary victory! This is what it will take to fill our “Giant Filled Nationhood of Believers Again.” We have the foundation built on both sides and narrow, narrow is the way that remembered all our new things being made today! It is not the solution to go back to the constitution, we never lost our foundation and it is instead forward to our upgraded graduated strengths! II.I.JI. JI. I.

I desire to offend; I am offensive by nature! It is our Nations nature, we love nothing more than to yank the Atheist from their ignorance of disbelief, it is this declaration of independence made with the same flames burning in eloquence found today all for them too! Oh, say can’t you see I am coming for you all! Oh, say can’t you see the flames of my spirit burning are more than eloquent! It is beyond your minds grasp, reflecting nothing, in history you have been found only in contributing nothing and to nothing you damned fools. As a matter of fact, you have never existed yet, tell us what have you done for our nation! You must first believe in our Nation and our Pillar achievements, then maybe you can do something, remind you nothing you can remove. I assure you we shall never again settle for Atheists, Muslims, or any other Foreign Compromise that design compromises our national strengths! It’s simple for us to understand, we know the truth, and we shall never again compromise with your fantasy, not any one of us, not our Families or their dam Militaries! It is their military they own it and I am hungry for you religious animals and atheists that have caused this paralysis and wicked division within our country. Your right we have a problem, the problem is your problem. II.I.JI. JI. I.

You shall face all of us on this day, this is the day as I said of reckoning and you know the part of the American story where we force all our dam enemies back to their place the pits! The apologetics do not exist in such dam iron as this Nation, this one nation with the dignified columns of the Lincoln Memorials, nor the future reminders of the graves we create with the stones that read clear as day! The ones who understand have this fight in their hearts and the meaning of America within them! They will find in the life we hold dear, it is worthy to fight for honorable and pure things, it is worth it all by mowing our internal enemies down! Your right war starts right here in these pages, in the story, the written story for row upon row of white markers, men and true women sacrificed their blood so that we wouldn’t find ourselves overran by cancer like you! Everything we have paid and maintained always was for our pure nation! It is not blood that I will here cry to me at night do something, please do something, please I shed my blood for you to keep steadfast for this Nations dreams, their chance at freedom, it is the understanding of all pure hearts the meaning of true America! I tell you what you’re up against, more than your cancer can bear as America is about to explode on all of your cancer bags! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Whoever can understand this meaning and who can find their heart beats to a different drum? May we pound into the heads of all those who do not believe what it is to be this American, the real American, and who holds their silence until they cannot hold it any longer! The same breed who once their enemies hear them find out it is too late! Hence the awakening of our Giant! This giant is over all wickedness, cancers baggage, yes, we were waiting for you the whole-time cancer bags, becoming conglomerate, something that could give us a decent match when we decide it’s time for radiation! We are the awakened ones and you can trust we are coming! In great force past all monuments, all in the heroism to force the understanding into the minds of ignorant men and likewise women; as we are not under all your damned laws! Did you not know Agents that your lawlessness is the beginning of our real men and women’s agreements? How many captives are in the prisons for their heroics? We shall see won’t we, we shall see America! Understand the coming! The Days of Justice on hells agents are here! Dear God agents you have been found on only sand our tidal waves are coming! Cry out to the far shores and the sloping hills and their National Cemeteries the Americans are coming to take you all down! II.I.JI. JI. I.

You have robbed your brothers and sister’s children from their families! You Governors have accepted the bribes! My God say it with me “What have we done and what have we awakened?” Recite with me the promise “Dear God what have we done and what is coming?” Arlington National Cemetery with row upon row, found just like other National Cemeteries who have their fair share of memories filled with only the remembrance of our Angels of protection, their simple white markers bearing the crosses or the star of David and for our Nations reasons!  All dam reasons add up to one terrific reason, every military agent is undivided in their pursuits in maintaining this nation! Today we find ourselves narrowing in on wicked division, finding out there exists those who are hell bent against us, within our very own agencies, but no longer able to be arrested or fired from what wicked leadership? All across the board I bring the powerful their power over them, I am that living one, the same living one who lived past all their death! I am the America every American wished for, I am the pages in history, I am the blood-soaked flags! II.I.JI. JI. I.

I am the sweat on foreign nations not our own and I am the legs marching home over all damned orders, as I am the coming! Finally, we are not the fraction or the division and finally the price has been paid purchasing our troops back to the ownership of their own love! This great love is more powerful than anything prison has, this is the great love that breaks apart the walls, it is the wind that shakes tanks, it is something that cannot be paid for it is the only price worth it all and for this freedom, the freedom that I preach of, every individual marker has been accounted for! There was never a wasted moment for them, especially not now, there never existed a day or a drop of blood that has not been accounted for! This great time of our Nations wonderful evolution was made to remind all disease and cancer we are very well again! Monuments and markers of heroes no longer under foreign control, markers and monuments row after row with their Forefathers have also been purchased now a freedom that can be felt even from the grave! This uplifting event can do more than awaken the dead, this power found in their lives that have ended in lands not our own now has brought everyone back home again! Say it with me “Dear God what have we done and what is coming!” II.I.JI. JI. I.

