President Gambert Reporting,

Now then it has been brought to my attention David Kappos, The Director of the United States Patent & Trademark Organization has chosen to resign. It was good advice to take; I gave it to him personally. Now, it is especially wise for David to resign from his elected position by the Obama Administration which doesn’t include the People of the United States.

He will be leaving the office as announced at the end of this first month of January in 2013. Although he did not announce the reason for leaving the agency, I have good intuition and reason to believe that he took my advice to resign I gave him on November 07th, 2012.

This next time the USPTO Director absolutely MUST BE someone placed who stands for Justice and the Rule of Law, someone who does not fold nor back down from enforcing both of which to anyone under his or her administration.

Director David Kappos believed the organization made great progress and from his help has cut down on patent backlogging, and from his assistance increased operational efficiency. Also stating along the same lines of exerting leadership in IP policy locally and internationally.


Although it is his first term since 2009, at the mess of an office, which acts as the “Mind” and “Brain” of our economy inside the United States, it is no wonder why he is leaving. He has been failed by his employees.

There are a select few that I am personally aware of that need to follow his lead out of the office for good. Don’t worry America, I will be on the job hunting the rest of them down up until every last one of them resigns and follows David’s suit to where they belong.


I am not aware of any reason why he would leave his tenure except that the case I have is as big as the internet, and involves him personally. Now, when I first started my application it was around the time when David Kappos was increasing the patent and trademark application examining efficiencies and he is the one credited with making the agency more efficient. While this may be true when it comes to the technology implementation being executed who is taking credit to holding the technology and reviewing agents accountable to the law?


I have notified the Washington Bar about this corruption I have discovered and am currently building a nice case for what they need in order to really seek the kind of discipline needed for anyone who is not in congruency of ethics in the law profession. It seems they are not worried about mistakes, but they are worried about the ethics involved when making them… Overt morally corrupt conduct, cover-ups, and other gross negligences; not in the alignment to their self-governed profession!

David Kappos has overseen the implementation of the America Invents Act of 2011, but may I ask has anyone heard of the Lanham Act? You know the one that oversees the United States Patent and Trademark Organization? It is clear they are all aware of GAMBERT now, everyone in this organization is aware of the case I am building up in great magnitude, to inform the Government on all levels and make the United States People aware of the truth!

Now, one man cannot do it all, especially when making a good faith effort to finish what it was Mr. David Kappos was doing when he decided to take on the job description of Director.. It needed a complete overhaul of a broken office from broken outdated law professionals… His opening and expanding of offices to other places besides Virginia to places such as Detroit and other locations brought much needed changes to the office… However, I am the one that brings the heat!!!!

What should change about Statutes?

I assume some people such as the Character of David Kappos had good intentions with CHANGE and while bringing this much needed CHANGE he has had a mildly if not heated reaction from the American Public to his job performances, his duties, and from my personal opinion of not being the much needed BOSS.  Well then it is appreciated even by me for his attempt at making an “up to date” trademark and patent system inside the United States, but the only place where the torch was dropped was when it came to being the BOSS unafraid to put careers  and their dam freedom to the chopping block.


David Kappos was appointed by the “President” of the United States Barak Obama, he was the leader of the USPTO and I think he makes a better employee than a BOSS. Bosses need to go find the problem and make the room quiet as soon as they enter the room out of respect. When they see the BOSS being taken away from what he/she is doing, then there is good enough reason to be quiet and listen when people are being certainly prosecuted…

When it is important enough to have everyone’s attention, because someone is failing the organization, or acting criminal bringing my dam heat on an organization; bosses get to be boss real fast. Bosses get down to business, they ROOT OUT the problem, or the people who are in their assumed safe positions… Agents who may have assumed too far, assuming they are safe and cannot be fired or prosecuted…

I don’t believe real bosses are worried about hurting feelings or firing people, especially from those who may have made his or her organization look not just real bad, but actually criminal… Especially when it affects Americas’ reputation when it is certainly connected all the way up to the “President of the United States” under his or her organization. The Commander and Chief, affected from the actions of Government agents out of alignment to the rule of law, still falls under whose organization?


So when David worked for IBM for a long time, he was well aware of the BOSS, the MAN in charge who would lay anyone to the chopping block for failing his organization. Just as any boss would clearly do without any hesitation either. Now, in regards to taking oaths and bringing God into the mix, with the accountability including all of the American People falling under his organization, with certain Judges and Attorneys, with cover-ups, now THEFT? It is no wonder why David Left.

It was good advice. “Be the Boss and go do what Bosses do,” is what I said, but David Chose to resign, to fold and not stand. It must be much easier this way, now David won’t be under any more Oath obligations, or any public office obligations, or have to deal with any more public scrutiny from anyone anywhere right? Wrong.

What will your career plans be now Mr. David Kappos? Now that your leaving the United States Patent and Trademark Organization, why not before you leave, go be a Boss and fire who needs to be fired? Why not send me my trademark I own rightfully and according to the law with your signature righteously?

Why not be the BOSS before you go and live satisfied with your job being well done? Put Some careers to the Chopping Block. Why not grow a much needed mean streak? When was America ever nice when it came to compromise of any Justice, Law, Politics, Property, or Technology?

Either way, it is my Judgment and my decree now Mr. David Kappos that you have taken my advice to resign. I will now have your much needed mercy towards you. I do hereby drop my personal case against you and now also do hereby remove my notice of complaint and claim for damages against you personally. This doesn’t mean that you can escape the signed warrant for your arrest, but it does mean that you may become a witness in “Americas Giant Dam Case against USPTO Agents.”


This will certainly be true if the Arizona Federal Attorney assigned to this case does not settle on giving me what is rightfully mine according to the law. It was her fault, that is why everything is still being turned up, nobody seems to follow simple text…


And you will be just fine…

The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law.
The Rule of Law gives the people the power to trust their governments by trusting in themselves and God, and by way of this knowledge able of holding anyone elected accountable to their oaths of office. — Jason Gambert, United States Servant and Advocate for Personal Justice…







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