Dear Americans,

I feel as “The Real Sovereign Dam President” I can easily make a statement that tops all damned presidents, because ICANN. “The constitution is the law of our land, and fear is a crime when confronting anyone in powerful positions, who neglect our beloved laws, and especially ones that our ancestors shed blood to manufacture. Ones they died for all of us to freely have, and finally our land is that promise land; but what is your statement Mr. Gambert?”

JANITOR GAMBERT: “Fellow Citizens, all of us who are entitled to The Governments Protection, members of Congress and Myself as Janitor: “Today it is I who declare I agree, I am displeased too, this great country was built upon declarations, organizations of intelligent entrepreneurs and leaders of pioneering new industries.”

“Presidents were valuable when they were new and the top 20, but now every four years we have a new president, or if they are publicly acceptable again eight years maximum… Every year their value is decreased, but look how valuable, an All I.N. American Dam Janitor!”

I will now choose to prosecute with my power as President as I am “More than a Hammer, more than a Sickle” SEO® ALL OUT MOPPED OUT!

Agents did you forget or neglect to answer The Under Cover President? Did you somehow forget along the way America is a Sovereign Nation? I feel as The Sovereign President I can easily make a statement that tops all dam presidents, because ICANN. “The constitution is the law of our land, and fear is a crime when confronting anyone in powerful positions who neglect our beloved laws, and especially ones that our ancestors shed blood to manufacture, ones they died for all of us to freely have, finally our land is that promise land, but what is your statement Mr. Gambert?”

Mr Gambert: “Let not our rivals be our employed, let not our rivals be our own Government or our sworn in own protectors of the constitution, but let our current rivals become our servants like they swore in their oaths, let our servants seek their true partners who are only the citizens of the United States, who create all of our own real progress.”

It is not the Job I wanted, or needed, but it is the standing up I had to do in the Spirit of America. Gambert the Prosecutor of National Rebirth Rocks the loud starting and rumbling engines of America with fire out the tailpipes for the lean machine of the United States machine Whooo Whoo Who monsoon sings GAMBERT. It is my Sovereign duty as it is yours, but it is also my task to say, “There are failures in our elected positions who have sake reputation, fame, wealth, notoriety, and political power who now have to answer to me personally!”  To address this crowd who have helped been elected through old media that is controlled by adds, and the same media who controls  most of the news in America, it is past just seeming like advertisements and overall brand recognition, our news has been compromised, what do you suggest citizens of Sovereign America? Should we keep the old news networks standing? SEO® II.I.JI.FINISHED.II.I.JI.ALL.II.I.JI.FIVE.II.I.JI. JI!

It is furthermore my duty to report to all of our citizens as the “Future Forth Fathers” and to report this state of the citizens to all of the United States, and who are my truly beloved Americans as the only real people. The real  ones slumbering who have something worth waking up to now that everything was won! It is time to wake up and smell Justice, Politics, Liberty and Justice did I say Faith? How about Change to the ones running our ship plugged, when they need to be unplugged and act more human, more American. Otherwise we will treat you like a machine and feed you to II.I.JI.OURS.II.I.JI. and do more than fire you, resign you, in fact The United States shall destroy you, then recycle you!

My writing is code, and to improve what needs to be downloaded to the overall main frame of America is very serious business, because it is up to us and the good news is now there is a a whole NEW DAM II.I.JI.SYSTEM.II.I.JI! We absolutely must no longer depend on any robotic people and systematic institutions that cannot and will not improve the conditions of all of us who were found acting this way, but we shall have the spirit to enter into a united agreement with the national focus of continued liberty for us all for the future of the II.I.JI.USA.II.I.JI!

Simply said, old Politicians just don’t have the power because they don’t have the knowledge of the future, they don’t have the clout, you are all very, very prosecuted.

Gambert Said it, Gambert did it, Gambert with the words on the web with the II.I.JI.SWORD.II.I.JI. of U.S.J.C. Boulder Dam Law!