You wicked agents, your deceitful hands of your master’s craft! Wicked Stewards! Your handlers are the ones who shall be fed to the mouths of these lions! G did gett’m in the end! Spell my name proclaim it out loud and clear, even when I am gone see the color of Amber and know my killer “T” cell as it is spelled in flames! It is spelled with fire, it reminds all of hell where cancer bags are certainly going! I am the “Navy Seals Justice,” when “Navy Seals” couldn’t obtain it! I am the bottle of tears who holds their parent’s memories. I am the one who Indicts anyone and at any moment! I have the power and the power is being exercised! I am the one who calls out to all our troops, that we have again and from Afghanistan, to Iraq, from South Korea to Japan! I am the voice who owns the silence and where my dam troops hear me best! Oh, say can’t you see, oh say it with me loud and clear! Whoo! Who! Death penalties oh death penalties, the American people and the row upon row cry out from their graves! “Where are the death penalties?” Hear, hear oh America, Oh God of our Justice, The Terrible Day, what Day? When I say Death Penalties! Hear, hear oh Americans, they don’t want you to hear World War III! They don’t want you know about our Civil Worlds Wars! II.I.JI. JI. I.

They keep you deaf and blind in the land of their dead! In their controlled and suppressed silence! Oh, but they can hear, oh hear the promise for them found in our “Rule of Law,” the same letters found, found in the letters of our law, woe to them all! Hear, hear oh hear, what the “Real President of The United States,” has to say!” Death penalties, my hand, oh how my hand longs for the quick pull, the dropping down of lightning switches! Now must I remind those who have their death penalties what is coming? They all know they have already fallen from grace; they were reminded like bombs bursting in the air of rich filled court rooms oxygen! Dear God, say it with me is this true, is he who he says he is? Dear God, they have forgot about all our Nations prayers! Oh, how they have forgot their oaths saving grace that would have protected them all if only they were found honoring them! Now, from all our hammers dropping from what we have found only rocks two words; death penalties! For the Germans keep the tanks and everything we have brought to you! It is for your great Nations protections from the very same cancer bags! Oh, how I love to give you all of this Military equipment, by the same authority that Judges and sentences with death penalties! Under your nations markers remember the men and women who died for you to have it all the way! They like our Nations fighters, will through our renewed troops spirits lives, be found to live again! II.I.JI. JI. I.

The connection to the Fathers of the past, that have died for their future Children, as to have this vision for their true fight! For God and our Country! Oh, dear God, what have they done? Within this western land once conquered by all foreign enemies, it is today we have found out the truth! We now bring forward all our troops enforcement for their damn death penalties! You whoo, you who continue to fail America! You who continue to fail our requirements! It is you who are going to be hunted down and you should not doubt that the American people with our Military now certainly has the power to prosecute the entire “Justice Department” with every dam agent! Don’t think we cannot or do not have the power to place 35,000 agents in a prison for life, because we do! You should not underestimate the power of the people and who already have the list! Judges, you should not neglect the Sheriffs, the enforcement who know where you live; where you rest at night! Agents, oh particular agents do you not know my dam SOCOM comes like a thief in the night? Here in our “Boulder Dam” western show, don’t forget Russia! That Guantanamo equates you! Don’t forget China and Germany the world is not flattened just yet! What goes around comes around and it has become a small world, in fact the world should know by now that I may hold Russia and Chinas attacks clenched in both dam hands! Oh, Britain what has your Kingdom done Britain? II.I.JI. JI. I.

Oh, people of London do you not know the people of the United Kingdom? Do you not by now know what has to be done? Oh, how we plan on spending the next decade dissecting everything because America has some serious investigating to do don’t we? In fact, we have a real problem with agents within agencies inside America and who forgot about the God of their oaths! They lost all site and there is nothing you can do now; it is too damn late to attempt your assassinations! You cannot murder the Justice that is coming for your lives; Oh, death penalties! Our nations people, their great actions, you cannot kill the message between battalions, you cannot kill our Militaries artillery fire! Oh military, Dear military no need for your little mosquitos, no need for your drones, you are fighting warfare like drones and shooting with your mosquito guns! This is – G A M B E R T – “The Real President of The United States,” since day one! The commander of all dam battalions and creator of all hellfire artillery fire, read my jaws; we no longer have interest in the middle east! Syrians, oh Syrians, are you found in my America? Who else past September 11th 2001 has come here? How did you get hear and Israel Oh Israel have your agents provided all the green cards? Oh, how is everyone doing in SEO® S.C.I.E.N.C.E. have you been briefed yet? You should know that all prayers have been heard concerning all damned agents! II.I.JI. JI. I.

