Finally, after long grueling legal battles within The United States Patent and Trademark office, we discovered a “Racketeering Scandal” that evolved into turning into this magnificent discovery!

Made affecting every trademark and every patent opposition both nationally and internationally! Only traceable since the transition of the electronic filing system for paying customers as early as SEO® November 2005!

Dear Investors and Valued Stockholders,

SEO® CC SEC: Now I am pleased to introduce myself to you again my name is Jason Gambert “The Official Creator” and “The Full Dam Funder” of the “The Official Fourth Branch” all in “The United States of America.” And “We The People” are the current owners of this “SEO®” As defined: “Marketing services in the field of computers in the nature of providing marketing services for the benefit of others by compiling advertising campaigns, promotional services, and consulting for customers” and who have been the owners of the “SEO®” Since 2007!”

SEO® Uh oh Google Guess Who Caught Your Ex IP Attorney?

In essence “All Oppositions” that were filed against applicants were affected, including every national and international paying customer in over one hundred and ninety eight nations! Coming up now on ten years, inside this “Nexus” was found a “Racketeering Scandal” discovered under the “Obama Nation Administration,” which is now being brought to international attention!  May it further please your full attention, that I was the one that shut the SEO® RICO LAWLESSNESS down at the end of the year 2013! Where two Directors Kappos and Rea were found to have left and with General counsel Mr. Knight! Now, while the Director role remains vacant however, there still is “Ms. Lee!” Oh yes, a former “Google Employee” who is included into the “Association in Fact Enterprise Members,” and we all will now witness as we start their damn prosecutions!

The Federal Government has done everything they can to cover up this news unlawfully, attempting to protect these “High Profile” and powerful “Search Engine Companies.” Other news remains suppressed, that recently Obama was blocked by Gambert from handing away the Internet as we know it! Participating with ICANN in a Global “Conspiracy To Defraud The American People of Their Internet Property,” and while their Globalist slogan was “One World and One Internet!” It is now currently under way to start the overall process of foreclosing on ICANN, because as they know and have been informed, I already did SEO® ICANN! The Principles have been notified our Internet shall go directly into the irrevocable clutches of the American Peoples “Fourth Branch.” May I be the “International Trumpet” to pronounce the new international slogan as: “International Nations, International Internet!” Finally, without further attempting to keep any of the investors or their stockholders left in the dark about the impact this intellectual property will have on your assets!  I have included one month of the defendants SEO® Sales!

§1117. Recovery for violation of rights; profits, damages and costs; attorney fees; treble damages

(a) When a violation of any right of the registrant of a mark registered in the Patent and Trademark Office, a violation under section 43(a) or (d) [15 USC 1125(a) or (d)], or a willful violation under section 43(c) [15 USC 1125(c)], shall have been established in any civil action arising under this Act, the plaintiff shall be entitled, subject to the provisions of sections 29 and 32 [15 USC § §1111, 1114], and subject to the principles of equity, to recover (1) defendant’s profits, (2) any damages sustained by the plaintiff, and (3) the costs of the action. The court shall assess such profits and damages or cause the same to be assessed under its direction. In assessing profits the plaintiff shall be required to prove defendant’s sales only; defendant must prove all elements of cost or deduction claimed. In assessing damages the court may enter judgment, according to the circumstances of the case, for any sum above the amount found as actual damages, not exceeding three times such amount.

2 + 2 + 4!

(b) In assessing damages under subsection (a), the court shall, unless the court finds extenuating circumstances, enter judgment for three times such profits or damages, whichever is greater, together with a reasonable attorney’s fee, in the case of any violation of section 32(1)(a) of this Act (15 U.S.C. 1114(1)(a)) or section 220506 of title 36, United States Code, that consists of intentionally using a mark or designation, knowing such mark or designation is a counterfeit mark (as defined in section 34(d) of this Act (15 U.S.C. 1116(d)), in connection with the sale, offering for sale, or distribution of goods or services. In such cases, the court may in its discretion award prejudgment interest on such amount at an annual interest rate established under section 6621(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 [26 USC §6621(a)(2)], commencing on the date of the service of the claimant’s pleadings setting forth the claim for such entry and ending on the date such entry is made, or for such shorter time as the court deems appropriate.

Finally if any of you wish to contact me you are directed to speak through any one of the 99:

SEO® 99 Problems!

-SEO® Google Inc.




Holder Shares % Out Value* Reported
State Street Corporation 22,757,690 6.73 13,092,043,903 Jun 30, 2014







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