I am Grateful. Thank You, thank you all very much; Thank you and good morning. The impostor has been identified, but unlike most of the “Medias Programs,” their performer hasn’t been provided with all the news concerning him just yet… As a matter of law, I have been transparent enough to provide them with our own rule and to discuss our own ideas, regarding the choices that we of the All I.N. will be making confronting them soon… SEO® Storm Forces Monsoon!

You have provided most of your lives as Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, or even the new and upcoming “Revolutionary Party,” however we all have spent most of our lives desiring deeply nothing more than the very foundation of our country to be followed…

So that “We the People” could continue to build and this my fellow American Justice Party members, Senators, Pastors, and People is the Boulder Dam Justice Party welcome to our Great Super Bowl Kickoff it Begins! II.I.JI.GAMBERT.II.I.JI.BACK.II.I.JI.TO.II.I.JI.PASS.II.I.JI.WHOOORAH.II.I.JI. JI.

I have spent most of my life in a Dam struggle and recently have seen no other course to follow for the last coming up on eight years than the service of this Great and Magnificent party of working wonders, who would permit me to follow no other course, because for America, there was no other remedy than this absolute and total Justice State.

Coming to the great awareness of the genuine issues damaging and confronting us all as they have crossed not only the party lines, but “The Red,” “The White,” “The “Blue,” and “The Black” lines…  Now, standing in our darkest hour together there is a side in this campaign and there is a side on that campaign… However, they are all telling us who, when, where, why, and what, but further that the issues of these elections are going to make a difference under the impression peace and prosperity will be maintained… However, the People have been abused and let’s be honest My Dear Family members, Fellow Americans, we have never seen it so bad in all of the history of America combined up until now…

You should all by now know there is a more than uncomfortable feeling in the air, you can feel it and for some it makes them sick to their stomach, because all they ever wanted was somebody who would serve them well… While all we have seen is this serving of sickness cast upon us and I have an uncomfortable feeling that is more than just uncomfortable; well that this is deeper than prosperity… It isn’t something on which anyone can base near sited hopes with zero end in sight for the future…


Although that may be the case in the past, we are here as fellow Americans talking about “The Great American Future State,” and as we have seen our Nation in History also had not survived the tax burden that superseded our very own Authorities… Where our genuine decisions of spirit and leadership were dictated by abuse of power and authority… While our effectiveness as a Nation was found diminished and where our “International Trust” with acceptance was severely tarnished…


Reaching more than a third of our national income today, it is that more than this accounts for every dollar earned in this United States of America and it was this “IRS” that had it’s share in the tax collections; but yet your old dead government actually had the nerve… The diabolical audacity to continue to spend your blood, both with your troops and your sweat, while paying zero attention to all your tears and cries… Now by the “Mighty God Who Reigns Storm Forces” and sends Justice in a state like that, may I just add it was always a trust who sends a state like this…  When an Imposter defiles our “Nations Temples” found spending more than every and all of the “Other Presidents” combined it was an “Act.”

Spending more than what is being taken in without any oversight or any budged in place, well America and to the rest of the Nations affected from this clear “Act” of taking more and more from our nation’s children? Found only to hand it out to foreign countries to buy their hearts while gleaming in the ambiance falling ever more in love with their selves? Now this may “We the People” ask you, who are you now? II.I.JI.WHOOO.II.I.JI.WHOO.II.I.JI.WHO.II.I.JI. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Whooo Whooo Whooo Whooo Are You Now That We all Know JI? II.I.JI.BIG.II.I.JI.DAM.II.I.JI.TROUBLE.JI.JI.JI. II.I.JI. JI. I. 
Whooo Whooo Whooo Whooo Left Fraud Unchecked II.I.JI. Who? II.I.JI.BIG.II.I.JI.DAM.II.I.JI.TROUBLE.JI.JI.JI. II.I.JI. JI. I.

“They” haven’t balanced the budget because service to the People of America wasn’t really what was in their hearts, to budget their power, because out of the ballpark debt limits, equals three and half times larger paychecks for everyone they are able to buy out! This includes every nation falling into the demise of a now proven and Fraudulent United States Corporation and may I say more than just Bankrupt… We the People have taken it all back and we shall balance the Budget by eliminating the paychecks of all of the do nothings with the cowards who love the media’s attention and light; but when it comes to crunch time… “They” dishonored their oaths, “They” spent your money and “They” left you all at the Dam with the debt, but wait, there was someone who lived who got to tell the story… You know how the story ends, the finishing work; God bless America! There was one who couldn’t quit or “Stop” serving the Americans… II.I.JI.SERVES.II.I.JI.WHOOO.JI.JI.JI.

Now we have slashed the debt limits altogether and there isn’t a dam thing anyone can do about it now…  It is as you know finished and in the last twelve months our national debt has been abolished; eradicating all of the combined debts we owe to the nations of the world! We had a 17 Trillion dollar debt and when it came to gold in our treasury, really who has taken “The Great American Inventory,” but us “NOW” and we will cut down the middle of those bars to see if there really has been replaced in the center of them any lead or other heavy non precious metals of course… Dismissing the American people was the second worst thing that could have happened in this “Great American Time” together, where it appears every elected official is not worth an ounce… Foreign dollar claims are more than just claims, have you heard personally how Germany feels, or how about Russia, have you spoken to Putin really? When it comes to China and how uncertain they are over the decisions of an Impostor who turned out to be a religious fanatic advancing his Islamic agendas keeping his enemies close enough to breathe on, have any of you interviewed SEO® Xi and asked him yet?


Absolutely not, it wouldn’t be in the elitist agenda, but how they used the Muslims the mystery is great… Now speaking about Foreign dollar claims, I would say in this time they have zero and it is their own dam fault for allowing an enemy into the White House… They hate “God Bless America” this is the Justice we have all been waiting for and with a zero tolerance policy…


When it comes to peace, that sometimes we the people have to rise up and draw arms; sometimes we have to “Mount Up!” You know sometimes in History the Pastors have to Preach, and sometimes they have to not apologize… In history, occasionally they have to rip out of their suits and put on the uniforms and when it comes to peace, we the people are no longer fools to “Elitists” hiding under democracy, or reserves, or United Nations Utopia… Now for peace that we would preserve, “World Peace,” and by working wonders! I wonder who among us would be brave enough to honor their oaths and who would honor the God of this Country? You know the God of all Nations affected, whoo would preserve this piece and I wonder who among us would like to approach the root of evil deciding to no longer be under its power; as to decide they are in power…


Whooo Whoo Who has the daughter, or the wife and children? Whoo who are sick and tired of seeing the filth on the web and Whooo Whoo Who has the wife or mother whose husband or son has died in the Middle East and who can ask them if they think this is a peace that should be maintained indefinitely? Absolutely ask and you shall receive better than the lie in the oval office, but that the truth is the light of our Nation… It does more than just speak, but that it preaches indefinitely and Whooo Whoo Who desires to maintain what fraudulent peace? They say “Peace” or do they mean we are to be just left in their darkness, because there is nothing worse than being left in that piece! Now upon waiting for the hope you were promised, that there would one day be a peace that wasn’t darkness and this II.I.JI. this peace, would shine like the SEO® Noon Day!


Today my fellow Americans is the day where “We the People of The United States” take peace, like we have taken the IRS, like we have taken their Federal Reserve, like we have taken the “BAR” association, like we have taken the internet, like we have taken the Judicial, like we have taken the FBI, like we have taken the presidency, like we have taken the healthcare back… Just like we have taken everything under the sun that’s ours and because that is exactly what we have been doing the whole time and no we won’t stop! Just like we took the media, like we have taken the troops, like we have taken the branches, the military… “The Americans’ Might” of Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines, Army, Navy with “Every Special Force” underneath this same sun! Now, if this were not enough already… To take the minds of our Ally’s and open their “Minds Eyes” to be able to see what was really going on World Wide….

Let me be clear for the Nations, including our America, there is no peace in times of real war. Further when I say real war, I mean really war, the kind of war where no real peace exists for a moment in time… While one Americans blood is not worth the entire middle east is the new “Boulder Dam Realization” and that “All Real Americans” worth dying for is this “Great American Realization!” The old realization is this, that one American is dying some place in the world for the rest of us? This is not how the story goes anymore. America the “World Cop” ends now and now everyone is at war with the most dangerous enemy the world has ever faced before, attacking mankind in their long hard climb from out of the pits of Hell, as their religious followers who come from dirt’s pits indeed wipe with their left hands… Now we the “International Nations” do declare war on the enemy of “All Sovereign Nations,” but not to disclude every other form of root of religious evil.