Today thanks to our forefathers and their determination with the original spirit of America who still is found in some of our people, we are the pen; we are the power and we are the ones who create our government’s reports by reporting them all! Every nation who hated America, hated me personally, I GAMBERT am American and they may hate GAMBERT and America, but America & Gambert they shall now respect and because America is the Leader of the free world where Gambert shall fight anyone or any religion that sets its self against our heritage. This is “Our People,” who are found ALL IN the land of the genuinely free especially today, and to remind you which is our nation, and our free we will in which it shall forever be! Now Gambert has served his beloved Americans and will continue to serve all of America their hunger for justice until we are gathered up until death do us part!

Never forgetting this heart he shares with the troops who shall now come home we won the real war, and because now we can easily fight with technology soon approaching our brand new machines that don’t need to bleed. It is the future now, the future is here, and the future is US. We don’t need to spend any more blood or money ending up in a recession punishing our businesses over the edge with even more taxes. We are now able to afford all our costly wars because now the Brand new America is lean and mean terrorist fighting machine! Now it is the year 2015 and we are united more than ever and are about to become the leader in oil production for the world! Now when it comes to war lean and AMERICAN MEAN, means we don’t need your oil! With our new IRON JAWS we as the people shall no longer stand aiding our enemies or paying for the filthy rich to become even more wealthy all the while depending on them to give us what we need in order to be a successful nation for our nation’s energy demands! We are the USA and we are nuclear powerful for a reason!

Welcome to the new way America fights wars in 2015, and together we have cleared away all religious rubble for the future as a clear vision of what was found today which would have been the future of peril and crisis. But with new found renewed unity in the state of our minds to be independent of all foreign oil and all energy demands, today is a clear view of the future of America as a family that is separated from an old dependent aiding our enemy’s decision state. GAMBERT simply does not care if you agree or not, and I believe America agrees! We simply don’t need “Non-American” energy, or total “Non-American” product production, or “Non-American” business, and it’s ok AMERICA, we simply don’t need to lighten up, or feel sorry for our enemies or slow down our business for other nations to be able to survive. We are striding into a new American Revolution gearing up for the 2016 Golden Age we are about to enter. This whole America, debt crisis mirage, is for the dooms day crowd, but you ran out of water while our wells are full, NO YOU SHALL NOT DRINK.

Citizens who have Gold mark this year 2015 sell it while you can, because it is certainly coming crashing down back to the 300 range, and Google is gone Facebook forget it.

Luckily for you Gambert can see the future for those who believe and are reading this, maybe I can save you too from standing separated, but instead persuade you to standing together united in the glass is half full inevitable future attitude for Americas future state! Only found now to hopefully save you from the inevitable future financial ruin for those of you who don’t believe GAMBERT is telling you the truth SELL ALL GOLD GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK while you still can!

Although together we can gather our thoughts, let me assure you I am totally awake and everyone else may be sleeping, but trust me when I say CNN and Fox will have nothing to do with this, nor will NBC, but it is OK because the future of America consists of “Real News,” and the truth is old empires will never last in the future  of “INTELLIGENT AMERICA,” the love of the people and the intelligence of the U.S. People is evolving faster than Darwin or any of his theories can digest! Our evolution starts with us then especially bringing sweeping victory against sold out news stations to the highest bidder. Who gave us nothing while dictating what we could or could not have when it came to news, well here is good news now we shall break all the News! Boulder Dam Justice what is Big Five? Now you shall be brought down to pieces and because we are the future, we are the people, we are AMERICA, we are BOULDER DAM SLEDGE HAMMERS!

We are stronger is an understatement our Spirits our Invaluable we the people are the strongest!

Our hard work and attempts at employing the millions of Americans who don’t have jobs should be every entrepreneurs mission in America, because in the past by design we have lost sight of this, but only for a second, let me tell you about the next minute! It is about time to have the realization of that second, so no I DO NOT apologize to the other nations, and especially DO NOT APOLOGIZE to the business owners who think they will rule the private sector. You forgot about one thing to all of those who have set themselves up against our people, and against our nation, you have forgot about the Favor of God and the Spirit of America the brand new code JI!

