This year I have encountered much along the way. I would say that I have found a tragedy in America and it is from a lack of care found in our own people. Therefore I would like to invite everyone to become American all over again, because I can clearly see we have lost all sight of what American really is. It is apparent we have no idea who we are as a people or what we are capable of accomplishing standing together undivided as one nation.

America now is the time for you to come to the greatest realization of all of our significance together. To understand why it is so imperative for all of us to make the right decisions now. Why we have to make sure we don’t lose our country while paying too much attention to all the distractions along the way; only to lose sight of what matters most.

-This being Our People, Our Spirit, and Our Laws..

This is a letter to the poor, to the middle class and to the wealthy… Who are all Americans and must realize we are all citizens who are all in this together... Now is the time to come together and show the rest of the world we mean business. We live in a Republic, where it is one of the last lights left of any hope for freedom left in this dark world it would seem… We must protect ourselves the same…

-It is a soldiers duty to fight a war in foreign lands, but it is our duty to fight the war of generating income and creating jobs to help our nations economy afford to fight evil…

Working together is the first step all over again.. It would seem we must take it again together united in our steps to really start making a difference in our nation . This is a call  to everyone who has never voted before, I call you to vote for the first time… Many of you in 2014 and to realize as citizens it is our job to watch our government. To hold the Congress accountable to all the spending of finances we don’t have. To seek out corruption at any level, further to make sure it is exposed and brought to justice the same… To start working together more as Republicans & Democrats, as to pick the best candidate for the job, or maybe who just loves our country the most…

-What makes the USA great is our people, Government can’t while America can.

America I am writing this letter to you, because you have become too dependent on the government and somehow you believe that a President is going to really determine the matter on the outcome of this magnificent country being “The United States.”  All of us here in this nation must not depend on only one man, and must come to our senses that depending on government is the wrong idea, it shouldn’t matter who is President when it comes to our economy. The job description of the President is to enforce the laws created by congress. How many really know this? How has it become the President determines our economy, this is not in the job description, but it is in yours America!

If the solution to your problems and our Nations problems presented its self, and if the answer was to shine forth the face of it’s truth upon our lands, Congress would not see it, nor would the President, and the people are too angry, frustrated, or furious to care to listen long enough… We have a big world with a lot of Nations that hate us because we’re American. Embassy’s are getting bombed left and right  and while we continue this fight that seems to be another Vietnam all over again, but now being the only difference on the stage of a global scale, we must start asking ourselves the right dam questions…

We must all start asking ourselves the tough questions we never wanted to ask before, but now is the time we must ask what is Liberty and Justice worth to all of us as the people of the United States, what is our Nation worth to all of us who live here?

I am asking you all as Americans to start speaking out and to make your voices heard, don’t just elect someone to talk for you while you struggle to keep up with the cost of gasoline. Don’t elect someone to do the speaking for you they are all out of line, but there will never be another one like you again, so rise up and speak your voice while letting the whole world hear our peoples voices united again! I am fairly certain it is drastically different than what the media shows to the world, Americans are more than a bunch of cheer leaders in Candidates campaigns. The real Americans need to get up and realize they count most so let your vocals ring!

These next few years will be the ones that really determine everything it would seem, and while our Elected officials debate on how to save our country, or how to afford our wars, they will continue to sip coffee and drink white house ale while getting paid six figure salaries. It’s easy to spend other peoples money and while most are tax exempt sending our troops to continue bleeding on foreign soil  for our nations people is not. So please start caring for our troops at least America and their children who have a hard time keeping up with the other kids at school when it come to new jeans or shoes. Please start to care and cast your votes starting with kicking the real bums all out!

If my voice is ever heard then you will hear my voice pointing out corruption and holding government accountable to the same laws we follow as citizens. To try with everything I have in me to save this country from where this ship is certainly heading and because I can see it clearly. The course must change for every state, may every state follow Arizona as our debt is counting down and not up! All of you other states in the Nation must listen,  last time I checked the biggest threat to America was destroying our economy; now can anyone else see this Gorilla Interest Warfare yet please? Can anyone see an undivided enemy attacking blind people?