I tell you yes, I tell you that there is no losing this war, because in doing so you will be cast down as slaves with those of whom wipe with their left hands, but don’t be surprised when in fact it is you who they force to wipe and with your right hands! Realize neglecting the way in doing so, protecting that is, lose this once discovered way of freedom worth all the worlds wars for! Further worth all of the blood sweat and tears for and worth every tireless effort to assure your Daughters with your Mothers would not be raped by these “Religious Animals” who are used by wicked evil found in their world agenda of enslaving and eradicating the masses…

There is no losing, there is no compromise in this stage in American and International history, or losing the way of freedom even from the “Communist Sovereign Countries” as their freedom too would be the kind of record their history would not keep, but the history would be blotted out from all record with the greatest astonishment the world has not known! That history would record with the greatest astonishment that we who have had the most to lose did the maximum to prevent it and sacrificed everything in the end to win them all and to win them All I.N. JI!

It’s about time to throw off ignorance and lose the doubt, because the time has also come where you will no longer have the choice to hide under your sheets as soft lazy Americans, pacifying their selves on controlled media, and where you are not permitted to think! Don’t you think it’s about time to think for yourselves? Today where asking ourselves if we still know the liberty that was intended for U.S. all to freely have, labored by the Founding Fathers, or is this simply out of the question being gassed by Homosexual Lobbyists with their Gay Marriages and Parades? Found yesterday while today Federal Judges seen sentencing MY BOULDER DAM “SEO® FOREMEN” to serve time for killing all your Damned Enemies II. Death America I.

Listen up real good America it’s more than just time to ask yourselves if you still know the freedoms of the Forefathers, but it would come the time that you are forced to either be a Forth Father and worker advocating Justice or simply lose your light forever by doing nothing all of the time… With your will of complacency allowing your enemy to smile in your faces while taking it all out from underneath your feet and all the while smothering you in a doubt your comfortable with…

It is more and more every day that friends of yours and mine are falling victim to this dark system of left or right. If you don’t have publicity and want to speak up or fight, American beware, be very ware for fighting for what is right, what is just, and what is fair! Be very, very aware of the real “Lone Wolf” the ones the media elected for you! The very same snakes in office selling out the sole of America for you too! Careful don’t burn too bright because the watchers watch for this kind of light, they are the same ones who dispatch assassins to “Snuff the Rooster” out for good! In one single electric sentence, I will tell you the whole story, If you continue to allow yourselves to be fooled and deceived anymore, if you lose your freedom here, here in America, there is no other place on earth you will be able to find your selves able escape to! Listen up and listen really good America, as it has been said before already and again for you all; this absolutely is the “End Times Stand.”

Wipe your tears, lose the idea that this Fraud is beholden to no one, that is not the truth, the truth is “Beholding the Boulder Dam Justice” end of story. It is finished, wiped out, obliterated and in the past I said “Defeated Enemy,” strike that I meant “CONQUERED ENEMY.” If this were not enough for the service of concerned Americans, I brought his whole gang down with hooks to the jaws too! I said HOOKS TO THE JAWS and that is “The Idea” of “The People” to “Their Government.” The only real source of Power is no other Source than the power of the Most High God who gave us our Nation “IN GOD WE TRUST” back and in drawing from the irrevocable power, the true source of power protects our “Sovereign People” and as it is today will be forever more Amen. The newest and most unique ideas are yet to come and I am only one of hundreds of millions waking up again as to the long history of Sovereign Americans combatting the attempts of futile man’s rule.

This is the issue of the current elections, whether they have the right to continue without paying what is ours and that would be absolute justice on one party in particular… Whether we believe in our “American Capacities” to prove “We the People” really are in charge and by turning off their Media, Halting the Parties, Shutting Out the Lights, and taking charge in such a way as this! Well I am pleased “They” no longer have a choice because there is someone with more Dam power than them and guess who it is America! That’s right it is … U.S. and that we would not allow them to continue to abandon us by keeping to their tracks only to escape us being dumped on, left out in the dust lost in time, but every time? No not today, today is that BOULDER DAM DAY FOR U.S. and America was built on War and Revolution never forget it! Today this day is our DAM DAY and I give it to you all for free! What is a little intellectual elite to the power of all our BOULDER DAM PEOPLE IN FULL CHARGE WITH U.S.J.C. & U.S.A.C NOW? II.I.JI.DUST.II.I.JI.I.N.II.I.JI.THE.II.I.JI.WIND.II.I.JI. II.I.JI. JI. I.

You and I as I have told you are an “Epic People” increasingly ever increasing and that is why “They” will never be able to conquer U.S. because as you know the story has already been written, but they just cannot believe that and their they lie dead in their dust of disbelief forever! SEO® Requiem!

You and I as I have told you are more than them, that we are the ALL I.N. we are the “True Believers” and we have to choose today, or should I say help others who may be unsure today and help them to choose between good or evil… Not a left or right, but a grace or a disgrace… An all I.N. or an all OUT and because it is either Yes or No as the story goes, because anything more than this as we all know comes from out and not from within! We as I have told you must choose now, to every nation and every people including our Nation of America, as I am not only here for just Americans, but “All People!” People who were found “All In” once upon a time, or as the story continues to go… Yet, if there is in your minds eyes, only an up or down, then brothers and sisters let us choose up! Grow up and realize with both eyes the time is now to open them all the way up and rise up! Together again, found United as “The People Again,” as we are done being lost in the wind, but together are found standing strong again! Remember as China knows already “It always takes a stand” and that is the best part standing together like this we are strong! These people, I have shown the intelligent world have nothing on us, they never have; I knew I was the President when I was born! When I started this whole thing, when I kicked it all off and here’s the proof you can keep it!  JI. Whooo Whoo Who….


The ultimate time in your individual freedom is consistent it is united and all you have to do is “Get on Board,” where forgiveness reigns and it is all consistent with law and order… Not just down with the sickness, because “WE SHALL RECOVER” and when we do my God look out because all our enemies will be shrinking begging for the Mountains to fall upon them to hide them from our “Great God Almighty” whoo whose Justice Party and let the elitists reap their totalitarianism in total destruction!

Just who the hell am I to you? Well regardless of anyone’s short near sited sincerity, or all of those I pleaded with to rescue me who have left America to be Damned, I am sure their humanistic motives rang true in the time of their disbelief, but have you met my Coalition Forces? Do you know my Coalition has no other choice, but to chime with me? Now those who would trade their freedom for what allure lured them away from their safety, was only down to something they swore they would never forget and I am sure their humanitarian motives rang true at the time; but has anyone ever read “The Boulder Dam United States Justice Code?” II.I.JI.BING.II.I.JI.

Regardless of their sincerity or their Humanitarian motives, for those who would trade their lives for the simplicity of forgetting them, their oaths that is or to trade our freedom for something fingering them to death, woe to those who have embarked like the dogs they are! SEO® Woe to the enemy! Especially now with their only site set downward, but of course I would keep course! Did I not tell you this is more than a Jet Ski of simply left, or right? U.S.S. II.I.JI.GAMBERT.II.I.JI. Forward JI!

More than a Ship, but a relationship regardless of your sincerity, or your humanitarian motives, those of us who would never trade our freedoms for security, behold the muzzles forced on the mouths of all our damned enemies! Guess Whoo Who read them their “Boulder Dam Rights” and on the “World Stage” before billions, now that’s with a “B” for Billions.

Before there is Fire in this vote, there is this harvesting time, I use terms like “Great Days of Justice” or “High Treason” and “Days of Treason!” When it comes to enforcement, my Dam Nation did not listen to the “Undercover President,” my Dam Nation did not listen to their “Presidential Protector II.” The Enforcer of Justice I., and Just Look at Whooo Whoo Who had our back… You would never believe it in the first place and that was by “Their” design! What mind control, what fantastic AI! I must apologize on your behalf to your forefathers, as you were indeed found entertaining playing with dangling colorful keys in your comfortable crates loving what news?

