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It’s very polite to ask my permission before publishing and I would say that is honorable, something more than anything that can be found on Consistent Negative News however, publish everything. I would like to go ever further above and beyond inviting you personally to be a part of our “American Justice Party.”

Martin Luther King was a great American every Muslim should listen to and because he could dream; but “I have a plan!” SEO® It’s Finished. If that weren’t enough, I also want to say “I have a case!”

Hey, listen it’s not easy to bring a new fresh spirit of life and liberty into an old dead nation of America. Now Whooo Whoo Who understands this? All Americans who are citizens need to have their voices heard, because it brings unity and a fresh energy back into where it belongs; which is within our very own people! That is why we depend on real news America!


The freedom of speech has been clearly under attack lately, being seen by anyone with open eyes and let’s face it; in America the way we get news and the way communication flows throughout America has been Wall-Street driven media. That really isn’t the Citizens of the United States, the reality is that is not America, now to some that is just too big to swallow when it comes to the truth of corporate owned and operated news networks.

Whose News is it really? My second question is who the hell do they think they are doing America like this? It’s their job to report the news and it should be a law to report any violations of our laws first as citizens. Really when the media neglects this kind of news, apparently what they are doing to us all as citizens is suppressing us all from what the truth really is in America! This is bad news and they have prevented the rest of America to ever even know about it! If they have done it once already, I am sure they have withheld and covered up other open attacks on your rights! What are their motives behind this kind of suppression really? I want to know!

Somebody needs to hold the media accountable to the truth. Because I am sitting on the biggest news in internet history basically and when I went to try to get the media to expose how this agency, the USPTO, with their Judicial side being the “Trademark Trial and Appeal Board,” who ran over my rights as an American citizen; we’ll you can say we were all very, very suppressed! All I wanted was America to know the tracks tried to run over the train and especially now because even if I only represent myself as only one citizen that an organization or agency like this tries to legally assassinate, when it comes to all of our rights, I still represent all in America!

Come on critics catch up help us certainly bring to light everyone else who has ever been being victimized by this kind of “Big Time Governmental Lawlessness” within any of these agencies…

Let me tell you many are doing over a decade in Federal Prison in my case and someone is going to do 16 years in Federal Prison in Ron Branson’s case. Reason being we did the time, we are doing the time  and now were taking it back to the days of Old. “Eye for an Eye and Tooth for a Tooth!” I am about to rip out my own dam tooth (I needed a root canal and couldn’t afford it) because trying to get Agents to do their jobs is like pulling teeth here in America currently. As you can see it has affected me, more so because it has prevented billions of dollars from coming “Into” the United States internationally and while the medias politicians, who they elect from the MASSIVE amount of Citizens they still have “Plugged Out,” or “Glued Out” and who are still under their control continue watching them do nothing! It should be no wonder for you to find an awake person who finds all of I this apprehensible and totally unacceptable as I do in America. We the citizens of the United States must “Wake Up Now!”


We the people simply can’t lose because We love America and “R” Citizens too much to simply continue watching the “Saving Private Ryan” slow stabbing to death scene because nobody in “R” Government will bring anyone some dam bullets! Trust me I am going to run over the cowards in America, you can trust in God I still do trust! This is getting out of control when it comes to passive America, what happens to passive Olympians? They never make the Olympics. Listen America cannot be defeated, but does the enemy know that it can be given away? Is sleeping private Ryan giving the American life away for another dream the media is manufacturing for them to believe? One that is paralyzed, divided, and totally broke? Can anyone hear God scoffing at his enemies yet?” Listen the people leading our country cannot continue neglecting their elected official rolls in protecting our people. The Government has had the citizens support for long enough and they have spent all of our money, they have given away all of our wealth to people we don’t even know! Listen can you hear the trumpets yet Donald because it’s time for R E V O L U T I O N!


We the people are going to be the ones that do it all over again! It’s about time we find support from our Government because it’s time for all of America to take the lead now. The almighty 180° a truly genuine American about face and instead of depending on Government, how about instead listening to these words because there was an American Man who once said them best: “Don’t ask what your country can do for you; instead ask what you can do for your country.” – That is the spirit of a republic speaking…

-The Government of the United States Is Not Our Country, but America and our People Within Is.

Hey listen America! I tried to help my country, I tried to do my job as a citizen, but you see the Government got in the dam way, they got in all of our dam way!  They are still in the dam way today too! Maybe it was just too much power and too much wealth for a single United States Citizen not under their control to have. Isn’t that right? Are you paying attention America? Because they certainly were not, have not, and continue to not pay any attention to Federal Statutes, Internal Agency Laws, or “The Constitution of The United States.” From this we all suffer together from these “Agents” overt negligences while paying no regard to our “Rule of Law.’

