Good Morning America,

Today I contacted an agency that may just give a dam, because the fact is there is a congress in Arizona and it isn’t even down town. There is a congress in Washington and they only know Owl, they don’t give a dam, and one thing is for sure, when you say Congress Arizona they say what? Where? Well here is one for the dam map, I Gambert shall hire 3000 troops to help build a brand new congress, you guessed it Congress in Arizona! Does anyone besides Governer Owl give a hoot? Whooty Whooo Whoo Who but Gambert? Gambert gives a Boulder sized Dam hear is the screaming Eagle!

Now you know America these people didn’t even reply, but you know now it’s just too DAM LATE, because Gambert is coming on all DAM ACCORDS in every single way shape and form, but one form everyone will know is the SOLID DAM FORM OF IRON AND CEMENT WHEN BOULDER DAM IS SEALED WITH AMERICA 1!


Congress Arizona!

The goal of the Business Attraction Team is to provide you with all of the information and support services needed to properly evaluate the business opportunities in Arizona. Typically these services include:

In-depth information about Arizona’s business climate
Site selection assistance
Incentive programs information
Labor market analysis
Custom research, including detailed comparative analysis of real estate, utility, transportation and tax costs
Access to regulatory authorities and clarification of governmental regulations

(red fields are required)

Company Name:

The Peoples Republic

Contact Name:

Jason Gambert




PO Box 2496


Sun City





Phone Number:

(480) 374-3150

Email Address:



Looking For:

Site Selection Assistance
Operating Cost Information (Taxes)
Operating Cost Information (Wages and Salary Profiles)
Community Profiles
Incentives Information
Permitting and Licensing Requirements



Project Type:


Expansion Relocation Start-Up

General Description of this Project:

I own the SEO Trademark a multi billion dollar piece of intellectual property that will gross hundreds of milliions of dollars annually, Governor Owl knows it and I am hiring 3000 veterans something she doesn’t have any clue about. I am also here to tell you some good news, I’m going to build a dam city, and preferably in the location of Congress Arizona, (or whatever city) will deed out close to 4000 acres for our projects to work with us to build the fastest growing city in Arizona. Whatever city will have us and wants to work with us by contributing the right land, near rail, and a strip for landing aircraft preferred.


Acquisition Preferences:


Facility Size (sq. ft.):

Minimum Facility Size:

75,000 SF.

Maximum Facility Size:

150,000 SF.

Acreage Requirements:

Minimum Acreage:


Maximum Acreage:


Zoning Preference:

Mixed Use, Office and Retail  Light Industrial with Heavy Industrial

Zoning Comments:


Location Preference:


Please List any Preferences/Requirements (i.e.: Max Distance to Airport, Rail Access, Outside Storage, Dock Doors, Lab space, Clean Room, etc.)

Rail Access.


Electric Power Usage:

Typical Light Industrial 

Please describe high demand requirements:


Natural Gas:


Estimate of Natural Gas Consumption:


Water Consumption:


Facility Sanitary Usage Only Process Use (describe below)

City Provided


Total Capital Investment:

100+ Million.

# of Jobs Expected Within 12 Months :


# of Jobs Expected Within 3 Years :


Average Hourly Wages:

Hourly Rate (Low End):

Minimum wage.

Hourly Rate (High End):

Matched Enlisted Ending Pay.

Average Salary Ranges:

Salary Range (Low End):

Salary Range (High End):



Initial Site Visit (# of months from now) :

2 Months
Preliminary Target Decision Date:

16 Months
Final Target Decision Date

24 Months
I would like to have the requested information returned to me no later than: 

6 months.

Other Comments, Questions or Concerns:

I am concerned when it comes to building business, creating enterprise and establishing jobs in Arizona, Ms. Brewer never responded to my correspondence, either from 1.) Lack of Internet Knowledge 2.) Lack of consideration for Arizona economic growth potential. or 3.) Other. However Tom Horne replied within 72 hours, and his whole team is exceptional. (UPDATE: 01/06/2015 Horne May Be In BIG DAM TROUBLE isn’t that right McCain? )

Where the reality is when it comes to a local businessman and internet entrepreneur needing assistance, for future reference, don’t contact Flake, or Brewer. Sen. McCain writes back telling you why he can’t help because he is restricted respectfully, but in the future make sure you do everything your dam self and never, ever depend on anybody to help you when you need them most. Do all things your self and don’t let anyone ever prevent you from your ultimate goals. Because see our goals will continue on track no matter what, because real Americans find a way even if it is impossible.

The way lately has been right through mountains of opposition and over all those who are in elected positions that really are only standing in the way of U.S. all. Shame on them for not helping local businesses when needed the most, and especially local American people such as myself get some dam justice.

Because of these elected officials lack of honoring their oaths, the ones they swore, the same ones making a vow for protection to all of America and what we stand for, to all of Arizona’s economy and because of this injustice all of us have suffered because of their lack of sworn duty. Finally since the day of my service process that was conceived upon every one of them, it is my job now to remind everybody it’s not their money and to show the world the attitude they possess, and so what who cares?

Let me tell you I care, I give a boulder dam, I care about hiring 3000 troops, I care enough to make sure they have a home and a life where there is job security, and I actually give a dam. Other people who live in Arizona may just give a dam too because everyone who pays taxes in Arizona cares where the money goes except the ones who spend it all. I give a boulder dam, and all of the unemployed care too, and the debt Arizona has cares, everyone cares except Governer Jan Owl, and Flake, while Arizona Cares, why when it comes to creating wealth are we the only ones that give a dam? What is an american dam eagle to an owl anyways?

[videojs webm=”” width=”100%” height=”600″ preload=”true”]

Gambert is just getting started…. I will change the tone of Arizona Begging for Federal funding to Obama after 19 firefighters deaths, I will change the tone to a Government over our state to fund our firefighters who risk their lives for those of us who actually give a dam. I will change the tone of “Please Barak Fund Our Fire Fighters” Gambert will change how Arizona is looked at forever and I will force the issue of dam, because Gambert is going to fire everyone, let’s hear it for myself because right now it seems I am the only one who really does give a boulder dam.

Gambert will certainly bring the radical Strength and the much needed administration of Justice to our economy, our businesses, our cities, and most importantly to the vets and the unemployed. We all will have some boulder dam justice now and nobody is going to stop the U.S.A. or “R” America.

& may I say Arizona the great Phoenix. Who rises from the ashes?

Not a dam thank you to anyone except Tom Horne for his staffs excellence and a half ass thank you to Mr. McCain, sort of, if my oath will permit me to stand and protect.

The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law.
The Rule of Law gives the people the power to trust their governments by trusting in themselves and God, and by way of this knowledge able of holding anyone elected accountable to their oaths of office.

— Jason Gambert, United States Citizen and Advocate for Personal Justice.

Finally if Tom Horne wants to he certainly can be Attorney General for the United States and he does a good job, just look him and his staff actually give a dam! So far so good…

Can anyone say Justice Dam it?

Boulder Dam Justice is coming, are you ready?

HoooHoooHoooVer Dam is no dam at all Hoover is a Vacuum that sucks.

Now how about you?

Boulder Dam Justice God Bless America Gambert is ready.

Now how about you?

Prepare to engage…..

This ones for  a whole new congress Arizona!

(Update 10.6.2017 now it’s a whole “New Washington” Arizona!


Thank you for sending us your project information.

You’re Welcome Arizona!

You’re Welcome America!

You know I love you all!

-G A M B E R T





(Update Military, Veterans “They” still have not even replied as of 10.6.2017; don’t worry now we’re going 100x’s bigger!)


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