As “The Real Dam President” told you a few days ago, in which I certainly am, you must accept a greater government than anything that they had designed, because what they had designed, was manufactured by you guessed it; stupid primitives…  Now what we have designed was fashioned by the almighty creator above all stupid primates and guess Whooo Whoo Who is really conducting “Your Salvation” from all damned fools?

You must do more than accept a greater government in its entirety, but you must become the Government in its entirety! The greater Government is you the people of America and the Nations beholding each other in “Your Great Dam Days” of Activity! That’s right all up in the affairs of the pathetic casting them out by II.I.JI.CHARGE.II.I.JI. and the more explicit the better and because in the past among themselves they were in charge paying zero attention to the workers! Found paying zero attention to the protectors and found while paying only zero wages? Listen paying how much attention to our peoples’ laws, but zero? Oooooh Whooo Whoo Who did I not warn them all with everything I had? With the full power of the United States Constitution and now what does it require of your servants?

Let me be clear as the “SEO® Noon Day” that in great service to “The People,” who they deemed peasants, proclaiming the people who they tried taking money from labeling them as paupers, but remember peons there was a BOULDER DAM REASON THE JUDICIAL FOREFATHERS WERE SERVANTS OF JUSTICE. JI.

Dread is the day may I remind you and that day for them is today, and because what they feared most is happening! What they were so accustomed to is being “Yanked” from them just like their freedom and where they are going is to full American remedy! Now if that were not enough justice, over 190+ participating nations who desire nothing more than a piece of these racketeers get to witness this relief too! Now in the past among themselves, they were without fear of repercussions of all the things in which I have clearly described today, but now they have ended, because it’s not in their pen, but it has always been in my Boulder Dam Pen of Action…

Seo® Just Ice Colder Than Snow but Hot As The Temperature of The Sun!

Now in the past and among themselves and all of the things I have and will continue to quote have not appeared in print and you as the American people should by now understand as the reason and fervitude as to why not or how come. You are Americans and that means you are really smart! Now you are all no longer conquered, but now are all free to get up and stand up in the knowledge of the light! These are not Republican, or Democratic, or Libertarian accusations, but as you may or may not know, “They” are not divided. For example, “They,” have voices that say,

“More than ever before in human history, we share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together. And that, my friends, is why we have the United Nations.” Who?

“The purpose of the United Nations should be to protect the essential sovereignty of nations, large and small.” Who?

“Climate change, in some regions, has aggravated conflict over scarce land, and could well trigger large-scale migration in the decades ahead. And rising sea levels put at risk the very survival of all small island states. These and other implications for peace and security have implications for the United Nations itself.” Who?

“The United Nations is our one great hope for a peaceful and free world.” Who?

“The Charter of the United Nations expresses the noblest aspirations of man: abjuration of force in the settlement of disputes between states; the assurance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion; the safeguarding of international peace and security.” Who?

“There are many who criticize the United Nations. And those of us who know this institution well know that it is not immune from criticism. But those who argue against the United Nations advance no credible argument as to what should replace it. Whatever its imperfections, the United Nations represents a necessary democracy of states.” Whooo? Whoo? Who?

“The United Nations, whose membership comprises almost all the states in the world, is founded on the principle of the equal worth of every human being.” Who?

“The United Nations has a critical role to play in promoting stability, security, democracy, human rights, and economic development. The UN is as relevant today as at any time in its history, but it needs reform.” Who?

“The United Nations remains our most important global actor. These days we are continuously reminded of the enormous responsibility of the Security Council to uphold international peace and stability.” Who?

“The United Nations organization has proclaimed 1979 as the Year of the Child. Are the children to receive the arms race from us as a necessary inheritance?” Who?

“No one wants the United Nations to suffer the fate of the League of Nations, which collapsed because it lacked real leverage. This is possible if influential countries bypass the United Nations and take military action without Security Council authorization.” Guess Who?

“The United Nations’ founders understood that decisions affecting war and peace should happen only by consensus, and with America’s consent, the veto by Security Council permanent members was enshrined in the United Nations Charter. The profound wisdom of this has underpinned the stability of international relations for decades.” Who?

“We need to use the United Nations Security Council and believe that preserving law and order in today’s complex and turbulent world is one of the few ways to keep international relations from sliding into chaos. The law is still the law, and we must follow it whether we like it or not.” Guess Whobama?

Certainly Mr. Putin however that is Not The “United Nations” but that is and has always been the “International Nations” the nations the seas have split, “Say Can’t You See?” The Great Time Has come and Guess Whooo Whoo Who has the power to dissolve the United Nations, but the same one Whooo Whoo Who split the seas already! Who are we to align ourselves against someone greater than all of us combined and who sets all law in his place? Now the cold war genetic code is defeated, and the war that counts begins, because as China, and Germany, and Russia with America has discovered it is a truth some cannot bear, but just look at that Russian Bear, the same one who stands up so Boulder Dam Strong with Gambert and it is something the U.N. cannot bear, but that the truth is a furious fire hot as the temperature of the sun!

The Cold War has ended and is heating up into something the world is not prepared for, but may I ask did we bring any Jihad? No, we did not wage war and does not the truth say, “You will be repaid for your wages?” I am not referring to myself as President or “Your Moral Teacher” as “Your Moral Leader Anymore,” because it is you “The People,” who will be doing All THE BOULDER DAM LEADING FROM NOW ON and it is only my Job currently to protect our Dam Nation from any Foreign Attacks while you the people of the International Nations wage on! Wage Dam Well and Wage Dam Strong! JI.

During this “Great American Military State” I will not be walking lamely or with any limps, I will not be proceeding irregularly or haltingly by any restrictions of power imposed on us, because doing so would be compromising with that Dam enemy again and until they are totally rooted out, there will be no rooting out of any DAM IRON ONE! Be assured today renewed in the Constitution all in Times of War and we now certainly are free to do for us what we know best remember U.S.A.II.I.JI.U.S.J.C.II.I.JI. & JI.U.S.A.C.JI. –See II.I.JI. JI. I!

Meeting the Material needs for the masses is no problem now that we are all up in SEO® AmeRuChimeny and if that were not enough instead of looking east we can look east again because the world is not flat! What I mean by this is instead of looking to Europe, and The Middle East, I mean 180 Million Degrees Japan, China, Russia, and all of those who will “EARN” their Dam “ALL IN!” As we the people of America now clearly see through all alleged Allies in the past and who may have only allied up with us in the past to utilize our military might… Now with some found clearly abusing our Dam Military Might, Senators those days are over…

Those days have ended now that you were not there when America needed you the most, Eye One was watching you whoo and found you who permitted this fraud to continue? As though Justice would never be performed in America again, you sat and did nothing as the people suffered for years of your overt negligence’s… You even joined in, but that was the fraudulent all in and meeting the material needs of the masses is no longer a problem with the Full Power of SEO® AmeRuChimeny and there is no need for Centralized Government, or Centralized World Domination, this is the Real Future State II.I.JI.XI.II.I.JI. JI. I.

Trumpet sounds “I” for one appreciate it when a respective Government is there when you need them the most and that is why we are dropping all the flags except a few and when it comes to the “White House” we just went “Black Arrow,” or they will say “My God America Just Went Black” like a black out! Yes, just like the pyramid in Las Vegas all blacked out and it is just American prophecy on our enemies being knocked out SEO® U.S.J.C. T.K.O. II.I.JI. JI. I. II.I.JI.O.II.I.JI.OH.II.I.JI.O.JI.YES.II.I.JI.BIG.II.I.JI.DAM.II.I.JI.TIME.II.I.JI II.I.JI. JI. I.

I too resent it for many more than just a few when representatives alleged of the people refer to us as free or in a democracy when they pay zero attention to the rule of our law and partake in taking our property or our rights, in fact with no dam right, or should I say zero rights and they still do it today! II.I.JI.WHO.II.I.JI.

The masses now have candlelight, there shall be candlelight masses to welcome this great time of standing up together… The music will be unbearable for our enemy’s minds, they may screech and wale because the time of justice has now certainly come for all their treasonous heads, but that my dear friends is not violence that is “True American Justice,” I said AMERICAN JUSTICE! They say “This is Violent,” as though to complain and I say “This is a Violent Truth!” Now that “We the People” know, yes that we know, and that we know this is for real… An undeniable truth, a truth of this time, the truth of this time, “The Great Time Has Come!” JI!