It wasn’t even in their equation for them it would seem, because there is no real accountability initiatives in place for corruption like this. Can you believe these Agents are still roaming around free within the United States from overtly breaking the highest laws of this land? The old Director of the USPTO was sort of smart; he ran and hid inside a law firm thinking that would protect him from American Justice. Hey listen America! You’re going to love this one, I personally read everyone their rights, contacted the Virginia Sheriff’s department after reading their job descriptions, but nobody arrested any of them! Since they are all lawyers and judges I also contacted their self-governed organization which holds their licenses and they simply closed the case without ever really hearing anything of what I was really saying, but it’s all good… It’s all very good America, because it’s just more fuel for our fire in a very real American Revolution! I am a blazing furnace right now and have been for a while!

Not only for what they have done to you and I as citizens, but also because throughout all of this it has led me to one of my greatest passions which is standing for America and standing for the citizens who have also stood for me! I will tell all of you the truth right now, instead of large powerful law firms, instead of the F.B.I. and instead of the Justice Department, or when it came to “The President” of the United States alleged Barak Obama and especially after researching his Job description, it wasn’t any of these agents or agencies that helped anything, but these very same people within these agencies that I did personally serve through first class mail that were made aware, were not the ones that stood up with me! It was a citizen like you, it is the citizens like you, and it was the other 3 Victims that found me, including another Victim that they had found, it was all of the citizens like us who are beginning to stand up together again holding the criminals accountable…

–Who but us the real United States of America!

Are Getting Ready
Together 4 “R’s”





Hey Isn’t that our party?

Yes America It’s “R’s!”

Can you hear the dam music yet? It’s ok America every dam revolution is a little nervous to begin with and that is why I am going to help by placing a very large American Seal on the Hoover Dam to remind these little Agents within their little Agencies where they stand. To also remind them how big America is when they look up to the people who are the citizens of the United States who hold the dam levies in their hands! Now that is what I call some Boulder Dam Justice -We Shall Seal the Dam!” Also just look at a fire to begin with when sparks hit the straw bundles next to the dehydrated forest after a century long drought! Don’t doubt and don’t worry!

If you too are a little timid its ok we’re all just getting started here together and because a real REVOLUTION like this one only comes once in a Nations Lifetime! Yes America it’s “R’s.” Hey If you’re a little skeptical it’s only natural because currently just like the rest of America, we really don’t know what are Government will or won’t do when it comes to all of us. Let me ask a serious question to all of America right now –seriously: “Do you trust your Government America?” Because you’re not the only one… Go out and simply ask other people in society the very same question and see what you find for the truth about our servants!


1. When it comes to lawyers in State and Federal Agencies 2. Our troops with some of them being left out on the streets with missing limbs because they can’t find a decent job 3. When they come back home after fighting for us in wars 4. I can see injustice in America and how about you? That is exactly why I am doing my part as an American by hiring three thousand of these veterans personally and with some dam good job security too! The only people standing in the way of this kind Justice currently are lawyers, hiding politicians, and judges. Because let’s face it these lawyers who are trained in the law, usually then find their place in Government agencies and I have found most of these types all speak the same language of course this being “Pig Latin” snorting essentially this garbage together:

Stupid Citizens Tricks are for Lawyers,” and when you as a citizen have found them out to be pigs and to have broken the law, they become quiet. Currently these pigs think they are protected by a soon dissipating “Sovereign Immunity” and “Judicial Immunity” state, that is why I created the “The Judicial and Sovereign Immunity Piercing 300.” Listen when a citizen becomes smart and you art that one that has found the truth that exposes the crooked you will also find through their continued silence but never with an admission of guilt. You will hear it loud and clear like this:  “Yeah we broke the law so what?” & “What are you going to about it?”

“Stupid Citizens Tricks are for Lawyers.” –snort

“Stupid Military We Don’t Care.” –snort

“Stupid Citizens Tricks are for Lawyers.” –snort

“Stupid Military We Don’t Care.” –snort

“Stupid Citizens Tricks are for Lawyers.” –snort

-The Swine

“Let me tell you what I am going to do about it Pigs,”


I wrote personally as a service to the Citizens of the United States of America something that never existed before, you could say it was built on solid grounds. There was no such thing as “The United States Justice Code” or the “United States Admission Code” –until now…


Rule I. We The People

Rule II. By The People

Rule III. For The People

Not IV. The Pigs.

Yes America It’s “R’s!”

If our Constitution or our Bill of Rights is being trampled on by pigs, by swine then the Citizens are being violated by enemies of the United States and should be legally slaughtered. Just because individuals or Agents are “Acting” inside the Agencies in a roll the Citizens of the United States employ them to be in… “R” code is the future code of America and should strike a cold electrical chill down their dam spine to ever think about neglecting our Constitution or our Bill of rights ever again. Extreme is G A M B E R T, I never met a revolution that wasn’t one. I also never met a victory that wasn’t “R’s” to begin with!

