All I.N. America,


Pronouncing to the All I.N. International Nations electors with their elected introducing, “The Real Iron Dam President” of the United States of America and further The Iron Dam Leader of Working Wonders, as such shall drop Napoleon in military strategy by integrating our new unique high tech technologies shared throughout our renewed partners interests. By combining our newfound weapons strengths, and unifying command shall cut all cancer found from within every allied country –all out. Renewed international All I.N. member countries will be found uniting all their forces with our II.I.JI.FORCES.II.I.JI.


As such will flex unparalleled strength without equal to any other strength found in the world and with numbers in which shall chop our religious enemies down by dropping our Iron Dam Hammers & Sickles on all their damned heads; are we not that 200,000,000 million man military? Whoo who does flex nuclear forces with ultra power for every All I.N. State! JI.


This is “The Time of Our Enemies Great Humiliation” which is referred to again by G A M B E R T as BOULDER DAM JUSTICE and it is encouraged to pass out or print this pamphlet, to help circulate it as fulfilling your part in precipitating II.I.JI.JUSTICE.II.I.JI. No longer shall G A M B E R T be denounced by the United States Corporation or their controlled media, as G A M B E R T S | EXECUTIVE orders have instructed their controlled sources to be shut II.I.JI.DOWN.II.I.JI. JI.JI.JI.

A media monument shall be erected to replace the traditional control mechanisms of the past with open source news as a platform and being utilized again to benefit the people of the United States of America… Implemented throughout the United States as to further provide intelligence sharing of critical life saving information between Americans and as no longer controlled; but open wide for the international masses to freely publish…


It is our great hope our intra state agencies and inter state agencies with respects of propagated propaganda being force fed throughout our renewed state being fazed out and to have the open respects to participate with “The People of The United States of America.” To become renewed “Theological Students” of  renewed and restored again to your “Oath of Office” to “The Constitution of The United States of America.” Which requires for all agents as to strictly adhere to without any further foreign compromise to our “Nations Rule of Law Standards.” As “This Great Message Continues IVTH” may our “Artillery Officers” become updated as commanding and sharing information between intrastate and interstate Federal Agencies proceeds! It is now “The People of The United States” who occupy America and remind everyone are ALL I.N. II.I.JI.CHARGE.II.I.JI. AGAIN II.I.JI. With being all in power for America again “We” demand your “Dam” allegiance JI. I…

U.S.J.C. II.I.JI. U.S.A.C. JI.

As you are made aware by now, our whole responsibility is on your shoulders to “Protect America” and “Condemn Enemies” to death… Your companions “The American People” will handle the politics and payroll as to assure you and your families are safe as to freely enforce “Americas Justice State.” Remind you without any “Other Party Interferences,” now becoming an active part of the “American Justice Party Initiatives” of boldly “Restoring America” and to disclose whether you belong to our restoration party or not isn’t required for you II. disclose your II.I.JI.IDENTITY.II.I.JI or not. I. Gambert, have issued and demand all the orders on court record to be fulfilled and I Gambert am the one man who directs all II.I.I.JI.MILITARY.II.I.JI. on this Global Stand against world hegemony…


During this “Great American” time of Justice on all of Americas enemies, may it be for your minds information to grasp and digest the time it has become within “The United States of America Again.” Dear Americans when your servants withhold justice from you as Sovereigns and when we find Justice as only served upon their Sovereigns without Justice ever being implemented while being enforced back upon “The Lawbreakers” and “Lawless Administrations of The Past” we are immediately at “War.” The “Good News” is where the only sure recourse for our “Restored State” has been on record and currently remains II.I.JI. JI. I!

It is reminded to Earths America and our Federal and State Agencies you are commanded to sever the spirit of refusing to interfere or participate you do not have this discretionary justice within your choosing. The absolute and total American resistance to the United Nations one world objectives with every agenda and direction that has been implemented to take our people away from our solid foundation of America and our constitution is defeated. II.I.JI.

Lose your parties while setting politics aside and join our movement today! At this very early stage, your membership will be your “Sovereign Signature Number” if your are bold enough to proclaim to the world your “Sovereign Iron Dam State” is “Sealed Forever! The Holy Roman Empire is invited to join All I.N. our Iron Dam Renewed State II.I.JI. Able II. Combat Any & All Future “Holy Wars.”

All I.N. America our Crown is Victory set in solid Dam Iron and Stone forever… As an Imperial Insignia to shake earths foundations of our Boulder Dam News concerning all of Americas enemies who were very much caught red handed! Now, it is under Gambert where there will be minimal demands and where I will bring a renewed “Victory to America” one that will be no longer tainted, but a pure version without sickness and disease! If there are too many demands here for your renewed strengths, then let old dead insignias of the past continue on your way forward off the earth following your old dead allegiances! Auto pilot to your own carefully designed destruction and remain without protection for the future!  SEO® Remember Americans Are a Legendary People!


A Well Known Odyssey Historically As Our Story Goes,










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