All In The United States of America

International Nations

July 31st 2017


Blissful Predawn,


Rise the day awaits you and may our new generation be found to contribute:

Speaking to the majority today the middle class, the less fortunate the poor and beholding our future together; as we take hold of overburdening taxes… Finding the upper cut for income at last the round bringing relief back to the people again. Our people who have been furiously awaiting relief all along not having the clear rhetoric defined of what they should do only able to concentrate on what they have been doing found fighting for themselves and their families lives for it would seem years. Hoping taxes would be cut more than being found having to cut spending from the pain of paying more taxes and especially for wars the people never signed up for. Large defense spending has provided nothing but increased burden found bound to our Republic while exploding debt is only found crippling our economy and destroying the chances of our Federal Government from being able to afford continuing in their ability to protect the people of the United States. Have we come to our senses and have we found the new weapon of mass destruction being interest on Nations devouring up all our tax contributions? May we the people ask for what and did we ever forget along the way our representatives were found only talking, can you hear them talking about all this, the only thing we don’t ever hear is them including the people of the United States in their conversations, but don’t feel bad beloved people of our country, they also neglect our Military the same way. II.I.JI. JI. I.

May you never be found to forget the days when they neglected their masters this way, those divided parties who party on your tax dollars, and party all the way through elections with your contributions; even found partying while economic policies compound year after year, never found to be attacking our National Debt. Now before we speak of any official rhetoric, or grandiose office, let’s review years before any such office, let’s gaze upon the debt tripled upon our Republic over the last few alleged executive office presidency’s. As “They” will have spent so much spending, have they not obliterated the ability for any relief to be in site for our nation, and with what budgets in place for the peoples relief, what about our clean air, water, national parks, who is paying attention to safe food without mad scientific engineering, and what about our travel systems, what will be found when it comes to our populations college loans, does anyone care about what programming is being fed to your children’s education, and when it comes to their nutrition programs has anyone considered what substances or mad science is forced fed into their diets? How about early childhood education where it was found does not include borderline criminal elements offensively fed such abominable ideology and dark logic. Was there a day when the people were found to draw the line taking the power back to empower the middle class working families who carry all the burden if paying to help the poor, the poor kids? Oh, how will we cut back on investments and roads with bridges to further our ability to wage wars!  Without any science or technology included in logic behind unsustainable war logic; without paying a single thread to psychological or biomedical research; the preventative defense that our future does need, further found to demand for our future maintenance. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Has anyone ever asked their representatives why they do it, why they are there, and for what purposes other than the wonderful self-service, so wonderful in fact the people have found their representatives spend more time working on reelection than serving the people doing their jobs! Now what about roads, and bridges, science and technology, with biomedical and psychological research, can all the biomedical and psychological research elaborate to the people please as to why they are there? What will they do for all of us this time rather than for themselves all of the time? I feel we should continue the bailiwick of arithmetic, if jurisdiction, would our representatives know of their true scope of office, would they consider how to cut trillions of dollars from their spending plans, and when it comes to the scope of debt what reduction plans could they have in place when they spend more than what is coming in type of plans? The bailiwick tells us, the bailiwick informs us, and the arithmetic adds up all the cults that replaced our courts, and shines the light on the sorcerers that replaced our senate and even shines a light on a Warlock who had replaced our Commander in Chief. The arithmetic tells us, no matter what they do or say, the single most important realization was found, whether they know it or not at the time of their oath of office were already in violation when continuing in their foreign system. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Found in violation to the arithmetic of the equations, the original perfect equations brought to us that created this country by our first programmers; engineers who came out of tyrannical ideology and dictorial oppression. The arithmetic cannot equate no matter what they say, one thing is for sure that is about to happen, of course assuming they will maintain assuming the sale on our republic, but who are they? They the ones who maintain assuming they will do whatever they can, they who will say whatever they will have to say, they who will distract everyone from our nations single focus, our nations single question, they who will talk about complexities so they themselves appear intelligent enough for your allowance furthering their office to continue these assumptions. Who are they that continue coverage of healthcare, coverage by deductions, one thing for certain they will eliminate any threat that challenges their continuances. We have found this is what happens when we elect activist esquire to be our representatives. Where U.S. Attorneys, District Judges, most politicians in harmony with corporate America with their bankers. We find the same association which doesn’t concern themselves with American ownership, but only your owned mortgages. We find shells created for all makeup purposes, which look beautiful on the outside shining charitable giving, and proclaiming relief! What negligence on middle class working families seeing their tax bills always on the increase? We are aware of their careful observations of algorithms that equate the same way. Increasing the peoples tax bills found going up on average thousands of dollars, while anyone who dare make more than a few million dollars per year would find their tax bill going down hundreds of thousands of dollars. We find all the authority & enforcement heads under the same “B.A.R. Branch” what unity in eliminating so many deductions for USA! II.I.JI. JI. I.

What balanced approach by this sense of esquire, what balanced approach by the sense and bowels commission! They speak of things that normal Americans without profound verbiage among the delegates included such logic as partisan commission, what commissions? Now can we think their plan is just simply too complex for the normal American to understand? So, we continue our blind faith system, where we without any site continue to allow these enterprise members to plan our way and way better in fact? Governors all over our nation are found doing their jobs of governing, but what part of governing included intelligence sharing, especially to the Governments Government being, “The People of The United States of America” and whether they like it or not they are their masters. II.I.JI. JI. I.

What are we building to if we are not passing the test of fiscal responsibility, the numbers will never be found to add up in the current system to be of any benefit to the American people. It is no wonder why the numbers just never add up in fact, consider the sound of what that would sound like to the current servant’s masters and no I do not mean the people of the United States of America in fact, I mean what would they do if America was informed of all their victory? What victory if the people were found never to be informed of it all in the first place, would anyone ever know of such victory if there was never found any Government agent to inform their people of it? Would it ever exist and could you hear a tree fall in the middle of the forest if nobody was there to witness it fall in the first place? What would you do if you had this problem? Would there be anyone to inform anyone anywhere that the people had an enormous debt problem? Everyone everywhere knows they have to reduce their debt, so what is the first step in order to hear the great and terrible sound timber? The first thing that I must say is I am going to proclaim to the people loud and clear the tree has fallen! While the first thing I am going to do is now drop the axe, reducing debt by trillions of dollars has to include enforcement on every level and with this kind of relief of trillions of dollars of tax burden made possible by heavily handed logic; and heavily weighted relief for middle income people! So much victory relief that upper income people may feel our restored “Republic of The United States” supra upper cut theory; finding their leaves trickle down. II.I.JI. JI. I.

So, in other words we force closed the debt black hole and before we get started we have to help people without any form of intelligence be first made aware there was a way made for everyone to not only get out of it, but to escape it all together. Now when I say what I am going to do about it, I mean what I have already done about it, trillions of dollars of tax burden just got wiped out. We would like to inform you so everyone can just get “Added On” on board to the great and terrific news of our countries restoration where eliminating black holes included the same material found in the genetic makeup of our axe, iron tax code, which standardized the future of paying in a uniform way, something everyone can understand, somewhere everyone can contribute was simplicity. II.I.JI. JI. I.

The circus loves loop holes, hoops and all kinds of things, but let us as a Nation again find our vocal cords and sing about all our new elections! What new elections? The new elections that include not making anything up as we go along, making up positions as the needs arise, see the people are found awaiting in lines, no longer for air or water, but in line with the same spirit of united expectancy, the same expectancy knowing something big is on the way! Now in fact everyone elected shall witness their people, informing their people, of what is owed to them! The intelligence and information, the news and everything else of what exactly has happened. After the elections people are asking, informing us all the time, on how we go about doing all of this cleanup type administrative action? How do we deal with something as large as this enormous tree falling to the winds sound of blasting the surplus budgets found blown away? What new ideas does this new generation bring to Washington? Well one idea is already under way “New Washington,” not only new Washington, but the new location! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Somewhere hot and dry, they don’t like the sounds of that, but today interest rates are determined by forces other than nature and interest rates are finding a way to hike! Rates of inflation are finding a way to be “Bigger than Super Bowls” and everyone we have found recently are only going to be found with super bowels when we the people of the United States of America find our unity of relief in our 18 U.S.C. §371 Blades. Yes, our statutes are practically cutting through everything and paying us to borrow money, means holding their money for them; it makes sense when it’s our money and not theirs. They will sooner rather than later find our big problems with them in the first place and we will determine with such intelligence how our own economy grows when we eradicate everything & everyone in the worst place. We find our current divided federal agents, removing such demented things as obstruction of justice, placing their hands in front of the military when we do our chopping, it’s a very likewise dangerous thing to do; we the people warn everyone everywhere not to do this. II.I.JI. JI. I.

We have interest too, not the same interest they seem to always be made aware of, our interest in to start to rise over those who have placed us under their feet. We have to deal with this big long bad battle of determination, but big long term debt problems, will be removed the same way, as the agents found placing their hands in our Nations way, so big long term debt problems and dealing with the USA we find are very similar, both sides protecting their best interests, however one is sound, and the other is criminal. Dealing with criminal we paid agents to make sure there was never anyone ever found in our way, but today these days they are very much different in fact, we find the very same agents we pay, not only have we seen them get in our way, but now they appear to be afraid three hundred and twenty-one million Americans are waking up now to the great and terrible sound of it’s just too dam late! Good news! It’s right on time for the people of the United States of America again! We are just a bigger percentage than the Federal Budget. We would rather be informed of spending going on intelligence and education, informing the people of what we have found to be not only true, but true in the place without any ability to be swayed from crafty tongues; able to deflect, neglect, persuading a population from paying attention. II.I.JI. JI. I.

We the people are just a bigger, much bigger percentage than a Federal Government. We would rather find ourselves determining our own future, without any problems of anyone getting in the way of our Nations course set by us and determined by us, not them; or their handlers. Healthcare science and technology have been solved by us not them and when it comes to the question of what has the president done? Well isn’t that the real question of the hour? He offers reasonable plans without any fear of anyone getting in the way of bringing information to the American people of what he has found; not only found, but dealt with and with blades of action! Now offense offends and that is why I am proud to be writing you this letter today, I am more than grateful to bring to you a reasonable plan on how to terminate trillions of dollars from future servitude, instead with our nations strength united in debt elimination! In over a decade now I have been fighting what some people, most people are not made aware of, but in fact “World War III” & for all accurate purposes let us be clear when we determine the true title of “The Silent War of World War III!” Today this war continues on in a raging way, easily able to neglect because it is heavily involved in covert systemic warfare strategies. In which we won’t spend too much time speaking of on this “Third Address,” but we will converse of the decade and a half of “Qualified Systemic Warfare Experience” with the two missing pieces to see our victory complete of 1. The troops scattered like sheep all over the world returned 2. While our nation remaining attacked sifted like wheat terminated. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Two steps to our trillions of dollars in debt reduction and relief for our future generations to celebrate in our victory together! Eliminating any foreign option, I mean the option of terminating America for our futures sake. We have the spending cuts, they include spending plunder, the plunder of relief we have as soon as we help our nations people to get the vision straight. To help our country to get a vision in the first place and show relief of trillions of dollars from foreign forces not only relieved, but terminated from their threat of continuance from ever being able to take the foundation of our country out from underneath us, without our people or their elected ever from being able to notice. I would say the war is blazing right now! Whether you remain asleep to it or not, the time has come and this time includes everyone in our country; man, woman, child, to wake up to the great and terrible sound of America again! It is that day where we as a country raise new revenue streams! Raising all kinds of things with our focus returning to a peaceful way of life. Which includes the people owning their homes, honoring their lives, spending time with their children and their wives, having the American way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness undisturbed again… It is apparent people who get in the way of our blades don’t get the equation yet, nor two to hundreds, or better tighter hands on controlled future spending; we have already begun this process by terminating programs. II.I.JI. JI. I.

