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SEO® 50 and where 50 cent one of the greatest American rappers United with one of my Iron Dam favorite rappers who somehow understands me when I say; “Because when it comes to calling you know who, I now call forward all Dam Marshals which includes the both of these American stars too!” So they too can where their badge of honor and merit all up in and around creative now share it! Furthermore when it comes to G A M B E R T, well I am the clear bread winner, but it is now that we the people have identified all our internal enemies found out and seen holding our entire Nation back from all our SEO® Victory! We battle now with all those who trespass against U.S!

Few may understand the SEO® S.C.I.E.N.C.E. but some may realize how desperately needed their 50 dollar contribution really is and upon these great Americans gift, I shall send you an autographed picture all in Platinum Ink with a personal and private powerful message all exclusive to you personally genuine American:

SEO® Now How Is That For All In Service!

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