I would vote for you.

First person I have yet to see ”doing” the painstaking paper work, wielding the TWO edged Sword, against this enemy within, in over 15 years, I can take my hat off to someone and say, WOW!!

I am the same way, I do not want to lead, no need to be chief, and certainly don’t want any Indians relying on me, nor will I follow the crowd or be among the Indians, who all want to be chiefs lacking the ability to ”lead”! Liberty is singleness of purpose, the Republic is ”we the people” we build the wall against the resistance!! I prefer to work behind the scenes, picture myself as the sniper on the hill with sights set on the enemy, that no  one sees or hears, the power is within each and everyone of us, to do the next righteous thing in front of us, without wavering, shoulder to shoulder!! equal in purpose!

I cast no ballot for forces behind desks in wide open window tower offices, or pledge my blood or liberty to no one, but God! and may HE bless you beyond your ability to receive, in the unseen forces of the Heavens, beyond eternity.

If what you mean by we are ”winning” huge right now, by the Swiss banks, and the FIFE and various other evidences the cabal is crashing, then, the evidence is there for sure, I see! and I smile huge like the Cheshire Cat, looking up, and saying, wow, God that has to be you!!

thank you for making me smile and have a glad heart again, and for all you have ”done” for us and the nation!!

American Restoration

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