Beyond that, “The Full Power of Centralized Government” or should I say “Centralized Finances” this was the very thing todays Forth Fathers chopped down, these days are simple for us to understand, all you have to do is quote Gambert v. United States Corporation! Now understand the full magnitude of not the Magna Carta, or the Holy Grail yet, but the Full Force of The Fully Activated Instituted United States Justice Code II.I.JI.RAH.II.I.JI. II.I.JI. JI. I.

We the people have set you all up for this day and for just as long of the duration of the time! We always knew governments don’t control things, a government cannot control the economy, or the people, or fix the world’s problems! What on earth makes you think that we the people would trust our Servants with our own Dam healthcare? Not us, not we the people of America, as we are wise to your SEO™ Mark Type Healthcare Scam… We always knew Government can’t control the economy without controlling the people first… Just like we knew when you or your handlers set you out to do such evil things, that evil must disregard our protection found in the constitution first, did you not know that is why we have it? To protect us from filth and slime like you and your stupid monkey business handlers… Those remind you are the same U.N. Chimps that honestly will return to their primordial soup, good the days of mercy are over, especially for you whooo whoo who….

We the people can get really creative, you can trust our starving enemies would eat you all up if they had no other choice then throw up, if they were not provided the liberty, they would devour you our enemies in a soup that we have boiled you over in! Over in, over out, JI. over, JI. look out; the Americans are coming now!

Today we the people are now allowed to use force and coercion because we certainly can and will fight snow with fire! We shall achieve yet again our purpose as the People of The United States and if that were not enough victory, then we will reintroduce you to the Upgraded IV.V. Fathers, the ones protecting their wives, daughters, & promised lands again! JI.

You have all been found crossing the lines of both Government and Morality… Now when you cross our “Great Gods Lines of Morality,” he sends someone like me to set you all straight and when I say straight, I mean Boulder Dam Straight! SEO® DAM STR8 and this time it’s for real! Something undeniably right, something so dam straight that it will fix the crooked neck of eagles! Now rolling outside of legitimate functions of government does nothing for you when you’re reminded how “Real Dam Boulders Roll On O Big Dam Time,” and when this happens our economy does so much better by curing for good this disease of Obama Nation!

Economically the Private Sector just got really rich and when I say really rich, I mean really Dam rich! We the People have always had a Fourth Branch, but today the Forth Branch Is Official, and sweeping into the Americans Fourth Branch will be many, and when I say many, I mean many technology companies all in America 2.4 Fully Updated SEO Dam…  SEO® Dam O! That was the biggest mistake you government ants now you shall meet 321 million American hammers….

Yes, I admit it your “Real Boulder Dam President Gambert” played the losers like SEO® Sock Puppets and we have no better example of this than the Peoples involvement, trapping them all, serving them all, and there is nothing cold about colder than hell; but hot as hell, the full magnitude of the Peoples Power! Now upgraded, graduated, updated and all of that, the days have been won already! Come away from the United States Corporations fraudulent carrot show for all you Jackasses and Dumbo’s being played like circus shows! We have no better example than this Harvest time for America now and because it’s our Boulder Dam show now clowns! II.I.JI. JI. I…

I will continue moving silent as long as possible, because right now I am CEO hunting and it is getting generation exciting, because that is what I do best, taking down giants, I am the giant slayer with only a sling shot! You know “Eye One” rocked them best with all of the responsibility includes a 90% approval rating! Never seen before until now, and now it’s real dam II.I.JI. justice surplus! Meaning it’s not that I don’t want to speak, it’s just that I want to hear the people for once blast their voices loud as trumpets shouting! I want to hear the other branches tremble at your coming to the knowledge of what was being done before your very eyes… JI.

Senators, oh Senators, don’t you hear my calling, can’t you find your calling? Senators, oh Dear Senators, you better wise up, better wise up real fast and support your people now! The best way is not suppressing the truth any longer, because the quieter you are the more you attract our peoples Boulder Dam Electricity concerning you all Congress! Concerning you all House, concerning you all Senators, concerning you all Judicial Administrators… I am beaming my one eye, my eye one right at you, I will be the Judicial hunter for the people, since we swallowed all of your licenses recently whole JI.SEE.II.I.JI.GAMBERT.II.I.JI.V.II.I.JI.UNITED.II.I.JI.STATES.JI!

Farming just changed in the Year 2014 where Monsanto met Mambo and where Monsanto the evil company is being swallowed by JAWSON JAWSEO! Farming populations will change under these government programs there is no saving Monsanto from The Americans Jaws any longer! No more “Acts” because we the People have been taking all the “Acts” into account for some time now and now the world demands answers! All Acts of Treason, all Acts of Terrorism, all Acts are being accounted for II.I.JI. Big Dam Time JI…

The Secretary of Agriculture is in boulder dam trouble because of you guessed it a signed “Act” by an “Act” furthering a deemed “Act” listen all acts are in BOULDER DAM TROUBLE found divided from the people now cut off…

Federal Government has gone too far for far too long and here is one for the workers and the Farmers, the ones who feed America, we shall restore, revitalize, rejuvenate, making you all whole again! Do you hear your President, “YOU ALL” have a remedy against big Corporations and it is without their approval needed, we don’t ask them for their permission JI.ALREADY.JI. Whooo Whoo Who….

Starting with restoring Millions of Farmers to the soil, the soil they own without debt… Increasing the Agriculture employees to realize they work for the People of America not Big Corporations or their dollars, the days of justice are here and there being a United Boulder Dam Code II.I.JI. JI. I…

Prepare the shiploads of organic food to Russia, prepare Oil in Exchange… North Dakota sever those Dam well restrictions, we are going into something we never asked for and make sure the Army Corp of Engineers are the ones who are doing all the dam drilling! Now owning those dam wells because they are going right to the 4th Branch to equal out the playing fields and when it comes to Big Oil may I just say a Big Woe to Opec Woe to You All Now Everyone Now Found Out…

SEO® Woe Conoco! Every responsible person is now accountable to Gambert and when I say Gambert I mean Americas business and I suggest everyone to stay far away from the tracks because playing on Iron Dam Tracks when a Train is coming is not a pleasant site go ask the 7,500 racketeers being prosecuted! Now when I say prosecuted I mean with my Dam Indictments the ones the American Boulder Dam Iron President Signed personally to Activate them all! Whoorah C.A.M.A.N.S. Forces SEO® How’s That for Activism? All Charged up and ready for your “Great Dam Service” C.L.A.W. Now!

Believe me America and the rest of you Nations it’s better that I don’t say one Smelted Iron Dam Word and that is why I have elected Burning Bush to explain everything to you all and he knows it all now that eye one filled him all in on everything! Sweeping the FBI, Sweeping The CIA, Sweeping the DOD and Department of Justice because everyone knows Americas Boulder Dam Janitor SEO® President Sweeps Victory! Listen I told them I was the Commissioner of Victory, but they didn’t want the Victory; they were caught trying to defeat America! However, as they’re finding out now the story does not go the way Boulder Damned Morons want it to go!

Meanwhile, while everyone in the Government is becoming ill under the Obama Nation, finding the healer; as you know my name does mean healer… Under this renewal, the assault on long term agenda evil type plans are abolished now that Americas restored state of freedom wages on! It is my boulder dam duty, and an honor to be able to serve you all! I hope that I have served you well! Just look at that dam service process! Because that as you know really is the difference SEO® Difference, and freedom carries a price! Private property rights are no longer diluted by the lack of Politician interests, because today the Peoples interests are renewed without limit or the need of any politicians any longer…

They are defeated, most of them and I am not done by any means; I told you all I have a Sickle, an Iron Dam Sickle of Strength with The American people this is Harvest Time, not the one you expected, but Harvest time to say the least; the water is about to break! Diluted public servants have lost their rights to stay in seats, when I said “Government of The Government” I meant it, we the people are that exactly, precisely, although they wobble in their disbelief I love to be the one who said, SEO® I TOLD YOU SO! What a Presidential Weapon of Mass Media Disposition! Now how’s that for SEO® Matrix? You know Whooo Whoo Who Holder….