This administration has terminated many programs that were out of line. You should listen and because many of the programs terminated actually help our country to get control of our country by bringing our troops home for good. It is more than necessary to relay this information to the masses to help force our law enforcement to enforce the law. That is what it is there for, our nation’s defense. We are in a state of emergency and have been in a state of emergency for coming up on nine decades. We need the people to awake to the great and terrible sound of our countries world victory and to help our troops with their new jurisdictions in place to capture our nations transgressors! Yes, waking up is hard to do and it is going to be a rude awakening if you neglect waking up now, rather than finding yourself waking up too late! We know it’s hard for people to understand the year we live in 2020 going on 2021 and we also know it’s hard for people doing their jobs, paying their taxes, now finding themselves having to do our agents jobs or enforcing the law to protect our own lives, our way of Life, Liberty, and our pursuits of happiness! To not be disturbed every day by everything we hate; right America? We know it’s hard for people with good work histories, who pay their taxes, who do their jobs every day, while Washington is found doing nothing! When I say nothing, I mean the hard part of placing people they know in cuffs and taking them to Federal Prison. The problem is they no longer have Jurisdiction they waited so long, that the good news is “The Military of The United States of America” acquired it! May be the reason why you see much equipment moving all over the place. It may be why you observed someone unbutton their shirt recently… It’s getting hot for these world criminals now. Never have they been so nervous before watching the fish bowl in Washington, because it was like a crystal ball to them, but look out upon the waters they are certainly coming all in behold our nations united high tide! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Now this address is fully charged up running with the ads on ad space. There everywhere you can hear them screaming in their silence before the great and terrible storm. Screaming “The Executive Wants to Strengthen America by Terminating All the Rejects Who Reject Their Work Requirements!”  There is reform underway in the middle of this terrific movement of the people, forcing our agents to enforce the law again! Nobody ever tells you how they have failed so miserably, but it is my job to report to the people even if their government does not! We found new ways to do this out of dictorial control, it included word of mouth advertising and emailing the very same way! The work history got the job done, but now we need everyone everywhere asking real questions. What administrative action for the people to be included in the administration of justice? Your complete credible plans to increase employment, losing the losers who can keep their waivers. The winners increase employment by creating the jobs and those individuals may just happen to be you reading this! As personal as possible moving millions of people off systemic welfare, starting with your limitations placed inside your minds that determine your course! Tearing down these strong holds starts in our own organ the brain. We have been battling hard core for years to get the big job done! What job I am talking about is the job everyone demanded to be done. Which included things that most, well nobody other than this office dared to do, but the spirit of the law has already gone much further than I can go! It affects the future and all fact checkers and I don’t have to tell you this is true, it’s better for you to find it where truth was found to shine best! Then your voice remembers what it is like to speak as a nation without the divided circus tickets able now to restore your fundamental principles of relief, but this relief first takes this kind of personal empowerment. Where every body of believers in our country was found shouting the same great Spirit of Victory! II.I.JI. JI. I.

The sooner we do this the better, better than you thought! Now this is serious business and because it just gets worse the longer you put justice off! I am telling you this so you can understand what it takes to keep Medicaid over the next ten years. This is all really going to hurt a lot more the longer you sleep, the time has come for every American to not only wake up but to act. Military has their orders, but the problem is we can’t have all the Americans going radical with no end in sight because nobody told them of what kind of justice were talking about when we’re talking our nations justice. On those you may have held dear but who sold out their hearts, the same transgressors are the ones you know having seen for years, but what you haven’t seen or known for years included the court characters of all these national transgressors. Now what that looks like to people like us, or soon to be people like you, once we show you in the great and terrible spotlight of what we charged them with; the who, what, where, when and why! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Where else but the best place to find brass, don’t worry about them attacking this guy, as some of you may find your selves doing, but its long past serious, we need you to listen. This is important a lot of people’s lives are on the line here, that is the nature of real executive business. Something Governors don’t deal with on a day to day basis is this kind of international business for those who maintain thinking they can just go back to sleep and everything will be ok type of systemic corruption in their brains. Don’t worry so much about me because as everyone knows if anything happens to me “World War IV.” happens real fast, when I say real fast I mean really quick.  Nuclear quickness, it’s not a game to allow world criminals who somehow found their safe haven to be “The United States Corporation,” not the continent; but a reason why World War 3 was able to continue for so long. The people were found asleep without a care in the world may I just say, that you shall all wake up to the great and terrible sound of you have to wake up; in other words, you don’t have the luxury to sleep any longer. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Further listen to this as for the last ten years going up on eleven we have found inflation rates over the decades increase as healthcare costs have been rising but this does not compare to the next few months if you don’t wake up now and demand justice. We need to be better off the way we are better off as a nation includes remedy. Justice remedy for healthcare, justice remedy on foreign attacks. Justice remedy is the answer our nation disserves best. Better than this is justice on ignorance, justice on disbelief, justice on doubt, justice on twenty trillion dollars in debt, justice included intelligence the same. The remedy for ignorant congress of the general American outweighs those the people placed their elected to serve. Just look at the statistics, no we are not done with bailiwick or arithmetic, there was no relief, no oxygen, nothing when nothing is being done. When it comes to not just recommendations of commissions or professionals but warranted. Requirements now to bring world criminals into not only national custody but international custody; World War III. Relief. Big time providers of service, happens to be just a few world leaders, armed with weaponry that can change nations. We are not trying to cause fear, but when all you have is fear, preventing our national and international enforcement for America, but furthermore the relief many other countries other than just us depend on for their lives for included their way of life. We have to unite to strengthen our nation’s healthcare first by strengthening our faith in our United Justice Systems of American again. Not the lawless one you believed in the past purposefully making everyone hate America and hate American. No wonder their dark strategies work very well, if you hate your selves so much you will find someone has been waiting a long time for you to get to this divided place of doubt; the same handlers that want to own you; have you done your research? II.I.JI. JI. I.

Well, their they all are alright! Clumped together like a tumor of cancer found destroying everything effecting everyone everywhere! Let’s take a closer look at what has actually happened to our country so far since their arrival. Let’s say right around the time “The Federal Reserve Act” went lubricated through our first national transgressors. The first individuals found to just not care, well corporations today have already gotten more than trillions of dollars from their negligence! I hope this does offend you as the people haven’t digested anything in years. The people placed elected into their service of serving the people, but found doing nothing. Don’t be surprised then when refunds from insurance companies cease to exist, because insurance companies don’t exist. Why would we talk about premiums or healthcare profits or promotions when what you assumed would be there ceases to exist? It simply does not exist in the future; the future is not there. You may find your selves surprised companies don’t feel the same way about yourself as you do. You may find upon further investigation neither does your current government, right Military? Come now were talking about gains that are even greater than a bunch of clumped together insurance companies trading the sick on Wall Street. Do the same ones further trade your birth certificates at the cost of your freedoms? Have insurance companies who have applied to lower their rates complied the same way? What requirements? II.I.JI. JI. I.

We have come to a place as a nation that says “Checkmate.” More than three times for three hundred and twenty-one million people Checkmate! Now is the time for all good military to come to the aid of their country, to force the administration of justice on the incompetent, and this is just good insurance for all those who were unable to afford the ability to have healthcare! Healthcare complete for millions of young people all across our nation insured. So, it was the right idea for the first time to start to require relief and force Washington Cancer to realize many, many are going to be quarantined like cancerous tumors for removal in our countries great relief! That’s correct you heard it right now! II.I.JI. JI. I.

You want to know what FBI approved is? Saving their lives not from what they do know, but what they don’t know that almost got all of us killed! Leader of the free world is the worst job anyone could end up in and that is why you see commanders in the past with colorful hair when they entered the job, then grey by the time they leave your office. Grey like insurance for first time people, the insured, insured for the first time can get expensive if they didn’t have parents through their relief help them obtain insurable interest. Insurable interest without the gamble insurance companies are willing to face today is different, today we find the insurance companies may be in serious crisis, crisis like grey hair falling from their heads haircut crisis. Listen up millions of seniors and an entire generation of “Baby Boomers” are on the way, and they really do need not only medical aid, but maybe a place to live? We have preventative health and location services care all the way from cancer, to their screenings, to dealing with their blood pressure, which includes their hearts, for their heart problems, many more things have been obtained for their care; but what hasn’t been attained is our Nations care or considerations for all that has been obtained for who America? For who military? Who has all of what has not been shared with everyone everywhere? What has been obtained and what is he building for who? II.I.JI. JI. I.

Why is this so long, and why does he keep talking about millions of seniors, the same people who receive preventive health care may have not been a Vietnam Vet. They might not have access soon to things we take for granted every day, and that is why I am grateful to inform you of the fate of insurance companies, not the government, but the fate of the government in its current form, the insurance companies in their current form, what is he talking about when he says such radical things that include millions of Americans? Radical things which include millions of Americans who now have Health Insurance, but new health insurance, not only sustainable, but obtainable now. Millions of New Americans, mostly middle class American people do not have to suffer at last, finding their own relief in simple systemic victory relief. The preexisting foundational infrastructure systems made for our current national condition, the preexisting condition of all those who never could get intelligence or information before, but lifesaving intelligence and information able to afford all those who cannot afford, unable to get insurance before the time of relief is here. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Look, I know in the past I stated I could go on fighting for you another thirty years, but today I tell you no. In fact, I can go on another fifty years fighting for you all, but what I can’t have continue to happen is everyone drooling on FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS pacifiers any longer; possibly maybe not even one more year. Affecting all rural areas in fact, everyone soon to be taking new jobs, those jobs you held dear in the past, so dear in fact that you get the new job right now America; National Defense! Great job! Because the job doesn’t pay well, the job hasn’t paid me a dime, not in almost eleven years! So don’t think it will pay you, but it might just save your beloved nations life! To get involved with our nations course of conduct, the same course of conduct found repeating itself again, but not this 4th of July or the last Five July’s! This will change the future for every American, I do know about you all, I know most your issues, I know them better than you know your selves as I have been waging systemic warfare as a program for you for years’ type defense! I have done this for you, I don’t know about you, other than this I don’t, but all these issues I know are better off because someone got off their democrat and did something. The decisions that nobody has a right to neglect work. Something called “Non-Discretionary” meaning playing, judge, trial, and jury out! We found them to be the same breed of something or another that included their forced version of healthcare for you all! Just look at how great of a job they are doing with the Veterans! That’s right, isn’t that right Veterans? Terrific at their attempt to provide better healthcare than people found, not only defending our country, but have a right to be here too! Super-duper job and we can judge by the past that this will certainly only repeat its self, it’s simple two plus one equals nothing with this representation! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Issues you have had for years, where force conditioning you to digest you were better off with the foreigner who still maintains he had a right to be here, but as though that is our biggest problem, as though that was the “Achilles Heel” I tell you no it was not in fact. I know you are better off because someone did something in fact, someone made a decision to bring you closer to your real kind of healthcare. The Republicans still seam apparently to have their heads in the sand, when they attempt to get your future generational attention, just tell them to “Pound Sand” because the future with our healthcare included not including derisively anyone found to be connected to anyone who was found to have their “Heads in The Sand!” How’s that sound for the future of our government? The government built on stronger foundation than only “Sand America.” Because we already took over the disaster, but they’re more concerned about their image than your life! They are more concerned they did it, rather than the people that did! That’s right disaster relief brought to you by the people of the United States of America who know every agent by name now that’s Real Healthcare Systems! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Affecting every percentage of every person everywhere with or without college degrees is the temperature you’re running but may just not know it yet. The Executive relief includes the student, whether you know you are a student or do not know you are a student, included this kind of student relief. Everyone knows loan reform is much more important when you have to pay your loan back, but it’s also just as important to realize now more than ever what you all owe. More than you know is what it does, you need to tell everyone everywhere what we as a country have recently acquired! Tell everyone where you live about this, all they ever do is doubt everyone everywhere anyways, what do you have to lose? II.I.JI. JI. I.

What office are you running for? Oh, and to all those we found out reading this, what office are you running from? Whose office are you really running from and vastly beyond your understanding linked lowering the costs of student loans for all Americans! The cost of federal student loans seems to carry over affecting the ones who obtained the loans the rest of their lives? Not every American has their parents paying for education! Yes, today I am writing you a book, a book on education, educating you now you are better off as a country, now you shall know about all the worst issues that you never wanted to know about. Now you will throw off your fear, now you will arm up, and because I made the decisions I did; which brings you to relief. Not the kind of Executive you want, but the real Executive relief you need. We call it government by the people, for the people again! Elected cannot repeal “The People of The United States of America” ALL I.N. “Their Restored Republic of The United States of Healthy America Again!” II.I.JI. JI. I.

No, you cannot repeal us, and no you cannot replace the people of the United States who lowers the cost of federal student loans, but ever more important are the rights that belong to the people again, the rights to life liberty, but most importantly obtaining the destination living out their united pursuit of happiness together as a country again. Providing important updates to students the right way included when it came to their student loans; the clear fixed way to help them obtain fixed low percentages of their income to a Government that served their best interests again! It is all about again and again you hear me always say it again and again! Now what does that mean? Now what does this mean and what does it do but make you think about it again? Meaning nobody will ever have to drop down and die because it’s profitable and in the banks best interest to see our troops coming home in coffins any longer again. It brings a new-found hope and aspiration to those who have served, who are serving or are found going to serve to have something worth their services! Finding upon their research information that won’t beckon to them in their sleep to end their lives by uncovering the ugly truth found stuffed underneath our nations pillows. II.I.JI. JI. I.