Raising taxes on the middle class in a sense may be a good idea, I almost want it to happen, because something needs to happen to wake up sleeping America. Someone needs to start feeling some pain from the decisions of just throwing money around, billion here, trillion there, aiding all our enemies paying them to behave. Look now we are all about to start feeling the answer to the question, what’s the cost? I know there are a lot of hungry homeless people in the USA, I know there are a lot of places they cannot go to find good rest and I also know billions are given away to countries that are not our own. Does anyone see the problems with our country yet? Why does everyone feel powerless? Do you feel powerless? Well things are going to change when it comes to powerless Americans and very soon…

Almost 5 years ago I started to fight for my right to have a life and be American.

During the duration of civilized warfare and the goal to create Jobs and generate income into the United States… To help our people and our nation and because of lawlessness in Federal agencies thousands of workers had their jobs stolen, while billions of dollars have left our country to foreign lands. These finances have left our country, they have left our people and our nation from Washington lawlessness. Who did this? Let me tell you it was not my Opposition, it was the failures of a Government Agency, it was the failures and corruption of the Agents within the agencies. Let’s face it America the only real people that care about our country on earth is us, who are the people of The United States? What happens if we depend on government too much, what if no one holds them accountable when they fail us? Who pays the price for their overt criminal conduct, the answer is us America, we pay the price of suffering and we are found unable to afford food and clothing….

-Well it certainly happened to me this way, and that means it happened to all of you too!

What do we do? Do we continue the way we are going and become united in carelessness? Forget all our laws and expect everyone else to do our job as citizens of the United States? Because that is exactly what has happened and is happening currently to our country… It is this spirit that is not our spirit, but an impostor and must be thrown out to save our country! I know because I simply walk around society and ask normal people, real citizens what they think. I am not famous and everyone talks to me like a normal person.  I talk to soldiers who have fought for our country, including our rights and they have a voice just like ours! I have found we all have a voice, but is it heard really is it really that hard to find it really?

Listen I wrote in to every Federal Agency and even sent letters to retired Presidents bringing forth a heavy case of corruption and did anyone even write back? Did anyone care? No. See really to me it is not a matter of whether people care about my business, but it just happens to be that my business is all of your business America! I am in the business of Kingdom building and my passion is for Justice on lawlessness. The only problem I fear is it seems I am the only one who cares about building up our Nation anymore… I talk to a lot of people, a lot of citizens every day, it is generally the same response, feeling helpless, powerless, like their insignificant and they don’t matter…  So they don’t care….

-Congress are you listening? Surely not because your too busy trying to keep the ship from sinking right? 

America the same thing is happening to you! What happened earlier this year in our country was the voices were heard raging at Congress to keep their student loans affordable or just barely in reach to get an education in our Country. Is there anything wrong with paying to get a good job? Is there anything wrong with placing a muzzle on an ox while plowing a field? Has anyone asked the good questions yet, because I know some good ones and I am not hearing anything that aligns to any of the ones I am asking yet…. Like are we ready to start taking charge of our country yet?

-Is our Education system in America expensive old and outdated?

If anyone tells you lawmakers get the message loud and clear, I would say I have a case that proves differently; but when it comes to Federal Statutes, Agency Law, or the Constitution – including corruption on a Federal level, who cares right? Well if the people don’t care then Government can do whatever they please and that is the truth of why exactly I am writing you this letter…

The real question is who enforces the government? Who enforces the Judicial? America I have breaking news for you and it is you! You are the Governments government and it is you who are their employers! So, to become dependent on your employees makes sense only in what you are allowing to become a Nightmare and not America…. Please for the Love of God wake up America, smell the seven dollar coffee! I petition all of you citizens to reconsider your judgments of not voting, not becoming active or concerned, and I petition you to care again! Listen, I have tried to address the government, but they just show not to listen every time and they known eventually you will just give up so your wasting your time! Are they just too busy fighting “The things that matter most” while neglecting your voices, my voice and our rights to life?

-Does anyone know their job duties as fellow Citizens of the United States?