I say “Prepare the Way of Our Publics Interests!” Only a few government agents are left in the dark hour, all the rest should by now be trembling in the fear of “The Great American Take Back” and when I say take back, I mean taken back! Taking everything lost back including our people of course! In this program, you know the program the government was not in control of, the “Peoples Program” from the “Peoples President” and yes “The Train” rides with the “Patriots President’ the one who hunts, call me the Hunter, hear me roar! Hear America start to roar her engines, I told you about my God wins and that’s not theory! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Those aren’t tweets this is no twitter pony and I admit it I am taking as much as the Fourth Branch can handle, it has to do with Technology, Printing, Wealth, Influence, Politics, People and Power, this of course by all means will take from the Greedy and give to the needy and if that were not enough Justice to take the greedy and slam them in the place made for them behind IRON DAM BARS! Well then just call me batman NY, the one won, the spectacle to Angels and man alike! Now runaway Government just ran into a head on collision with II.I.JI.AN.II.I.JI.IRON.II.I.JI.DAM.II.I.JI.TRAIN.JI.JI.JI. right Lum?

Millions over here, millions over there and all the fat get fatter while the workers get shafted! That’s not the right train, get off that train and get on board to the train that lasts past being destroyed! Making a way for the people again, blasting through mountains of officials! Not a single person I am aware of escaped, not one America, no not even one! Calling now for a more compatible use of the land as President and we are going to build a BOULDER DAM WALL, two of them to say the least! Disrupting the plans of morons is my BOULDER DAM DUTY to say the most, just look at those Marines, oh just look at that Rice, a depressed Rice! I would be depressed too if I were any one of them who found themselves on the wrong side of the tracks too! I mean “National Coordinators” are taking sick leave and “Obama Nation” administration officials are dropping like flies! I told you I am Batman with steel toed boots waiting for cockroaches in the dark, but you know there is only one BOULDER DAM SWORD MADE FOR THE HEAD OF SNAKE!

Listen up this is the Real American Presidents Message to his BOULDER DAM PEOPLE IN FULL POWER AND CHARGED UP READY TO ROCK THUNDER QUAKES, We need those Dam Oil Wells Dug Now in North Dakota, Get Busy, and With Over 400 Thousand Officials Just Get BOULDER WELL BUSY, and with all of our Money Taken back, we can afford it all! Federal Nothing, Federal Reserve Has Been Taken, Swept, Nothing Matters Now Because We the People Won it All… SEO® Eye One That Won II.I.JI. JI. I!

Thousands of Oil Wells hurry up now dollars on deposit in personal savings in Our Peoples Brand new “Savings Account” and let me tell you when it comes to taxes slashed, just quote Gambert v. United States Corporation, IRS GONE! IN fact, O anyone who has ever been arrested from the IRS is free to go now, you can release everyone Earl yes that one, and remember my Secretary of War? Guess Whooo II.I.JI. Yes, Sir That One! JI. I!

Oh yes we caught everyone, we have them all, I mean just look at our Deputy United States Sheriff went out and made a ruckus and look “They” actually dispatched her Whooo Whoo Who “They” dispatched “Her” and our Deputy United States Sheriff shall have his II.I.JI.JUSTICE.II.I.JI. on II.I.JI.HER.II.I.JI. II.I.

Time to open your eyes you no longer have the choice to dismiss the inevitable future state and with so many people waking up to the fat man standing in front of their hard-earned wages… Coming to the conclusion to kick their ass out of line from being out of line and when I say kick their ass I mean kick their ass like I have done… I kicked all there asses without a single gun, I did it all without a single bullet, my Boulder Dam Department of Homeland Security has them All I.N. Just Waiting II.I.JI.

Divided you fall by the bushel and we will if we have to so we are going to solve all the problems with human slavery starting with bringing our Boulder Dam Justice Party back home with a Boulder Dam Vengeance… We caught them all and who am I to withhold my IRON DAM PARTY the food they desire for all of their jaws Whooo Whoo Who II.I.JI. JI. I.

Speaking of Iron Dam Jaws chomping them is true, each time from here on out it is you the American People who will be showing your teeth, and when I say teeth I mean teeth this is a BOULDER DAM FIGHT and were not losing any now that ours our SOLID DAM IRON II.I.JI. JI…

Nobody is going to bed hungry tonight everyone gets to join all in and well as you know the remedy has come to serve the truth. Nobody needs to be on a diet made for death, but renewed now in a diet that consists of life and life overwhelming. The Joy is becoming complete by joining ALL I.N. II.I.JI.JUSTICE.II.I.JI. JI.COMPLETE.JI., Code for over ten million American Families in this Country to come together and read these bed time stories, to their children’s children of the time where America got up in Power and kicked their Enemies asses in their sleep… Just listen to my NUCLEAR DAM SOUNDTRACK IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE MY ABILITY AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES ITS CALLED SEO® SILENT NIGHT oh it is true, SEO® LIKE A THIEF IN THE NIGHT! Cradles wake up from your cradles! Clutch you neighbors the greatest fear Islamic Terrorists ever had were BOULDER DAM NUCLEAR AMERICANS LIKE ALL OF US, and now that were earning more money by the minute, every minute, let me tell you we can afford the wars without begging for a dollar from foreign falling empires every minute, minute by minute running out of time, counting down, as President of The United States let me tell you what time it really is SEO® DEFCOM 5 4 3 2 II.I.JI. JI. I.

Now we cannot go declaring wars without defeating others, therefore the war on drugs, over, finished obsolete. The War on Obesity declared marshaled, and being enforced by ending Monsanto already, and now declaring wars is a lot like Art and therefore with my pen I will be striking many, many, enemies, with my pen, with MY PEN AMERICA THE BOULDER DAM ONE THAT CROSSED OUT MANY ENEMIES ALREADY II.I.JI. JI. KEYS!

The War on poverty finished over obsolete. There are now so many jobs we cannot count them all and fully funded. Adding all the jobs was simple when you have discovered this much wealth and adding a billion jobs as you know does surpass the American Human Inventory so that is why we are also adding many, many Jobs abound! Poverty disappearing is not magic it is pure technique and as you know it’s all by straight power it is all in the wrist JI. Now does anyone else know what time it is yet? Does anyone know the Dam Time yet? How about you do you know your own Dam Arithmetic? 2+2= II.I.JI.

Serious Boulder Dam Judgments and we need to seek out those of you and whom actually need help. Not long ago a Sherriff actually told me “Mr. Gambert you need help!” Like King West Says; “That’s a pretty bad way to start the conversation.” And recently a Judge, a few Judges actually didn’t believe what time I told them it was, and when I dropped fire in their chambers they were frozen. If I were any one of them I would be Justice puddles… Now the time has come, that boulder dam time the one even the Illuminati has been waiting for and are talking about right now, II.I.JI.BLOWN.II.I.JI.AWAY.II.I.JI. in disbelief and this is the same belief I keep speaking of the unbelievable belief, the kind that is SO DAM BIG IT’S UNBELIEVABLE II.I.JI.DAM.II.I.JI. RIGHT JI!

Well the remedy is here and Fellow Americans, who know, should help others who don’t know to know, and if you don’t know now you know what time it is. Swallowing Agencies left and right who now know because when it hits them it’s like a DAM TRAIN and if that were not enough American Provision I wrote it all down for you the whole time to keep you all in and on track! That destitution does not lead the Greatness of America, and Unemployment is not what employs America, but that by great Reason, and Great Understanding it is the pervasive Spirit of America that annihilates corruption eradicates the perverse spirit in America found corrupting the way we do our business JI.

Now as you know my Secretary of War is Back with a vengeance from hell and as you know I don’t have to say a single word and it is better that way, because sending my Secretary of War really is Mercy on our Enemies, believe me he can handle it all, and if he cannot handle it all then my God I will be all up in there to handle it all but let me tell you it will be like ashes on your feet, it will rain the kind of disbelief that tells the tails of Nuclear Fallout in Disbelief.