They will find upon further research that the ugliest truth in the world, the whole worlds history, was brought out into the light for everyone to see how filthy and disgusting our nations transgressors really were and what nations were a part of their attack! No, there is nothing they can do now to suppress us any longer; no, they cannot come to your dam house and confiscate you or your computer! No, they cannot terminate any servers, because the good news is every intelligence agency in the world has copy now of what we are about to do as a nation! With all the Nuclear Support in the free world in our favor! Yes, it’s that big, actually bigger, much bigger, too dam big for this booklet! It means no-one will ever have to drop dead from learning the truth about what has happened to our country in the past! It means that if someone somewhere wants to take a job with a modest wage as a teacher, teaching everyone where their tax is going, and today found furthermore the correct restored order: a. The People, b. Their Government and then c. The Corporations. All police officer’s jobs are still state service. Every officer everywhere in every state expects their “Federal Government” to protect their interests. They don’t have time to take on the slack or the “Weakest Link.” The Federal Governments sworn job to protect, not only their best interest, but also the citizen’s best interests is their personal safety still today! Why should they be the first that take all the heat from citizens who rage at the spirit of “Federal Negligence.” It’s not their fault people, so instead of lifting a brick for police officer’s vehicles, save them from the torment of your wrath from “Washington Lawlessness” and negligence to the laws that protect you from feeling this way! Lift a phone and contact anyone and simply tell them of what we as a country have obtained together! Put down the bricks for state services heads and instead fill your family and friends with intelligence and information! The way we can force justice to be fulfilled in the proper way in the administration of justice for our countries long and fought national relief. Now if a small-town doctor wants to work in rural areas, the future is beholden to them, especially those who desire to open up their own practice, they won’t have to fall under a corporate umbrella when it starts to rain. Meaning they will have enough resources in place for them to have the ability to not only repay their debts, but their obligations and their services won’t be affected so much. As to decrease these services for the people from set determinations of their salaries. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Providing there are certainly already more than millions of jobs ready to be filled. Purchasing the workers, the American way of life, liberty, living the pursuit of happiness and fulfilling their dreams! Made possible by America again! Mostly in the state we currently operate within, dictated and determined by those who maintain fighting all of us in their world hegemony pursuits. The same clear sociopaths who will die before giving you your rights back no longer have the power over your future determinations! Mostly because the people who terminated their legal rights have fought wonderfully and victoriously for you to have all of your beautiful rights back! We just don’t have “Law Enforcement” currently, “Federal Law Enforcement” the same. They know the required skills to do justice for you as a country, but simply lack another strong link. So, will you be the strong link today? Simply create more strength for all of us by simply informing one another of what we have found as a country again! This way we get America again and Americans more jobs! This requires more preparation for more Americans of the new jobs that are actually going to not only be created, but are going to be created in order to maintain being there! Creating the job security and peace of mind America and their working families deserve is having real job security. The old system and their old economy is not coming back from the dead. Neither are the democrats so it’s better to find your new party today! The old party systems are crumbling right now, down into the dust reaping what they sowed equates to nothing, but dirt and dust! It takes this kind of drastic rhetoric to wake dead people up and bring them back to the land of the living. We’re doing more than coming back as a nation, we have a new one, the big one, the mother ship is here! All updated, upgraded, graduated, and ready to be delivered for your review! All in service to you the people the new owners! Educating the people to their job of simply the two-step process, one foot in front of the other, walking into your inheritance! Restoring all that was lost, bringing a new spirit “The New Spirit of America” the serious one, powerful beyond belief, and victorious beyond recognition; your “Whole New Chapter!” II.I.JI. JI. I.

The Executive way of education from this administration is and has been insane justice, crazy like you can’t believe, but it took this kind of excitement to actually obtain real national relief! All the education secretaries in the world may be soon forced to have to pick up their mouths off the floor and only if they don’t find themselves already falling out of their chairs from this national intelligence update! Supporting every community was my mission, employing the American people back to their job descriptions of accountability. Military mission is enforcing “Federal Enforcement” back in service to the American people. It saves lives, saves American lives! Never has there been such hatred found for a country before other than Russia, China very much so, but Germany? Unless they get a great new light, or hope, all of Germany is lost no matter how pretty they try to maintain their image. They are in a free fall just ask the spirit of their military of how they truly feel! You shall know magnificent is a faith built to last, past all of the bankers’ politicians and installations we the people of America did it! We the military did it! Our new power is so powerful that agents shake when they try to enter into it! The military loves their new adrenaline glands when pumped to say the least; but I will inform them all as to the logical way of conducting our future business activities. Crawl, walk, run, then fly with the best of the best “The Great Champions of The World,” the future forces of American Forces; powerful and free at last! No longer burdened by any esquire, or any fear of being thrown in jail for terminating our enemies to death; but found is what our “Great American Future Forces” are there for! Terminating the enemy to death like our great statutes all in 18 U.S.C. especially made for all treason! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Personally, enforced by the executive and supported by every community in America, as it is their law! The law in which we freely enforce for them all so they don’t have to be burdened by the problem of dealing with serious world criminals! The tickle your ears, lick your face, and love your praise type of charlatans! All secretaries alike and supported community colleges can agree programming is the future issue. Employers found working together need to harmonize with this defense programming real executives enforce. However there never was a university that had a course made for “Commander in Chief” as if “Leader of The Free World 101” existed. Many politicians if they were honest would have come before the people of the United States and said the truth being: “Really I don’t know what I am doing, but I plan on being in charge of 6,800 nuclear weapons and when it comes to the job description… I am best because I say so and you should believe me because if anyone is going to wing it, you know I am going to wing it best!”  What future logic employers should further be made aware of is other employers. Other than the people who employ their Government. The futures employers who train people for their jobs that are actually done. Jobs in their communities are ever more important when someone has had over ten years of experience! How valuable is real job experience for the job at hand? Jobs today that are open in every community includes the peoples first job of turning off the propaganda. Turn on instead training each other for the jobs of the future. First with future communications that are not determined by foreign programmers. Explore with each other as the people of the United States of America again the power of being informed this way brings. Witness the decade of service that has been brought to you freely, freely for you to have for your own adrenal purposes of exploding intelligence services!  Exploding college costs have increased dropout rates, but the same is imploding ignorance which has created a National Emergency on top of the National Emergency. Work together to train each other, don’t take my word for it, take your neighbors intelligence, and your other neighbors intelligence and draw your own conclusions of how bad or how good America can get. Find your percentage of care and considerations increase when you realize how its already underway to affecting you and your family; with your neighbors and friends significantly! So significantly it is my service to inform you to prepare your hearts and minds to prepare each other’s hearts and minds, for the future of what is about to take place whether you like it or not. You don’t have the power to change time and time waits for nobody! Not even you or your neighbors, your family or friends, the time has come and America as you know it has been reborn ready! The eighth wonder of the world are you found ready? II.I.JI. JI. I.

Your agreements are best served by those who understand your agreements best, and the agreement this administration has with you is to make sure you are served best! Better than that, the best of the best! Nothing less than the management of labor and enforcement attachments. Look the future we have acquired assistance with all the good deals attached! The best deals, better than that, the best of the best deals, the deal you will have to digest, because it’s a big deal! Bigger than that it’s the biggest deal of all America! We only have so much time in cutting your gas prices in half! We further only have so much time to make sure there is a gas bill no matter what… We have to make sure the commodity is there for you to purchase if you double your mileage on your new vehicles. Finally bringing you new technology advancements that terminate the gas bill all together, but making dam sure there is never a mileage tax, or oxygen tax, or any other form of burdensome insanity that violates your life liberty and pursuit of happiness air space as Americans. We are almost finished. Speaking of air space how’s everyone breathing today? Good, very good let’s talk about energy independence because restricting of where and who we get our energy from compromises our National Security. Don’t you think it’s about time we ask why are there are so many restrictions on Russian Energy? What is it that determines our narrative from our Independence Ally, our World War I. Ally our World War II. Ally, and World War III. Ally? My question is, have we ever had such an ally as the hated, despised, and rebuked Russia? Unlike everyone else I shall never deny my friends, Russia are you my friends? The Americans in reality like every “Sovereign Country” should never have to trust allies, they shouldn’t need to, as the algorithms operate. “Justice Algorithms” leaders carefully watch algorithms knowing when an ally or alleged ally “Falls From Grace” as now anyone who has eyes should have been witnessing how high America has climbed recently. Finding their “Shuttle of Discovery” our “Rocket Ship” not concerned with left or right, other than marching, but straight up like “Rocket Man” and bringing us millions of new good jobs exactly the same way! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Even rockets need fuel, and energy independence or at least options creates competition which brings down prices, prices in gas, oil and energy operate in the same gravity! Cutting or slashing greenhouse gas emissions certainly is our goal, but in fact according to my free analysis, free energy is on the Horizon; not only for our country but the free world! No you cannot stop nor can anyone stop energy evolution. Over the next twenty years it is only these next three that will make the largest impact not only in our nation, but affecting the Globe. Bringing us or carrying us by delivering us millions of new jobs is the mission. Part of the mission includes energy strategies. Victory independence in place includes the renewed American Spirit! In every form of enforcement, both civilian and military, it is this energy efficiency that is most important for us, because it is the essence of what it takes to bring all new innovations, economies, industries, and every other form of national fruit back to the congregation of national believers. Those who love our country dearly and who find themselves part of the program of defending her best included “The National Spirit of Our Energy Together” which has always been known as “The Spirit of America.” This is what we are restoring at a new-found level not seen in nearly five decades or more and coming to an all-time high is our renewable spiritual energy found in our unified national agreement. The “National Agreement” finding our countries “Faith Again,” again and again today; may we be renewed again with greater energy efficiency in this spirit. Affecting real life in the manifest to changing twenty year lows, provision for new found natural gas production to an all-time high; but furthermore, to double our power as the people. Simply compounding our power with faith over fear, losing all apologetics, witnessing those who have crippled us fear the people. When we stand from crawling and begin to walk again! Again, again more new jobs especially over the next thirty-six months, with a renewed focus, which included defense focused, to keep our people safe from ever being distracted again. Sure, enemies will always exist, but we don’t need to pay so much attention and energy to them as to lose our national focus of life, liberty, and the obtaining of our national destination happiness again. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Our new economy is unlimited by the limitations of sociopaths who were just bad stewards. Who shall soon find not only did they lose their wealth, but they have been stripped of all power finding themselves behind bars. More than likely Guantanamo Bay. As our new economy will produce millions of new private sector jobs, more than you can handle, and we are going to do it better over the next three years than all the failed parties combined in history. Nobody can do it alone, in fact I am grateful everyone left all the fun for us! It’s a blast kicking so much democrat that I look forward to the next couple of years of republicans attempting to block even more of our executive plans! Their greed only costs you your economy, the more than thirteen million jobs I have created recently, fully funded and paid for they keep from your main frame! They don’t like anything huge, they can’t stand another job score, the Executive score, the Executive Judicial Score of America verse the Corporation! The Republic verse the Conquered in their disbelief bound in their own prisons they create and they actually think in their deteriorating brains minds we are harnessed, or I am “Quarantined” but they will soon find millions of Americans waking up asking questions who can stop the sea? Who can tell the stars to stop shining and who can stop Americans from seeing the dawn? I tell you not a single famous agent! II.I.JI. JI. I.

People are going to prison whether they like it or not and creating hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs is going to happen whether they like it or not. New things are going to be created and this is not the last time you’re going to hear it. Manufacturing jobs are going to return to America more so because the future is solid, secure, and their labor force dependable. Their investments are protected investing in a Nation that has their country together again. I’m telling you first hand the future of manufacturing will return to America when companies start to see how unstable foreign lands are about to become, especially in Europe. The European alleged “Elite” have had their plans blown. II.I.JI. JI. I.

Now does everyone remember the nineties, before 9/11 remember the times when our economy was good, things weren’t so bad, don’t let anyone take credit for your contribution. It was never about who “The President” was, but it was “Who the People Are” much more than this, was a country of people who were focused, not distracted constantly bombarded every day with bad news. The good news for today is the future of the American Auto Industry looks spectacular, especially for Tesla. You know we are fortunate to have companies preparing for the future of how huge “Lithium Ion” batteries are really going to be. Quality over quantity is still what America is known for, but we also just the same are known for the high prices this kind of quality brings. To those who can afford it already know it saves them time and money in the long run, but quality is what manufacturing here should be all about. The auto industry restructuring right now, may or may not work out, especially for those still found attempting to have their vehicles made in foreign lands. Personally, I feel too much attention is placed on auto manufacturers as though everyone in America works at a factory making vehicles. Millions of future jobs, you know where they are residing in the labor force with the vision of freedom built on the foundation of our way of family life. Remember when families used to have dinner at a table without interference? We need to bring those days back yesterday for the health of tomorrow! The problem is still today as it will be yesterday concerning new modern successful companies, every modern successful economy started with the regenerated or first spark of the American entrepreneurial spirit. The “Can Do” mentality. Never forget with the reinforced ferocious force of eliminating any obstacle found in the way of their economical pursuits! Just the same tomorrow you can’t wake up without a car and expect a dealership. Or think that today you’re just going to go out and create auto parts. Manufacturing takes investment. With this kind of investment in mind, it is with my mind I plan on investing in American manufacturing, but not just manufacturing, but manufacturing the equipment for manufacturing. This leads to exactly why Intellectual Property is our brain and is the most important part of our National Future Economy. Protecting brains is protection against intrusion, intrusion in development and engineering, producing and driving our future economy into a “Roaring Past the Twenties Mindset!” Further we should have “Restoration of Class,” and why not? We have become so low as to allow ourselves as a country to be so desensitized to anything held high in society. Allow us to always recall the spirit behind everything great, the purity of finding ourselves removed from filth and poverty starts in our minds. The driver is you, so that way we really are all in this together. What has happened to the industry of voting Americans many can’t find a candidate. Many should find themselves as their best candidate. In fact, the only candidate that can bring real relief and conclusion is you the American people; finding your best candidate is finding yourselves! II.I.JI. JI. I.

