Hello Again,

I’m now pleased to give an update to the Search Community to let you all know that six out of the six Opposer’s, who were clearly against any kind of standards, have lost out of the opposition stages, and are now dismissed by losing according to the rule of law.

I will be still openly inviting anyone who wishes to be a part of the creation of the official SEO standards once the trademark is properly issued again. I personally encourage anyone to feel free and send their resume with a brief explanation of why they believe they could be of benefit to helping create the standards…

I look forward to helping elect a board of directors immediately once this all comes to pass. The board members will strictly oversee the huge task of actualizing the SEO standards and working very close within the official SEO community. I have already elected 3 and am just waiting for them to except. I would just like to warn those who wish to apply right now that it will be a dirty job, but somebody has got to do it. I would also just like to encourage anyone that feels they have what it takes to step up to the plate, no matter what the nay sayers may come up with, to simply do so, take a swing crack a home run it feels good! JI. Whoooo JI. Whooo JI. Whoooo Chewww Chewww Chewww II.I.JI. JI!

SEO® Now we will be creating history while they will be blogging all about it. Be prepared for all kinds of rumors, accusations, false testimony, fictitious creations, and hatred from the opposition you are more than likely guaranteed to have come against you for winning. Sorry to say for the Opposer’s, (Poor Opposer’s) I have already heard the community ask for standards so I will be on this job with the use of this trademark until they are formed. I don’t give up easily as you can tell and the only players with perfectly clean uniforms sit the bench do nothing. I’m not scared of these panic artists only to get a little dirty with winning SEO MVP. “Oh No Scooby!” How do you know it was me playing the blog artists like puppets? They play dirty and that is what I have a bulldozer for. When I play baseball with them look I can even spit on my ball when I strike them out too! If they are so peachy, then why are they against standards??? Now it is too late for  them, now as you may or may not have known the real dam story is;  “SEO® I won!” JI!

Name calling can be performed by a two year old and I am sorry to say that I have witnessed what would appear to be too many foster children crying wolf who probably just need their mouths washed out with soap and maybe a nap? Although I am closed doors to ignorant men, I am open to all the ideas regarding the developments of something great that will certainly now  take place within the new official SEO industry born. Just to let you know I don’t even read anything unless it has at least some brain matter to it. So If it’s negative, the first glimpse of it being ugly, I trash it. That is where it belongs so that is where it goes, no sweat. I like to print the piece of paper, crumble these people in my hands, and then shoot to score. Most of you who comment are just another basket case!

Not even Kobe Bryant, or Amare Stoudemire can stop my offense when it comes to this New American SEO Revolution. While I continue to dispose of the majority of hatred caused by blog artists (sorry already trade marking it) this way, I have on the other hand heard from some intelligent people with creative inspiring ideas. These people along with the other positive people are the ones who make it all worthwhile and I would just like to thank the small few right now for all of their support. I look forward to hearing from more executives like these ones I know who have what it takes to actually make it happen.

To try and answer some of your questions regarding SEO as a service mark, it differs completely from SEO as a process. There is no official definition of SEO until now, really there is nothing that has any Official Linguistic credibility up until now. SEO, did you think it was a “NOUN” with regard to an actual human being? Did you think the definition was someone who performs SEO as a process? What is SEO? I will tell you trademarked.

To the ultra intelligent one who thinks Wikipedia is describing SEO as a service, you just need to take an hour and think about the process. Here’s a clue: employer hires employee, employee provides employer service, employer fires employee, end of process.  Think about it. Wikipedia has no Official Linguistic Value, but who does is Oxford. Process, process, process… With Gambert Service, service, service. Thank you, thank you.

This is just another reason why the community under the elected governing body, can come together and decide another definition to add to the SEO Service mark if they choose to it is a living service mark. The trademark can change all the time; it just takes thirty days after publication in the OG. In other words it can be amended for the future.

I have successfully taken the first step in pioneering the world’s first definition of SEO as a service, a mark being: marketing services in the field of computers in the nature of providing marketing services for the benefit of others by compiling advertising campaigns, promotional services, and consulting for customers.

I victoriously pioneered the first official definition of SEO as a “Service” not a process. It differs completely than the official definition of SEO as a process. I don’t see any way; anyone can get past the simple difference between the two. It would have to be a lawyer by the name of Houdini and have to go backward in time and change process to service.

These are judge’s people, lawyers who don’t lack intelligence when it comes to the law. I know one thing’s for sure; they have already had a meeting before allowing me to proceed once. Don’t think for one second they didn’t think of every way they possibly could to stop it by law if they could. That is what the examiner does for a living. That is their job and that is why it is so difficult to get a trademark even in the first place. You have to get past the guardian of trademarks and believe me this woman held a big ax on the chopping block!

We went round and round three times I tried to explain to her the difference. Now all of you blog artists made her out to be all kinds of things in a negative light. I would just like to say she knows more than you if you think SEO as it as it once stood was anything more than a process. What planet are you on? Are you are in a dreamland? At least wake up and be an SEM where the closest thing to standards you will ever have can be SEMPO. What you are describing when you come offering me process is an SEM. Go be an SEM!

