Good morning Vietnam,

Today is a beautiful day in America and it’s because I am witnessing the adjoining of marvelous events first hand from experience. In other words since I am now leading what has become a national and possibly international class action lawsuit against the USPTO, it is no wonder why the last Director took off like a bat out of hell and left all this for poor Teresa. I feel it’s about time to call forward my first four whistle blowers and counting by name, Charles Joiner, Montia Pressey Givens, Jennifer Chicoski and Tyrone Cambell. UPDATE: II.I.JI.UNDERCOVER.II.I.JI.EXECUTIVE.II.I.JI. II.I.JI. JI. I!

Today January 6th 2014 we The People of America are Prosecuting The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, over fifty employees at the United States Patent Office, and Congressional Relations is conducting II.I.JI.ELECTRICITY.II.I.JI. please allow me to introduce myself to you as: II.I.JI.PRESIDENT.II.I.JI.OF.II.I.JI.THE.II.I.JI.UNITED.II.I.JI.STATES.II.I.JI. II.I.JI!

Now there were certainly others who should have blown the whistle too, and in fact now there is a plethora of witnesses! Listen America it certainly is not the USPTO denying they are in the mega wrong, but what is blatantly apparent now is how absurd it has been all the way up until now and that they couldn’t simply just admit the astronomical problem with the catastrophic proportions a long time ago. Contacting the FBI you would think would spark an investigation. You would assume the lawless agents who broke Federal law who continued attempting to cover it all up, you know the the same Agents that tried to bury the biggest news in USPTO History, and you would think they would be held accountable to the same degree when citizens are held accountable. Nope. Furthermore you would think these “Agents” would have at least thought before making their obscene and obstructive actions in the first place preventing Justice from being fulfilled. Nope.

I am pleased to announce to the United States of America GAMBERT has targeted in on the brain of the United States, this being the Intellectual Property Organization that we still hold as one of the most significant, if not the most significant infrastructures for producing business and wealth for America. I am now a public partner to the counterpart the USPTO and I am also pleased to further announce I have found the Brain Cancer and I will certainly do my part for what needs to be done for you America. I GAMBERT SHALL CUT THE CANCER OUT. The defense cell of America born to protect the United States Citizens from the Brain Cancer that has been clearly found within and provide the antidote to the corrosive corruption may I reintroduce myself Sir Scalpel.

Sir Scalpel could never have done it alone, and now thanks to the other real United States Citizens standing up for Justice they have renewed my mopping abilities too. It was these other invaluable real Americans, other protective blood cells that have witnessed the same disgusting display of “Gross American Injustice” cancer from within the USPTO. From what they have already provided on their part is more than enough, I have BIG NEWS the tipping point has also begun America! Listen when there is a fiduciary responsibility by the Agencies Agents we hire to do their job to protect us as citizens from the damages of not following the law, we have to draw the lines on their sleeping lymphoma. These Agents were caught on the job sleeping and then maliciously attempting to cover up the Titanic sinking.

Listen this news is of astronomical proportions and it is about time that the new leader, who is going to have to clean up what Kappos left behind get ready to address the Nation and the press, because Krappos left a hell of a mess and I feel sorry for the new Director Teresa Stanek Rea.  Don’t worry if you need any help just call the Janitor. I do know one thing is certain, we shall hold someone accountable to lay some Trademark Trial and Appeal Board members to waste. We as citizens rely on the Sheriffs department to enforce their job descriptions even if the FBI won’t. Listen when it comes to this alleged conspiracy found from within from certain individuals acting within this agency someone is going to blow the whistle Charles. By the way I am certainly very much glad that Barak Obama did not swear in the old standing in Commerce Secretary Ms. Blank, because when I served her a copy personally of all of this correspondence, I received absolutely nothing, I received Blank. Can you believe it America? There is a lot in a name, and the same thing happened with Flake.

Now We have a new Secretary of the United States Department of Commerce and Ms. Pritzker will lead the U.S. Department of Commerce and hopefully she can finish the job of cutting out all of the brain cancer found currently from within the USPTO and if Teresa can’t do it, we may just have to call in a bigger Scalpel. Dr. Pritzker do you remember your oaths? Pass the Gauze.

Either way when someone doesn’t do their job and the economy suffers from it, and especially this conduct found from Agents who represent America, they absolutely must get fired, and if they have broken the law, they absolutely must be arrested. We cannot afford to brush this under the table, cover it all up, and continue acting like nobody has suffered, just ask my 5 VICTIMS/WITNESSES. There are thousands you shall see.

-They are pissed off Americans and I am pleased to be at their service!

The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law.
The Rule of Law gives the people the power to trust their governments by trusting in themselves and God, and by way of this knowledge able of holding anyone elected accountable to their oaths of office.

— Jason Gambert, United States Sovereign and Advocate for your Personal Dam Justice!







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