You are the best candidate needed to save our industries and you may be the candidate for the job of creating thousands of jobs. You, yes you might be what the people are looking for best! Vastly past anything the entire auto industry has to offer is the day you are your company. You are your own best company, restructured ready for action! Delivering services vastly past anything any Governor anywhere could oppose. Saving multiple industries keeping jobs at home and here is another great idea, start your job today, become independent tomorrow as the job score is yesterday you worked for someone. Today is the day you got busy and tomorrow you are able to live and afford all the dreams you made possible come into forced reality by taking the steering wheel rather than the Washington bus that never ever will arrive, let alone be there on time! II.I.JI. JI. I.

Today we are taking the train, the lightning express, but we are the bolts Washington are the nuts! We are the people who laid this foundation of new modern successful economies they depend only on character image. We the people depend on our own two feet and hands God gave us to make this country the best in the world again! So, great in fact that we can afford shared prosperity instead of just giving it out all the time to foreign lands, we can find investing in our own lands and our own people actually pays back tenfold in the end!  That’s why today I am renewing my contract with you, starting with you the people, can you feel it? Can you feel the contract I have with you serving you the people what is long overdue? The ability to have everything renewed in one day, the day whether the American people believe it or not just like I said, is just about here, the news may cost everyone their elections… When the people get in the know, it’s something Washington can feel they get sick to their stomach and you can see it on their faces. They have had something to hide for a long time, they have been hiding it for too long, but like I said I am renewing my contract with you the people! Delivering something long overdue and I just want you to know that I believe in you the people with all my heart I do. Vastly more so I want the military to know, I not only believe in you, but I will with all of my life protect you with all of my force I will. Things just aren’t the way they seem to be, or at least the way “The Magicians” would have you believe. Whether the American people believe what I said, or the military believes what I said, could not matter less. I’m fixing everything whether Washington likes it or not and I could care less believe this because reality is really true. My approach is terrific meaning the approach embodies the values of this nation and the futures ideas by looking back in the past. Where the viewer can feel proud they are a part of this great country. Where they can find, someone paved the way and left trails of fire; hold your fire. In the rear-view mirror in 2020 vision drawing strength from what it is like to be genuinely American. Choosing themselves to be part of the driving force behind embodying new ideas, ever maintaining the solidity of our national foundational values. The infrastructure of culture, direction built on foundation forced to last. The direction America is going will be challenging at first, because the challenge is overthrowing pawns when you are found the “Royal Heirs.” It is more than the twenty first century on the line. Our version of the American Dream. It is more than simply shared opportunities, vastly more than just simple daily routine like responsibilities. More than weekly prosperity, we the people are much more than just the sense of community. Let us recall “The Americans,” our story. The “Real Story” where we are the authors on how our story actually goes in the end. Let us tap into the power of what “Legends Are.” II.I.JI. JI. I.

Let’s get into the mindset of the year 2020 now, and let our shared stories become the inspiration of those who may today only spectate, but tomorrow find they are living their stories made full of dreams. Made possible again because of the “Spirit of Freedom” and the “Spirit of Liberty” purchased them their ability to never live in fear again! We are more than a country, we are more than you think, let every recovery program be renewed with this renewable essence, the pure substance uninhibited found never adulterated again! Allow our Military to sign up again right now finding something more than just a job description… May they find their part in the “Real Story” where they can grow in “Knowledge and “Power” finding their life’s calling… Finding there is much more to the military than just “Stars & Stripes,” but they can find “Honor & Courage,” it comes supernaturally and will only depart naturally, so today let us all pursue substantial growth in intelligence, knowledge, information, history, aligning all of our pursuits and sites to set everything higher, much higher, high as the stars in the sky! Let us today decide our minds are unlimited in strength and longevity, our weaknesses no longer exist because we were found throwing them off ourselves yesterday, today finding action, today creating the story to tell our Grand Children about tomorrow proud to be found in service to their future dreams. The American people recovered something more brilliant than stars, we the people recovered ourselves, we simply decided we no longer depend on Washington paralysis. Saving millions of jobs is creating millions of jobs, cutting taxes is likewise the same way, creating millions of jobs provides a whole lot of revenue. Remember revenue the American people depend on for their livelihoods, but let us not forget what spirit is behind restoration, and revitalization. It’s very important to know “Faith over Fear” and “Power over Paralysis” and turning fear into fire, hold your fire, as we are doing a new thing! II.I.JI. JI.

Are we as national congregation of believers in our country again where we want to be today or where we need to be today? Yes today, this day the daily bread where today, says not hardly, not hardly enough! The Executive spirit states of course we can in fact be better off today than yesterday by doing one thing our entire country was built upon! This being justice, we will not escape this justice, the justice must be served, the colder the better, the harder the better off we all will be! We are better off today than yesterday, every day will get better and worse, interesting enough how there are two spirits at work in our nation right now. People you’re either a part of the solution or you are part of the problem, but that problem is going away fast, so make sure you are part of the solution before “Justice Finds You Out!” When you listen, or read this or pass it along never forget what it took to get here, delivering this message, the one of many in the future. Recall what it took to actually get here to tell you all this dam good news. II.I.JI. JI. I.

I can’t wait for you all to find your own stories that you cannot believe, I can’t wait to see the economy like a rocket and where hundreds of thousands of jobs are being created because the spirit of America is working, again! We are doing much better than only a year ago, will we be doing much better a year in the future? This next year is going to be the most challenging year in American history, I would be doing you a disservice if I told you that for sure it was going to be here without Justice being served five years ago! We are living on prayer America and we find just too much division to be able to do the service. The service of justice on elected people we know, the whole world knows, but I look forward to a Nation that looks past characters with their new-found courts eyes, rather than what the medias spotlight makes them appear like with all that makeup; but that the future would hold wisdom for Americans to see with their own eyes what the court records show to them underneath it all! Found rather than dismissing lifesaving opportunities at the chance of doing what America required, but overcoming defeat! Looking forward as the only way was highway as today, further looking straight up challenging you all to have the same high perspectives! We support each other by challenging ourselves in this way; yes! II.I.JI. JI. I.

I know you get it, I know you always have deep inside there was always that small voice found in your deepest agreement. Pay attention to what I am talking about it will never lead you astray. You will keep you safe, healthy, effective, powerful and free. The power is within you all to make the legendary decisions to serve today, nobody can repair the damage that has been done in the past, but you the people and the military of the United States of America can certainly set the tone of how it’s going to be for all predecessors, you are the only generation that can repair all the damage that has been done. Find operating within your new found renewed strength, the spirit of restoration; the invitation for your presence awaits your operational attendance! Your true knowledge of true unity, your true power; if you like your Republic by God you certainly can…


Keep Your Republic,



All In The United States of America

International Nations

July 31st 2018


U.S.S.F. Enterprise,


As another Space Force once said, “Where No Man Has Gone Before,

Now who out there likes the argument of “Space The Final Frontier,” personally I am long over any more arguing about anything that has to do with reelection, real executives like the topic of continuing the bailiwick of freedom for our entire nation a whole lot better. Now here it is plain as day, America today has inherited an undermined government, overthrown country, all the while the people were found under attack and their military scattered like slaves all over the world. America has inherited more than a deeply damaged system of government, more than a deeply damaged economy able to recover from such an attack, what else could the United States Space Force do other than create the foundation to catch everything, and when I say everything I mean everything when it all comes down to “their” collapse.

Who else could have or would have had the courage and valor to do not only the impossible, but long ago had begun the long hard tedious, torturous, dangerous, and highly complex implementation of our nations restoration service ushering in our systemic recovery. Laying the preliminary construct of a foundation that now exists not only stronger than it has ever been before, but even more so than this, constructed out of a material than cannot crumble. Revitalizing the foundational construct of our Justice Systems and Military Systems equates with none other than the synergetic balance for the new modern geo political, national and international defense equations. Economical pursuits of Capitalism over Communism and Socialism have never been a safer bet for the future than they are right now. A well balanced economy further equates to a nation that no longer suffers from the sickness and disease of disinformation; this makes for a “Well Balanced Economy.” A well informed populous becomes the inevitable fruit of vibrant people. With this ability to well inform the people may they have the peace knowing their systems are being served, and served more than well. With this kind of service may the people have their kind of ingredients reestablished, as to further their own economic campaigns. May they experience being found in the unity of true ownership, this of which of course will transpire into the fruit made for all of our benefit simply from them adding their personal service contributions to our nations united and renewed economies. What else could a well-balanced people bring but a balanced economy producing the fruit of millions and maybe possibly upon millions of new great ideas for businesses which then produce more job hiring opportunities. Vibrant new spirited people bring forth the kind of new prosperous businesses their system of government depends on to fulfill their obligations to protect the people. The certainty of new wealth for innovators are again safer than they have ever been before with this kind of implementation.

Correcting the order of business and so the people with their companies don’t have to make government their business all of the time with this kind of innovation. All in innovation for innovators where an old outdated government purchased by old outdated individuals, who actually assumed our country out from underneath our feet and without us ever knowing about it in the first place! Who else wanted to increase defense spending without the money being in place? What’s the difference between those who are near sited with only the next decade or two within their folly and where does this all lead to not some of the time, but all of the time spending trillions of dollars we simply don’t have! What more on earth could the pentagon ever request than what has not only been requested but absolutely fulfilled. Without blowing it all and letting the cat out of the bag, without saying exactly what it is I am speaking of today, further without ruining the great surprise may I only ask what is everyone going to do now with all this wealth? Who wants to make cuts without clarity, and who wants to beat up the budget even more now, especially when all “Our” programs have not only been running but have been running for years! What programs are we speaking of here today, well none other than the peoples programs their presidents have signed into law injecting them into your defense systems we have been running the whole dam time. For whose benefit and what have we found other than programs that help the middle class. These very same programs that educate the people, update the masses, feed the poor children, for the duration seen eradicating all the “Malware” preventing every form of remedy and relief our systems demand when it comes to providing this kind of service for our people. This is super important because like you, “They” convinced me “They” were serving the people, like you “They” made me believe “They” were honorable people, people you could not only trust, but should actually spend the time to listen to. Somehow like you, wherever I go to obtain information it’s the very same people feeding me this kind of programming and like you that I should believe what “They” said was not only true, but is true.

You know as you’ve most certainly heard it before, that somehow “They” were always going to be the ones able, but only “Them,” may I say with reaffirmed emphasis, “Able” to maintain every single solemn commitment “They” have ever made before. Well we certainly have heard it all before haven’t we? What accountability and mathematics equate when the people have been trying for years to make sure the American peoples best interests are being served well, but certainly by now should have found out without a doubt they have not been served well, well not at all, and isn’t that a fact jack! Now the problem is it’s been about a century now we the American people have been trying to figure out if those commitments “They” are serving are actually “American” or not. Wow America what commitments we have found underneath it all, you know underneath “Your” hood, underneath “Your” radar. Yeah “We” found out their commitments alright. America you just weren’t a part of their commitments or “Equation” see. Well, well all in order now because in order to look at such a site as what we have found you would have to have the only acceptable reasonable form of vision in our modern age which includes nothing less than court sight night vision technologies. Isn’t that what “We” are providing “You” today, the complete ability to look at what is being presented to you as may I say “Always” a reasonable modern alternative to any form of realistic government that served the people first. What modern alternatives may present themselves as sophisticated and updated actually in fact are without a doubt systems to take all of our populous back to the dark ages, modern technology and later day advantages or not, doesn’t seem to matter much when we are all being systematically not only removed, but taken back from all our own humanity. Isn’t it always a perfectly acceptable and reasonable modern alternative to morality? These backslidden “Representatives,” whether you like it or not, represent a whole lot, but they just didn’t say very much about exactly who they were really representing and what they were really doing underneath it all.