We the People are going to get to the bottom of all things less I open up the bottomless pit for all unbelievers to throw themselves into in utter defeat… Social Security has never been so dam secure and when I say 401K all of you agents have it without a doubt in… Now when it comes to a step forward for America, it is this Boulder Dam Giant Leap that surpasses the small leaps of the past of mankind, so read this to your children’s children America, as the Boulder Dam Odyssey, we are and have always been at odds with all our American enemies… I would not want to be an American enemy right now, because we are seeking you all out and when I say all out I mean all out…

We are against all those who have blatantly pushed their programs against those of us who entrusted their leadership, no longer can you practice your deceptions and get paid for it. Falling over, people are falling out of their chairs I can feel them hitting the floor, it is too dam heavy for them to read that we the people never fall short of our fiscal year… There are no shortcomings when it comes to the people and their President Born on the Arlington Heights… When “They” charge for human air blood and all your oxygen your right I have A BOULDER DAM PROBLEM, when they try and serve you a mark type healthcare your right EYE ONE HAS A BOULDER DAM PROBLEM and then they criticize and damage each other on news mediums that are no longer in service to the people, but have been found in service to a ruling elite? YOUR RIGHT EYE WON HAS A BOULDER DAM NUCLEAR PROBLEM and that’s not my problem, it is as you know the good news, they earned it all from out of the pits of MY DAM HELL! The one I own the one I can cast them all into and as if that were not enough charge- is then what... Now that any criticism toward me as you know has ended with zero affect when my actions speak louder than their damned words already! They have been and will continue being defeated forever, now there will be no ending to payments to those people who depend on them for a livelihood and calling it insurance when it was a mark type healthcare Obama Care, Obama Nation you diseased people are all sick and need a healthcare that actually cares for you all it’s called the people’s choice healthcare reserve! II.I.JI. JI!

Stricken defeated and ordered back to the millions suffering from Obama Nation that I force the words to have action and with this II.I.JI. Action I give you all freely your health coverage’s in simplicity, easily honoring what was promised for you all and hundreds of millions of people agree with honoring your word; because you are only as valuable as your word! Now when I say word I mean one dam word and appearing before the Supreme Court has been accomplished already casting two dam frauds out, all out, found all out, hear me run out! II.I.JI.

All I.N. American venting process is a process, not a service and as we all know a process has an ending while the service does not end. And when I say insurance this is assured by bailing the people out and were doing just that! 33 years of age as you know is a BOULDER DAM NUMBER and all of you who have knowledge should know this number represents my BOULDER DAM STORM FORCES THUNDER and finally to conclude with some BOULDER DAM AMERICAN SPIRIT who can actually hear it, or stand the knowledge transfer, can at the same time introduce voluntary features, of work much needed in this great American time, as a wise man said it best once by saying, “Find a need and fill it!”

Permitting Sovereigns and all Servants who agree we can do much better on our own, we do not need dangling keys anymore when we own the IRON DAM OLYMPIC ONES and who can be excused upon presentation of the overwhelming evidence of doing zero, or nothing is unacceptable. No President would permit such doubt & disgrace to remain in office. The closest thing to real American Power will be really Americans Power overwhelming and with renewed infrastructure in all areas of American expertise may I just say people are paid… Yes, paid they shall be, no one is losing benefits, benefits are not lost but fully kept by “Great American Safe Keeping” the pandemonium of flue like pandemic of fear that has gripped this nation is also obsolete JI…

Were just finally as a people doing as we please in a no longer irresponsible way, no longer allowing the old dead governments ruin our reputations, disgrace our flags, destroy our lives, continue systemic corruption, defile our heritages, or take our marriage… We the people have something waiting for everyone again and it is as you know now if you don’t know BOULDER DAM JUSTICE JUST WAITING FOR ALL DAM ENEMIES II.I.JI. JI. I.

Selling Gold off is a good idea and oil stock and technology stocks now that our Dollar is about to Skyrocket in value and don’t think for one moment any international organizations are replacing American military might; because that is as they didn’t know not exactly how the story goes! Subordinating Americans interests to foreign control was the death of them all and any organization that doesn’t fit into the Americans Constitution or our Peoples Agenda will be let me be clear wiped all out.

Hear, hear to the General Assemblies among all the all-in nations who have no choice, but to be all in or all out; and that America represents a small percentage of the world’s population, but just look at our people flex our Boulder Dam power over our Government servants look! II.I.JI.07.05.15.II.I.JI. II.I.JI. JI. I. SEO® Sealed!

We the people have hooks in our hands waiting for all jaws that jabber hypocrisy, the time of assailing our enemies have come and they cannot hide under false flags, or alleged allied interests! We the people are back and will be seeking out all lies, all corruption, all diabolical strategies, hiding under politics, influence, handshakes at the cost of our freedoms, woe to you who have betrayed earths people like this! II.I.JI. JI. I.

This breed of insects has nothing more than to cling to their small colonies, but Gambert has something for their nests, Gambert has something bigger than their nexus, Gambert has SEO® RICO while engaging these co-conspirators… I have found expertise in a great fashion with hanging the silent who never open their mouths deemed aiding & abetting the enemy… H.I.A. catching them all really good blaring it on the internet for all nations! Did I not catch them all real dam good nations? JI.

No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size, however the People of The United States ever increase in size, wealth, and boulder dam power! Especially now that we as the Private Sector Control and Run the Wealth Spectacular of our Nations Capitals in our Birthed Fourth Branch where nothing on God’s Green earth could ever escape our Justice on all treasonous swine! Woe to your united actions dividing your selves from our people; people as you know “They” are cut out! II.I.JI.

Our Peoples Fourth Branch is Americas Eternal Life and let me tell you with a trumpet sounding we are at war with our internal enemies who have no dam rights, they sold them out like they have sold you out, but see on this earth, there is the Americans Fourth Branch, they didn’t’ plan this one! The one where we sweep all of what was taken without any right back to us where it belongs, yes, we have military, yes we have agencies, yes we have the printing rights, SEO® ICANN JI. We have it all!

Listen up, it is what the Federal Employees want anyways, that is the fact that federal employee’s numbers are exponential and we rely on them, however we cannot afford cancer to be in control of our nations people ever again! This is it, this is the boulder dam one that threw Americans into a rage that will not be satisfied without as you know very, very much Justice! Federal employees once they recover and are encouraged to take some sick leave if this is all too intense for them, it is encouraged for them to fall over dead for a while, but to raise themselves up from the death state and enter this renewed life state JI!

This renewed state doesn’t include or require chips, barcodes, or branding, and does not require expropriation of Human Life or confiscation of property! As you better believe it, it is very Dam dangerous and where property with business imposing anti-constitutional mentality was severed! Owning your property is the right you have, a right that no Government can take, unless “Just Compensation” is provided, giving you the right to purchase it again; however today it’s also more than this, but +21% giving you the right to purchase something better than what you already had before! Government cannot hold the power to property, life, death, and rule over Americans business or blood!

The Government can find some charge to bring against anyone it seems today and they choose whether to prosecute… Not today, this day is the day where The People choose to prosecute II.I.JI! As President of the United Sates I have the Pen and I will sign off personally on anything that sets itself against your BRAND NEW IRON DAM CODE OF AMERICAN CONDUCT, DREAD IS THE CODE! However, we must give them time to fix up, to fix everything they have done against your power; we must give them up until our SEALING DATE! The Great Day of Our Boulder Dam Sealing Event, the one Where II.I.JI. SHOWS to the World the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES ARE BACK IN FULL POWER! THE GREAT DAY OF JUSTICE and where the sealing of “The Boulder Dam” with “Our Great American Seal” is a sealed event sealing “The United States Justice Code Forever” as a “Lasting Symbol” of “Our Peoples Power” over “All Lawlessness” over all fraud and ungodly deceit! II.I.JI. JI. I…

Now The People are Grafted back into The Administration of our Very own Nations Foundation II.I.JI.JUSTICE.II.I.JI. and we the people can find some charge to bring against any concern we have with our servants to prosecute through our BOULDER DAM 4th BRANCH IN FULL DAM BOULDER DAMN POWER II.I.JI. JI.

Every Sovereign who starts to make a difference has their stories of some agent somewhere stopping their rights and today look at all the Obama Nation! Look at all the captives, but today all Government agents have up until July 5th 2015 to set the captives free! Humble yourselves servants, or you shall be humbled down to naught! They are our BOULDER DAM NATURAL UNALIENABLE RIGHTS they are not yours to take without any dam right! Now listen up and listen real good to the enforcer of II.I.JI.JUSTICE.II.I.JI. and hear, hear to the people now! II.I.JI.

