Good Evening –

I am pleased to announce that there is was one individual who understands how serious an oath is in public office, and how serious it is when it comes to his business; it was me. Recently there was an inauguration and it seems what is to come is the BIG DAM FOCUS on the white house these days.

“President” Barak Obama and “Vice President” Joe Biden have long ago received my BOULDER DAM correspondence and today “My Fellow Americans.” WE ARE MADE FOR THIS MOMENT, THE BIG DAM MOVEMENT! II.I.JI. JI. I…

The movement of what is next, we THE CITIZENS OF AMERICA shall seize it UNITED together in the same spirit that has made our country great once, and if we did it once, God knows we can and certainly will do it again; as to remind the world! It is imperative we don’t let anyone run off with their own show, you the people must be much more included now, and the only way that is going to happen is if everyone who has never voted before, to make it a Goal to Vote for the first time & by voting for yourself. I support your campaign; I vote for you America!

Is this you America? Make it a Goal in your life at least once to vote for someone you feel is fit in the 2016 Elections coming up very soon….

In the weeks ahead, following into the months that quickly turn into years, the Citizens are already being tested, I know because I am one. When it comes to support and holding Government accountable all I hear is Crickets lately because now they know the truth, it has become very, very quiet lately when it come to my case and the nature of this Executive Business….

I was testing the Government as a Citizen and so far the USPTO had failed miserably, there were people who needed to be locked into prison for conspiracy, corruption, obstruction of justice, and with the backbone of insubordinate lawlessness those agents, “Servants of the Publics Trust” shall no longer be free, they did have their jobs and they did have their freedom, but the good news America is SEO® NOT ANYMORE!

When it comes to David Kappos who was the Director he was the only one wise enough to have resigned from his position, it was good advice, now when it comes to mercy, I just don’t think my reserves have any more left for anyone else, especially anyone else “Up and Coming” whoops “There They Are Going!” SEO® You should have warned them Kappos, Rea, everyone II.I.JI!

Challenges are an everyday occurrence for most Americans, but one thing about life it is never easy, but one thing about Americans is we don’t quit, and we do not tolerate corruption or injustice in our nation, ask Obama Nation we can now tell the world how we have a SEO® ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR ZERO AUTHORITY.

Because every once and a great while there is a time that comes for America where America shocks the world, where we come together and change the earth, yes we as the Citizens are that powerful together, united we are more than only a landing on Plymouth Rock. So it was a breath of fresh air when Sir Justice Gambert who is now forced to do the job of those who could have found favor  with me, someone who I know who was the best man for the job was President of the United States of America the whole time! Someone who will pave the way for our Vice President honoring the first Admissions, how important it is for everyone to follow, without compromise because that is how we catch the worlds worst enemies! Now how does it feel to know America takes it as “Serious Business” America we have a runner up for the next president in line and I am already him! But now here is the kicker, can you guess who is Vice President?

When it comes to Politics, Law, Technology and Justice Gambert is serious business, when it comes to our true Government agents and people who were citizens running for Government roles, the man with the biggest heart for America should win every time. Listen to me America, next time you vote, or next time you think about voting for the first time, look into the candidates eyes, look into them and read their emotions, look past what they are saying with their mouths, because God knows that everyone starts out as Amateurs who run their mouths, and start learning who has a history of keeping their words promises to you America! Look what stage we are in America, look past all this typical mechanism of men and women telling everyone what they want or need to hear, what they want or what they think they need to do! These people would have ruined America if I wasn’t there to conquer them all simultaneously for you!

Instead America look into the heart of the Candidate, look past any acts, look to see if they ever rub their eye before their eyes water, be wise as serpents, but innocent as doves my beautiful brothers and sisters, citizens, sovereigns, and beloved Americans! Make sure you vote for the first time a candidate worthy, or even vote for the second time for the real winner, bring the other men and women who like our troops truly do love America and take her seriously! SEO® For all it is worth I will protect all of you with her the same!

I Jason Gambert need you America to stand up with me, and this is also a petition to real Americans in the Government who hate corruption with all of their heart, who would destroy the face of injustice and lawlessness with every part of their being, someone genuinely like me who desires CHANGE, someone who desires JUSTICE on the slippery tongue swayers!

The way I see it is the Government needs me to help build up support for solutions, and to help move the country forward, but just the same I need the Government to stop holding everyone back from helping every other red blooded American get the justice they desire so they can praise the God of Abraham the Great Forefather of Our country, not only ISRAEL!

