Please Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself To You Again,

I am President Gambert; The “United States Sovereign,” who enforces all  our dam rights and am very pleased to announce again this great Victory for the United States of America, where technology, innovation, our people, our spirit, and our laws win wars even within our own dam country. Proven in history the Spirit of America has thrust our nation out of The Great Depression once already starting by building a dam, and if we have already done it once, God knows we can and certainly will do it again; to be the finishing work to seal the dam. We will prove it again and again we don’t ever stop until the VICTORY is all ours again and the work is finished seal the dam. When we all come together now as one nation, pulling ourselves out of foreign dependence on energy and oil, and even as far as including the eradication of all debt, yes we can seal the dam!

Fortification now in the very foretold future, now we shall seal the dam, that’s right you heard it correct and everyone better believe it’s true again too! It’s now an unstoppable American Force to see the dam to finish all our work it is now sealed and finished!

 Behold America being reborn again! Our enormous economic inferno lighting up in a blaze of Glory yet again as told again! The marching of new music and drums has already started for the great and Victorious win of our nation back form all Obama Nation, we shall seal the dam to see it finished once and for all!

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. To attend the great sealing of our faith, where; “We Believe” seals “In God We Trust” it is finished. An invitation to every American Sovereign who stood firm upon our solid stone statutes, undivided in our boulder dam strengths, and who boldly wished to remind everyone of our lawless Agents of our solid bedrock of foundational structure of law as never to be forgotten again- no never not at all, we shall seal the dam! Where are strength resides is in our Spirit, all in our people, all in our trust, all in our belief, which is our faith and our hope! This is truly how our nation has been under attack until now; because now our Spirit can no longer be robbed of the totality of our vision, now we all become Victors over those who robbed us blind in the middle of the Daylight however seal the dam! Now this knowledge over this clear attack is justice for everyone in agreement within our borders of this great nation to come together finally and believe the finishing work of our nation’s faith in God and all of us seal the dam! To be the finishing work together no longer gravel, but together now as One Boulder Nation Stronger. A reminder to everyone now is the time for all our citizens becoming Sovereigns in the USA to get up in a blaze of glory and seal the dam in all of our own lives getting up together against all opposition to us, those who were using debt, and the tools of division and slavery, those we must have the spirit of a Warrior over time and time again to win, and to anyone trying to collect our Nation, or our laws, or our faith, or our hopes, or our dreams, or any other of our freedoms that do not belong to you, then go the same way! We shall not lose and fighting for our country back and our God given rights seals the dam! Seal the dam very much, now that you are found out to oppose our laws and our people’s God given rights, now then meet your fate!

Today it is written for all of us to come together to get rid of the divisional curse finally once and for all to seal the dam together sending it to where it belongs being finished. Standing together now as one huge rock, we shall rock solid together as one nation under God again, with liberty and justice thrusting us into our Glorious sling shot; behold victory already won in our fighting hands against all Giants. Behold our weapons of standing undivided finally, and launching our justice offensives as one powerful nation indivisible to all opposition to us or our laws. Witness The “One Nation” who has already won that Great victory taking home all our success! This won is for you America! I am pleased to inform you all of this saturated Spirit of Victory, poured out for all of you, being the finest wine for all our Kings and Queens found ALL IN OUR SOVEREIGN NATION UNDER GOD and who does more now than believe in America to partake:
Please allow me to continue the story and dream for the future of America!!!
Proving now to everyone that I never gave up once seal the dam, interviewed hundreds of attorneys who said it can’t be done seal the dam. I kept going blasting through mountains, building tracks, heading west to discover new lands building on all of them to eventually seal the dam! Never once did I ever think it could not be done seal the dam, winning was mine already seal the dam and I shall not lose seal the dam! I have the victory in my hands now, and I give the same victory to all of you through the same spirit to set this nation ablaze again starting with sealing the dam! The clear site on how to do it is set in stone, the very same statute of never giving up once, given to all of you to follow, and fighting until the victory is truly yours seal the dam America! Then have the mind to find ever bigger battles for all our people to join in and fight together to win even more liberty victory, seal the dam! My contribution to help turn it all around is this spiritual example of never giving up once seal the dam, never losing faith once seal the dam, never thinking it was ever impossible, no never, not even once seal the dam.  No matter what anyone anywhere ever said, seal the dam, I did not accept their plague of can’tcerous doubt of it could not be done, no not ever, not even once seal the dam! Victory belongs to al of U.S. Now and to all of you now! No one can have what is already ours forever now seal the dam!
I am Jason Gambert and am not giving up on any of you now or ever, and just the same will never give up on America seal the dam. I can’t quit, I couldn’t quit, and it’s not in my spiritual nature to give up Victory, to hand it over, no not ever, not even once seal the dam it is finished!