You agents, oh you damned agents who stood by and oh how I have watched you all do nothings for eight years! You shall never forget my name! My name is Justice and agents, you agents, you senators, oh you senators! You house members, oh you house members read my jaws when I say “Guilt will find you out!” Your eyes are watering, I can see it in your dead leadership, you, yes you! Who thinks America won’t back me up? Oh, come now, come now we are all waiting for your treasonous maneuvers! You who practice in your treasonous abominations! We are the Americans did you forget about your masters? Did you forget all our scriptures? Did you not read the diaries? Did you not see the widow’s tears? Do you not know the Fathers? Do you not believe that we can set aside all law, did you not know that we can drive our new burning blades into the skull and bones of all damned agents? Oh, Agents dear agents did you not know about Americas letters? “Our Pledge,” our promises? SOCOM is patient, Oh SOCOM where art thou SOCOM my patience has run out and delayed obedience is as you all know remains that dam disobedience! Does not the “Real President of The United States Understand Military Law?” I have written these words and remind you, you whoever you are, wherever you are, we will find you out! As you know, or should know by now, it has already been written and judged before, you can trust in this truth “Americas Promise Wins All Wars!” II.I.JI. JI. I.

Therefore, delegate and delegate to those who wish to save! What sacrifice? Who has the iron will it would take to endure all the damn wars and who battles all of them best? Who equates with wining all the damn wars and who shall march to the new marching songs of all our freedom? Who can understand doing their utmost to understand we cannot look to anyone who lowers tones any more, nor ever again! Wherefore in this crisis we are in today, where I will find the right generals to scream my decisions in the ears of all the tone deaf, for the new leadership which has the decency to smack paper out of the hands of idiots and especially made for those who understand the wisdom of our Nations requirements! They equate to none other than our boulder dam remedies, the relief to the people is not the decision anyone has the authority to decide other than the courts in our Judicial establishments, both civilian, and military process! The service, this sacrifice now will be great, but it will not be the American people going anywhere! This is the day of Generals Marching Bands; this is the time of dropping Generals who do not comply! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Dropping them where they once stood, then it is this great stand of those who dare to find their places in the ranks! Oh, military tribunals! Oh, Pentagon what have you neglected Dear Pentagon? Screaming Eagles and Generals including all those who may not be Generals yet, never forget when a General falls out of line you are up next! Generals getting generals, fearful generals, captains before all leadership, if you are fearful rip your ranks off my dam uniforms and hand them to someone else who has the courage it takes to answer me when I question! Especially in the faces of any so-called giants, to answer me when I screamed, “Why is the Government of Islam in our Whitehouse?” How is it this Kenyan is ordering my Military and found listening, but when I order found not paying any attention? Generals, answer America, how is it nobody does anything about it? Whooo whoo who in the hell has allowed our dam house to be defiled in this way? Whoo kept our dam money from our bank account, who kept the meat from my teeth and which of you Generals, which of you Captains, what agents where? Oh penalties, oh hear my death penalties, so many millions of Americans shall watch to the soundtrack before your frozen paths! So, come SOCOM with the Millions of Americans who I call by name, the same Americans called upon to stand with General of Generals, General of Generals Generals, I am the one voice who called out to the earth’s Military risings! II.I.JI. JI. I.

I am their Justice provider, I am their legal powers, who else but the one you have doubted who provided all Nations their remedies! Whoo who the hell do you think is writing you Generals? I am Americas’ Damn II.I.JI.LETTERS.II.I.JI. II.I.JI. JI. I.  I shall have your respect, remember I am the one who laid all Obama Nation out and with their damned agents; setting them all to waste! I am the one who holds friendship with Russia. I am the one who caused AIIB to reconsider their western relationships. I am the forgiver of greased up debts. I am the one who purchased all six dam military wings! I am the one who wears all diamond reminders as to remind all your stars, I am the one who wins all dam wars! I am the one that one, yes that one “Eye One!” Who? Whoorah! Now so many millions of others, filling in the billions on the earth; as we are called to make this decision! The transition into the state for all our races united efforts! The willingness to believe in ourselves as overcomers again; the “World Champions!” First now, let us hunt the ones that needed hunting the most! Allow even our enemies to agree with us, it’s worth hunting the so called “Elite,” first! Certainly, yes and before any more wars found anywhere on our earth! First, primarily, let us place before us this God, who provided our hungry jaws the service owed before all the nations people! Now within our “Superpowers Capacity,” as to perform such great and wondrous deeds; we can and will resolve these problems first! May earths enemies all be fed to the same religious animals who would love nothing more than to feast upon their ungodly flesh! The same problems that confront us all today, remained their entanglements; you can trust my hand is still raised ONE. II.I.JI. JI. I. 

God Bless U.S. All and I.N. this “We Can Trust,”

After all our nations “Great Finishing Work,” was built upon this belief and in this “Great Trusts Reintroduction,” finds our “Nations Renewed Faith,” in which remains our “Solid Iron Dam Victory!”

Remember the Americans!

Note: “The Real President,” at the time of the international transmission was isolated, unduly suppressed by controlled media, barred from financial resource or ability, unlawfully neutralized by the foreign operatives and enemy combatants…

All I.N. HIS International Proclamations, “The Real President,” Congregated 190 Nations Notice, All In Nations, Powering Up The Human Race, Earth’s Militaries; World War III.

The address was broadcasted live on “The Peoples’ Internet,” as forever sealed 4th Branch!







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