What it is they were really thinking about after getting elected, found only blowing all their electors kisses as they dismiss their people implementing all their new ideas that are so advanced you just can’t know about them all. Offering up what kind of jargon for the years they are elected into office? By the way like you, I haven’t seen any fruit and more than likely like you, have suffered from the only thing I have found in most their administrations being thorns and thistles. We ask how could this happen, but when it comes to telling you the truth “They” just couldn’t say a single thing could they? Well they certainly had the right to remain silent and aren’t these the living creatures that a system that is not our own has created? They seem to think its ok to continue the way they want to go rather than the way the people of the United States have commanded by law we all shall go! They love their regression, their regressive behavior, they assume their policies are always the best policies because their aggressive and progressive. Agitated Americans in modern day history should by now understand why they always want to go forward not only to their new dead policies, but they love it would seem to further our suffering with their inability to perform what we the people have paid them to do from the beginning. They just can’t seem to do the simple math of what it takes to honor your oath, do your job description, get paid, and if you’re aware of the crimes do something about it. Now that would be a working system of government, however we have a broken system, not because the system is broken, but the agents with their elected government infrastructure required courage, the majority of whom lack having this single quality that makes them qualified to be able to get us out of the trouble we have found ourselves in; not even in the first place. Even if they desire to cut taxes for higher income Americans, this focus isn’t our focus right now. I’ll tell you what there are a whole lot of people going to prison whether they like it or not, matters naught, because this is our National focus right now.

Like President Lincoln we want to get rid of those pesky programs with their programmed people who have been deliberately injected into our system as though to sabotage everything we all have labored for. We want nothing more than to rid ourselves of all the impurity of their treachery. That’s right still crystal clear today as it has been since 1776 you’re either with us or with the systemic and morality terrorists. We can do whatever we want now when it comes to cutting taxes, we can do whatever we please when it comes providing shelter for homeless Americans. We certainly can now that we have rid ourselves of everything and everyone that was holding our whole nation not only hostage, but back from ever being able to obtain the victory destination, the peaceful truth of certainty, overcoming the treachery of internal obstructions and found becoming great over all our adversaries again.

We have everything in place already to prevent another catastrophe caused by divided and mentally challenged people like this. Those who would love their titles of nobility to death, rather than love and serve their national congregation of believers who have never lost faith placed in working American justice systems being found flourishing back to life again! Today the very opposite found from the very same type of people who would sacrifice our national harvest if it meant any glimmer of hope existed for their selfish future bailouts. Well wait just a dam minute Gowdy I love to be the one to break it to you, because we’re going to keep our World War III. Alliance. World War IV. are you ready for that? Well wait just another dam minute Senators I love to be the one that breaks it to you, but recently the court all in session found you out to be in a state of “Major World War III. Malfunction,” and where the American people have already determined what to do with their servants found in such treasonous violations. Further “We” love to be the people who break it to you 92, because we’re going to keep the Executive on the Job. Out of line and out of order “Agents” alleged in service to foreign powers have caused the American people with “Their” military to be more than concerned with “Your” transgressions. Prosecutions are you ready for that? Wielding the new blades all in “New America” with our “New Washington” knows exactly how to deal with treasonous transgressors such as yourselves for example. We have all seen every convention, we’ve seen all the television conventions and gatherings, the hoopla of creating more divided mental patients apart from our founders original party organization, may we suggest your pity party has only just begun? Our national argument against any of your alleged reelections is grounded in the bar from any further such continuances in accordance with 18 U.S.C. §2381.

Did anyone recently watch any of our over a decade now of national justice convention I did, I just happened to be there wielding Americas blades, the same blades that not only determined these federal fugitives future state, but determined concerning them “They shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.” Did you see it all, you know all of our justice upon our internal damned cancer anyone? Well isn’t that exactly our national point of interest as the corporate media continues in their overt intelligence blackout serving America everything in the world they don’t need, while continuing to censor everything in the universe they do need! Our national argument against such defense systems that once upon a time in our great American heritage actually worked against internal corruption, there existed a national systemic convention that did more than help when it came to national defense, however today the forces of darkness and evil have bought out our nations free and independent intelligence sharing mediums. Did you or anyone you know see the news recently concerning the alleged “Great Conspiracy,” you know the one fully blown by 18 U.S.C. §371, the statute they love to gaslight to death, the very same one that didn’t exist, well we all know if that was true then “We” the people with “Our” military wouldn’t be able to enforce it then right? Our national argument is more than just argumentative at this stage, it is much more than that, as we have not only utterly destroyed and terminated their unseen threat of continuances, but likewise have indicted all their damned workers of iniquity, their ubiquitous coalition forces. Now “Real Ubiquity” found today in fact tearing down all their damned strongholds. Their pathetic blown “International Option” play, today is now fully blown from ever being able to continue its dirty principals of offering any derelict of duty their divided choice of re-associating their safe grounds to an all-out enemy of the states.

The very same found out enemy continuing today in position, simply waiting for the right moment to strike America with a death blow none of us would be able to recover from. Right in Americas face the whole time doing their dirty work all the while our federal agents were found doing nothing and nothing about all of this crime the whole dam time! Who would be capable of doing such sinister things found switching our national agenda and all the while ushering in their organization founded upon whose world hegemonic pursuits? Not yours, only theirs, actually pretty simple, not your anything, pretty smooth, it goes something like this. They have all the money in the world, you have none, they have everything they need when it comes to enforcement, you have nothing, and if you try to rise up against them you die for trying. “We” have an argument against such radical tyrannical ideology founded all the way back in 1776 and now everyone knows or should know by now why the second amendment is so very important. When our government fails the American people and are unwilling to cooperate with them, the matter of law enforcement becomes the people of the United States honor, privilege, our national obligation and solemn duty. Listen up our all found out enemies of the state have left our country a mess on purpose, nobody seems to think our nation is worth cleaning up fast enough to save their own lives, and somehow everyone who is tasked to clean up our system still has their paychecks? The perpetual political tug of war is anyone anywhere not only tired of seeing the alleged power struggle, but more than this has anyone identified how dangerous it has become when nothing gets done and people are found suffering to death? That’s right the American people are suffering to death with this kind of tension and it makes the military sick to their stomach they are somehow forced to defend all found out enemies both domestic and foreign. That’s right I said it they certainly are in fact the all found out enemy of the state and our military is painstakingly misled defending these overt usurpers of freedom. Now, the only problem is they smile pretty, and when they do America in, they looked good all the while they were doing our country like this, they sounded good didn’t they?

Did they convince you they didn’t convince me, not the court, they couldn’t convince the statutes to sound different than blades action on vegetables who think like this. It is more than convincing to me they in fact hated their families and their children to leave them with the curse of a fully awakened American state knowing full well who their children are. Did they not think of their future when an entire United States Military would wake up to what these national and international conspirators were found out a part of and how much they must have hated their families and their children’s, children? How ungrateful they must have been to neglect the wealth, freedom, prosperity, opportunity, life, liberty, and every other form of blessing our great country had provided them, only to be found all out in service to forces wishing nothing more than to terminate our national and international peaceful continuances.

Maybe they just hated us so much because we were in fact born in America, maybe they hated us so much because we really do love all our families and our children, for some their children and their families. Maybe because we really are grateful to have a country we call America, maybe it’s just jealousy in its most horrific vengeant state, that in fact if they can’t have what we have as a country then they would destroy all of us off God’s green earth. Who really knows the mind of true sociopaths and psychopaths hell bent for hell? Hey listen they are obsolete, how’s that for a word continuing in their defeat? We are in the year we are in and that means politically correct is flying out the window fast, people are hungry for honesty and authenticity. Someone somewhere needs to simply say things the way they actually are rather than upending to what forces are found only shaping our statesmen into something the God of our nation never intended them to be, but a fraud. Can someone somewhere find the main reason we ought to reelect anyone like this? Are the countries statesman found today still committed to constructive national cooperation or are they like our federal law enforcement found to be only putty, dirty clay, easily able to bend, smoosh, push, tear apart, by the hands of forces they haven’t a clue about, because everyone knows Mud has no brains! Everyone in our nation is looking at your records now, and let me tell you your records are worse than mine! In fact our statesman with our nations federal law enforcements records are so bad everyone on earth is soon to say “Look at their dam records!”

Look at their records of doing nothing, when something lifesaving, state saving, nations saving was due!” When can we as the people appoint someone who will actually do something, rather than nothing all the time, but they sound so good when all they do is talk! Our country, the real version as appointed many new people for all new positions, however everyone is still on the foundation of old dead systems. Doesn’t anyone understand the real version of the Secretary of Defense in the year 2018 changed? We speak to the Army today, how’s the army doing today, how’s anyone anywhere with transportation doing when all we have been saying like “Screaming Eagles” is simply two words “Get Moving.” What Vice President, where, tell him it’s time to oversee the end of World War III. It’s more than time to implement our National recovery, it is way past due to bring all the way in our 1. Troops 2. Captives and 3. Plunder.

We must oversee the end of any and all form of anything American in the Middle East as our Wars have Ended. America, and when I say America I further mean military, so when I address America may everyone always know included is our military. The same military that I must tell today, who will lead our nations lifesaving defense forces for tomorrow there exists many, many derelicts who don’t understand, or simply refuse to understand clear English, orders, decrees, actions, directives, gaps, Boulder Dam Gaps, Giant Dam Gaps, Grand Canyon Gaps getting larger, not smaller. Too many people don’t understand anything when it comes to statutes, codes, rulings, laws, systems, programming, and the way things will most certainly go whether the handicapped people like it or not, such as all the different types of court systems shining their face upon the nations, example International Law, Law of Nations, Law of War, and Admiralty Law. There are others, and others, but one which I find most fascinating is Universal Law, the very same law that says many, many are still even today found going their “Broad” way. Well may I just say many, many agents who were obligated to enforce law when law was most needed to be enforced, that did not enforce law, just know real military law enforcement is on their way. That’s right many famous people are going away for good, we as a nation of people are long over being “Fed” up, we are way more than only that at this point. Our new systemic policing forces are simply awaiting men and women of our nation who have more than what “They” have which is absolutely nothing. They are nothing, they have nothing inside, many who have monitored these agents may agree with what the new “Witness Generation” is witnessing, but that in fact they are hand selected, possibly computer generated “Rejects.”

The workers, in other words those who serve the bankers and not the Americans, now doesn’t this function appear more than relevant, but actually international. The problem is within our country there has been some serious international and diabolical events that have been found to have attacked our original systems, but never dealt with seriously in accordance with our nations criminal statutes. What modern day agents may “Fail” to realize is the same powers that have originally attacked our nations systemic infrastructure are waltzing around free just like they were found out then, however still without interruption today. Aren’t “You” the federal failures, the true source of all their confidence? Aren’t “You” who the ones responsible for enforcing federal law and to stop the threat of continuance from any more fraudulent members of any fraudulent representatives cabinet, or any other form of supporting or aiding and abetting federal fugitives found in violation of 18 U.S.C. §2? What negligent recipe for violence and disaster! Who else but the federal agents responsible who are required to enforce federal law? Isn’t this the danger from their overt negligence, aren’t “They” the ones signing us up as a country for violence? Now wait just a minute when talking about violence, because everything our country has been forced to go through for at least the last coming up on twelve years, was more than violent. In fact our country has been so violated, in every way, shape, and form. Especially from those federal law enforcement agents that were sworn into their contracts before God and country to do something, but in fact found out today still seen doing absolutely nothing! Well we have an answer for them don’t we America, don’t we military? I am proud to be more than able to declare today; “We are going to bring the full wrath of the United States systemic executive offensive infrastructure upon the heads of all those agents in their rolls of Directorship inside and outside of America!” Found their decision of doing nothing, thinking nothing would be done, that nobody could or would pick them up and throw them down into Guantanamo Bay. Those days are now faithfully being executed, faithfully being served, bringing everything we have when it comes to the matter of law as a matter of fact down on “their” heads.

Absolutely yes, you could say “We” are more than the Public Integrity Section Criminal Division, we are “The Americans,” not the Russians; but more than P.I.S.C.D.. I wish I could say I was proud of someone in the federal government, every time somebody is starting to look good again, then it would seem they just fall off the deep end and I wish I could say I was proud of someone in Old Washington when it comes to national security with or without their teams, this smackdown really doesn’t include the New Administration, it’s still cleaning up and addressing the disaster over the last coming up on twelve years. I wish I could say I am grateful someone worked together to make the people of the United States feel stronger, safer, and overall just more free to live without the fear of being unlawfully incarcerated or decapitated from speaking or preaching what they believe in. Especially free to expose our internal enemies within, who may have impressive titles, some titles would deter anyone from attempting their prosecution, well the good news is those days have ended too. Jaws doesn’t care so much what your title is, or who you think you are when you are in fact found out just another damned national transgressor. Inside the mind of Jaws works like this, the more transgressors the better, because Jaws isn’t alone and has hungry friends, friends such as other likeminded Great White’s; race not included. Enforcing Justice on those who were required to enforce justice are the days of Jaws, we as a nation have entered these days and just remember; together. When protected federal witnesses wind up dead from an alleged suicide and the investigation ends up in the recycle bin every time, we know there is a problem that is way deeper than you can think without the true intelligence footprint required to identify the world criminals satanic world order structure. I wish I could say I am grateful for any relationship of likeminded people who would do justice, love mercy, and honor their oaths.

