Calling On My New Air Force One,

Dear Americans, Sovereigns and Citizens of the United States. First, let me thank you for your invaluable time it takes to read a plea for your help. Now, as the only real organization that I have found that currently exists inside the United States, as a body of believers and that continues in your efforts to make a difference. My name is Jason Gambert and I am the United States President, furthermore I am starting a revolution for your names sake. I would like to take this time to introduce myself to you, as one seriously concerned American, as if I were not already seven years past this point of being displeased.

Now you know that Gambert has done it and what I mean by this is, as you will come to learn more about all this is, our Victory! Now, as you explore this Giant case I have had against corrupt officials and agencies inside the United States, and for some dam time now, discover more! Much more and without further elaboration, please allow me to first recap: II.I.JI. JI!

Within these years and in 2013 we have seen an open attack from the I.R.S. on fellow American citizens on the basis of whether they have faith for some, and are patriots for others. This year we have seen whistle blowers step forward and America really is in a state of not knowing who the good guys are, and who the bad guys aren’t, we are all dependent on somebody providing us some answers. The news media Big “5” Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC report news in America, but is it possible I am the only one who sees what is really going on when it comes to reporting against Government officials, and officials targeting in on media? Have we come to a point of political wall street profit driven commercial propaganda? The answer is yes. Let’s face it we have come to a point in America where there is too much corruption going on everywhere, far too many politics involved, and we have nearly lost all sight of what it is to report good news in America, and to trust that our leaders in America are at least following their job descriptions…

By now you are probably wondering what it is I am getting to, well please allow me to introduce a truth that goes hand and hand with Government corruption as big as the I.R.S. scandal, but far worse. I personally have reported this news I am about to share with you to CNN, Fox, and NBC and others without a single call back, with nobody interested in what it is that has been accomplished for America! This news affects you as fellow Americans personally it has everything to do with your children and wives. The future of American commerce is of significant value, patents on pharmaceuticals, technology, with other Intellectual property made through trademarks and copyrights are a reality that Congress is currently concerned about for good cause, because that has made and continues to make America the leader of the free world when it comes to this kind of enterprise and capitalism for all of our future state. We recently had a newly appointed United States Trade representative Michael Froman, and it is me who is going to be personally contacting him to tell him about the greatest Intellectual Property win for the United States that has been performed for all of us when it comes to Internet Marketing and the future of how marketing will be internationally. Did you know we retained the internet recently in an attempt to give your internet away?

Let’s face it there is a huge gap in understanding of a generation where computers and technology was just being introduced, and it was the boomers babies that really took hold of it and continue to take hold of what is now available to us to build upon and explore with helping each other systemize, maximize, and create efficiency unfathomable just thirty years ago.  With this kind of foundation that had begun, and where Americans are now currently building upon, it is up to our center the United States Patent and Trademark Organization to be the acting “Memory” and if were an organ for America the “Brain” of our nation. We need to desperately protect our heads with helping this Agency because what I am about to share with you is the biggest news in USPTO History, and I am also going to break the News to you because you are the only citizens that seems to hold the Accountable, accountable, and I am in desperate need of your help not only to start a revolution, but to help me expose the United States Patent and Trademark Scandal with their cover-ups because I have found a corruption problem that is of catastrophic proportions within this Agency.

Listen I have actively sought after law firms to help with the administration of justice, but with no avail every single firm have only shown cower and have crumbled under the weight of the truth of what I was revealing to them. I have contacted my state Senators in Arizona Jeff Flake, and John McCain, with John writing back that the Constitution bars him from helping me, and Flake, well we all know his name don’t we. I helped expedite an old Director David Kappos to resign because what I have found has fallen under when he held the leadership, I have been actively pursuing justice, I contacted the Sheriffs department and the FBI after reading their job descriptions with not even a call back America! Can you imagine if you called the police when you were in great trouble and nobody ever even came to your need? We need to stand up together and start our justice movements.

Finally with contacting multiple agencies and creating a website to get the word out there I was finally no longer alone in my battle and my pursuits for justice. Since I have posted a website now other Victims have been coming forward and other victims are finding other victims of the corruption and injustice or the “Cancer” in America being in the Brain, the United States Patent and Trademark Office. To this day I have contacted and served Barak Obama, I have given correspondence to the old Standing in Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank, I served a copy to at the time Hillary Clinton with a copy to her husband Bill Clinton, and copies to the current Department of Justice head Eric Holder. I have served a copy to the Federal Bureau of Investigation I have done everything in my power as a single citizen to get justice and to get our elected officials to simply perform what their job descriptions entail them to do. They did nothing America.

The only people that contacted me back right away whether you like them or you don’t like them, look at them as Americans right now rather than just Democrat or Republican, John McCain, and our Arizona State Attorney General Tom Horne were the only ones who contacted me, who actually cared enough to at least attempt at explaining why they couldn’t be of help. You see America, it is not just me as a citizen that this Agency the United States Patent and Trademark organization has failed, it is not just the accountability of the standing in at the time Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank that has failed her job, it isn’t just the corruption found within the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, it isn’t that six judges an interlocutory attorney and other people were aware of these cover-ups, alleged conspiracy, and criminal actions, but it is the pure fact that as one single citizen I now represent all of America. This corruption I have found and others are finding is thick and when it comes to creating Jobs, international income, and leading America as a pioneer in Internet Marketing with the infrastructure to go nationally, it wasn’t the Government helping me, it was the Government destroying me by being in the way, acting against Federal Statute, Internal Agency Law, and the Constitution of the United States which is criminal. Now that I have and continue making the biggest deal out of this “Gross American Injustice” I have only the greatest plea that has ever gone out or to have been announced before, and to pronounce it to the entire American Internet Republic and the rest of the free world to be the loudest one that has ever been heard before.

Dear America Our Rights and our Laws with our constitution has been trampled on, and overtly broken by Agents within the United States Patent and Trademark Office with Judicial corruption inside the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board! Our current leaders who have sworn in who took oaths to protect our rights have been contacted and have done absolutely nothing about it. Listen we are now six years behind billions of dollars of international income into America behind and someone needs to hold someone accountable. Will you help America? Can you help America get justice fellow Americans and Citizens of The United States? Can you help us all start getting some justice?

We as citizens need  to come to a point of not only creating petitions but helping fellow Americans get Justice, standing up for victims and witnesses when Government won’t.

There simply comes a point when a Federal Agency and the Agents therein that have been found to have broken Federal Law must be held accountable, because while they love to hold citizens accountable to every law, it’s about time the citizens hold our Government accountable to our laws, because silence cannot be tolerated any longer, no answer is still a loud of enough answer. Injustice will not be tolerated in the Untied States.

I am currently in the stages of bringing a suit against these individual Agents personally for damages they have caused to all of us, but does anyone know the extent of how far a public official can hide behind something called “Sovereign Immunity” and for the judges “Judicial Immunity?” My God America have we really found the biggest problem in America, something unthinkable that our Forefathers would have never thought possible, let me ask you America, citizens and everyone participating on the building of our American future, Who holds the Judicial Accountable for Corruption and Overt Lawlessness?

We do America….


The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law. 

The Rule of Law gives the people the power to trust their governments by trusting in themselves and God, and by way of this knowledge able of holding anyone elected accountable to their oaths of office.

— Jason Gambert, United States Sovereign and Advocate for Your Dam Personal Justice America!







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