Dear Citizens,

I had only moved into the political realm because I was forced to by lawbreakers and lawlessness. Found by your elected officials inside government agencies. I simply couldn’t stand injustice anymore and neither should you; the American people! No one anywhere seemed to be doing anything about it, to force the adherence to the rights of Americans and our constitution and I did prove it. Now, I have a real case, something that is real for the American people to view boldly or boldly view; review boldly.

There needed to be an overhaul on what the Government was to the American people inside the USA. Now, I am holding certain people very accountable to their oaths of office and once they are made very aware and still choose the wrong side of the law, they won’t be able to escape my justice campaign on them for all “The American People” JI!

SEO® Now I have a list of people inside Government agencies that is still growing. Those of whom found who stood against the law, against this nation, and most importantly against the American people. Those of whom must have doubted, or not believed in the very real lines I drew for them in the sands of time, you know the red white blue and black lines that I will be seeking justice for crossing.

Furthermore I will be seeking justice on anyone inside Federal agencies who crossed these lines of law and will certainly set an example for the American people as to follow when they become victim of injustice inside government agencies found breaking their own laws for them to follow! “You will never know how much you despise injustice until you are a victim of it!”

“You will never know how much you cherish your God given rights until you witness those very rights being the very ones that save you from it.” I will show the American people on how to hold your Government accountable to the laws of the land and especially their oaths of office made as a covenant to the people inside the United States.

How to get justice and not have fear, how to do it by law, not become a rogue vigilante out of frustration, but to appropriately enforce your God given rights given to all of you to enforce. So I am not hear to solve the world’s problems, but I can try and solve as many as I can starting with your own. I am pleased to answer your questions and will do so thoroughly as best as I can to all of my powers. With these responses I feel everyone can relate with them, but it is not why I wrote them, they are genuinely how I feel truthfully & honestly.

Out of courtesy and respect I answer them for the very first interviewer of my Justice campaign, (Intentionally left out to protect), and the very first one who has asked me these questions, and who was concerned. I will give you the same courtesy because I am passed concerned I was displeased, and since he compiled 52 questions which took a. Time b. Thought and C. Energy, then I will without hesitation answer all 52 out of my own proof of service now!

It took your energy to compile them, and I will go above and beyond spending the next hour or so answering them for you and your 1.1 million viewer audience online and growing. Thank you for being concerned and investigating all possibilities that may or may not exist, but most importantly for not leaving any rock unturned.

“People like you do the United States of America a great service by keeping your eyes on the people who need it most who are their elected.”

“And may your eyes never grow dim & may your ears always be alert in the genuine hunger for seeking the real truth.”

“Finally may your minds be sharp enough to tell the differences between the two.”


From: Intentionally left out to protect
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 3:26 PM
To: Jason Gambert
Subject: 52 Questions

Jason, I have some questions:[Jason Gambert]

1. Should disbarred attorneys be allowed to run for the office of President? Titles of Nobility 13th Amendment taking “Esquire” bars them only if they are voted in by the American people without Foreign Titles of Nobility, also the American People at any time can impeach any President, so this is up to the people of the USA.

The only requirements for presidency of the U.S.:

I. Being a Natural Born citizen of the U.S.

II. Being at least 35 years of age.

III. Being a permanent resident of the U.S. for at least 14 years. ABSOLUTELY NO TITLES OF NOBILITY AS THE 13th IS LAW.

2. What is your position on the RFID chip? I am for it when it comes to checking out to get rid of lines, but when it comes to people it is already outdated by an RFID ink and is capable of sending a signal 11 or so digits, about the size of a SS# away, now I am a man of Faith, so in regards to taking anything of the matter, would be against the highest laws of my life that surpass Federal and State law. I am against it when it comes to making people a part of any evil diabolical human slavery program. I will fight it, I AM already fighting it.

3. Should any President be allowed to seal his records and deny us the truth? No unless it is a matter of preventing enemies from having certain information, or anything in conflict to the Freedom of Information act, the Department of Justice will oversee. The real question is what will the penalty be if someone overtly breaks the orders given by the FOIA to the people of the world?