This spirit of Victory is all of yours now, rise up and take it the same way relentless! Now that I have won it all, it’s all for you. Seal the dam the same way, seal the dam’s fate! Seal the dam literally, seal the dam very much all of you be the hand of the finishing work together, seal the dam because it is finished. Don’t worry; “The Official Fourth Branch” will pay for everything too, because it empowers all of us as Citizens becoming Sovereigns…

I also am pleased to announce the ownership of the intellectual property rights for the first known use of Search Engine Optimization by predecessors before some search engines were ever born for clarification purposes this dam is sealed something I don’t owe anyone now. Most importantly I have officially defined the first United States service mark for the SEO® in legal and lawful Victory I have won it all for you! Acting within the USPTO as a United States Sovereign who has the rights to do so by law their dam was sealed! Now that I have won the extraordinary rights of giving, I have certainly placed intellectual property powers on the internet map as never found before as the dam is sealed for good of an entire Nation!  This new definition is a powerful opportunity to go down in history for the (1) United States people, (2) Our businesses, and (3) Our Government and all its agencies this affects.

This is a Great victory for the future of commerce in America which is going to change how the world views (a) Our internet, (b) The United States, (c) Our Government, (d) Our Spirit, (e) Including our people. (f) Whooo whooo Hoover Dam. Amen America The Victory is Yours! I have the right now I already  gave it to you all by way of standing undefeated in great victory ALL IN “The Peoples” -Fourth Branch. Now what’s better than to give all of this saturated victory to all of America? Well to share the Story of Victory personally from me to you, yes you, all of you. The truth is I am that American Man, that one, yes that won, and it certainly is a Great Victory for all of us to have and to share with in the same spirit of winning together undivided strong.

When I filed a Victorious Application in early 2007 I have been fighting for all of our rights ever since. I won against the three refusals inside the USPTO against registration for multiple reasons that were not accurate. When I finally got the reviewing attorney at the USPTO to open the iron dam curtains and finally see the truth of my accuracy I was presenting was indeed razor sharp, the trademark went right through to publication cutting through all erroneous red tape opposing Victory including all the Dam Fraud and crime trying to obstruct SEO® Americas Victory. There was no error on anyone’s part, and there was nothing stopping our identification now of the world’s first service definition being a United States service mark officially for SEO!

No one can stop the train then, and no one can especially stop the train now…

There was nothing stopping the train except for some minor opposition found on the wrong side of the iron dam tracks. Four oppositions, where the first one was a bird trying to register her mark who came and crossed my lines like getting caught in the cross hairs of a rifle scope, so it was in her best interests to go out and raise an army to fight against me, she needed me out of the way so she could register her trademark, that is the real selfish truth America. Don’t worry, I won victorious against her attempts, I revolutionized the bullet, I put spin on it, and blew the bird out of thin air!