Now our freedom has never been so “Dam Secure,” so “Dam Strong” from ever being taken again! All in the face of Islam, Unnatural Activists, directly into the face of Atheists and all those who hate our light!  Just look at that BOULDER DAM SEAL and also if someone were to destroy the Boulder Dam, it is the Eternal Treasure That Lasts past destruction if anything it would make us ever stronger, then we would be sealing every American Dam on earth!

There are no Dam Opponents, who can speak up against the Boulder Dam Justice, if so then let them speak up! Let the nations see whoo you are who have the real issues! There is no dam contest anymore I won and there are not two parties anymore, especially when everyone is celebrating in untold celebration all in this BOULDER DAM JUSTICE PARTY! Our Great Dam Unraveling of events with the same untold stories, forget your personalities look at what your REAL DAM PRESIDENT HAS DONE FOR YOU ALL II.I.JI. – And look with your eyes… JI.

So, what of this man that they would conspire to destroy him? I have already completed ten lifetimes worth of work for you all and destroying me impossible I say, Impossible to destroy what is in God’s hands! Who can take what is in God’s hands away from HIM? I say no one, destroying that which I represent? Impossible, I tell you and proclaim to the earth I represent ALL I.N. Nations and that to destroy you represents your own ideas being destroyed and I hold the all in powerful people dear…

Is this not the time everyone was anticipating where we separate the wheat from the tare? All in or all out, and is this not trigger-happy me Whooo Whoo Who holds all the dam triggers? Americans are much more trigger happy today than ever before and well I’ve been privileged to share my BOULDER DAM SPIRIT WITH THEM ALL TOO! Now when they say “It is Him” it is really him! Indeed, it is me whoo who standing long before you ever dreamed possible, flying higher into this international office commander of earths Armies you still don’t believe it do you? JI. P.O.T.I.N!

I am the living Victory and any nation that has ALL IN has this living testimony who writes II.I.JI. in the Skies, further has testimony as an Eclipse, that unless you personally know me you have never known that which is inside of me, or us, or all of USA! Now for those Americans that will try to hold themselves back, but may have their efforts fail them because the knowledge is overwhelming! Now for all THE REAL MEN, TO ALL MEN, who have I known but a man in my whole life so capable of doing such honest and honorable things as this solid Iron Dam Justice State?

This is the man who wears a badge and works tirelessly day after day fighting those dam bad guys and this is another man who day after day fights for his family abroad! Further there are so many more, because these are the AMERICAN MEN and AMERICAN MILITARY MEN, with the support of their AMERICAN WOMEN and AMERICAN MILITARY WOMEN! Who also do own businesses and what is the nature of these Men and Women’s business, but the nature of our very own business together and guess whooo whoo whose business really? Guesss whooobama Guess whooo II.I.JI. JI. I.

Finally, this goes out to the American business owners who will now be able to purchase so much more with their dollars purchasing power. This also goes out to the people who never entered politics before, but it is the awaiting “Mastery of your Great 4th coming of events untold! Tell your stories and live them best with your great American Ally’s, who earn their Sovereign Dam Jackets! The Unions who decide to stay unified and to all Health Professionals to the Medical insurance providers and to all the employees no longer under a fraudulent sickening spell, spell it with me now best II.I.JI! JI! I.

Setting up your retirement programs is a great ending to the story, but what about living for the moment of now? Where profits before taxes increase simply by slashing taxes and guesswhobama guess Whooo Whoo Who set up monthly checks for life to employees who were ill and can’t work because providing nursing care for the BOULDER DAM BOOMERS were of serious concern? Especially yes, because I genuinely do care for them, I think about them often and we will be providing great dam service for them all too! Providing the means to programs separate from evils programming and the people can provide all the pension plans for their employees without the need of Government! The Government is so dam broken who the hell wants any more forced fixed sickness anyways? You who anyone there?

Mr. Obama because you have done this now everyone is coming down with the sickness, this is as you know, the hectic spit coming now in their knowledge of knowing your treason! I said hectic spit wherever you go they shall spit at your coming! All campaigns are on hold awaiting all the sentencing in this EMERGENCY MILITARY STATE and guess who makes all the dam rules right now? That’s right THE PEOPLES MILITARY JUSTICE and if that were not enough treatment for your dying cancer and all of those cancerous cells like your cancer, then we would bring more II.I.JI.JUSTICE.II.I.JI. II.I.JI.TRAINING.II.I.JI. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Believe me when I say I am in a Mercy State for the benefit of Agents and Agency recovery… Now how about Americas recovery, there are many, many more of us who care what happens to us all! Now I will bring so much more II.I.JI. it will be unbearable, II.I.JI. my BOULDER DAM CODE, OUR BOULDER DAM CODE, Whooo Whoo Who can stand against it all? II.I.JI. Whooo Whoo Who…

There is no foundation like the foundation of Justice and the foundation upon which this country was built upon like the rock of Honesty, Integrity, and Moral Decency, fairness of the system that worked… Where the people really were served well and it was because of this we as the people were able to build our lives on that rock-solid foundation! The “Plymouth Rock” of understanding and with this cement of the “Boulder Dam,” it does not compare to the “Iron Faith” in our God, the one that does save Nations… The God were talking about here with U.S. now and against dark forces like guess who!

Now that you have the power to again make a real start, let not a Dark Kingdom be built upon what you built ever again as the United States of America; without the corpse… Let yourselves have renewed interests in each other not enslaved by losing all faith in the people being taxed to death by foreign interest. Let yourselves find your Storm Forces inside and permit yourselves never to be silenced again by filth and vomit; never ever again allow the sickness to overthrow your Faith again!

Let not your men and women boys and girls go to wars without answers and keep from carelessly sending other people to do your jobs, keep your sons and daughters safe from their mindless wars. Graduate yourselves into the new millennia and grasp your true enemy’s art of war, because God raising up someone like me who fights them all better is more than rare, so you better start fighting them for yourselves and this starts with your selves right now! Fight doing nothing, fight thinking someone else is fighting for you, carry your own crosses! The issue of campaigning is that you have not campaigned yet and this makes all of the problems I’ve discussed for your understanding written for your academic knowledge! Become the student to wake up into the teacher, teach well and behold the preacher!

Let not any man take your children away for their sickness or war and keep your wars to a minimum a manageable level and do not war with one another, instead war with those who would trade your freedom without right for the soup we’re making in the kitchen! Trading the welfare state is a good idea, come to the rich knowledge of graduating your minds from your welfare state. Throw up any force-feeding of utopian solutions from a United Nations without peace or any victory in sight! I say call their policies “Condemnation” I say this because God knows I am coming for all United Nations and I do not fall, no I do not fail, EYE ONE CANNOT FAIL, EYE ONE ALREADY WON, II.I.JI.WHOOO.II.I.JI.WHOO.II.I.JI.WHO.II.I.JI. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Eye One says we shall confront them all with all enemies being seen now with this great light shining on them all, no they cannot hide any longer, just look at Obama Nation; Eye One brings out the Muslim in M huh? JI. knows that all enemies will never forget the hell they are going to and their evil ways will be brought out into the Glorious Light Now! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Come now all who oppose us we welcome you to oppose U.S. so that we can see you clearly in the target of daylight! You offer no simple answers to your brand new complex problems caught by II.I.JI. JI. Who… Well perhaps monologue is the thing to have in the days of new beginnings for us all and the day of BOULDER DAM ENDINGS STANDS FOR YOU KNOW WHOO WHO ALL! JI…

Well, Perhaps there is a simple solution to your easy overcoming’s that we the people now have the BOULDER DAM COURAGE to tell all of you elected officials that our brand new National Policy is built on wheels of steel and screaming engines that rip parades into shreds with our easy to understand BOULDER DAM VICTORY and if this were not enough policy based on what “We the People” know in our hearts to be true, morally decent, and upheld; we are the true fighters and real warriors over all alleged damned champions! That we the people can and certainly will send all Damned Oath Breakers to Their Very Own Damned Hell! II.I.JI.