4. Are campaign promises, contracts with the people and should they carry the same laws as any other contract? The contract that should really be held is the contract of swearing in, also it is hard when government is getting into their seats, all the things they want to do, that wins them votes, they see or come to realize not everything you say is how it turns out. So there should be some leniency and understanding of the people to be aware of this, and government should lean against any open ended promises that are not realistic like “Fixing the Economy” in one year etc. People should be in tune to anything anyone anywhere is selling them in exchange for their votes, likewise people running should be more careful about what they promise the people. I feel if they made promises, and they are strong enough where the people feel betrayed, discretion should be used in any situation, if they are this affected a remedy always is with the people, they can impeach.

5. Which are the real National Security issues and how has our government abused their power in regards to National Security issues? We shall come back to this. I shall see.

6. What should the rules be on classifying documents? FOIA

7. Why does the government inject rat poison (fluoride) into our water? Lack of education and public awareness with a spirit of passivity, Arizona is the first state taking it out due to a few fellow patriots pursuing the elimination of such treatments. This is just an example of where if citizens want something done, then they must rise up, stand and fight for their rights! Some citizens right now are pursuing this very seriously, turning up the heat on this topic into a great victory, a start for the rest of the nation to follow. They have been putting chemicals in water for a long time, but now there is serious enough reason for change. If you want change you have to rise up and learn the laws, learn how to gain interest, write, and generate public awareness including political support, learn how to fight! I also want to use this grand opportunity as the start of my smile of Justice campaign, where I propose an eliminating of fluoridation treatment nationally, reminding all Americans the best way to fight tooth loss and dental problems is to floss and brush regularly.

Never losing any fights helps too. The costs of fluoridation and savings incurred from eliminating the injections into public water supplies should be passed forward to provide free dental floss and tooth brushes to the poor who can’t afford bottled water for a quarter. This to be proposed rightfully instead of unnecessary costs of fluoridation in water, also reminding everyone who agrees to smile and vote! I am protecting one smile at a time by reminding American people of their God given powers and rights. Everyone is smiling everywhere now including me. You have to smile sometimes at such processes of government thought. The time has come for real American Justice to come forward like an army of ants on a snake. Picture me smiling eliminating all national fluoridation treatment by pushing executive order from the President. Picture America Smiling again, trusting their Government again, finding they are in power again, and where anyone of their elected who stand divided the Constitution and the USA are United rightfully to Prison. T.K.O starts here, but doesn’t stop here.

T. Gather the total costs of Fluoridation in each state accumulating nationally.

K. By executive order stopping the treatment of fluoridation to all public water treatment facilities.

O. Shipping tooth brushes and floss to every appropriate agency for the people to freely partake of the truth of what the real solution to tooth loss and dental problems really is.

8. Do you favor the activities of the Bank of International Settlements? Do they charge overdraft fees?

9. What is the role of the World Trade Organization and what should it be? We shall see.

10. Same question for World Bank. We shall see.

11. Why does every candidate have to belong to the Council on Foreign Relations? We shall see.

12. What would you say are the major threats to our freedoms and the Constitution? Education of the laws, rights, and the Constitution. People need to know the laws, what their rights are, and everything about the foundation of this country, when the people become uneducated, distracted, too busy, in time from Sea to shining Sea becomes lost at sea with no lighthouse in sight. Learning the laws, the highest ones of the land, actively seeking lawlessness, and lawbreakers within the government is every citizen of the United States duty, including you, and including me. Holding them accountable even more so than the population that doesn’t know the laws (yet), but seeking the justice the laws demand for lawbreakers. We may need to teach them the A B C’s

trea•son   [tree-zuhn] noun

a. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

b. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.

c. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

13. Should the government get away with lying about anything? No because it is a breach of our standards, ethics, and moral excellence we should hold liars accountable. Better to just remain silent if the truth needs to be withheld for reasons of national security. Again we have the FOIA, and every agency is held to answering and providing what is readily available to the public, citizen or not. If someone has been caught in a lie, there are remedies and citizens can seek for resignations. I will be setting an example on how to serve, lawbreakers, liars, and anyone who obstructs justice acting a part of any conspiracies against the law.

14. Would you eliminate the Department of Education?There are better solutions, technology is available, saving money is a priority to the American people, paying off debt is very serious, so these are all topics that most do not have the power to perform fully, but an update to the entire platform is going to happen anyways, and people shouldn’t fear the future or the what if’s so much. Embracing change is good when it overwhelms with positivity, in other words if you draw a line down the middle of the paper and put the goods and the bads on both sides, if it’s all goods, one or two bads, the scales weight should be embraced. When the future comes the way it comes, jobs are lost, and new jobs are created, people need to be aware of this and not try and keep a broken system working, especially when the new one is ready to be implemented that I. Solves the major problems II. Is the clear answer.