I wish nothing more than the future to consist of relationships with respect and integrity especially from leadership within our country, now what is leadership to me? I will tell you what leadership is today, enforcing federal law, and working within our system, not outside of our system listening to anyone anywhere that would lead you or anyone ever further astray. We are building a world with many partners who agree with terminating our enemies, and most importantly identifying their power structure while eliminating any ability for their racket to continue. Now has everyone all over the world enjoyed Americas signal it’s been green for the rest of the world to know America is in fact doing justice again and that our Republic is more than just a democracy. We were born on the fourth of July and this was the beginning of our blood sport. We are taking down every other form of entity that is divided to our system of government whether foreign nations like it or not, we are doing justice especially against those members with their enterprise that hide under the guise of “Honorable Enterprise” or any other form of alleged advances in “Public Interest,” the time has come and we are bringing in thousands upon thousands of federal fugitives. The time has come and we are bringing in thousands upon thousands of world criminals to meet their fate of National and International Justice. Winning over military support goes a long dam way, however let me be clear I don’t need your support, we need your service. That is what America needs, our Military, Federal, State, County, and People to serve our National Defense with our National Offense structure without any further delay. The heavy lifting has been done and been done for a long time, now where is our Nations national security interests, in the clouds? Where is our Nations national security team when we wish to be grateful to the men and women for an outstanding job of completion serving “Our” country for once?

Rather let us all gaze upon their uniforms in these times of coming out of paralysis and putting on the full armor. I look forward to being especially the most grateful when it comes to our military serving justice when our civilian federal law enforcement services have become criminal. I am grateful for those who are still in the grey feeling the surge inside their blood to become more than just mortal but electric blue. We really don’t have a choice, but even if we did you know the United States military has my dam support, and especially for their families who they live for, to die and protect from the dangers facing our nation found all out operating from the inside of our country today.

The military supports our nation’s worst transgressors, who somehow always makes it a valuable point to bring attention to our veterans, those of whom everyone knows for supporting their country in the past, however when they come home today found added to a list of people who the modern day federal government labels a threat. Added to a list with other gun owners and defenders of our way of life. Bearing the mortal wounds of war is one thing, but the immaterial wounds of overt betrayal cuts much deeper than you may think, these wounds are the wounds that only handcuffs can heal. Our current state of alleged “Servants” need to find education, with many needing to not only find representation, but when and if they ever do get free again, will need to find another job, and possibly housing from theirs being ripped from them just like their freedom for betraying our Nation like this. This national justice is mostly for the military, this service is mostly for them to make sure someone else is bearing the immaterial wounds of treason, part of our offensive is to make sure those who have treated our military this way are brought to justice and they know without a doubt what they have done was a crime that did not go unpunished. Punishment and judgment is what this administration is all about, making sure those who cross lines never cross lines again, but most importantly that the future of those who are going to serve in any form of military or federal government are deterred from making the very same fatal mistakes these overt violators have made crossing us all with their deliberate wicked intent.

We have and continue to make these truths self-evident, justice will be served, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Most were only civilians when they entered their alleged leadership and when it comes to National Security how could they ever be in charge when they never spent a single day fighting any good fight, or any real wars. May this be a tribute to all those who have fought real wars and continue the good fight, who now recognize civil process has failed from their allied overt systemic corruptions. The tribute of strength belongs to those who never were found giving up, those who know corruption is finite and the spirit of justice remains not only steadfast, but very much with all those who agree with this service infinite. The true difference between service and process, it is my preference your inclusion into a partnership that becomes more than fellowship, the spirit that exposes all partisanship, as we continue together restoring everything that has been damaged, by an out of line and all out, out of order Old Washington DC. It’s no mystery everyone in the world knows we all tried to work with our congressional representatives, but they simply neglected our voice, our national voice found in our Nations criminal code of conduct 18 U.S.C. and this really does equate to their healthcare, when it finally hits them they will know debt reduction. We will know about new jobs, as they simply will find their new jobs may be mopping the floor of the prison if their lucky enough to take their life saving plea arrangements. We the people with our military are very much in charge now that we have all become connected to our original power systems and this should send a chilling reminder down their spines, especially now that we all have found out everything we needed to find out to activate the enforcement that actually will do something about all their treason. Never could it have been or thought it would have been seen in our countries history any senate leadership to have permitted this crime to have come so far without they themselves being an active instrument in it all. Allow us to take for a moment a remarkable moment of candor in regards to all the years that have quickly dissipated leading up to our Nations Justice Movement. Further before any more elections there are statutes that determine such issues regarding eligibility, especially now that the Democratic National Committee have been charged under the Act which every American is an active part of this being the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization Act of 1970.

In other words let us as a nation well over three hundred and twenty one million Americans find our unity of justice in this actual spirit of enforcement found in “Our” laws of the land. Keeping the peace as we enforce justice on the agents who were to have enforced justice will be a great test for our nation to keep the peace as we fight the war on corruption. The fine line of providing intelligence to the masses who mostly will protest assuming all the wrong things is even greater of a task than simply arresting ten thousand famous fugitives. The service of providing them the intelligence they own, simultaneously exposing all the corrupt agents found within their corrupt establishment, is and has become an unstoppable force today, the unstoppable movement of the Americans, not the Democrats, The Americans not the Republicans, or any other form of division, but in fact it was the American peoples greatest work. Every one of us it would seem these days have built up aggression, but nobody other than this administration found providing the invaluable service of where to exactly focus all that energy. Every one of “Them” must have been somehow compelled to disrespect “The Americans,” without any thought as to the inevitable future state of someone bringing everything a divided America needs all in order to unite their spirits in accordance with “Our Law” to be able to vent their super frustration against all of those “Members” who predetermined their own damned outcome. What did they actually assume America with her people would never Unite again? That America with her “Men” would never partake in national justice again? Every one of us and every one of them would somehow be compelled to spend our lives begging for relief from those who caused all the damage in the first place? Would they seriously have thought twice if they knew the future would bring the kind of remedy every American shall have to feed their hungry jaws? Would they’ve spent their time and energy fleeting between those two extremes clear as noon day you’re either with the American people or you’re with the systemic terrorists? The difference between the two extremities only outcome being the difference between freedom and life in imprisonment. Knowing full well they never were going to be right all the time? Somehow hoping someone somewhere would save them from the full wrath of the United States of Americas criminal statutes to combat such internal system terrorists as we the military have found out to not only be true, but in fact far more sinister than any civilian could digest when it comes to serious dam red pills. Found today a faculty in every home hoping and praying we are more than right more than ten times a day, dealing with those who assume they are dealing with “Our” justice system, when in fact “Our” justice system is dealing with “Them.”

The wizards behind the curtain somehow this fraction of foreign corporate medium dominates the continent when it comes to information. However and whichever party doesn’t matter so much if you can clearly see it the way “We” see it when it comes to their “Wizard of Oz” type intelligence offensives. When you think of “Real Government” today really think about a government that serves the people the intelligence to remove the curtain and expose the little tiny old man with a big screen and a scary image created to strike fear in the hearts of anyone who dare come any closer to their enterprise. No wonder every normal American detached from such fraudulent programming has trouble trusting an old Government that somehow became in service to powers that were never our own. That’s the nail on the head, that is what every agent fears, is that the American people are awake to the ridiculous and outrageous overt national attacks on the American peoples neurological processing of information. We live in a year that is in the future even if our enforcement had been found deliberately purposed to continue without the information and intelligence needed to be victorious against our adversaries in the year we find ourselves living in. Who out there and what agent in exactly what agency is found still compromising with their own weaknesses? We find in only the last couple of elections America made a bold statement concerning all those incapable of defending their country in full, without compromising our national security interests, we find America made a decision to appoint someone who was skilled in firing incompetent bastards, but we await our beloved country to awaken to someone more than skilled when it comes to indicting dumbed down damned agents in accordance with 18 U.S.C. §794.

We the future state absolutely do set traps for our transgressors to fall into. We are more than “High Tech,” we just happened to be “Light Years” ahead of all our adversaries national and international interests. There is no dam doubt when everything we have gathered for over a decade comes to national and international light, the hearts found in weak women and men most certainly will fail them. In other words they will just drop dead from the full weight of what is coming against “Them” in “Our” way of dealing with every form of adversary within “Our” restored courts of law. Our courts have conquered and defeated many alleged “Distinguished” senators, our new systems fuel for its fire consists of daring to cooperate with the military and people of The United States of America. Our new equations consist of issues our systems find not only important to deal with on a minute by minute basis, but important enough to pay attention to as to make dam sure our future state of our country is safe on the national security interests we all share together as the people of the United States again. May every man, woman and child who call themselves American finally find their hundred percent voting in unity when it comes to the service provided executing their statutory super blades not only of record, but on record defending their safety from those who would wish harm upon them and their families. How is that for the record? The records we speak of today, many world records were shattered recently, they were just so scary the Guinness Book of World Records would have nothing to do with them all. You know, most indicted felons, most indicted Senators, most indicted District Court Judges, most awarded damages ever and on it goes; on and on America again! Those who today are found still hiding from the national and international light of exposition fail to realize our statutes do all the hating for us so we the people with their military don’t have to waste this energy in a direction we all never wanted to go and not even in the first place. Nothing new under the sun when it comes to those who disagree with our alive and active double edged blades of justice requirements when it comes to their prescribed punishments.

Absolutely yes, in fact on behalf of the Pentagon of The United States of America “We” have a “Giant Dam Problem” with “Do Nothings” and “Cowards.” Unfortunately gradualism has swapped out any form of life in our federal law enforcement agencies and have we noticed a recent change in spirit concerning them all? Have we the Pentagon of the United States of America noticed the recent change when it comes to “Brownnosing” from an FBI and Department of Justice lately? Of course we identify this nearsighted attempt at deterring our super forces from picking up the slack of their all found out agents in violation of Americas federal statutes. Soon the fractional reserves and the divided factions within “Our” federal agencies shall be resolved.

We had a spiritual problem, a real supernatural turn of events over the last decade that dictated our country go in a direction none of our founding fathers could have imagined possible found from their futures children. Just bad kids in both parties don’t exactly today see it that way. They think Government is their friend, and somehow the modern day congress is like a bunch of spoiled brats, most of them very rich by the way, as though entering a restaurant, having a seat, ordering up anything they like, and expect the military with the people of the United States to “Serve Them.” How about a rude dam awakening when “Their Masters” show up with the “Real Check.” That’s exactly right the people with their military of the United States of America in fact are “The Real Chess Masters.” We have been working for the last couple of centuries and just wait until you get a load of “Our Centurion Report.” The peoples issues over the last century we also find important because we the military just happened to be the people of the United States. We further find the very same issues important to us for our future of the country, since matters of national security just happened to involve us as we are the only ones it seems these days defending our country from certain death. Super P.I.S.C.D. military forces, meaning even within the civilian federal wing of the “Public Integrity Section Criminal Division,” we have been forced to pick up ever more “Slack.” How about “That” for “Iron Starters,” so here it is and what we want to say to you all wrapped up in a single final solemn equation. Again, for everyone it’s either them or us, either the enemy or the people of the United States with their military. Here is what we want the people at home to ponder, simply think about, marinate on when it comes to times that are tough to digest. When they feel anger, when they feel like hurting people, nothing can compare to what your military is going to do legally and lawfully to those people who have deceived you making you believe they actually had your best interests at heart. Recently George H.W. Bush’s cardiologist was seen fatally shot in broad dam daylight. Yeah, we allege it was certainly a targeted attack sending “Bush Legacy” a message.

Well we certainly have a message for anyone found anywhere operating with such diabolical violent actions such as this all found out atrocity. Thank you for waking everyone up to the way our internal damned enemies are currently really found freely able to operate. Thank you to the civilian federal law enforcement agencies for all your service when it comes to all our signed executive warrants for our national transgressors arrests. Hey, maybe if you would have served ten percent of them Dr. Mark Hausknecht would still be found riding his bike to work today. This is what we like to call “First Blood,” you know drawing first blood in our modern day war! Welcome to the year two thousand and eighteen everyone. Just because you play by the rules agents, those who are in fact your adversaries consider your discipline a disadvantage. They certainly underestimate “Bush Dynasty,” don’t they George? “They” have no idea what we’re really going to do to “Them” do they W? Just remember one thing America you have this wonderful intelligence and super updated very fast system of government found in the modern days we live in to make dam sure you are defended from adversarial forces our current civilian federal cowards are afraid of, they are terrified of potatoes, they are absolutely mortified from any form of real work. Yes, certainly yes we are in fact uncertain of the politics we see in Old Washington, their inaction is constant, the conflict continues, but what is good politics anyways? What makes good politics work, I don’t know if “Politics” ever worked even from the concept, did George Washington have good politics? Is there such thing as “Good Politics?” Because you know what I allege politics would sound like to our forefathers? I allege it would sound once it is thoroughly elaborated to them simply a diabolical way to get “Around The Law.” What shouldn’t ever work, or necessarily work in the “Real World.” The only problem we have found is the real world, grounded in the court of law, reality found within our factual realm of understanding on the basis of truth and fact, we find today “Good Politics” does in fact necessarily work within in their “Fraudulent World,” when it should be the other way around, what really works in the real world is cooperating with the reality of the peoples statutes.

