Senator Cruz and Senator Paul, my two double edged blades of II.I.JI.JUSTICE.II.I.JI. Point, Senator McCain, topic, IRAN; hold your fire we have discovered the real AXIS of evil… I believe the correct song is “You Dropped the Bomb On Me.” Now Mr. “President,” “Vice President,” other members of Congress, Governors, Sheriffs, Speaker Bohner, Pastors… Graham Evangelical, International House of Prayer, Assemblies of God with my fellow citizens, all now ready for the upgrades again to “The Americans” and as “Their” Sovereigns: 

To many, many of us here in America today, may I say with reaffirmed emphasis this very much is all of America’s greatest solemn moment, I solemnly do swear by nothing let the trumpets pronounce this most momentous exhibition of lawlessness flourishing within America today; yet America writes the pages of our history ALL IN: “Our Nation” again!

Replacing the current spirit of the land of the lawless with the land of the cowards only to a mighty regime change ALL I.N. one dam day, as fully upgraded to “The Land of the Justice” and “The Land of the Boulder Dam Giants” as this is the whole new occurrence reborn again as the “Greatness of America!” ALL I.N. II.I.JI.ORDER.II.I.JI. as transferring evils authority while commanding all our servants of the people back to the Constitution II.I.JI.NOW.II.I.JI. JI!

The brand new upgraded orderly transfer of authority as called for in the Constitution in these perilous days call for one thing with one thing only and requires the only thing evil men have left in our “One Nation,” but to have left “Our Nation” today they have found they have left their own lives of freedom. As the Constitution requires for over two centuries, may every evil doer in this nation stop to think about how POWERFUL the PEOPLE “We The People” really are…

As all of the eyes of many nations of the world, this very moment, this very solemn moment we have entered together, let us all stop for a moment and appreciate how unique the people of the United States of America really are to each other, appreciating each others lives again. In the eyes of many, many in the world, every four years we have a ceremony where we accept and appoint a President into office. Unbroken from the times of our Forefathers creation has this house been and where the forefathers kept the people of America safe as we trusted them to do while protecting our nation and respecting our troops lives enough to protect them the same!

I.N. the eyes of many, many in the world, every four years we have had a President, and as many nations look to the “Guiding Light of America” as the last light left of the Good in the world and we take this Liberty as normal, which is nothing less than a miracle… Where nobody realizes how good the true “Spirit of Liberty” is until it is gone forever. Mr. “President,” I desire for our fellow citizens to step into their upgraded Sovereignty again and I want our fellow citizens to know how much you have done to shock them awake, to jolt them from their slumber, to turn them on to what you have done to this tradition of keeping America alive JI.

Now there is no more hiding GAMBERT and what he is to you personally, by your gracious cooperation in the transition process, you have shown a carefully watching world that we are scattered, weak, confused, sanctioned, strangled, defiled, morally corrupt, vacated from our foundational laws, you have proven to the Nation you represent we are divided as a people, passive to your strong arm tactics. Maintaining your political system in which guarantees nothing less than individual enslavement, you have suppressed the peoples voices, creating fear in every agent in every agency to oppose you and now I must personally thank you because now I know everything you really are as a nation and as “President,” however you forgot about one BIG DAM PROBLEM, America has a BIGGER GOD than your nation and all of your law. You forgot about the other major issue, that being WE are a United People Pledged to maintaining a political system which guarantees individual liberty to a greater degree than your nation and I thank you and all your people for all your help in rebirthing the maintaining of the continuity which is the bailiwick of our Republic and from all of this we now have the 4th Branch on Fire!

The deception of your nation goes forward however backwards it may be, but these United States and may I just say for further clarification, “These International Nations” are confronted with an economic affliction by the spirit behind your administration that has suffered in suffocation of the greatest proportions. We the people have all suffered from the longest and one of the worst sustained frauds of infiltration in our national history. The spirit behind your administration distorts our national security, our economic decisions, our safety decisions, it downgrades, penalizes victory, crushes the struggling economy and we the people understand now the full sickness of the disease as Obama Nation you called healthcare. We as the people ask you, “Who do you work for? because you do not work for the people any longer.”

Your administration is the great affliction of epic proportions as we continued to suffer in the longest and worst sustained infiltrations in our national history as long as you continue taking our nation your nations way. Your decisions threaten to shatter the lives of millions of our people. Industries have become idle and casting workers into unemployment seems to not be of any concern. Seen are you apparently attempting to manipulate the American people into another war, and this breeds your product, which has only become human misery. American misery, where all of our people do not know what to do with you when the media as they say is in your pocket and personal American indignity is not your concern, but we are all now aware.