My question to the ones being prosecuted now; Hillary Clinton, Pending Clinton, Barak Obama, Joe Biden, and others, “Were you really too busy to Save America, did you find yourself so important that you couldn’t respond to THE UNDERCOVER PRESIDENT, and who is showing you by your current leadership where he has led you now (Barak Obama) now with my own words I mean business and there were “Agents” inside the administration who paid zero attention and simply didn’t adhere, they believed the enemy and now they care? Now they give a dam America? Far too dam late for that II.I.JI.SEAL.II.I.JI.THE.II.I.JI.DAM.II.I.JI!

Does anyone realize I put into action my “Touchstones of my Presidency” I put forward my  “Rule of Law” and doesn’t anyone besides me care about your “Rule of Law” the “Touchstones of This Presidency” or most importantly transparency? Barak Obama was found out and now he is defeated conquered like he had all of you defeated and conquered. The lawless Administrative members of the old organization of what could have been a possible legacy is now Finished by you guessed it “The Administration of Justice!” Now why has the Freedom of Information Act division of the United States Patent and Trademark Organization failed in providing me what is required when I make a request(s)? Because now they are all just hiding from the inevitable future truth of where most will be spending the rest of their lives, but in Prison and this is what America is Owed, we do not need your permission to prosecute corrupt officials we demand you to do Justice or Justice like so many in the past will certainly be blind to anything you have to say when it does you! SEO® EVERYTHING IS ON RECORD!

See what happens when the Government makes a BIG DAM MISTAKE and doesn’t provide what is promised to the people, or what their jobs REQUIRED OF THEM TO DO? See what happens when the Government just doesn’t listen to the rules, the laws, the statutes, and the Constitution. See what happens when the Department of Justice sends the complaint to the Arizona Agent, and what happens when the Agent with their Agents say absolutely nothing doing zero and see how America prosecutes with the SEO® Chief Enforcement Officer!

Why didn’t anyone take charge, take responsibility simply offer an apology for the damages they have caused every nation, and issue everyones property with the very humble request of the financial and international impact our servants of the public have caused, in which the victims are owed? Because America some were enemies, and the rest were cowards!

Isn’t there anyone in America left who will stand for the law, for our laws, for our freedoms, and not worry about how pretty they look on CNN or Fox but will do what is right for the victims of BIG GOVERNMENT? Yes America I will stand for you I have been standing for you and fighting for you the whole time and GAMBERT WILL NOT LOSE:

God Bless America I am that Man because I am just getting started!

Oh dear God I pray for anyone in my way when it comes to setting our nation free again!

Oh dear Lord I pray for anyone standing in the way of my mission to bring Justice to our Nation!

Oh dear Heavenly Father I pray for anyone getting in the way of what it is I am here for, but to bring security and liberty with new fortification for our Nations future state!

I am II.I.JI.FORWARD.II.I.JI. thinking whoooo whoooo whoooorah,

I would love to make a pledge to be a part of the effort, but I have to be honest all of my effort was stopped from lawbreakers, “Agents” who now are really hiding, and there isn’t an honorable attorney alive who will actually stand for Justice and enforce the law and hold Agents even more accountable than the normal citizen who doesn’t really know any better. You have to ask yourself why law is not taught in schools, you have to ask yourself why they don’t teach the laws of the land here until our citizens are on the wrong side of the law, then “They” crucify them.

That is injustice and as a Janitor only, I apologize for the failure of our Secretary of Education and all the ones in the past who never introduced law starting in Kindergarten about the school rules, and then into the sixth grade about the state law, graduating to Freshman in High school taking a field trip to the Prison to see what it is really like, to teach the laws of the land to the people in our land. Will someone please pick up the torch and teach our Children to protect them from our Government who pray on their weakness of not knowing any better?

I see another Politician almost every month getting caught up with charges and the media smears their name all over the planet telling of the case they caught, we have a man who recently committed suicide because of the charges he was facing, and does anyone ever hold anyone in the Government accountable to having a Malicious Spirit? Gambert does and in Fact I hold the media accountable for not reporting.

There are so many really bad guys out there, I mean the evil that is in the streets of America is sinister, there are children being hurt in every way, women getting the same treatment, and even men being victimized, and it is only my question how do some people really sleep at night knowing there is so much injustice? There is much crime that gets away unpunished until now!