It is OUR Hard work and dedication that is Super Superior. WE ARE a SUPER POWER not because we are weak. It simply does not matter if our lovely public leaders were found feeble pathetic no teeth remaining defeated and weak! God and the American people scoff at you losers! We scoff because the future leaders of American revolution is us not them, not our old elected officials, but it is us who will fix our whole nation, the story of America is written it was the people “Not them!”

When it comes to our enemies, we have technology in our hearts as a people that surpasses one person; in fact it does not consist of one person. The fact of the matter is yes, I am passionate, yes if I had the power the whole time, the same power found in broad daylight right now! I now will certainly arrest those damned agents and employees who worked for us citizens where “Gods Virus” exposed the rest! Now we are too many people in the United States to just be brought down to a level of not understanding our power together as we take this brilliant and bright stand against evil! When you are one working person without any time to consider or to care then please remain seated, but for the other people who have already barely been able to stand it any longer, by all means rise up with all of us! Now who you may, or may not be is found best in your voice on the inside, what does it say right now because it will help you to become strategic all day long! How about for their profitable powerful initiatives seen now coming all the way down to the dust of our dam victory! America I know you don’t believe any of their lies anymore because we caught them all real good didn’t we America?  Victory was our solid dam choice, and well when it comes to a  matter of brain power, we know they will always fail when coming against Gods best! Now because I know all you need in America, is America all the way back, I did that for you all, and it is something to ring a loud ass bell to and behold our Liberty Bell of the past rings true for all of our future still! That is exactly why I will be the man who Loves God and Loves You all more than anyone else and after this Post will be ringing the BIG loud ass bell for all of you including me to gaze upon and be bewildered of the prophetic sounds of Justice!

Please hear the LIBERTY BELL because if you can’t hear or see than I guess all I can do is pray that you are no longer deaf, or blind to what is happening before your very eyes…


Oh say can’t you see?

Again, it is our generation’s task not to worry about other countries feelings and emotions and their fear of our soon approaching inferno of economic growth state. Now new programs will support the middle class, uhhmmm hmmm and the poor! These programs to restore many citizens will be the same programs found in the future uplifting them to the middle class for some again,  and incentives to the rich to help them do what they do best is build wealth while hiring more employees! We shall be making the poor middle class again and it makes me ill not to use this great dam opportunity to just let smart humans be wasted, but to help them become active and feeling alive again! In the past there really were no leaders, only followers to a system that kept them dead to any real incentives or to have the spirit to change old dead broken systems, but only designed carefully by keeping the stuck, stuck,  while preventing these “HUMAN BEINGS” and “UNITED STATES CITIZENS” from being able to share any real opportunity! SEO® Revolution, Revolution, Revolution…..


Today I am growing impatient to the ones who I have called forward who have not responded to my correspondence, it will be not only be my Politics as JUSTICE, but also my very real MINISTRY to bring justice and ministry of service back to the American people. Whooo Whoo Who is married first to the United States then Whooo, Whoo is it that edits if that is true but Who  and if the rest of the world wishes to follow The Brand New United States leaders, well by all means as you know we would not come in-between your free will to follow Great Dam Victory! The people defeated the internal enemies and wrecked their one world accord, now then it is today our BOULDER DAM CHOICE on what to do with them on this Global Stage, but until then we will complete all of our unfinished business, fear no one, and restore the United States to the Role of World Leader and our people as beneficiary.

Power, God, Independence, Spirit, Vitality, Courage, and MEN built this country, and with our wonderful supporting partners WOMEN, real WOMEN, with honor respect integrity and Moral decency, who don’t participate in Porn online but have found real jobs, ones who understand English from the Greek Translation “Prostitute” or “Whore” Who do agree absolutely we must not have Prostitution teaching our children sexual education as perversion in America for our future and this must come to an end. Now it SHALL STOP:

Prostitution must continue to be illegal in the United States and we will carry this flame further, much further and destroy all the webs!

Again God created the Stars, and correction, Porn Star is no Star at all!

Let us call it what it really is because God created the stars and that is his trademark as to shine!

How about for all of you Porn “Stars” now you shall be known as Porn Holes.

That is the truth Prostitutes, Pimps, and Scum bags as I simply rant and rave right now I include you all to be eliminated now that we run the internet!