Those who have worked and died for our country thinking they were fighting for our country are oversees now holding up signs to the people “We didn’t sign up for this” and “We didn’t join to fight in battle for foreign nations” and GAMBERT with the VOICE of a trumpet couldn’t agree with our troops more. You’re right you didn’t join our military to fight side by side with any other nation, because our Nation of America is a jealous Nation ordering them home now.

We the people are not ignorant to the nation you represent any longer, we are not ignorant of what you are and we are also fully aware of the tax system that has been used as a weapon to penalize Tea Party members, or should we just say Christians, or the people awake to all of what you really are as representing your nation. No longer will our people or our troops believe a lie that “Great is our Burden” because this doesn’t keep the pace of the speed in which our troops are flying home on “Wings like Eagles” and may they run, but not grow faint any longer.

This whole new Spirit of rebirth and power has come into control of our nation again, as the darkness of evil men, politics, with their media has been broken off of America. Now this is keeping pace with America, better believe again, and again, and again how the story goes. For decades we have had leadership we thought we elected pile on deficit and defile our Nation of Americas temples, which are “Our People” but allowed well thought out indoctrinations. Piling on deficit with more deficit sounds like task masters commanding more bricks without straw and GAMBERT is the new AMERICAN MOSES, who shall lead all our people out of such old bondages of yesterdays state of the unions existence; this being Egypt of course!

It’s not breaking the back on communism any longer, it’s rescuing our mortgaging of our very own futures and their children’s futures from the pacifier every American settles with being dealt by “Them,” trading anything for temporary convenience of the here and now. To keep their blind eyes better closed, than to open them to what is really going on, but that America is in her darkest hour right here, right now, and it’s time for the greatest people on earth to put down the fear, remove the sheets from over your heads, open your eyes and rise up to the beautiful moment! Shine for your people and America again! Refuse to continue sleeping as the dead only to continue being lead away by “Them” into more of the 16 year trends of war; refuse their slow and careful premeditated political guarantees of tremendous social, economic security… Especially when in reality they are being lead by a spirit that is not the “Spirit of America” which causes world upheaval, and because the spirit leading them is a foreign spirit that is not our own.

Now, “We The People” are no longer ignorant to the facts, you and I as individuals, must no longer borrow from bankers, becoming dependent on debt only leads to more and more slavery. Living beyond our means for the temporary fix, or the temporary period of time is the way slavery thinks and as all masters know, it’s only a matter of time. Casinos were never built on winning. It is more than a casino when were talking about America and more than America is our people, but why on earth are we allowing the spirit behind our leadership, the suicidal spirit, the gambling type of spirit, the destructive spirit gamble our lives and our nation on their forward attempts, however backward they are? Why do we collectively, as a nation, allow this leadership to continue leading us away? We’re not bound by that same limitation of that spirit and we the people shall no longer fall away with the leadership all dying away. No not us, not any longer, they have led us away long enough, they have pulled and pushed us forward long enough. Let there be no misunderstanding: We the people are going to be like greased lightning and begin to act, act just as quick, beginning today. They dread today, this very day, we have taken America back starting with ourselves… The economic ills we have suffered for the last presidencies we have suffered them now for over several decades. They will now be forced away in our new days, our fresh weeks, or unfolding months, old years are gone away.

They will all go away, because we the Americans have the whole new power now, the whole upgraded capacity now, something has changed in our nation whether you sense it or not right now doesn’t change the fact of our bright new day together as the people again. We the people have held in the past to do whatever it takes, or whatever is needed to be done, to maintain, or preserve, these last and greatest moments in history starting with full Fortification again…

The people are not made aware of the present crisis, yes there is an overwhelming crisis, we have while continuing to allow a government hook us with a solution and reel us to our very own further problems, it never ends; until now. Again and again we’ve been misled and tempted to believe that their Utopian Ideology in their view of what society should become should just be trusted with them, because it’s too complex for the people to understand. This is the spirit behind our leadership today, the same spirit that keeps justice from the poor and that we the people should not self rule, and that government should remain in control like the media by an elite group as superior to the common people, and that the elite should even be superior to the government. Let us remind everyone who the Government really is then, and let our trumpets be like the brass they are, that our government is for the people, by the people, and of the people again! Now if there is not one among us as “The Americans,” not one of us capable of governing starting with themselves, governing their self into a state of bravery, then who among us as the people have the capacity to govern any of our elected? This is the root of our problem as the people today, and our elected officials know our weaknesses, but the secret is there also is our strength! All the people of America, all of us together again, in our weakness starting to slowly rise again, to walk together and talk together again, bringing U.S. back home again…

It starts with us you see, we are the difference we need to make in order to win, and all of us together, in and out of Government “They” go, but we must bear the burden of their decisions, we must bear the greatest burden of all, these people who have failed at representing us being stuck with all their debts they have caused us. The solutions we seek is much more equitable, with no one group singled out, except all of those who have misled and sold America are out.