It works wonders for Business and Government functions finding real foundation once again, rather than fictional foundation able to continue is super damaging campaign of causing further fraudulent destruction. Can anyone get real today, can anyone in any University ask any Mayor anywhere exactly why they are there? Can Los Angeles or New York see from “Sea to Shining Sea” yet? Can Chicago Illinois finally find the resolve like Hawaii to come to their “Magma Senses?” Can our military yet find their inner “Kilauea,” and when it comes to something being found inside today rising up within everyone who calls themselves “American,” why not work together for a change, why not work together without all the branding of predecessors robbing the words from the Universe branding them to death as theirs alone, why not take everything back from everyone who has robbed our “Dreams” like this? Here’s a hope made to last, work on everything together again, finally look at the Republicans and Democrats for what “They” have done to our country with all our people, do more than seriously evaluate all the damage they have caused to our nation and people over only the last forty years. Universal law works like this, “No Kingdom can stand divided against itself, it will surely crumble.” What part of that as United Americans again do you not understand? Can you imagine a Gyro for a moment with two bent out of shape objects called the Democratic National Committee and the other bulge the GOP huh? Let’s see you all try to continue for the future of our national centrifugal force like this. Working together to get anything actually done never ever could work like this. Maybe our people with their face hugging televisions need to wake up to those who have apparently checked their brains in at the door upon entering the service of the actual service required serving the United States people, and always with their military.

Those we find today simply fighting the working American justice system the same, the very same underachievers who we find resisting arrest, and they just can’t stop disagreeing even when someone screamed at them years ago to “Put Away” their divided matches lighting everything on fire, they just couldn’t unite could they America? We’ll now “We” really are getting something done, we’re getting the “Big Job Done,” you know the one placing all those famous elected national transgressors under arrest. Hasn’t anyone heard it before, more than Senator Misdemeanor knows, it’s much more serious of a crime to be found that stupid, that’s right it really is a crime to be found out that dumb. The only they thing “They” know how to work on is constant conflict, because only they are found able unlike everyone else all the time and only they know how to fix everything all of the time? However their banner would always fly “Nobody is right all of the time” and yet when it comes to the reality of what time it has become in America, nobody wants to talk about the broken clock, in fact working, but only misread, the reality is “Times Up.” Now that’s right all of the time and compared to their broken clock, which is only found right twice a day, this clock, “The American Clock” on the other hand is right all of the time!

Now when it comes to being right all of the time, right on time, we find another reason time is up for those who were found fighting our justice systems over the last and just over a decade it turns out! It just happens to turn out to be “Your Elected Representatives,” that’s right your elected hopefuls. Full of hope that you wouldn’t find out the information that certainly brings those super transgressors into our nations custody. They call anyone who enforces the law “Domestic Terrorists” you know they’re just trying to advance equal opportunity. What opportunity is this? Their opportunity to label real law enforcement as Terrorists? Did they forget about our recent acquisition of economic empowerment? That’s right the very same economic empowerment the “Real Terrorists” have prevented, and obstructed, absconded, especially all found out on executive judicial branch record, actually found preventing the people of the United States with their military from having. Isn’t that exactly correct? They must have found it both morally right and just good economics to keep the “Criminal State” alive and flourishing; as able to crush anyone in their way right? We’re not only telling you today, but we’re warning everyone everywhere today, the American people with their military are waking up fast.

That is super dangerous to anyone and everyone who the people with their military find were in a place of sworn protection and obligation to defend, but in fact were found out aiding and abetting dark undermining forces hell bent on our National termination. I would say you’re in great danger, way past anything I could ever do, or even my life concerning your lives, the historical record recorded all of your transgressions. The historical records have been lodged with “Top Military Brass,” all over the world concerning you all. I would not want to be you right now, that’s for sure. Speaking of your poverty and national discrimination when it comes to the order of the way America does business, example “Justice The Fourth Order of Business,” as to conclude the exposition of those who are all found out today, ignorant of our code, full of ignorance and obstruction resisting our national growth. The question we have is just who the hell do you think you are to restrict our national and international growth? We find you weeds who do more than just stifle our national potential, we further find your systems of government aren’t even your own. You who were found all out in eradicating the potential of all our new ideas and inspirations. America is waking up and let me tell you I know them more than you think I do because I just happened to be one of them; we do more than just cut off people like this. We do way more than just help one another who have been affected from your lawlessness and national inaction like this, you can say our military will most certainly deal with everyone who has affected us like this. Not only are “You” going to pay for making all of us feel the way we have felt over the last decade, but you are going to prison and that makes everyone feel good again. Everyone who is not elected agrees, the only ones we find in disagreement just happens to be our elected! No wonder we know the kind of investments you made in preventing our National education getting updated to all your systemic warfare against the people of the United States with their military. We are fully updated and have all the education we need when it comes to furthering our original root systems infrastructure, our scientific and technological advances we have made over just the last decade while you were found sleeping the whole time. “We” were working hard, very hard to advance our research being able to obtain solid growth, something obtained much more solid than anything we have seen over the last decade when it comes to your elected vegetable state understanding.

We increase good jobs, we are the ones who always have created new wealth, remind you elected vegetables all you ever have done is cost the American people their wealth, remind you weeds all the rest of your days include spending them together in federal prison. There you can love each other for the rest of your days, talk all about your case law, and even lick each other’s faces to death now ask yourselves do we the people of the United States of America care concerning your damned behalf? Being found doing our country and with our military like this? Nope. Not today but lately we have something more than clear, we have noticed you like everyone else on earth probably more than likely have noticed too. We find there is no news concerning your future state, of course separated from our future state, there is no good news being reported about what we the people with our military are doing with all this corruption.

I don’t know maybe because I know all about it and maybe because I grew up in a different generation than those who seem to be still found attached to MSM AI. Those who have zero information from their trusted culprit the mainstream media, but the fact really found today still exists main stream, but just remember the old saying as any old dead fish can float downstream. The new generation of American is all high speed like trains, like training talking about growing up in different generations, there is a new Generation of American on scene, unseen on purpose. Hey we’re not surprised you may find yourselves disagreeing with everything we are doing for “Our” future state, since most of you will be long dead by the time we get there together. We are taking the steps we would like to see set up for the foundation of where all of us would actually enjoy living, rather than existing in a state we find our adversaries trying to force down our throats. There is more than a relevant truth for our modern state we live in, Jesus said turn the other cheek, not turn the other throat. Yes, America is still found to be a nation full of believers, even if our Government had been dismantled to death, separating any brains from state, this way the brainless could feel powerful without any threat to their covert continuances.

Today I disagree with everyone over there, especially with Democrats, I especially disagree with Republicans, I just disagree with their cower. I actually never was taught to hate anyone, let alone feel the way our statutes feel towards them all! Today it’s nice to know we as an awake and new generation of American can place all our frustration, anger, hatred, resentment, all on our “New Working” justice systems, because God knows they can handle it all, including all of “Them,” who have treated us this way. Americans are not Democrats, Americans are not Republicans, Americans are Americans and we have our roots back today, we have our original systems and we can simply sit back and list off all the things “They” don’t have. They don’t have the possibility to send federal troops to my home again, they won’t get another strike when it comes to doing such demented things as the history of this court has brought to light before the nations. We’re building new interstate highways, but more than this we’re building all kinds of new things, whether those who were “Dispatched” to try and “Stop” our future from occurring, we are going to build all kinds of new things together while they spend the rest of their lives in prison thinking about the day they got hit by the Americans lighting train express!

Can you believe there are people who exist in leadership within our government found today, who work around the clock for free! Can you believe they haven’t taken a single dollar from the American people and you have to ask yourselves the question, who in their right mind would work around the clock for free? Well you also have to understand there are less than a handful of people who know the true value of “National Freedom.” Freedom from everything and everyone the populous haven’t a single clue about who actually exist robbing our people from their future hopes and aspirations of living in a country they would find themselves not only loving to be a part of, but able to exist in a place that still was found to have life, liberty, and happiness. When someone somewhere besides Russia, China, North Korea, Germany, find out what other nations know today, when it finally comes all the way back around and back to the American people, there exists someone such as myself, who is a slave for your future freedom. Your future military freedom, future continued state, keeping you free from the bondages of tyrannical enemies, serious sociopathic and psychopathic monsters who for some reason you just couldn’t pay any attention to America!

Well it’s worth every typed word to bring you up to speed in the year we live in, to update you to the forces hell bent to enslave you, they already have been enslaving you all, and right in front of your blind faces they have done their dirty work. The things you have no idea about are what is destroying your chances of actually having your future dreams. Hey, go ahead don’t listen, don’t pay attention to any of the warnings of awake Presidents, go on your way because God also knows this autopilot dimension our nation is on is just like the weapons industry shelf life. Really think about that for a moment comparing world peace, to total destruction. Don’t think for a moment President Reagan didn’t understand serious matters, he had the understanding of serious blades, something happened to our government we find today they are not taking anything seriously; serious vegetables. We are reporting to the people who may find it serious as life or death the circumstances and reality of events that are happening right now concerning everyone, everywhere, all over the world. Whether or not you would take anything in this message serious enough to force their federal compliance. That’s right federal law enforcement compliance. How is that for national welfare reform? Doesn’t that work better when it comes to reform? You know reform that helps our nation to be there in the future without negative reform? How about the positive reform to get our civilian federal law enforcement actually enforcing the peoples federal statutes again, especially protecting them from those people who are professionals at gaining their support all the while stabbing them in the hearts slowly, but surely, can we get national systemic defense? Can we get today international systemic defense that helps protect the lives of all our troops scattered all over the world abroad? Can we get functions that aren’t recipes for disaster? Can we get simple functions that work for the benefit of our country, rather than the profit of those who wish to destroy us all? Today, I still have so much more confidence in State police forces, I am just a thousand percent more confident in Sheriffs abilities than the DHS or the state of FBI combined all found out in the state they have become.

They need to look hard at the date they were created and get in serious touch with their systemic roots fast, and when I say fast I mean real fast, before the people wake up all the way and are found instead of attacking their state law enforcement, partnering up with them demanding with their Sheriffs their serious incarceration. I feel this should seriously become our immediate focus for national education goals, the first goal of when waking up all the way not to attack your local police forces, especially not to attack your state Sheriffs, and try to refrain from attacking any federal agency, with their operatives until we get down to the bottom of everything that has happened to our country.

Not every Federal Bureau of Investigation agent is corrupt, when it comes to my opinion, my opinion matters as I haven’t come across too many corrupt Department of Homeland Security agents, however everyone knows, and when it comes to the Executive Judicial hammer sledge hammering the Federal Bureau of Investigation so the American people don’t have to, you can know this justice action has already been fulfilled. Hey, sorry you Directors really, really, really should have listened to when President George W. Bush, and whether he meant it that way or not, recently commanded “Get Moving!” We the military with our national site on you actually witnessed you continue to do nothing, against all our warnings you did nothing, and now we’re doing something Directors. Everything you have doubted to your own dam demise is now showing the reality that the “Iron Dam Presidential Predator Program” was in fact the most successful program injected into the corrupt state of an undermined government, overthrown country, defending an unknowing people against their dark intricate attacks from being able to continue without hell to pay. That’s right this wonderful super success makes me not only grateful to inform our people with their military the success of its victory project, but that if you witnessed it working anywhere all over the world, you would be grateful it actually provided you being able to read this today. You don’t have to believe the program saved all of your lives, but those who really are in the know, know full well this Executive program in fact saved all of our lives. Millions of military lives, we don’t really even like talking about everything it genuinely prevented from happening on earth. However, we would like to point out an FBI that still does nothing when it comes to the treasonous enemies of state that operated on the inside and who almost were found super successful on killing us all!