SEO® RESPECT GAMBERT. As now addressing the other real American stars, the hard working married partners and families who are the wholesome ones keeping a great example and not partaking of the minority who are the perverted! Honor to you as the same ones free from these current vices of society who don’t want the future generation sick and warped partaking in perversion! I agree we as a nation do need to have a National Rebirth, an American Reborn Revolution an A.R.R. Standard. 15 for all opposition to all our forces!

Because I am American I do have the idea to work hard, meet responsibilities and get ahead, but if anyone gets in the way of my right to be American, to lead the future of the new generation re affirming them they have the right to do business no matter what anyone says when they follow our laws then watch out because you are on our track. It is no longer that the Government of the United States or it’s agents aren’t held responsible. It is up to us to hold them all accountable to the same laws we all follow as citizens. If you as an Agent come to any of my citizens, my brothers, sisters, fathers or mothers and maliciously try to attack them for petty crimes, that does not serve them best! Now how about other evil doers who work tirelessly attempting to prosecute their brothers and sisters with 10 year sentences only to do away with their political activism! Now while rapists murderers and evil men and women continue in their ways it is you who are wasting your resources! To all prosecutors make sure your not found guilty of accusing the innocent, because today it is different things have changed, it is not so far of  a reach to ask that you serve the same time sentence as your accusations! YES YOU HAVE TO BE THAT SURE PROSECUTORS OF AMERICA!

Look the Legal world in America and the teaching of our laws of the land MUST BE STANDARD IN EVERY PUBLIC SCHOOL IN AMERICA. If you as an Agent are prosecuting, ruining peoples lives from their ignorance, legal blogging, only just to have notoriety, fame , and clout to try and hurt  a fellow citizen with what they don’t know, this is not a defense as we all know, but as all of us knowing citizens do agree, this is GROSS AMERICAN INJUSTICE! Meet me in the ring, flesh fists see if it is fair, and as it is currently legal please allow me to introduce myself as your adversary standing for defenseless citizens! Allow me continue to train every day in the gym lift waits, and come and see me GAMBERT in the Ring because it is the same INJUSTICE, we are going to change things now in the year 2015!



Furthermore I shall show you the Iron Scepter while you take the stand….

Our people built this country not you,  “WE THE PEOPLE” elected you as workers hired employees to help with our responsibilities. To separate yourself from us as citizens is forgetting who you are, I am a business owner and am now worth billions of dollars from my intellectual property, and I will state lawyers are a small percentage of the the time legally minded, most are small minded conditioned to be in the box, but come talk to me ANY LAWYER IN AMERICA because I am prepared for you to put you in the box for good. Now then let’s do it as publicly as possible too because I want you to replay the tapes when I run you over meet Gambert The Lawyer Destroyer. SEO® I have destroyed many….

I speak “Non Pig Latin” swine FYI.

Speaking of Pig Latin and more injustice, poor citizens in American cannot afford you Pigs because your fees are too high, and you are so fat your rewards are your only thought of slop, plus the system has made you worship the God of your bills, you are slaves, you even know this, you have confessed this to me, and I just want you to know, ALL LAWYERS GO TO HELL, because that is your BAR , Your  lord. Now on the other hand there are some really Good Lawyers, I have met only 3 and I have interviewed hundreds and it is not funny. I can’t believe there are so many lawyers that are the way they are, but I guess now that I have been through all this I set myself apart from Lawyers, in fact all disbarred lawyers are closer to the fleet I have in my mind, because currently I have met hundreds of pride filled, ego maniac, money hungry, cowardly, scum bags, sorry if you fit this part losers, but I have more money than you, and I can afford billions of dollars in legal fees, and guess who doesn’t give a screaming eagle? Free styling right now JI!