-God Bless America

One more foster child came after her quick to follow her attempt at flight; he then filed his Opposition and simultaneously as part of his attempts of trying to shoot me down attacked my image with libel defamation acting against me, acting against the law. Now then this one continues to attack my name, even up to this very day online making Hitler Posters, Godwin’s law seems to be apparently true, but not as true as my Godwin and the law already written when it comes to this Oppositions attempt. His defamation was clearly done without any observance of the laws written against such lawless cud as one who slanders someone they don’t even know. Others followed along in his dung trails with zero coherence or any accuracy where they were going. So the same was with what I found with his guns, mostly from the observance of his slow to draw, never drawn a line in the sand in his whole would be life.

This one full of resentment, jealousy and malicious hatred is what I found him to be, before the hothead ever even took the time to know who I am the dam was sealed. Although he threatened my life by running me over with his Hum V, the only person that got ran over was him by my new innovative train and revolutionary new solid iron tracks which helped make this nation great once and certainly will go down in history doing it again as the greatest nation ever to be reborn seal the dam. No one could ever stop the train then, and no one can stop the train now. No one can stop the civil way real citizen’s fight these days that have rights to do so in the court of law its true seal the dam. Civil people don’t join barbaric mindless violence & fellow US Sovereigns public lynching’s especially when we are all on the same team.

– Team Spirit!

Now people who are civil in the west although do have guns, also shoot in the court of law with legal bullets that sometimes do need to be these days 50cal.  On any would be opposition’s day these kinds of rounds are ferocious to say the least, but with this would be, it would never go that far; no never not at all the dam was sealed. Even in his best this particular ones attempts at shooting me down were finished when they were started, this would be got shot down like greased lightning and there I still stood firm continuing my winning streak riding on solid iron victorious tracks coasting along on solid legal grounds he could never stop. Tumbleweeds were indeed blowing by on this victorious day, but that’s not all that was getting blown away, ending this one’s whistle happened the same way. I ran over this one with sticking to my solid iron tracks and replaced this would be whistle with the J Trains horns seal the dam. Happy trails to you!

Unstoppable victory sounds for the people of the USA! 

Second was a cowboy to say the least although a late filing still somehow was admitted late against the law to oppose me. Following the lynching crowd probably on accident he did fight a good fight, but did he have a choice to stop once he started in with this vicious crowd who wanted nothing but blood? The same crowd who wanted nothing more than to crucify me for having the rights to be an American? This Opposer initially followed everyone else trying to stop me from entering my story of Victory over all Opposition. This fellow countryman opposing his fellow countryman, and instead of supporting a fellow citizen, mistakenly followed the rest of the mindless crowd who can’t see the future or think of all the possibilities outside the coffin this innovation would bring to create jobs and generate income to the USA internationally.

No they couldn’t see I would be building a new cotton gin for the internet fabric of the internet industry in service to the greatest country in the world this being America. Now when I did finally win against him, he turned out to be a likeminded fellow American who shared some of the same views of ideology, innovation, capitalism, and enterprise I did. I have talked to him some since then, and shared my vision of the future with him, and when he got to know me, he realized I was not a threat, but a soon to be very powerful influential ally. America’s innovative friend who would never stop winning for America or protecting her rights to have victory over all opposition always. Although I did win against him, he was a true gentleman who offered me his congratulations on the victory and some of his support handing me his gun. He would become a true fellow American; he already has with this offering of the peace.

There I still stood standing in great Victory, standing firm on solid grounds just like Plymouth Rock and for clarification purposes am today still standing on the same victorious foundation.

There was one last would be Opposition to go before registration, being the last would be Opposer standing in the way of the train, this is where all smiles are wiped away now, which has caused me to enter into a whole new world of fighting much bigger fights, and now I tell you where the story gets really ugly, and will continue getting uglier the more people stand in the way of my now very real justice campaign on my solid iron train tracks. This would be filing which was a late filing, although a nullity and not part of any official opposition, was maliciously moved forward against all the highest laws of the Agency including the laws of this land.  The Trademark Trial and Appeal board’s employees were the ones who have caused you to get this letter informing you of this injustice on all of us as Americans. This was a filing required to be stricken from record by law, and never allowed from being able to be moved forward in the first place. Now this has brought me to the three hundredth chapter of my life, I realize this fight is now for all of us as American’s inside our own country, this being our own land.

