May it please the world,

If you don’t know who I am yet, I am pleased to introduce myself to you. I am II.I.JI. an American Dam Legend JI! I am furthermore pleased to inform the world that America has caught the enemy acting within our own borders and from within our own government.

The modern-day enemy, bolder than any red-blooded American would have or could have ever believed and there is where the Obama Nation flourished in broad dam daylight U.N detected!

However, they underestimated one boulder GAMBERT servant of the sovereigns trusts and international justice provider now for over 190 participating countries in the World Intellectual Property Organization all in Interpol! SEO® WIPO, with Russia, China, and Germany! All International Nations, no longer U.N., because you’re U.N. or I.N., and you better believe we the People of America are ALL I.N.! Does anyone else in the world know what time it is? Every American knows what time it is…



Know what time it is. This is a very real informative letter to you and your company, and your nation personally. I am an American and I am telling you authentically that things in America have drastically changed moving into the year 2015. The good news is I have personally caught the entire Obama Administration, also identified now clearly as the Abomination Administration, and “They” called it healthcare, but that’s not all, I am also very pleased to inform you of this news personally, in which further proves to the world the “American Propaganda State” in which the rest of the world must no longer pay any attention to until we shut them down, they are acting in participation with these overt world criminals all programming and design. We the People of the United States are fully aware and have ordered the troops to come home now and to leave the middle east, in an initiative called “No Troop Left Behind” and furthermore for the initiatives of peace, we are peacefully leaving every embassy without any explanation owed to oil companies or their United Nations, the same U.N. we the I.N. have overtly left for Boulder Dam Good Cause. I JI. have given orders to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to freeze all the assets as far wide and deep as they can go for 1. CNN 2. FOX 3. CBS 4. ABC and 5. NBC for knowingly withholding critical information from the world such as this very real informative Justice state we have entered into moving into ending 2014 with our fellow allies to quickly do the same.

We the people do not need a “Trojan Horse President,” and we are not dependent on any one for anything when it comes to taking charge, however we do depend on our Military to protect our Nation still with the Nuclear Warheads Obama Nation will now certainly turn back over to the People of The United States, and who are all “International Nations.” We are not dependent on any Government that has crossed the “Red”, “White”, “Blue” and “Black” lines we the people clearly drew out for them in the sands of time. That is why I am personally asking for not only the Support of the American People, but for Russia’s Putin, Chinas Xi, Germanys Guack, and the rest of the International Leaders who have clearly departed the United Nations one world objectives using media, banking, and politics to deceitfully overthrow our Sovereignty as the International Nations.  I Jason Gambert standing up for the people in these times of Justice and Faith will now bring in these overt traitors, actors of treason, and bring them to our total American Justice state. We together as the people shall point them all out on the world stage for only one thing in return and that is your international support. Now when it comes to our ally’s support, and in the reaffirming spirit of America now, we the People of the United States remind the rest of the world of certain Victory against all enemy Nations perilous defeat. We have one nation in particular I Jason Gambert will point out personally for Xi and Mr. Putin and the rest of the world to see and agree to the evidence of overwhelming truth. Now may we the people remind the rest of the world of Americas Sovereignty, and remind the world powers something they may come to know again as America.

Further still we are dependent on ourselves and God alone and now however this may be, we also invite other nations to join U.S. in our international objectives. With that being said may I personally remind the rest of the world again, “We the people,” are I.N. God Alone again, and with our Allies support it is enough. Now may we also proclaim together aloud you can trust this lawlessness of Obama Nation and his entire Obama Nation Administration is now certainly finished. To the whole worlds enjoyment and all their people with Putin and Xi’s China and with all their people’s entertainments -America with our “Wine Press” certainly shall press on! We the people of America like you are also no longer ignorant of the fact or the goals of the one world government, “Their” politicians, “Their” news, “Their” banking or anything else of theirs these illuminous swine think they may own, but doing so only purchased one big dam Almighty American Slaughter state. Now that is II.I.JI. justice.