The truth is America is not a tight ship, we continue to allow them to give everything up, we allow them to make America the beautiful, to be stripped down and placed on the corner for sale to the highest sleaziest bidder. Now what are these special interest groups all about anyways? Well our concern as the people has to be more than just special it has to be more than anything these intentional destroyers of America have against us, we the people must become nothing less than supernatural together. Our whole new body knows nothing about factions, or sectional boundaries, or racial divisions although their media tries and tries to divide an conquer us by stirring up hatred in any way they can to keep us distracted from the dangerous focus we already have attained. You know our whole new upgrades come standard fully loaded, and it has the full power to simply cross out evils attempts at further destruction.

In fact we see it today more and more, our pen crossing out political lines, and instead of being born Democrat or Republican, we the people of America see a new light at the end of the tunnel and it’s America born again! A whole new America again made up of real men, and classy women, who raise their own food, where neighbors walk together to patrol their own streets, where mankind mines for true treasures, where the spirit of the entrepreneur is alive and on fire again without unlawful sanctions, and where schools are at home employing the elderly, bringing family and teaching back by technology as upgraded where is the real Spirit?

Teaching our children to keep our homes safe, keeping themselves safe, and healing our nation casting out all abomination, healing each other when we are sick, no longer relying on everyone to do everything for us all the time, we the people rise again! Professionals creating apprentices and practices, pushing into Mexico showing our neighbor love rather than ridicule, to all professionals, industrialists, oath keepers, vow honoring judicial legends who stand in the face of all adversity, to the small business owners, the clerks who work for them waiting to get off to see the loves of their lives, to the truck drivers and our wonderful bikers who flexed their throttles wide open in the face of the “Presidents’ nation supporters, to all of The real people of America, to all the Real Sheriffs Departments, the real FBI and every agency who believes in “Our Nation” our “One Nation” to choose death over betrayal choosing our first love again…

We the people” call this place the “Nation of America” this thorough breed called Americans!

Well, this Administration’s objectives will be Justice and Faith, ushering in an exciting new moment in history showing the world how our breed takes charge. We shall be a healthy people again, we shall overcome all adversity, and everything is resurrected while everything legally holding America back from greatness is simply crossed out starting now. Vigorous, growing economies start the same way, they flourish in the daylight, they survive with the saturation of water, and of course the seed. Where growing economies starts with saving our own from all foreign entanglements, Americas whole new Garden provides equal opportunity which is more than just words that end up like empty cups in the end. Our equal opportunities start again for the Americans, where bringing this well spring forth to the Americans starts with no barriers because all foreign walls are pushed over, all bigotry and discrimination no matter how hidden it is, is now being fully exposed starting with the spirit behind the “President” and putting America back to work means putting all Americans back to work, it’s about time we start caring about America again, don’t you think America? It’s really not on their time anymore it’s on ours watch, we are the ones who change all the clocks now; we say win our own election JI.

Ending this infiltration starts with ending their inflation, their all out, they are all deflated tires, O has lost all momentum and is attempting the only thing he can see as his own salvation which is war with China and Russia to keep the attention off the Middle East to discover him or his long term U.N agenda, or the reality of the intense feelings he has for his nation, however America it should be no shock to you waking up from the terror of runaway America, they are leading it forward to destruction. All must share in the right here right now. Productive work for this “New Beginning” and all of us as the Americans must share in the bounty of bringing betrayers to justice, doing so is reviving our economy. With the idealism rather than all the ideology of utopian dictators and their cellophane media wrapped around Americans heads, the idealism and fair play which are the core of Americas working system is as you know strangled from being able to breathe, leaving no room to breathe by design. America is a living being; she is precious, and treating her with respect, dignity, with a new breath of life starts with oxygen, “WE CAN HAVE A STRONGER PRESENCE I.N AMERICA THAN WE HAVE EVER HAD BEFORE NOW!”