Anyone who stands against us the People, or our rights, or the Constitution of the United States when acting within our government who opposes us will be swept away by the floodgates of American justice seal the dam. I have ran into overt individuals inside the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal board who underestimate one single United States citizen Jason Gambert and his God given rights seal the dam. A real reason of justice for being here in the Wild West was born Labor Day 2012. Because of this injustice shown from government served on me, its people, the power of the United States, I became the very proud father of The United States Agency Admission and Justice Code.

In one day the rushing justice levies were opened and from out of the deepest part of me this knowledge poured, by God this Cowboy can write law for everyone to follow within our country who becomes a victim of injustice to protect all our citizens and soldiers of the USA. You will never know how much you despise injustice until you are a victim of it. Especially when acting lawfully following the rules and systems in place set up for you within your own country, this being The United States of America. There has to be justice on “Servants of justice” who overtly break the rules and do not follow the laws in place whereby corrupting the system. There has to be heavy recourse for any “Servant” of the public’s trusts who so overtly betray our confidences acting against the rule of law, there must be serious remedy.

I built this law on top of what was already written found in the Constitution; it is very constitutional and strengthens our whole flag ship. It is especially here to protect everyone as citizens from ever having to be here again. I wrote this law so everyone can trust their Government finally and hold them accountable to the highest laws of the land written for everyone to follow, and to be able to support them too. They really do need our help America I am under the impression they simply do not know what to do. As a fellow American especially these days, I had to write this law to protect our whole country. There are new enemies today who are far more evil than anyone can know, they are in if for the long run, and will certainly gain ground by majority, then move up as officials, then undivided they will continue to work their initiatives into our beautiful. I AM simultaneous. I AM more than a civilian counterpart.

So this remedy very much includes holding “Servants of the Public” to their oaths of office whereby sworn in to protect, that is what the Oaths of office are for to protect. What is the penalty for breaking these oaths of office and selling out our people by overtly breaking them giving the enemy aid or comfort? Now then as long as there are soldiers dying for this country, then an electric chair is not too much to require from someone who insults their blood shed to protect our country, citizens and our laws. Especially protect her from ever being grossly infiltrated by non-fathers. God bless America another gift from me to all of you. I swear to protect her. I propose to her in front of all of you as my witnesses this 17th day of September 2012 fearless. “America will you marry me into your Constitution of law?” “It was built on solid grounds being  “America I love you.”


Now I am continuing the dream for all of you and your God given rights to stay American, rights given where you can expect justice on anyone opposing American freedoms. Who else is going to do it but you and me? We need to save America and I will do it all alone with God if I have to, but now that isn’t how the story really goes does it? I can’t be all alone on this. Am I really the only one for Father? What is an enemy of the United States, our people, and our Constitution you may ask? I will tell you clearly anyone who is not forefather who won’t take our oaths to protect.

Moving along back to the TTAB the cowardly who live inside this publicly owned agency just must not know what they have awakened from the slumber. They must not know what the truth is of who I am, or what I am to them. I believe they don’t know my spirit, our spirit of never losing a fight inside our own land, I am here to win for all of you; I have already won for you this is past tense. This injustice inside our own Government agency although highly illegal, won’t stop me from having the property I own issued to me rightfully, and for true justice to be fulfilled, but only makes for a victory even bigger, even better for the American People. A fresh new Spirit of Victory for our Government too, now by law able able to seek out anyone who stands divided against us. New vows to serve and protect constitutionally affirmed undivided.

I have been very patient and since I already own my property, I have nothing to worry about, it’s not going anywhere, and it’s safe. But anyone standing on the other side of the law, overtly against our people, and this land really has something to dread being on the wrong side of the flood gates opening and seeing rushing sweeping waters of American justice heading their way served on all of them cold as hell. While news stations like CNN do what they do best, giving everyone in America the good news. I can make you famous, real famous. That’s right you yes you, personally yes you very much.

