SEO® Dedicated To Your Rediscovery,

“Marketing services in the field of computers in the nature of providing marketing services for the benefit of others by compiling advertising campaigns, promotional services, and consulting for customers” The Official Response to the Search Engine Marketing Community. Again.

I’m happy to address the Search community, and let you all know that I have successfully passed the arbitrary requirements for the trademark of the term “SEO,” and am now in the Notice of Publication stage. “Official SEO® Notice!”  I am not trying to deceive anyone, but am trying to include everyone.

SEO® Swan Standards. I am helping the search engine marketing community establish an approved SEO process, which can be sold as an “SEO service.” A good example of a proven process that is delivered as a service is that any CPA working for a public organization must understand the GAAP process to properly provide accounting services. They can still provide accounting practices to anyone they choose, but cannot claim them as GAAP, unless they follow the GAAP guidelines. 

SEO® Bridges The GAAP.

While SEO as a process has plenty of processes suggested throughout the community, there is no “approved” process by any governing body. Because the Search community has no approved SEO process, the industry has been riddled with used car salesmen, con-artists and rip-offs, resulting in a black-eye within the industry, and thousands of ripped off businesses throughout the country. We can change this with the SEO trademark. SEO® We Just Did!

My goal in owning the trademark for the word SEO is not to try to force people to change their SEO process, but rather, prevent companies from selling “SEO” as a service under false pretenses. SEO® Exposing injustice on an international level USA!

Rather than try to control the industry and choose the process myself I wish for the industry to create the “approved process.” I don’t want to stop people from performing the process of SEO however they like, BUT, if you are selling “SEO” as a service, it is important to follow the approved guidelines set by the community. Otherwise, our industry will continue to be viewed as a snake-oil industry. SEO® The Snakes Have Been Defeated!

I invite communities from SEOmoz, Web Pro News, Search Engine Watch, SE Roundtable, etc. to help form the guidelines for good SEO. SEO® $eo00$h*tList.

If you are interested in helping form the industry approved SEO guidelines, please contact me here, and I will follow up with you shortly. SEO™ Update! Who controls SEMPO? Speak Scoobie! Speak Scoobie! Speak! You’re Fired! Sullivan You’re Hired! Remember Democracy? Strike Democracy Motion IV. II.I.JI.REPUBLIC.II.I.JI. JI!

We will also be forming a board of directors to oversee changes to the process, and format in which SEO can be sold (basically the BBB for the SEO industry). We will restrict businesses from selling the process of SEO as an “SEO” service if they do not meet the process approved by the SEO trademark requirements. Those approved will use SEO as normal, but will now be able to use the term as SEO®, and will be able to claim that their SEO service is approved under SEO trademark guidelines. SEO® Board Already Elected 2013! 

This power is for the people of the Search community and the protection of the general business consumer. SEO® VICTORY RELOADED ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

 SEO® Radical Revolutionary Resurrection State!

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SEO® JSwan Revolution! SEO® Jason “Duck Honey!” SEO® What An Upset; Let’s Go Home!







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