Are you a drug addict and have you had America treat you like a criminal and prosecute you, take away your freedom from voting, your gun rights, and your ability to get a job because you are suffering from a disease called addiction? Real America knows….

I just want to take this time as a real United States Sovereign someone who believes in God and our Country being the Greatest country in the world to only offer you the most sincere apology for the incompetence of our Government officials to keep Drugs out of our country, who have neglected teaching you the laws of the land until it was too late, who have looked at you like the enemy rather than what you really are, but a good person down deep, someone who is still a citizen but just got caught up in the fast life. As a citizen to another citizen I offer you an apology on behalf of our Government who has failed you, abused you, to a system of which failed you, and an education system that failed you the same. With no forgiveness programs in place, I offer you mine on behalf of the real enemy of unforgiveness:

I am sorry, I am so very sorry Addicted America! SEO® THINGS ARE GOING TO CHANGE BIG DAM TIME!

To all the troops who have fought for our country who can’t get a job now, and has Walmart offering to hire you, just where you want to work, somewhere that will pay you just enough to barely survive, stocking shelves, and standing at a register with no chair. Dear God America I write all of you to help our troops to not have to work at Walmart, because although I love and respect every employee of Walmart, I do not however agree with the way they pay their employees, the provision providers and great store stockers for America. A company that big can afford to pay their employees more, and a country this big can afford to hire our troops more, you know the candidates with the biggest hearts. So from one citizen who appreciates every troop, who comes up to you in Spirit and just says; “Thank You” and from the bottom of my heart “I am Sorry” because although you have been used, abused, chewed up, and now spit out into a society where the only company hiring you is WalMart, I am sorry, everyone SEO® BACK TO BASE NOW!

Therefore when I get every nations property and follow through with what it is I have set myself out to do it is my commitment as Janitor Gambert to hire 3,000 veterans of the United States Military to work with me directly on SEO® PHOENIX RISING

God bless you is bigger than WalMart,

The Agents in the Government ask it seems for all support, all pledges, taking every part they can desiring for everyone to make all their effort, but please isn’t it about time that our Government says they will join us? The Government is fully aware of us Citizens; you know the people who created the United States, the ones who draw our Strength, correction, from God almighty who made this country great. Who set us as stone in his protections, in his statutes, in his laws, the God who used to protect our Schools until the “Citizens” kicked him out, he wasn’t welcome there, and now look, no God, no Law, no accountability, and no teaching of truth, what happens when you die, no hell, and our schools have gone to the pits. That is why I will be creating your First Amendment enforcement task forces to battle Atheists for all the believers around our nation who still do believe in our Spiritual Nation of In God We Trust! You see our Forefathers were led by Salvation, a spirit that still Saves America and get ready Atheists because something I will now let you in on is OUR GREAT AMERICAN DAM RETALIATION!

Oh Yes,

There is diversity of opinion I understand that, but what I don’t understand is foundational truth, and those of whom are trying to change law, change foundational values, and even moral code, ethics, Gods standards for America! I am so poured out about wine lately I don’t know what it feels like to have it anymore, can anyone tell me what there is to be drunk about? I do have pride in knowing that the God that made this nation, reminds this nation, that even though there are those who hate God, and hate this Nation, it is up to our One Nation, to take our God back, placing him back where he belongs as First, bringing him back like he is coming back in Power, and may we run over anyone in the way? SEO® YES BY ALL MEANS!

When it comes to Gay marriage, here is my opinion, for what it matters, it is a matter of the dictionary. I understand for hundreds of years marriage was defined a certain way, then in the last 4 years? What in the last 2 years? When did it happen that our dictionary was infiltrated and suddenly what was known as a union between a man and a woman has become also the same Gender?

When did this happen?

Instead of my opinion about Gay marriage, instead I give my opinion by simply asking a question, when did Gay marriage become marriage? Why not call it what it is from the dictionary, let’s call it as human beings what it really is, it is homosexuality, but not marriage. SEO® MATRIMONY!

Marriage™ Is God’s trademark and for homosexuals to dilute it there is not only a conflict of interest, but also a likelihood of confusion! We need to know Married people are straight and for the straight we need to know that they are taken by a spouse for the morally respectful decent folks! Marriage is Holy something that has to do with God between a man and a woman special, something ordained from the church by the Church, and for anyone to call Homosexuality marriage, or marriage, “Marriage” when it really is homosexuality, God has something to say about it, because it his law, his statutes, his words that matter, not the Supreme court, not the Obama Nation, and definitely not people trying to intrude on our foundational set traditions with their perverted ways today I will tell you boldly continue in your ways and you SHALL BE DESTROYED BY U.S. WHO!