-God bless America anyone who opposes us or our laws now stands finished.

The floodgates of American justice will be on any individuals who have sworn oaths to protect the American people’s rights and our Constitution and have been found not to honor the high code; they certainly will be swept away from breaking their oaths overtly without any regard to any of us or their employers who are the people. With the TTAB I have seen nothing but this example; gross negligence, serious constitutional violations, due process violations, federal and state statute violations, product liability, and enormous financial damages. Overt violations of all our rights, with criminal obstruction of justice, suspected conspiracy, and the most serious of charges now being more so than not an act of treason to the constitutional laws that govern written for everyone in this country to follow including them. I will be personally sweeping everyone who broke the laws by naming individuals within the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Boards employees.

Can you hear the Dam sirens and alarms yet? Seal the Dam, better seal it fast.

Meanwhile when all this injustice was taking place busy within the trademark trial and appeal boards division, showing malicious conduct and nothing but gross negligence to all of us as Americans, neglecting citizens’ rights insulting the highest laws that govern them and their decisions in the land, what the slippery little eels must have not been aware of, or fully known was going to take place was; to be the biggest story in internet history. The story powerful enough to usher in the new president or carry one into being re-elected, but it was all up to my first choice being Jason Gambert, this was personally my decision.

Now if it was up to the TTAB’s Staff including a previously elected Director, I now have this powerful case against you, as you are Americas opposition, if you look closely at this case it screams like an eagle, but I am not like you, I am loyally very much for America! I support their laws now more than ever too, especially now that I know the truth! Congratulations you are all found out now Mr. “President,” your elected did let you fall into being fed to the Lion, I have bad news, they didn’t help you at all! I truly recommend you personally go to jail now that I am President, and oh just look at my proof of loyalty; just take a look at that Boulder Dam proof of service! The dated time to stamp the dam stamp, whooo whooo whooo that is the sound of the train!

Nothing can stop the movement to seal the Hoover dam to bring trust and remembrance to the American people bringing everyone together like solid iron on rock now it’s too late it is finished seal the dam! It could never be stopped no matter who was PRESIDENT and the floodgates are opening already and no one can stop the floodgates of the American God Given rights Justice and Faith campaign! Not on our iron tracks, not in our courts, or prevent the quick sands of trials for high treason on you or anyone else standing divided against our one nation! Nor our one people, nor our forefathers nor our Sovereign laws. No one can stop us or our true one Father who opens the floodgates of justice on anyone who opposes his nation, our nation, the #1 nation under God; and in him alone we can trust he will protect Amen! We are that nation; yes that one, yes that won. Seal The Dam it is finished!


Sealing Glory to God and America! I told you I cannot lose I already won. I give a whole new definition to setting the record straight, rightfully and accordingly as to the highest laws of the land with U.S.J.C. This is owed and must be fulfilled, anyone standing against issuance stands against our whole nation, and now especially the real government’s true Agents and true Agencies who really do honor their oaths and who really are about to be let loose to show our People who protects. I am bringing light to the issuing department for example and certain other individuals who stood undivided within the agency adhering to the laws, the Constitution, and our people’s God given rights. God bless them for standing strong and not being intimidated from the infiltration of wrongdoers even if they were higher ranking officials. These now proven criminals who thought they were doing well, in reality were just breaking the laws and now will be spending the rest of their lives in prison! I share this undivided solid bedrock of foundational truth with other high ranking likeminded officials acting within the United States right now, “The New Justice Administration” of individuals who I will certainly call by name to show they are truly American! Heroes who stand undivided to our laws written to protect us all, and who certainly do stand undivided to the promise of the wellbeing of all of us as Citizens and Sovereigns standing together at last!