With the trademark it will be different though, and we will have more free stuff than any SEM organization. Yes I said Free! Never one penny if it’s up to me! I can’t wait to offer the community, free custom SEO hooowaditties with all the bells and whistles. SEO Revolution, revolution, revolution. I have got the programmers. I just can’t wait to provide the greatest official SEO community what they deserve being service! If you voted in monetization maybe even television advertising for the community? The ideas are endless now come along and come together officially!

I got it, all the people who are for standards SEO, everyone else SEM! Maybe we can have grudge matches too? Who is better? How about red rover, red rover, send an SEM hick right over! Hick I command you to be an SEM forever. Go Hick Go!

Love this one, “Who is this Flash Building, NO SEO CLUE GUY etc etc. Jason Gambert?”

I know at least one thing you obviously didn’t, SEO was a process. I know when my site was hot I had 24K people landing on it consistently every day. I know I am about to blow those stats away with the greatest SEO news ever! I know that you should never believe the blogs, and it makes me question all of them. I know that blog artists are like little wiener people who think of the wittiest thing to say to each other so they can be cool and snicker back and forth to each other. I command you Blog Artists snicker on to become an SEM.

You snickering SEM’s are a bunch of tails with no head, scared to fall out of line. Gossips who really are pathetic in the very nature have shown nothing less than grotesque. I am going to start a blog, called smash the blog artists! Expose the blackhats! Squish the cockroach with your boot. Shoot the bird! Smack the evolutionist! Take Hack off the crack patch. Teach the cowboy there is a new sheriff in town, and ride the bull! I can hear the whistle now, you know that famous one in old westerns? Lay off the tumbleweed you’re blowing in the wind. The clock strikes twelve, who is it? Jason Gambert big guns, I thought he was supposed to have a black hat on! Nope, you got duped by Darwin! Darwin could never have believed it was possible, go start Darwin SEM. SEO is people who believe, we don’t wear hats, we wear 300 war helmets!

Who knows maybe even Ultimate Executive Fighting. Where if you have a problem, lets stream it live, take it to the ring, and punch each others lights out! Sound fun?  I know,(small man voice) we can even donate all the money to charity! How does that sound?

Jason Gambert is someone who didn’t need to do a thing when it came to his site still #1.

To lighten things up a bit….It is kind of funny though I had no idea it was such an SEO jungle freak show out there! I have already seen, a bird, a bull with long horns and no brains, a fat lady sing about a time machine, a one eyed bandit, the lone ranger, an SEO Rap star, of all things an SEO porn star, I mean are you sure this isn’t Hollywood? I am just waiting for Indiana Jones to come knocking on my door when I get the Holy Grail! Yes the SEO Holy Grail I own by law.That is right you heard it correct one man Jason Gambert owns the SEO Trademark 100% of it too. No other individual could have done this retaining all 100% ownership. They would have found investors and partners but not I, nope.

Furthermore I still invite communities from all over the web to help promote the guidelines for good SEO too! SEOmoz was invited up until now, but since I haven’t heard anything from them except opposition and trouble making it seems they are still another enemy that’s all. Feeding off of SEO blood. There the good guys? It’s OK Happy Halloween! Glad to see you have some money now, did you disclose to your investors about your ongoing legal woes with Gambert?

Guess what you should have asked yourself long ago, “But what would happen to our company if he wins?” It would have been wise, it would have also been wise to not allow a bird to fly your whole company into a brick wall of law. Happy trails to you Mozzers… What will happen to the “Wizard” now? Seo.com were veterans, intelligent not to have opposed me and escaped the sickle. Not you CORNmoz, not you Mr. 99 dollars per month using SEO everywhere, not you, oh no not you. Not BIG BIRD not YOUR Sesame street, SEO® paint the town red.

However If you are interested in helping form the official industry approved SEO guidelines, please contact me here, and I will follow up with you shortly. We will also be forming a board of directors to oversee changes to the service, and format in which SEO can be sold (basically the unification for the new SEO service industry). We will restrict businesses from selling our service of SEO if they do not meet the approved official SEO trademark requirements. Those approved will use SEO as normal, but will now be able to use the term as SEO®, and will be able to claim that their SEO service is approved under  the new SEO® trademark guidelines.

This power is still for the people of the search community and the protection of the general business consumer and this today still stands. I will certainly do what I told you all I was originally going to do, and I will see it all the way through until it is absolutely finished.
Nothing is official yet except the SEO Trademark success as defined: VICTORY 


SEO Discovery! It should strike a cold chill in my adversary’s bones and all who have defamed me for the last 8 years… I will see the few in court very soon, very very soon…

(Updated August 18 2017!  For Everyone Else, I Have The Most Awesome News for The SEO® World-Wide Community; You Terrific International Army of Boulder Dam Reporters!)






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