Why is it nothing is still being done and this program still found running full speed ahead trying to continue our national defense forces? Finding today we don’t have federal law enforcement services! Would “Wray” care to inform the military of the United States with the people of America why nothing is being done? We know why, you don’t have what it takes especially now you and all your Directors have been indicted. I apologize Trump, this really has nothing to do with you, it has everything to do with an Oath, a Job Description, Receiving True Payment Activation, Being More Than Aware of The Crimes, and Simply Doing Nothing. Now is Wray going to prison America? I think we all know the answer to that, now saving lives isn’t exactly the dream job I had hoped for, I just ended up in a position of being found in the middle of World War III., simultaneous Civil War and attempting to prevent World War IV. It wasn’t exactly anything I wanted to be found in the middle of, but you know what go to sleep pretend everything being addressed today isn’t real. You don’t have to worry, the FBI has everything under control and this guy bringing all of this to you isn’t who he says he is, he has no job, no car, no money, lives at home with his mother, and only has .21¢ to his name. He isn’t a judge, he has no judicial power, no legal authority, he never was president, not once, not twice, he hasn’t any ability to indict only Grand Juries can do such things! He doesn’t have military support, nobody in America supports him, he only has 18 followers on twitter, and he especially has no lawful authority in the United States of America! He is delusional, schizophrenic, ex drug attic felon, grandiose, full of everything including rhetoric, and simply is what we have manufactured him to be when it comes to credibility! America let me ask you a question have you ever saved over a million lives? George I know you have saved millions of lives at least once before, I heard about the millions of lives you saved in poor countries.

I think you have done nothing less than a stellar job concerning your super outreach programs. A special thank you from a complete alleged lunatic, who just as crazy identifies with just how stressful it really was to be Commander In Chief throughout the duration of the September 11th 2001 attacks. May this peon just thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to our country in the times of such national emergency. Because my opinion doesn’t matter to those who don’t matter at all. We’re not talking to you today, were talking to the dynasty that has the experience when facing our toughest disasters and aftermath of a very real enemy of the state’s horrendous ability to actually get the American people to ingest bad input, creating horrific output. Comparable to the South Eastern Tsunami, or even Hurricane Katrina with the damage this overt systemic influence had on our military and people of the United States.

We apologize for the damage that must be happening on the inside of your administration concerning the future of many people you held dear, who simply have to pay the price for their decisions they made contrary to federal law, many people you know, and trusted are going away for a very long time. The good news so far so good, the Bush Dynasty as of Monday July, 23rd still safe, although I can’t say the same thing for many, upon many other people our whole nation trusted to serve us well, but in fact have been caught aiding and abetting our Nation’s worst sustained systemic attack in the history of our Great Country. For them it’s about that time to seriously consider just giving up, and surrendering to real law enforcement and cooperating with the military and people of the United States of America, preventing national upheaval.

Further if they really cared they would surrender themselves to real law enforcement preventing international upheaval. We find the true forces evil wouldn’t ever give up the fight, but isn’t that really the true reason “We” call it placing “Them” under “Arrest?” Just like their wicked hearts, we have to stop them from beating their divided drum carrying ever more victims down with them in their hell bent ways to utter and total destruction. Let me tell you, for those who have taken the oath, who you work for, so that you may know and never forget again. Who it is for the life it is you are working with, because then your focus can become able again to focus on fixing the person with the problem, that person at the end of the day, that person is you before God alone. The very same problem you know or do not know matters, as the contract you have concerning your eternal life actually matters. Now, as a matter of fact, when it comes to the law of whether you honored your contractual obligations you made before God and country, today when it comes to honoring your oath, well it just isn’t so…

That’s right you Democrats are finished for good, don’t ever come back, we know you think the country works when you’re around, but you know what your weakness had been exploited, your racial evangelism utilized by a real enemy of the state almost got our entire country wiped off the map, just to think you continue, that you actually continue without any form or shape of apology to our people and the military found defending our country from ourselves within your enterprise! Just to ponder that your thought still continues contrary to any normal functions found in any human brain that obviously work better than your only thought to further cover up and conceal! I will tell you what a strong middle class has a strong middle finger for your type of failure, the failure that almost cost everything all of our founders worked to prevent from being able to have happen, that our enemy would be able to conquer our God and country, destroying everyone’s lives from being able to continue. You couldn’t be more right we certainly are not only exposing you all for what you allowed to have happen, but actually aided and abetted to continue without interruption in the heat of World War III. Warfare! You, yes you Democrats need education, you need reeducation concerning all of our hearts still found beating today thank God and no thanks to you we have risked all of our lives to try to save all of our lives from operatives who crawled up your organization unscathed. Finding their way to the top actually found today now with clear 2020 vision looking back, training their whole lives to be able to get to a high place of internal authority, only to find they were on a clear radical mission. Their basis in fact an Islamic suicide mission hell bent to terminate us all! Hey, don’t worry we prevented many Nuclear Attacks, we stopped many Nuclear Wars, we already prevented total destruction, not once, not twice, but more than three times and what is our law enforcement doing about it today? Nothing and that is why many, many law enforcement agents are going to wake up all in Geronimo!

It’s just too dam late Democrats you can’t go back in time and fix your cower, you’re already caught and our system now has to play all the way out concerning you all. Now that’s real country for everyone, that’s a real strong working middle finger from the middle class! You know real opportunities exist for poor folks now that their lives are safe from your overt failure to protect our entire military, our entire country with every form of people and class as now safe from you all Democrats! Our future now recovers from the damage you have caused the entire earth from your overt failure. We now recover and work our way out of your disgusting disgraceful criminal organization. We have the relentless spirit to do such relentless things as incarcerating you all for the future benefit that restores us all as a nation. You’re right we have a relentless focus on the future with business that actually works, a government paid by their labor that actually defends, a government that actually prosecutes, now working together to promote our growth out of your super restrictions, but you know what? Now the DNC EXODUS begins! The part of the party where your party ends and the new party of the people begins. Now everyone can get excited and party while we prosecute everyone, everywhere, Governor or not, Senator or not, President or not, doesn’t make a dam difference when it comes all the way down to the matter of law. That’s right VIS LEGIS, your game is over, our victory begins, your failure, our accomplishments, and your final destination imprisonment.

Your sentencing the only thing to look forward to! Now that’s broadly shared prosperity and now that everyone can see we believe in our national defense equations together strong! Absolutely not, no you could never have that being found out totally apart from us, from the people, from their military, from our nation, we’re all in this together! However, part of that equation that belongs to us, is not you or your party politics. Three hundred and twenty one million people party strong, the part of the Great American story where we became super intelligent super-fast, super strong, superpower 18 U.S.C. blades vegetables, potatoes! Harvest ready to gather you all up and bring you where you never wanted to be! The same place you forced on us we as a nation never wanted to be, but in a state of real emergency. That’s works for us, those who are super experienced in states of emergency, the same people who always seem to keep our nation alive in such serious emergency. The very same people in power today, gathering up all those agents who doubted the seriousness of the crimes we found on court record, who are now coming under the law from their overt negligence’s and decisions continuing doing absolutely nothing.

If this is you, you are right you are in major danger, you just haven’t realized it yet, but that’s the wonderful thing about court, real court, things manifest don’t they? Don’t they military, don’t they America, don’t they everyone? Now look at the states, how many states are dominated by divided parties systems today, and how many in those states know of the enormity of the events just about to take place whether they like it or not? Now how about the millions of private sector jobs, every job has something in common, we all find ourselves currently at war with a foreign state that somehow thought it would be able to continue its “Continuance” without the entire private sector waking up to their clear and overt crimes against our God given country. Who is keeping score on this fourth address anyways? If you were keeping score you would see America winning so huge it just can’t even be talked about, it’s just too scary to air on television how huge America really is today! We’re just so much bigger than divided political parties. We nominated a military, “Our” military to get involved, we love our military always cool on the outside, especially so when it comes to one five star general, but today let us all come together strong burning on the inside for our restored America! Let us all feel the controlled burn inside refining the world champions who never gave up, who just couldn’t do it because that failure never found root in their supernatural defensive and offensive nature.

Let us all desire a new country that consists of Men and Women rather than schoolchildren, let us all believe with no doubt that country exists today, much more powerful and strong than it has ever been now that everything has been reinforced with solid Iron. Feel free again to feel free to venture into your American dream military, and for civilians your renewed dream economies, let everyone who call themselves American be driven by super innovation sharing the spirit affirmed we still are in fact a world superpower! We are super strong, our pure creativity radically changed education, our supernatural style found amazing cooperation, and by the way after the last over a decade, let everyone everywhere know the purity of justice worked wonders against all those who doubted our country with their military to certain death.

However, after all this time guess what, all of us can still feel our root systems working when we hold our throats, just checking, yup still alive! Still working now we just need enforcement that has enough common sense to value their own throats the very same way and have enough sense to have a new sense of urgency to immediately continue defending all of our throats from those who were caught attempting to remove our heads. Doesn’t that equate to doing something today Generals? Who wants to continue having their throats today? I certainly do now something is required when someone like who we have found on court record tried to slice them all. Don’t you think it’s about time to do some justice? Forget about the next President of the United States for just a moment and thank God for giving you another day to not only see daylight, but actually use your vocal cords for what they are made to actually do. Tell someone you’re grateful for the life you have today, the one you almost didn’t have today. Tell someone somewhere you value people who not only protect you from what you know exists, this being terrorism in the world, but especially grateful for all those people found defending against real dangerous sociopaths. Psychopath’s you just couldn’t believe, not that part anyways, because they were just too good at their serious attempts at all of your lives.

Tell someone somewhere you appreciate real federal law enforcement, or even today a Sheriff with their new federal powers stopping these attacks from happening again. Eventually nothing is done for too long, and those who defend your lives from certain death may just stop caring, and then something terrible happens. Don’t let that be you or anyone you know, make dam sure to provide relief services, with your remedy services, speaking to federal law enforcement, provide these services so the most talented people can rest for once. Give this relief to them so that they can feel like somebody cares about everyone’s lives enough to protect them and especially from what they don’t know that almost got everyone killed. Now how is that for prosecuting the “Standard Bearer” of the Democratic Party? The standard works like this all of you are caught, and all of your blame on the Russians or any other form of attempt at keeping you from having to face the nation is more than over.

We are the Americans, and the blame belongs to us, we are the ones responsible for prosecuting you all, not the Russians. I know it breaks everyone’s hearts, but the DNC attempt at giving all the honor to the Russians for their containment, doesn’t belong to anyone other than the people with the military of the United States of America. Find a new vision, find a new dream today that doesn’t meddle with parties that would endanger the world with their creation of wild inventions and dangerous attempts in keeping only themselves protected from prosecution. Find your personal individual initiative to discover the truth, rather than what programming is forced down your throats. Maintain protecting your eyes and throats form such attacks as this terrible national atrocity, previously known as the Democratic National Committee, as this DNC almost got all their members killed. I would be more than P.I.S.C.D. if I were you, and I found out all this truth concerning all these systemic and morality terrorists that almost cost everyone their lives. Why not today become more than involved in getting to bottom of every form of their foreign “Government” that only had one thing in common, never your best interest! The Republicans don’t have what it takes to do justice, they just don’t have the connection of our national narrative straight at all. They too are found out living in an alternative universe. We don’t know what happened to anyone anywhere who lost sight of our Nations Preamble. Everyone should at this time spend more time talking about safety rather than economy, as economics will always be there for our people to continue with, whether good or bad, but something happened and nobody is doing anything about it which almost cost us everything. In other words the inability to serve in an economy when none of our lives were there.

Didn’t anyone see anything over the last coming up on twelve years? Didn’t anyone anywhere see anything really dangerous that took place all over the world? Can we finally get some Nuclear Commanders living testimony without the fear of being assassinated? Can we get ahold of these politicians who don’t have what it takes to be a Man in the year 2018? Can we get any rare species today to wake up real Women? We’ve been attacked doesn’t anyone anywhere within our Government understand that? Now war is about to break out all over the earth is everyone in our military prepared for that? Today why the hell are orders still going unserved? Do you think we did it just for fun to order all of our military back with our embassy’s dumped until further notice for kicks? Does everyone think we made the decisions we made just to entertain ourselves?

Well whatever happens just remember this everyone everywhere as everything continues to be on record. Aren’t Americans so patient? Especially when we as a nation are all in session, quietly watching, noting, documenting, bringing every overt out of line, out of order person, eventually into serious questioning and which will determine their everything! This concludes the fourth and final address, the conclusion of a series of “Justice The Fourth and Final Order of Business,” thank you, thank you all very much, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, now all Mayors may they finally understand, may every Governor finally comprehend, may all the divided parties unite nominating themselves as Americans again, may everyone find their united minds again.

I wish for you all to be forever safe, find your life again, do away with divided adversity and uncertainty become our nations executive branch change the course of our nation forever, becoming the strongest economy the world has ever seen, further identify the fraudulent elections, find your selves as the only candidate you have been searching for your whole lives, stop the justice collapse, prevent another great depression, cease in following mortality sliding into further depression help each other decide to climb instead of decline, look up instead of left or right, recover your selves from any more affiliations that have robbed you of your chance at a lifetime, may millions upon millions find themselves no longer dependent on those who have taken everyone away like this, may the people stop the systems from being able to further kidnap them from their national happiness, may everyone find what it takes to keep their hopes, aspirations, life, liberty, and most importantly American dreams alive!





You’re Branch Majority…















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