The story was the issuing department had called to ask me where to send my property. I informed them to hold off until they check with the trademark trial and appeal board! This is where I drew the magnificent lines in the quick sands of time and have now built a tremendous case against anyone who stands on the wrong side of the law for them. Currently the interlocutory attorney, the judges and other individuals including the Director were made fully aware of this and must have not believed me, they were testing me, but it is apparent I have been forced to become the Boulder Dam Teacher now who tested them and now has to teach everyone in the United States those who stand against the law, professing to all of America with their Oaths, those who violate have been found out now to have been those they stand against you!  And that is where I come in America this was my dam point.

Most importantly I have proof beyond a reasonable doubt of Obama Nations crimes against all of you as citizens! Who else? Where else? I want to know now I found my reason I am President! I have become fury and fire for anyone acting against our people and our Constitution including our God given rights denying us any one of us of our freedoms we own. Freedoms given to us according to more than just the law. My fire too burns on the inside for America, especially against pride filled egotistical people in high places, who may look down on us, who may assume it is impossible to  be yanked from their elected positions by the people, and thrown in jail for overtly breaking our laws. I am only one Sovereign, but I believe all of America will see their rights being so grossly violated found in this GIANT SWINGING CASE OF OVERT TREASON! So they want to keep on testing me, I tell them, test on, test me, mere men and women, test me, just test me, test all of America! I personally built the constitutional lawful conduit for you! I apologize it may be too late for some of you getting this letter II.I.JI, because you have pushed all of us too far now by standing firm in your quicksand of pride, and all of you now will certainly be exposed becoming very famous riding the Dam Lighting Train! Are you ready? I certainly am ready to pull your Dam Switches. I told America I would protect her, now as you can certainly tell I will be that boulder one, and you better believe I will do as I have promised:

Copies of this injustice and testimony have been served to everyone appropriate as promised, now everyone has to give an account to me personally!

Now then please allow me to introduce my coerced Justice campaign now, as I am am President Guess whobama you were for Change, except when it comes to the Presidency of course, I agreed I was for you, did you agree with me? I preached Change currently then I wanted to help you with that! I have preached (1) Your rule of law, (2) Your change, and (3) The touchstone of your presidency but the named they did not listen they stood divided to you and your alleged rule of law, against all of us and now the people of the United States! Now you shall give a dam! Now you are going to give a Dam and it makes you burn up, like it will certainly do to everybody else who cares about our rights in America, when it comes to Gambert now I simply just aim and fire towards the dam without you! Because I found you all out! Now this positive inferno will certainly ignite everyone in America together to become Legendary dam stampers now it has become that time! I supported you and your campaign now you have no choice you have to support mine! Because as you feared most, you know I knew the whole Dam time! Now then come along! Let us all join together in agreement with each other and seal the dam finally finishing strong just like this BOULDER DAM CASE OF TREASON AGAINST ALL ENEMIES OF AMERICA GAMBERT ALWAYS HAD STRONG!

Now is the time to show everyone in the world we mean what we say and our words are solid like Plymouth Rock, to finalize where our true loyalties are and have always been, where else but upon rock solid legal grounds being I believe in America! We shall show everyone we mean business and seal the dam, don’t worry you have my support! I will fight anyone and everyone for you, I stand as President when Presidents have ceased to exist and the People of United States now renewed all in undivided. I am not afraid of anyone anywhere especially those who were found opposing America’s freedoms now I will devour them all for you, found everywhere and wherever they may be and even if they are found  in our own land within our own  country!

The example has been given; every one of the clear warnings of opening the floodgates of justice on every agencies lawlessness and all those people acting against all of us has been clearly found all out by ME! Agents who were all under my administration but they never knew it, because that is how good “Undercover President” really is! My role was acting as one single United States Enforcement, although now found as an example of all the people inside the United States and how the future of all our people will certainly be. “We the people” do have Supernatural power over all lawlessness. Now we requre their lives for those who have betrayed their civil duties owed to all of us as citizens, and now they have especially betrayed their selves! Seal the dam!