Two questions:

How many TRULY heterosexual men raped other men in Jail?

How many TRULY heterosexual women forced women to perform sexual acts in Jail?


What’s next Pedophile rights?

Are pedophiles everywhere going to start demanding rights, having parades and forcing their views on all the homosexuals?

I am not going to fight fare Agents of the DOG.

Let My Trademark Go…..


Now when it comes to pride how about this to rap it all up about Homosexuals who are intruding on the definitions, infiltrating our textbooks with their perverted ideas of definitions manipulating the old ones, with those who still call good bad, and bad good, I take straight pride in in the God of Isaiah who says:

SEO® Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,” who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter…

When we disagree we debate true, but with God , law, statutes, truth, justice, moral foundation, our Children, education with everything else that matters to us most in America, I.N. “Our Nation” there SHOULD NEVER BE ANY DEBATE OF WHAT WE HOLD TRUE AND WHAT WE DO NOT COMPROMISE WITH, NO NOT EVER NOT EVEN ONCE!

Here is a solution, “Homosexuals” can be “Legally Together” by the law, let it be the law that they put themselves under, by their own wills, let it be the law that they fall under, let it be the law on their own heads, let this be the law, but in no way should their be placing of any of our rings on their ring fingers, because that is ours as morally decent people, we own that as heterosexual people who created it, who invented it, with God’s help, you know the same God that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. You homosexuals were found infringing on our lands, you were found crossing all the dam lines and when it comes to your homosexual definitions, your definition is not Marriage, and all dictionaries who have any entries need to correct these entries or we will correct you, now realize there is a major conflict of interest with SEO® STR8T POWER:

I am here to set all the dam records straight in dictionaries when it comes to God, marriage, and other definitions too!

Marriage in the essence of what it is always has been perfect, it is conflicts of interest that causes all problems, God created marriage, he hates divorce, but I can’t imagine his thoughts on his people allowing anything as perverted as homosexuality up and into his consecrated definitions of what Marriage is and tarnish it with Sodomy? Furthermore children shall no longer be in this environment the sounds in the night torture the children and because nobody cares about anyone besides their selves, I shall take it upon myself to enforce Children’s psychological rights.

Marriage is not homosexuality.

Homosexuality shall not tarnish what Marriage truly is.

“The Union between a Man and a Women.”

I will update the only new dam defintions

“The Union between servants and their country!”

Fools are trying to make judicial decisions about something they already placed their hand on “And were sworn in to protect!” That goes along with the book your swearing in on idiots!

Now although this may not sit well with homosexuals in no way is this intended to be derived in any ill will, that is not the case I have here, I am merely stating the facts, the definitions, and my own dam personal opinions about things that have already been established from long ago, and how I disagree with changing any of it to suit your homosexual political ways.

It makes me think about the future of Sexual education for our children in public schools and how the homosexual crowd will no doubt push for “Choice” or some other political attempt at infiltrating not only dictionaries, but our future generations minds by raping them against their will spiritually. Sick perverted homosexual lobbyists do you know now everything has changed and all laws are set aside in our very real and full blown Civil War? The Real American men and women have some built on Godly aggression on the inside of them and you are on that list!

I don’t know about you America, but when it comes to my future Children I don’t think I am going to have any of them attending any schools that get shot up, who God is not allowed, and prayer is not permitted, Darwin is taught where we come from Obama, and homosexuality is part of sexual education while the male teacher is winking at heterosexual mail class students. where laws, morals, God, love, and any prayer when you need it the most in life was found vacant! No, as Chief Chemo said, “I don’t think so!” “We don’t roll that way!” I have an army.

Moving forward like a freight train carrying the load of what many, many, many citizens who are growing in fury from being robbed more and more every single year, carrying the truth forward for the ones who may be afraid to voice their personal opinions to the world, my voice is for you Heterosexual America who is now ready for our Boulder Dam Retaliations!

America is not Gay right now,

Moving forward like a Mac Truck, Like Mike Tyson, and Dynamite it is our Obligation to draw the line on certain things, where we raise our voices, and simply say NO or meet our weapons!

No you cannot have Marriage #1

No you cannot have a ring on your ring finger representing our “Marriage” #2!