When it comes to this growing level of Fire though our Nation being led by this crowd of pigs, fat breeding swine procreating with the media leading our “Recovery” I GAMBERT HAVE A PROBLEM. If you dare aid our enemy and give Jets to Islamic Countries now I GAMBERT will charge you with TREASON. I am not worried about our deficit or any other free nations deficits because I Gambert have the Power of  Signature, the Power of as many I would like to provide, and can swiftly start revolutions in many countries including our own, because God made me able as you know I can and I will. Ready or not hear Gambert comes. Oh Lord I pray I cry out to anyone who opposes Gambert for their mercy, their forgiveness because God it is you who sent me for your Glory and your Justice I am only your servant have mercy on them all because as you know I won’t! I was sent to cure this nations cancer, to show her the spirit of cure, for all their reduced minds! These planned attacks were only to make you dependent, and not the solution, today it is now being the United States representing “Independence”  from “Them” and as a real American all Politics aside,  I shall punish the politicians! They needed to see that 4 trillion dollars in deficit reduction does not compare to all of the reduction I had in my dam mind in my dam hand, I told everyone the whole time and warned them about the power in my pen.


It’s just not a fair fight dogs, because I had the power in my pen the whole time where is yours? Now Gambert will finish the Job, and the answer is coming are you as a nation and a world ready for the truth of who is really in charge? Can you handle the answer, will you agree, and will you choose to believe the way I provide “True American Justice” as the way for all of us to accomplish our liberty? Now for your peace even going as far as pointing to the way of the one who provided me the simple answers to the understanding of International Nations Peace! Do you know how to reach this peace? Do you know by what means this peace requires? Do you know Janitor Gambert with the full Iron Dam Power of The Untied States of America and our whole II.I.JI.REPUBLIC.II.I.JI. do you?

I am not hear for you leaders, I understand the spirit of what made you want to be where you are, what I am hear for is for the ones who hoped in you and elected you to help them obtain what is in their hearts to be able to perform before they die, but I apologize that is NOT YOU I do not serve you except the service process, as I have served them all! Now besides all of America there is only one  who I answer to and that is God! The God you still don’t believe in who sent me to change ALL THE DAM NATIONS, and Glory to this God who easily TURNS THE TABLES UP SIDE DOWN with his BOULDER DAM PROVIDED PRESIDENT –GAMBERT!

Congress never went through boot camp  maybe one did, two? How many? I agree the plan of the white house ale drinking profiting one hundred seventy thousand dollars elected officials who spend the hard working Americans money but forget about the hope we have in our officials doing the right things, is impossible. They are human, and we as citizens underestimate their humanity, they are naturally deceived, they are naturally greedy, they are naturally lazy, they are naturally thinking about themselves and they feel dam good about it when they eat and sleep, while we can’t. Now I am not one who is somebody who tries to understand their legal cults, their legal religion of legal politics, because let me pull out my trumpet, set it down after putting it on blast and pick up my microphone so everyone knows what I say has always been true!


Your old system was broken so stop trying to fix it! Rising costs of health care and an inevitable population of people who are dying needed help, but they needed more than medicare, they needed Gods help. For all of you who don’t believe in retirement programs, you fit in perfect with the crowd, and your children will be just like you, your “Secure retirement” is only to be inherited from your future generation and they thank you especially in American when the epidemic in morals, standards, ethics, and Companies getting away with steeling our country one worker at a time would have continued to exist!


Donald Sound the Trumpets, Jason Duck Honey has arrived, the entire burden put it on my shoulders I have the solutions already performed they are finished! I can carry the cross for the poor the powerful the rich and the middle class, I have tapped into God’s spirit and his Knowledge I am not playing fair, I am using pure energy, pure power, I am turing the lights on all corrupt officials and prosecuting the police who do nothing about it! I am shining the spotlight on all democrats and republicans, I am swallowing them both with my jaws, I am showing there is a new way, and bringing something new to the United States that will rock the air waves, shatter traditional, and make anyone fall back in love with the Love of God and the Love of the United States and the Love of True Freedom only confirms their new found hopes, because God you and I already know all these real Americans were always on board and already existed even today, found in tomorrow, and will forever rock God Bless The United States of America!