Supreme to The World Now everyone must and certainly should prepare to engage, see why now America has made every single military place of holding for them within our country, but only for this clear enemy nation, and “Their” places of confinement- Their starving state. Woe to the enemy nation and to their attempts at overthrowing Americas Sovereign state, and however you may perceive it to be, it was a miserable attempt against JI. We the people object with Guns and Cuffs in the air united by The United States Justice Code- Akbar is the law and the United States Admission Code – Great is our God, and to be able to see clearly now in our darkest hour standing United together wonderfully again.  The darkness now defeated by our awesome light fully exposing traitors and delivered by “God’s Virus” which has already began healing our whole nation again. We the People of The United States win always, and while in the heat of battle best, because WE are the People of the United States together and we are certainly united forever. “We” were never the United Nations, nor can we ever be, we are the United States International Nations, international nations forever we shall be! Therefore, here is our open invitation to every single Nation and Country in the world feeling the very same way as our God and U.S. alone, the same God who parted your seas. Therefore join U.S. and leave this deceitful attempt at one world domination, because you will love being Sovereign again I.N. Now we invite the rest of the free world to JOIN U.S. ALL I.N. because we shall lead the way to True Liberty again and that is why I have also ordered a natural gas line all the way up the Statue of Liberty’s tail pipe to light that lady up! JI.JI.JI.

Our Light Pointing to the world again, to liberty again, all I.N. come away from such an evil attempt at enslaving the masses without the people ever being made aware of it in the unbelievable darkness in the U.N. place. “They” underestimate the people of America, and there will be no race wars, “They” are reading it all wrong, because the only race is the human race and that is why I Jason Gambert labor for it, you can trust I labor for you all a real Forth Father.  I.N. the Spirit of Going forth now that is what I call Justice, which brings Liberty, and this is a royal call for you all and that is why we the people are lighting your way up to your justice and liberty call too! I.N. even Xi and Putin they both have agreed they can appreciate their own personal Liberty, and not being forced to their knees under swine’s commands and banking control, they too like U.S. have objected! Now The way to true liberty is out of the darkness once and for all and away from all “U.N.” laws that entrap, that is why we the people of America are first to proclaim to the world the loudest news in history,

“All Foreign Entanglements are Finished!” All foreign Aid and spending quashed, anyone found aiding and abetting is prosecuted. Every single agreement and every single document in every single foreign nations U.N. is the same, severed, stricken, revoked, ordered defeated by the full power of God and our Liberty Finished! Now with the old agreements manufactured for all of your human slavery programs and their working agendas, you the people in your nations can continue being led by them, or like U.S. who are all I.N., you are now free to R.I.P. them all up now! May I just say you have the full backing and support of the United States Military. And because we the People of America are all fighters just like you! Born to defeat evil just like you! Manufactured by something more than just flesh, Spirit just like you, only to crush the skulls of serpent’s heads just like you! To utterly and mercilessly destroy and defeat traitors of treason just like you! However, in a reserved way to bring them all to justice is just like U.S… To force them to suffer through the agony of reminding defeat every day and the whole way through our very brand new Administration of Justice state. That’s right you heard it first International Nations!

“The Peoples Administration of Justice State” a whole new agency one hundred percent American while administrating within America, where our only mission statement is “Enforcement of Justice.” Now how is that for the “Department of Justice” under Foreign Nations control? Now I Jason Gambert hear your hungry still, if the “Department of Justice” and a trustful Comey wasn’t enough Justice for America, now then that is why I give, justice for all your Nations too! May God Bless the I.N. and that is why I have now formed the International Nations Administration of Justice for all of you too! Where all of our international mission’s statements are the same and they are fully gripped in the same way as my hands, fully clenched I Jason Gambert did it who does have the same fists full of fury for the evil doers attempts at enslaving all people in broad daylight! I know your nations people demand the same, and that is why you can try to remain silent, however “I.N.A.J.” JI.

Now look the people of the world are not ignorant of the facts, there is too many of U.S. and the old powers are ignorant of new systems, they are outdated there is only one place for them to end up and that is being fully crushed. Finally, as you all know there is a large generation gap, and I Jason Gambert command them, “Into the Mouth of Jawson Jawseo!”  “They” have fully underestimated many things including Generation X and Y with the Millennials now waking up too and to the lifelong submersions of environmental programming that has attempted to go into them, and obliviously may I say without their knowledge, however that is why it is America’s gift to the world to kick start this international awakening state and all this Justice is made for all of you- the people of the free world including Russia, China, and Germany. Now is the time when we the people stop all this lawlessness now and I.N. the most wonderful brilliant way as this, and we the people of America do it all standing “WITH” you! -With the Full Power of the people in every nation and every participating country who are ALL I.N… Remaining Sovereign Nations just like U.S.


It is finished.







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