No you cannot teach Homosexuality as part of Sexual education in our Schools #3!

No you cannot take any more of God out of our public affairs Atheists #4!

No you cannot be genuinly American unless have believed what our Forefathers knew was true #5! 

No you cannot take our Second amendment rights to enforce our Boulder Dam Justice #6!


Zero Apologies Accepted now.

There are many, many more lines to draw America, if you sit back and do nothing as the enemies within come to Rob Kill and Destroy our Nation they will just keep gaining more and more grounds by taking your whole nation from you! Those of whom removed one brick at a time and now they shouldn’t be surprised when they are crying out to God to save them from his justice?

America everything you let happen in the first place comes back to haunt you in the future, instead let us raise our voices now, as currently I am not the only one.

Freedom provision that is my responsibility to make sure you have a way to protect America without anyones approval it has been delivered! Now America is what I am entrusted to fight for!

To fight for the ones who haven’t found something worth fighting for yet, to simply wake them up to something worth raising their voices about!

Consider this my whisper….


I am not acting alone unless no one joins into the revolution we want to see for America anyways. I am trying to fulfill my duties as President, but I am only one President, but nothing is impossible with God remind you, and real revolution starts with only one citizen! Why not Join me? The Media does not bother me one bit now that they are being crushed by justice!

In fact I have the mind to remind the Media of the inevitable truth of what Justice is to them, and because I also have the mind to bring revolution to the way we get News in America, and I am not the only one. News in America should not be Profit Driven by empires of Old Political Mindset. Stupid Stewards cannot be permitted to feed your minds any longer. I will not apologize that the future does not consist of less than 5 major news networks, but an Army of American reporters doing it as a hobby because it’s fun! Your Duty as Government Agents who have taken the oath to Protect is to join your Citizen(s) and Sovereigns now by doing what our Constitution established in the first line of defense.  Now I can step up, ever more than I am currently, but I am slowly raising the temperature of the water for certain Government agents who are abusing their roles in agencies, I am slowly raising the heat, because I don’t want them to just jump out like David Kappos did, I want to make sure they get what they deserve to the fullest extent of the temperature of the law because we have turned the tables America is going to boil them to death. The Government has held me accountable to the law once, and now it is my duty to hold the Government accountable to the law for good, and because they know better it shall be 10 fold, and figuring they are in the position of the law, they must know the law, and follow the law which makes it aggravated refer to “The United States Justice Code!” -For reference U.S.J.C!


I Pledge to stand with you citizens and the law, I stand with what the law states and shall watch over you and make sure you citizens stay protected from Homosexuals, Muslims, Morons, Atheists, and Their Politics. I listen to your voices because they matter most to me, I will enforce all your servants oaths as making a contract with the people, and so far since I am the only  individual it seems that has made his voice loud enough to back up what it is I wrote, and although there are debates in Washington, there are solutions all over the nation Washington needs to listen to, the voices of the people who elect our representatives in Washington to represent us have betrayed all of us, and by doing so has ushered in BOULDER DAM JUSTICE AND U.S.J.C!

Don’t be the voice that asks for all support, with no service, only with the ulterior motive to accomplish what it is your set out to do for your selves, stand true, stand for the truth and what the law clearly states. Washington stand for your Oaths, stand for your Constitution, stand for the Rule of Law, stand for the Bill of Rights, stand for your citizens when they are victims, stand for the widow and the orphan, stand for God and with this most importantly you are deciding to stand for yourselves!

It is you who we have elected to make this country a better place for all of us.

I have joined you the next coming up years; I took you out of office didn’t I?

Now it is up to me to do the remainder of you job for the next 2 years of what your job was as “President.”

Therefore I shall stand also for all of the weak, strong, poor, rich, middle class, healthy, sick and everyone else because together now we really are all family as citizens and sovereigns of the United States of America including all Government with all of her people who needed Justice the same!

God Bless You,

God Bless the United States!

God Bless the ones who keep our nation strong in all of our values….

This post is for you Future Presidents!


– G A M B E R T

P.S. — Watch Gambert’s Justice Campaign now!

Visit and check back frequently!
















Thank you….

The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law.
The Rule of Law gives the people the power to trust their governments by trusting in themselves and God, and by way of this knowledge able of holding anyone elected accountable to their oaths of office…

— Jason Gambert, United States Patriot and Advocate for International Justice.






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