15. What’s your position on term limits? I am in support of the Constitution how it was created to keep from having Sovereigns have the power, the power belongs to the people and the Government is supposed to serve them. It should not be a concern for anyone who is not seeking the wrong things in their offices. There are time limits for a reason, I am in support of that design it was made to keep America, Americas.

16. How do you feel about forced inoculations? The same way I feel about what the law states if someone puts drugs in your drink or spits in your hamburger and fries. Punishable by imprisonment.

17. Should government be forced to answer our questions about 9/11? FOIA. Furthermore I shall see.

18. Should government be forced to answer our questions about the JFK Assassination? FOIA Furthermore I shall see.

19. Should government be forced to answer our questions about the RFK Assassination? FOIA Furthermore We shall see.

20. In our country of some 314 million people, the highest qualified 25% sum about 85 million and we’d like to know if you think that Romney and Obama are the two best choices and candidates for President? What other choice do we have? We shall see..

21. As president, would you work to repeal all laws which are unconstitutional? As should everyone inside these borders.

22. Would you work to abolish the Patriot Act? We shall see..

23. Would you ask for an investigation into the dozens of apparent conspiracies? Yes to get to the bottom of everything once and for all.

24. Would you work to abolish the Federal Reserve? How about the debt of the United States First?

25. Would you work to eliminate the IRS? What is the solution in the replacement of the IRS? What do the American People propose?

26. Would you eliminate the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA?I would never eliminate the 2nd amendment rights to have arms, and when it comes to TSA what do the American people want? I personally don’t fly anymore because it is ridiculous, how about a revolution to the airline industry? It’s all up to the people of America, and entrepreneurs. The future doesn’t have big airlines, just take a look at a real flying car now and furthermore space is getting privatized and technology is the same way. So the change people want, they need to use their money/votes to where they want the future to go. If the American people don’t like TSA then don’t fly. I don’t like feeling like cattle, how about you? Come on the truth is human beings are not meant to be treated this way. It is all a false sense of security. What happens when you sharpen Lexan plastic, or create guns out of something the alarm can’t pick up made to fire things that don’t get detected? This is the best solution to a society that is divided now, which has people who love America and people who hate it trying to destroy it, at all of our costs. What is the solution? We shall see.

27. Would you favor a return to sound money, backed by precious metals? Yes simple. I love disrupting the plans of evil men. It is my favorite thing to do in life. It should be every true Americans God Blessed Unity.

28. Would you favor wiping out the unauthorized interest portion of the national debt? Certainly if feasible. I want to wipe out all debt personally, and you should too, all of you. Blindness is what has caused this debt. Let us all open our eyes now to what is going on, really going on. Get involved in a much higher level, raise the bar of understanding, hold everyone accountable. Publicly expose anyone who needs to be exposed, a great start is targeting reputation, especially smoke screens and mirrors. Evil men exist and it is our job to find them and eliminate their selfish greedy plans outside of our beloved peoples interests.

29. Would you favor forcing Americans to buy health insurance? No, there are other solutions, this comes from someone who doesn’t have a business mind. You don’t force Americans to do anything against the law.

30. Should all members of the Trilateral Commission be banned from all government posts? We shall see.

31. Would you favor opening the UFO files and would you favor openness about aliens? I believe in Aliens about as much as I believe in Demons.

32. Would you stop all MK-ULTRA hypnosis and assassin training? We shall see.

33. Would you stop all CIA child sex slave rings? These are heavy accusations, where is the case? The evidence? Who in particular? This is far too general of a question to get immediate answers for, where is the proof? The internet?

34. Do you feel the major elections are rigged? I hope not.

35. Do you think the problem with America today is the concentration of power? The solution is the concentration of freedom and liberty including the “Rebirth of America.”

36. How do you feel about occupying Iraq and Afghanistan? The same way I feel about occupying mars.

37. What is your policy, regarding invasions of sovereign nations, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Libya and Syria? We shall see.

38. Do you favor a return to privacy for citizens? Yes.

39. We have many cameras on us, but none on government and we’d like to know when this trend will reverse? Right now.

40. Who do you think did 9/11? Did Jehovah God? Are the Isaiah 9:10 Harbingers true?

41. Do you think the media is controlled by government? No, because the internet is a form of Media.

42. Do you think it should be illegal to threaten media with an IRS audit or an FCC investigation? Not if there are laws that have been broken, if the media has nothing to fear, then they don’t have anything to worry about. Especially when the event can and will be publicized. Lights camera action is the policy right?