Look Change had Medicare covered, and to enact reforms will achieve the savings, but the next decade is not what people want to hear, they are mostly not people who even understand Simpson Bowles Commission, and I personally don’t even think that commission now knows why they are called this, but to ENLIGHTEN EVERYONE it has to do with God and prayer and his structure, don’t play with U.S. because we know, maybe it’s you who doesn’t! Maybe your Politics and you being pretty in the media helps your overall agenda to reduce health costs, but I am going to go much, much further, and make sure prescription drug companies are not the companies who strategically own doctors and teach the schools how to create legal drug dealers, who only know what the textbooks teach them, the same books created by the drug companies. Hospitals they will need, because GAMBERT is about to light up in a blaze of Glory and reform Medical, Legal, and Education in America. It is only the future to make sure our citizens are protected from large corporations and BIG government who prey on their ignorance from what they know, but CHANGE then J U S T I C E  THEN GAMBERT ALL IN ORDER  OF FAITH!

Don’t ask me to run for President, because I ran! Now the first thing I will do is save this Country. Currently I am not meeting with any other nations except China, Russia, Germany and ours, because now I have everything under control. Look I have by “Executive Order” cut off all funds to all other countries that were not our own, I am arresting many who were found aiding our enemies, and because I know one thing for sure, we are not stupid! You cannot push over a train with human might, and I will certainly fortify our nation again. I don’t care what the EPA or the OIL Companeis would say we are going to tap Alaska! We don’t care about Spotted Owls more than our own people, we see through the “Red Herrings” I want these creatures to stay alive, but our lives as Americans are more important than owls! Tapping Alaska has nothing to do with Spotted owls, but it does have to do with our lives so now before Alaska the Keystone pipeline in FULL EFFECT NOW I SAID NOW AND NOBODY BUT ME HAS THE AUTHORITY TO STOP IT SO GO LARGE CONGRESS!


Certain things the citizens should own for example is Privacy, freedom and independence from monopoly’s including any deficit to anyone or country who is nor our own. I am hiring a whole new militia to research past spending because it is about time we have a government that watches our own government, a police for the police, a justice department for the justice department, we MUST know our duties as citizens not only to hold the JUDICIAL accountable but also to enforce our CONGRESS to hold them to justice when they are found to have broken the law, we have all new enforcers of the law for those who break the law. We dont’ need your permission to prosecute you or not, that is funny left in the past. It is not funny when citizens are trying to help our people and America and when these overt individuals with high offices breed monster pride who get in the way and try to stomp any one of us out, take my example learn from me, understand how to blot them all out!


I Gambert realize CITIZEN reform, and will certainly help you to see it will be easy, when you wake up and hold your power in your right hand and raise your fists to the sky! US Jobs is the trend they talk about it, hardship on us all is inflicted by corporate America taking our jobs over sees, while other countries can come park on our soils and rape our resources sending them over sees, who caused that oil spill in the gulf? The point is, why is a foreign companies taking our resources and selling them to us? What kind of tax is this? In Arizona we have a Italian company who has set up a solar operation to provide power and APS buys it and resells it to us citizens and THIS IS A FOREIGN TAX! As an update they actually applied for a GRANT to have the American people pay off the Billion + dollar expenditure! Don’t worry I am here and just my presence will change foreign nations thought processes.


SEO® They Really Did It Now! Now the whole world will witness what I know best! They shal call me the POLITICAL PLUCKER, The one, one, that one who carries the fruit of American Spirit by providing everyone that sweet tasting justice! It was always forward and all of America has the full rich senses of what that Faith says AMEN PRAISE GOD finally someone who did stand up and point to what needed to be said! 3 2 1 The long awaited one, the scary one to Americas Enemies, and the one who easily destroys all American foes, who remind the fools when they were close it was already too late! The USA in the Flesh! The Nation of America incarnated! Whooo whooo whooo feared America, whooo whooo whooo that one because all the MEN, and the WOMEN as THE PEOPLE who are the TRUE United States of America  re-elected Janitor!

I am pleased to represent Americas Cleanup crew!

I don’t want anyone else you are my elected as I am yours!


God bless you and forever God bless America the land of the free again, the land of the promise fulfilled!

All of you make up this promise together and that is why I love serving you all!

Thank you….

-Janitor Gambert 2015!

(Written in 2012, updated 2015, please excuse the mop as it went everywhere and all over the place, messy..)








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