To me it is all of you citizens that matter most and that is why I feel its my duty to tell you all what your job duties are as citizens! It is to watch the government and make sure they do their job. Listen, it makes me cringe seeing these days the troops to be the only people left in our nation who 1.) Care enough to fight  2.) Have the courage to do it 3.) Who really do fight for our country and our rights 4.) Who live by faith & 5.) Give their blood sweat and tears for all of us to continue having our freedoms through…

So to have a Spirit that doesn’t care, that doesn’t vote, or is not concerned, or simply to give up before ever trying really, should change your mind. Listen to just hope our government is doing the right thing all the time is not good enough. Not for them, not for us, and not for your children. Now is the time for all of us to come together and  start thinking like “One Nation” again; grounded on our traditional laws. One Nation under God is offending now, but now it is time to start thinking offensively and not so much passively, all the time staying in defensive mode; America it’s time. Really it is, it is about that time. Do you know what time it is?

Does it trouble anyone in our country Christians are being targeted today by Atheists and Islamic Nations because of their beliefs? How about just being American?

Does it trouble anyone besides me that if your American or a believer for that matter, that it really isn’t safe in many countries today? Does it trouble anyone besides me? Especially while Washington has all of our people of our nation increasing in debt to other foreign nations and maintaining being dependent on foreign oil? This is what we you are handing your children as a legacy debt and foreign energy dependence?

We really need to re evaluate our whole Nations thought processes, including our people, with our beliefs, and our moral foundations all over again. Or should we just lose a whole Generation from neglecting what we value most, being our Faith together as a country United again…

-Does anyone want justice yet?

We need some fighters and all of you have elected Barak Obama who told you he is a Champion ready to fight for the middle class, I would like to add to this and say I want to fight for all of America the poor, the middle class, and the wealthy including everyone in between. Can I get some justice please? Can anyone in Gods name give me an Amen for justice sake?

I desire to save our country from sinking into an ocean of desperation.

When people are drowning they look for anything in a panic to hold on to and I don’t’ know how this has happened to our people who have a history of shocking the world with technology, innovation, capitalism, wealth, and enterprise, but with inventions and new ideas that bring forth the much needed change in the world today! I have seen the spirit stem from our Forefathers who courageously would accomplish the impossible, to this generation now gone  and although it may have seemed impossible at the time, everyone during this time joined in together and said “We Choose To Believe” that it is possible and proved “They Did” even for the first time.

So while everyone in America becomes more and more desensitized, more dependent on government, and because of what the Media artistically crafts for you all to believe… As the video with the sound waves of negativity drench you with the worlds hatred, spewing ungodliness all over you, just remember one thing…

All it takes is one American on fire, one man or women of God to ignite all of our people’s Spirits again… All it takes is one person to shake one person loose of the medias grips causing the earth to quake… Shaking loose others only to help another grab another and start paying attention to what your Spirits are really after, this being saving our nation, defeating the enemy, and bringing Victory back home! What is Victory?

Justice on Foreign Dependance on Energy, Justice on the National Debt, Justice on Government Corruption, Justice on Terrorism, Justice on Addiction and Americas Drug Problems. Justice on Enemies of the United States, Justice On People Who Target Believers, Justice on Anyone Who Targets Americans, Justice JUSTICE JUSTICE I dont’ know about you, but God can I get some JUSTICE please?

The truth is the only people that are going to get justice for us is just us…

Not the Government, not the FBI, nor anyone else, but all of us as Citizens! Everyone has there hands full and to cut government spending while increasing there work load is not right… It is apparent nothing is these days, but citizens need to start caring about other citizens rights  and start firing incompetent officials… Put a veteran in their place, I am sure they will care more about our country than having do nothing parties…

-Turn the lights on start exposing people left and right!

Also realize “Your President” currently is part of the “Justice Revolution,” a friend and ally to all our people. He serves our people the same and we need to support him now more than ever during these next four years of trials and tribulation on America… They are coming, let me tell you now, like you have never seen before America, ever, but whatever it takes to get you to listen as a people, a nation again and start to take your country back from the dead!

-Whatever it takes to save you all from yourselves then so be it…

Because until we wake up as a nation and as a people together again, to actually come to realize the one person who could make all the difference in the world, that one person we needed most to get up and take action that missing person was you! Yes, you. You! Yes, you very much! Personally, yes you! Yes, you all of you, every single one of you, who else?  Who else, but all of us together again? We the people standing up stronger together united again really are the only difference left America!


God Bless You and God bless America Again,


-Jason Gambert


A wise man once said; “Ask not what your country can do for you, but instead ask what you can do for your country.”  – Now if only our Government would stop holding us back! Another – “If you can’t beat’m Join’m!







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