Listen pure focused American energy is what it is going to take just like lightning, a revolution is extreme! Listen America is done with bad leaders and blood on foreign soil. I say that is pretty extreme and with the cost of American lives? Now that it is extreme. Their lives are valuable enough to me to stand for them all and you too! But not all of you because GAMBERT is not like all of you, I am here for a job to do and to tell the old empires, the old fading away media, you will never have me on your air, and it won’t be GAMBERT being interviewed by any smiling in the light but stabbing in the dark political cloak and dagger driven media objectives, but it will be GAMBERT who holds the accountable, accountable and reminds every citizen in America of their original job descriptions – Government Accountability.

Furthermore it will be my hand that does it, it already did it! Our laws are nonnegotiable and our statutes are stone cold. Meaning: immovable, and anyone’s objections and long thought out plans will be exposed by what has been given to us by God himself which is the light of our Liberty that exposes all gradualism!

Will you please take down the American Flag because it is offending….

Gambert is offensive then. Let me tell you America, it is “THEM” that are not ready and it is also a sleeping America that is waking up because there is finally something worth waking up to in America again! Everyone wants to be a part of a real R E V O L U T I O N. God it feels good to be an American revolutionary and to be honest I know other Americans are a little nervous to begin with, some are very skeptical about everything of course, but it’s ok that is why I guess I am here because if there are any messes to clean up Janitor Gambert will be on the dam job you know it!

It’s a dirty dam Job but somebody has to do it and it’s the only Job I could get, because it’s the Job nobody wants in America! Now I am asking for some serious help from everyone because this is the biggest job in American history! We have to target in on Agents that have been found to have violated “R” Rule of Law, we need to flush them all out, and we need to turn around how and who cherry picks the news they feed us as Americans to digest what they choose to  give us, this isn’t how news should be in America and that is why there is going to be some big dam changes.

So now then let this be dedicated to the destruction of the “Spirit of Suppression.” It is certain we can’t afford to have our news compromised in such a way as this ever again. Not in America’s future learning from our current history deleting any record of the greatest parts! It is also certain we will not afford to have foreign spending and aid go to a people who will kill us just for being American. We are going to have a R E V O L U T I O N, and some court too!  Whether the enemies of the United States like it or not, it’s not the real America that ever asked them for their permission when it came to “R” V I C T O R Y, and it’s not the real Americans that ever asked if it was ok to defend their daughters and their wives from this kind of swine that coexists somehow within our sacred heritages.

Can you hear the train horns yet?  When it comes to these kinds of enemies of our free America, when it comes to other puppets on the strings of the Media, it’s not them I am worried about, it is trying to get the heartbeat of America going again and the United States to wake up to the greatest dam event in American history!


Wake Up Our Spirit

Wake Up Our Unity

Wake Up Our Pride

Wake Up Our Marriage

Wake Up Our Hope

Wake Up Our Courage

Wake Up Our Families

Wake Up Our Constitution

Wake Up Our Bill of Rights

Wake Up Our God Given Rights

Wake Up Our Freedom

Wake Up Our Liberty

Wake Up Our Patience

Wake Up Our Church

Our Peace of Mind

Our Religion

Our Principals

Our Morals

Our Code

Our Law

Our Children

Our Education

Our Ministry

Our Politics

Our Constitution

Our Justice

Our Technology

Our Ministry

Our Education

Our Intelligence

Our U.S.J.C.

Our U.S.A.C!

What’s left of R’s is under attack.

America here is the future of news in the USA its’ real! It comes from citizens and there is no “Pay Per Crook” or “Ad Nonsense” there are no commercials, no advertising and we are not in support of any of the Media’s up and coming elected pupiticians. It’s about time we elect ourselves to do the job they could never do, because they were always in it for the wrong reasons to begin with. Fame, Respect, Admiration, Money, and Eating is every Pigs dream, but listen I am really out there, and I really do ask normal citizens their thoughts “The Unedited Versions” and “Real” Americans are basically speechless. They don’t know what to do, but still do the only thing they can do currently and just hope the current leaders of this country are going to be the ones that save this country from soon coming total destruction…

Meanwhile we have Barak Obama on Safaris over in Africa throwing out billions of dollars like rice borrowed from China. Simultaneously over worked, under paid, neglected, abused, demoralized, desensitized, abused Americans keep shedding blood sweat and tears to pay taxes for this! It’s time to wake up America! It’s time for a fight, it’s time for a revolution, and it’s time to take our country back, it’s about time for the greatest moment that will go down in the deepest record books of American history and today is the day we “TAKE” our country back!

Can anyone hear J U S T I C E  YET ?????

Dear God don’t get me started…

Not JUST yet….

The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law.
The Rule of Law gives the people the power to trust their governments by trusting in themselves and God, and by way of this knowledge able of holding anyone elected accountable to their oaths of office..

— Jason Gambert, United States Sovereign and Advocate for Americas Personal Dam Justice.







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