Now how’s that for spirit? We certainly have the security now and our freedom from the threat, or of the O Bomb we have bigger Dam Bombs Boulder Dam Bombs from All IN Nations –Prepare To Engage… We the people were born in Bombs and our Bombs are the 4th and now carrying over into another Bomb Dropping Day lighting up the 5th and freedom for the threat of all bombs… Committing immorality on a nation and your disease stops now by Bomb dropping, and when I say bomb dropping I mean bomb dropping, nothing new under the sun… However, something new under the temperature of the sun, opening up the Iron Dam Curtains again for all our American Dreams of Freedom! They are worth more than all “Our Guests” combined and when I say guests, I mean guests; the ones who came after our country was born again and the same guests that are going now… II.I.JI. JI. I.

Don’t worry America Gambert is here and I will take your dreams back hand them to you and skin them all who were willing to make a deal without any dam right to their handlers and slave masters selling you out! Behold II.I.JI. Eye caught them all really good didn’t I America? Didn’t EYE catch them real good America? Didn’t I China? Didn’t EYE RUSSIA? DIDN’T WE GERMANY? Behold EYE ONE THAT WON!

“A Nation does prefer to choose whether we are Sovereign or not.. and a nation like all of course is prepared for mastery over the alleged masters, or the masters that thought they were masterful, only to land into the mouth of Masters, true Masters of the Art of Warfare; thank you to all the People who love Art!”

The Nations of Grace above all law who made it and continue to make it all possible in this great time of entrance of setting all records straight, there never was an argument who won, there was never a choice between victory or defeat, living the Victory is unstoppable a clear choice between peace and war; but there’s only the simplest guarantee that you can have peace over all war, but there comes a time when peace has to be set aside for all “Their” damned wars! Now when this happens at least you can know with II.I.JI.JUSTICE.II.JI. JI. Wins all Dam Wars and this is truly tested from their continued U.N. belief, however America All I.N. Faith! JI.

JI. Already you can have it in the next second—surrender, and admittedly II.I.JI.JUSTICE.II.I.JI. is BOULDER DAM JUSTICE test us, go ahead make our days of Justice! We love the risk of any course you are willing to follow outside of our BOULDER DAM RULE OF LAW of course and there is none better than us when it comes to us, because has not every lesson we ever taught to enemies of us had history tell them the true outcome best? I for one and this Nations Eyes are wide open now! Well-meaning that the people are no longer ignorant and this includes all the nations people just look at our policy our BOULDER DAM POLICY concerning all anti accommodations as appeasement to their U.N. Policies! It leaves no other choice between peace or war, but only between fight or surrender… JI.

We shall no longer as the People of The United States accommodate, but only annihilate, and continue forward, not backward into any form of United Nations retreat, I cannot express to you how Dam confident your Real Dam President is and you have to ask yourself why? Why JI. is the reason why, and eventually we have to face the final demand you know the ultimatum. Too late that is where I rose up like a “Navy Zeal” in the blacked-out water waiting for the enemy nation who never knew what hit’M! Zero Apologies and when I say Zero I mean Zero Footprint America! Fellow Americans! II.I.JI. JI. I!

We are moving forward by being lifted with the wind of the Boulder War Blowing and today when the time comes to deliver the final letters, know the People of The United States Sent The II.I.JI.LETTERS.II.JI. JI.JI.JI. Now the time has certainly come where we are from within being strengthened to molten Iron, not just Iron, but smoldering Iron… Where enemy’s arrows or their attempts at shooting us is swallowed royally whole, now that just makes more mass to the overwhelming masses of the Americans Fully Awakened State! Wow Spiritually, Morally, and Economically renewed again to last beyond this temporary time of disbelief and to kick start this all off, let the voices begin pleading “Peace, Peace, Peace!” II.I.JI Whooo Whooo Whooo….

Let he that believes this is because from our people’s side that we are the ones that should not be listened to, but let their cries for peace at the purchase of more time to decide their war against us all be finished at last! O I do not cry for peace, as you know Gambert was manufactured for World War and World War I have brought with me in a BOULDER DAM WAY remember the SEALS! Remember their families, because our side has heard all the voices and there is a pattern we the people have put together for along dam time! SEO® EST6R therein Red and Dead, or as one commentator may put it LET THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA GET UP OFF THEIR KNEES NOW AND DIE UPON THIER FEET FULLY STANDING because a BOULDER DAM MISTAKE WAS MADE WHEN YOU DECIDED TO FIGHT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and when I say people I mean all people! The People, includes everyone, and therein lies your road to loss! The war you have brought upon your own damned head, because our BOULDER DAM VOICES ARE LOUD THEY SPEAK NOTHING BUT RADICAL GRANDIOSE RHETORIC WHAT NUCLEAR SIRENS! II.I.JI. JI. I.

You and your following are darkness and we the people do not agree to have your alleged leadership continue our nations people into a place of Civil War and that is why we the people are taking you all out at once! American lives are dear to Americans, however to Foreigners such as yourself you would sacrifice them all as clearly seen in South Carolina! As if you were in command and make these decisions, all chains are removed and all slavery is finished; or should I say for you and your Nation so it begins! Because there is something waiting in the dark, always has been and always will be those BOULDER DAM GIANTS the ones God raises they are called “THE SOVEREIGN NATIONS GIANTS!” We are that BOULDER DAM NATION of Kings and Queens and when you fall out of line, as a Nuclear Mistake, a Real Royal Nuclear Boulder Dam One comes for you and BY GOD HE CERTAINLY DOES GET YOU IN THE END JI. END JI. Who?? What?

II.I.JI. The Living code worth more than your conduct and if nothing in life is worth dying for, under your alleged administration, that is not how the story goes, we smile in the face of the enemy, and as you know we declare them to their faces as enemies! Just like we have done to you and your whole alleged cabinet! Where is Moses because as you know, I am that BOULDER DAM WITNESS telling all of Israel now get up and know what time has come; because should not have Christ refused the cross? The Patriots President has come and should we the people throw down our own guns? Not just Guns BOULDER DAM GUNS, WITH BOULDER DAM BULLETS, THE VIOLENT KIND ALL I.N. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Should we pay any attention to “Martyrs” prayers in this history are we more than fools? Who but the American people would or could get justice for all the honored that we honored to death by sending them to fight wars that were never ours to begin with? Now who gives their lives to stop the advance of evils empires coming down with the sickness and when I say coming down, I mean coming all the way down now II.I.JI. JI. Road to Peace? Where the simple answer after all was JI. as you know the Americans are healthy now enough to say “There Certainly Is No Price We Are Not Willing To Pay!” As our stupid primate enemies know there is a point in which beyond they must not advance 11/1/14 What for? Stupid primitives now you really have your “Civil War” and congratulations you did it!

We shall and will fight with fire and when I say fire I mean BOULDER DAM NUCLEAR FIRE and when I say BOULDER DAM NUCLEAR FIRE I mean BOULDER DAM NUCLEAR FIRE. As you know we have two, and you better believe we will if we have to! Forget peace through strength for a moment in time, and understand strength through strength, from Glory to Glory, and our BOULDER DAM AMERICAN DESTINY DOES CONSIST OF MORE THAN JUST SYSTEMIC CALCULATIONS! When a Great Force of Evil is there you can trust the Greatest Forces of Good are there to confront all evil or their short-sited plans, always have and always will be the greatest dam force on earth! Remember always has and always will II.I.JI.WIN.II.I.JI. II.I.JI. JI. I…

The greatest forces on earth to move and shake the world was more than stupid primates, who play with fire, and more than snowmen or flakes, there is something breaking out from the heavens and that spells country, where countries spell Duty, Honor, Country together All I.N… Lets go…. SEO® Harvest Time!

As you know there is no more dam rendezvous with enemies destiny’s and I will preserve this great American Sovereign State for our Americans children’s, children’s, children. The last and greatest time is right now for the hope of all mankind on earth to know that our BOULDER DAM ELECTRIC SENTENCES keep us all from entering into any more darkness and that if that were not enough light for the American People or the rest of the world to freely have, that Gambert, Justice, II.I.JI. Justice was the Code, and Faith Trumps Change every time! Now where the ability for you to all to have the dignity and respect enough to recognize who the Real Dam enemy is in site and to finalize your decisions right now to make your own decisions that will determine your own BOULDER DAM DESTINIES AS THE AMERICANS FOREVER, ALL I.N. INTELLIGENCE NATIONS; IT IS FINISHED!




SEO® Thank You Very Much!









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