Dear America,

I have recently had 3 more victims come forward with the same problems I have faced with the USPTO including some of the same Agents! While my claim is advanced in the stages being within the 6 month window of filing after notice, I am looking for the right firm to help my unfinished business of forcing the issuance of my property I own currently, and seeking the damages caused by this agency. While finally also pursuing the right firm to help these Victims get justice for 6 years of their life wasted from the Agents Gross Negligence and malicious omissions.  Nobody denied my claims they don’t want HAM!

It is certain nobody will deny these fine Americans claims found below either. The USPTO and TTAB clearly have a big problem on their hams. After giving these agents every chance to fix their issues, it is too late the time cannot be replaced and the damages have already been done. Therefore we are out seeking the BEST FTCA FIRM, with the BEST ATTORNEYS that can’t be politically bought or bullied from seeking full justice on these Agents. The damages we are asking for are one thing, but the damages are not enough we don’t want this to happen to anyone else. Wherefore we are also asking for these particular swine to resign while being investigated for their misconducts. This is already underway, but where is the right firm that really is about justice and protecting American Citizens rights?

Who is the right attorney to help us find other Victims that have suffered like we have, spent their life pursuing justice thinking they are alone without any help, because that is exactly how we have been made to feel by an Agency who was clearly in the wrong, and made us as United States Citizens continually feel helpless with their tortious decisions.

Time to let everyone know, and we are looking for the right firm to step up and help some fellow citizens get the Justice according to the law that we are owed while making sure the Agents who have deliberately participated and were well aware of Federal Law being broken are brought to justice.

If we find help great, if not we will eventually find someone who stands for Justice, the laws of our land, and most importantly the Citizens who can’t even afford attorneys. Here I Ham. Here’s one for Big Government, let us applaud the malicious spirit of the TTAB, the corrupt Board, the Gross Negligence and the continued conduct of trying to prevent yet another agency look as crooked as the IRS. Here is one for the Agency under the Secretary of Commerce, and here is especially one for everyone who was contacted who swore in, but still does nothing. Here is one for Lawless America and the leaders who not only must resign, but should be investigated for breaking the law. It is clear as crystal crisps as bacon, it is not vague, or unclear in any way shape or form, the Lanham Act is the TTAB’s BIG HAM, and now my last name is HAMBERT.

Cheers to whoever wants 8 Million dollars to start, because to me money still has value, but Justice, Liberty, the rights of the Poor and the Middle Class, the Citizens of the United States, to me they are worth more than 8 Million dollars. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and holding people in their elected positions accountable by us all IS all of our job descriptions as Americans… because the blood shed is still priceless. Shame on the lawyer who looks at this in any other light, than the total light needed in the gross display of complete lawlessness and total darkness within this Agency. It is about time to shine some light on the TTAB and the Agents involved watching the crooked cockroaches scatter. Clap once if you can hear me, clap twice. NOW HAM IT HELP US HELP AMERICA GET SOME HAM JUSTICE!




Our business had just completed long and grueling Opposition Proceedings with the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, in which we represented ourselves as U.S. Citizens.  While we are today currently waiting on the title registration from application (DELIBERATELY OMITTED FOR THEIR PROTECTION), we now see that the previous Oppositions proceedings against our mark should have never occurred and were prosecuted illegally against the law.

What makes no sense is when our trademark’s first Notice of Publication was posted for opposition all the way back in Nov. 2005, and while there were letters of protest submitted by our competition who are outside the United States, there was no Opposition filed against it. We were then awarded the mark a few months later, and to our surprise without any explanation why or how, the USPTO/TTAB had promptly rescinded the registration a few weeks later.

After this unlawful action outside the rules the USPTO posted a Notice of Publication again on October 13, 2009 at 12:00am making it the first day within 30. Although our competition had been aware of our application since Jan. 2006, the USPTO allowed them to file an Opposition past the deadline.  To be clear; the “Would-be Opposer” had electronically filed there late opposition on 11/18/2009—Which is unmistakably SIX days past the statutory and federal deadline. In accordance to 15 U.S.C. § 1063, and TBMP § 306.04; the would-be Opposer’ s time for opposing must be denied by the Board as late, and the timelines cannot be waived– not by stipulation of the parties, not by the Board, and not by the Director because they are statutory.

The TTAB had allowed the would-be Opposer to proceed clearly against the law by allowing the case to move forward late which is against federal law.  Not only had these illegally-occurred proceedings taken years away from our lives with the unnecessary time being spent focusing on them, but the Opposition was not permitted to file late and from this the entire process was caused from this negligence and was painstakingly grueling.  The TTAB had allowed the late Opposition to proceed against the law throughout the whole process negligently, and possibly maliciously. When we had questioned the Board on multiple occasions about the TTAB’s decisions and actions, we were treated as though we were out of line for wanting clarification.

Not only did the TTAB blatantly disregard the laws, they allowed the Opposer who is not even a United States Citizen extensions of time without stipulations or motions being filed—This in which bogged this whole process down to take even longer– We feel our God-given rights have been violated and furthermore were refused the right to be heard when it came to filing certain motions through the duration.  When we questioned the process and the Office’s illegal activity again and again, our questions were never answered. This is a blatant offense to every citizen showing nothing less than clear lawlessness.

Finally this was an especially difficult process, but to have learned that it was all for naught–that we should’ve received the registration years ago– it has enraged us, and we would like justice. The USPTO’s Trademark and Trial Appeal Board has clearly abused the process according to U.S. Const. amend. XIX and in regards to our filing, from their apparent criminal actions, we request an investigation to be opened against the USPTO, the TTAB, the Board, and the Interlocutory Attorney (Ann Linneham). It should be noted that Miss Linneham at the time had been handling our case Against Late Opposition (DELIBERATELY OMITTED),and then was mysteriously replaced without explanation in mid-September 2012. Thank you for your concern and handling of our imperative requests made against this Agency and its employees.


Break the law you go to jail, but now with Hambert Government can get the Hambone Pro Bono.

Here have some HAM, it tastes really good. You’re going to love it!

The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law.
The Rule of Law gives the people the power to trust their governments by trusting in themselves and God, and by way of this knowledge able of holding anyone elected accountable to their oaths of office.

— Jason Gambert, United States Sovereign and Advocate for Your Personal H.A.M. Justice!

God Bless the HAM!


“The Americans could not find a single Agency within our Departments, and we could not find a single Firm to take on this Gross International Injustice; however your Brand New President absolutely did! And I am pleased to tell you there is plenty of HAM!” – SEO® Now Pushing 7500+ Prosecutions II.I.JI.H.A.M.II.I.JI. JI. I!






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