Now I love nothing more than “This Presidency,” my Secretary of Commerce, my Attorney General, and my Secretary of state to take this personally as I have and honor their oaths they have sworn to protect. I encourage you all to be fearless as I have by placing your feet on the same solid Iron dam legal grounds that I have! I have now provided you America everything you need and it is about that time to sweep our house clean! Everyone must uphold their oaths of office and adhere to this “Administration of justice” to be served on anyone acting in clear overt treason to the Governments highest laws, U.S.J.C. because Injustice will never be tolerated in the United States of America again!  These now mere men and mere women cannot withhold my people’s property, so please understand the nature of my business. It is wise to believe the nature of their God given rights, because they are very real men and women. How these rights have been so grossly violated maliciously without any observance of the law or any adherence to any conduct without any recourse or remedy so far is very real just like my “Unbelievable Presidency.”

Please understand why the old administration should be so very seriously concerned as also United States Citizens who were found also acting in power against the people, now who are their elected? Guess who is  holding the highest position within the United States Government now, and guess who certainly will protect our Constitution, with our people, and most importantly our God given rights I shall also protect her by 1st sealing the dam!

Please understand I have always wanted this to escalate this high, injustice, lawlessness and the taking of our rights including our property has created a halogen bulldozer, a diamond steamroller, and a giant swinging iron ball on fire ready to demolish you 0r anyone who stood divided to all our peoples God given rights, found standing like mere brick in the way, a wall in the way of our now very real justice campaign of Lawlessness Destruction, and I want you to know my name justice, the people want justice, I will have justice, the people will have justice, and I will serve them both with God the same!

Your ideas of justice and my ideas of justice as you know could never be the same…. You knew that I knew that didn’t you?

The USPTO namely the TTAB including the now Director who represents me, are not there, and now because they not only violated my rights, but they have insulted all of the world including the entire United States people with their overt actions. Now showing evidenced gross injustice and lawless conduct on the Global scale, we now carefully shall observe everything I have provided with microscopes and now with a very sharp legal eye polishing up those Damned Chairs real good for every one to sit in while we extract testimony against you, for it is the only way to see right now was by showing all our enemies all out! Look closely with a magnifying glass pay attention to the case I have been building against you so patiently now all along!

You now are forced to see my BIG GIANT SWINGING case against you and all your divided individuals for yes, overt treason, obstruction of justice, I don’t need to allege conspiracy, and now many dam others. But most importantly for your life, what perfect timing they have chosen to be in clear insubordination to their very own and my BOULDER DAM ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AS THE STORY OF AMERICA UNFOLDS, what lawlessness stood for, including the betrayal of the people of the United States, and what we all stand for, what we currently stand on is our Justice all up on you! Don’t worry; I won’t be giving your Opposition anything I have had it the whole time and will stand to protect as President,  who is reelected in 2016 because it is written already and I support the Peoples Campaign of Feeding them rich and full of what they desire most for America, the unwavering Victory, because you know I know the truth. Here is the Spirit of America now than I am lawfully and legally the Boulder Dam President!

Out of respect and decency as I have informed all of them I did write you first, you were my first choice I am the Lion of the United States of America, where even you had to choose what was the right path, what was fair, what was just, what the rule of law required, what the truth states, and what the highest laws of our land clearly state for everyone to follow. What you never had to do though ever, was attempt to fight America when America was showing their teeth, now I already know you are first choice all found out as stated before when all of America catches on to this case, it will be me serving them all you as dead meet! Gambert it is just like a Lion on the hunt, who has been hunting the whole time and  that I still do trust my keen instincts, now for everyone else your oaths of office I am coming for you. Wherefore from this day forward everyone shall never forget the rule of law or the touchstones of “This Presidency” God bless The Real Dam President and his powerful boulder Dam Actions and now then let all righteousness be fulfilled! I COMMISSION AMERICA ALL TO THE SAME SPIRIT OF VICTORY! GOD BLESS THE USA FOREVER SEAL THE DAM IT IS FINISHED!!!!






Jason Gambert | United States Sovereign.
American Advocate for Personal Justice.
Still riding on solid grounds,
and Iron Dam Tracks…










American Restoration

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