43. Do you favor a war with Iran and do you see any threat to the USA by them? The people of Iran don’t favor a war with the United States, and the people of the United States don’t favor a war with them. So may I ask who is it that is causing this war? The Government of Iran? The Government of the USA? Who? I am not causing this war, are you? Why don’t the people of Iran take charge of their  own nation rather than two men?

44. Do you favor a carbon tax? I don’t favor TAX at all, if there is a solution to have the spirit of an entrepreneur, this is the solution. Tax is negative, business minded solutions are positive. This is part of America 2.0 “To eliminate 0 minded people from representing 1.”

45. Do you think Obama was correct in signing an executive order that he can murder American citizens, who have not been charged with any crimes and have also not been accused or even suspected of any crimes? Heavy accusations here, in fact we should hold the same rules that anyone who makes accusations that they cannot prove, should be treated the same way if someone makes accusations on any citizen. It is slander, it is libel defamation and Politicians should not fear pursuing investigations on the sources of these rumors. Because that is what they all are unless they can be proven in the court of law and 12 people who are normal sound minded citizens believe it beyond a reasonable doubt. The Justice campaign of Jason Gambert is applicable to everyone everywhere, citizen or servant, citizen and none citizen alike.

(Update 10.6.17 REF: NDAA & “Matrix Disposition Huh?”)

46. How do you feel about the President signing executive orders and circumventing the Congress and the American people? If this can be proven, then the same way every American who has elected their representation should feel of course.

47. Should all Presidential candidates be required to prove their American birth and have a panel to insure that no forgeries can be submitted? Yes. No one can be President of the United States without being 35 and no one who is unborn should be president either.

48. Would you favor ending the borrowing from China to finance wars we can’t afford and paying interest to a cartel of private bankers who did not lend any of their own money to the government? Jason Gambert Justice Campaign never ends. My campaign will live in the true American People even after I am gone. I love America, I love the People, and I am a servant of them with God. In God we trust is more valuable than money. What is paper money to a flame? What is ashes to the wind?

49. Do you think the government was behind the Batman murders? I am Batman.

50. Do you think that America is owned by Europeans, who think of the citizens, as chattel and the country as a corporation? Another strong accusation, but let’s just say for instance there is some truth here, which of course I am not sure there is, but let’s say there are people anywhere who think/assume they “Own” America, there is a fire starting in the American people, the lights are soon to go out and the real stars are going to be coming out. America’s best season ever is about to start. America’s spirit is about to be reborn, America is about to launch into a whole new revolution. America is about to lose it’s fears and turn them all into a blazing Glory. May God Bless America in the heat of Battle!!!!

51. Should the citizens have any recourse, when agencies such as NSA lie to us about astronomical events which are life threatening. Yes, part of the Jason Gambert Justice Campaign is the Justice on Fear campaign. Anyone who stands with Jason Gambert, stands for justice and being fearless. That is part of the true foundation of America, look at our Forefathers who made this nation, sovereign men and women who had the right ingredients for real revolution. 1.) Injustice 2.) Fear 3.) Thievery 4.) Threats of intimidation forced submission and war by a opposition, and what did these real Patriots do? What did they do? Did they settle in a passive spirit? Did they put their tails between their legs? Did they let fear enslave them and force them into coercion? Did they let anyone take anything from them? Did they let anyone rob them of their freedom? Did they let jealousy of other leaders threats or intimidation of war stop them, or rape them? No they did not. There was a fire that started in their bellies, burning into their hearts, igniting their whole being, burning blazing, catching the spirit of fire lighting up other real Americans and this “Spirit of America” was born for the first time! A fear the opposition should have because once it catches “Wind” then Glory begins with I. Justice II. Fire III. Taking America Back V. Fearlessly starting the engines of America again at all costs because there is no price on freedom or liberty not worth it all! GOD BLESS AMERICA.

52. What role should our Attorney General have in gun running or providing arms to Mexican drug dealers? The attorney General should support my justice campaign. Red White Blue and Black are my colorful answers I hope you enjoyed them, I hope I found support from them.

-Thanks Jason Gambert

Update: February 3rd, 2015 SEO® Whoops I’m President Now!







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