We can simply have a boulder stronger more prosperous America, bringing all of our Military back is our “Allies” worst dread, however GAMBERT is in the business of saving the dead, and keeping America alive. Now there have been some falling believing America is dead, but only believing this leads them to falling out of line. Now then GAMBERT is in the business of raising the dead again and making America alive again, only this time back with a renewed Spirit of ALIVE and WELL AGAIN! God our strength, we can have it, we can be stronger, and more prosperous than America has ever been, we can start it with bringing our troops home to have this justice with us and the rest of the world no matter what foreign nations say, proclaiming they are ours to our “Allies,” however in times of war, or betrayal, may we the people ask our allies where were all are allies when we needed them most? Russia saved America from a war with Syria, and now our Leadership wants a war with Russia for it. Can anyone see our leadership yet? Can anyone see that it was the first time the Internet saved a war from happening, and can anyone see recently the leadership tried to give the Internet away? Now as we continue to start to open our eyes to what is really going on to take inventory, of all that has been lost, all that has been given away, and everything that keeps on being taken away, now it’s our turn America.

This is Liberty, true Liberty. We are a Nation that has a government and we take it back. We have a government; the government does not have us. This is the special forces at the best they have ever been, because what makes us special “Separated” from all the nations in the world is our people have a greater power than all the governments in the world combined, and that our government, the one we own, has no power except what is granted by us, the people, not the creator, the creator granted us this power over our government. Now it is about time to check your watch and see what time it is, and it’s not reverse the clock, or reverse the government, or reverse the time, because this “Beast” has grown beyond repair, has crossed all the colorful lines insulting all our people, and what we hold sacred, now it all starts over.

It’s my intention as it has been the whole time as documented by all evidence this has been the quiet presidency. The “Silent Presidency” the one with all actions and no words except that which was written. It is my further intention to make the people realize when the size and influence of the “Federal Empires” make them feel small, to just tap into the “Real President” they are with all action and no words. Every American can make decisions over all Presidents Executive orders not in alignment to our peoples laws, they now can make Sovereign Orders JI.

It is my Intention to curb the size and influence of all Federal Establishments starting with our people’s demands over them. To force them to open their eyes to what they do not want to see but that the people are rising over them without their permission doing it anyways. It is my demand for them to recognize you, to give you recognition and understand the distinction between them and U.S. Where the powers granted to them by our voting do not provide them an escape as to blowing us kisses on the run to do all their damage to the people or our nations laws ever again. It is why all of my powers are granted to the people all of which I have established in great wealth as the Forth Branch. As to the Federal Government and those reserved to the reserves, continuing paying no attention to what time it is, or our states, not providing them the respect due as nations of their own, or to their people of their own, wake up from your utopian fantasy that because you are Federal now you are over all of them II.I.JI.

ALL I.N. and all of U.S. need to remind ourselves that the Federal Government did not create the International Nations, they did not create the United States, that We The People together as the International Nations, through our States, and our Representatives created the Federal Government, and from which was created to keep our people safe you can trust “Our Nation.”

Clear as crystal, crisp as beacon for no misunderstanding, it is my intention to upgrade government starting with the people, not to do away with government or her people. It is better to resurrect America from the land of the dead, to call forth the people from their colorful brainwashing to come forth from the grave to a new light, not a false light, not a false representation any longer. The real America, back in majesty as the Sovereign Nation again, to bring forth such a reign of the people the world will never forget our names again, “Our Nation” our “One Nation” cannot be forgotten. It is just too great for all opposition to bear, it was forced by straight power to work, it was the people working with U.S., not ruling over U.S. to carry each others burdens again, out of the kindness of our hearts because they were found opening up to each other once again, it was not take and receive more, it was give the people a chance starting with the people more. Government can and must get out of the way of our peoples politics, they must and will get out of the way of the peoples opportunity they have no business being there in the first place. Government for sale ends now and it’s not pretty II.I.JI.

Government can and must provide opportunity starting with service, not their service not the spirit of manipulating, power grabbing, politicking and ending up in a place of being served first. They have no business being there without earning the right in which we have been freely given; this is the opportunity in America for prosperity. This is our right by freedom, and we will no longer trade our rights or our freedoms or our prosperity for their comfort remaining in a place they have no business being in. It is not their business to destroy opportunity because it’s too big, or to smother it from becoming alive, their business is to make sure they foster the productivity of societies members, not trample on it stifling it from occurrence. The fact of America was and will always be it is not their decision, it’s not their ruling if we win or not JI.

The ultimate example is the brain of our nation, look at where all the ideas are protected, yes this is the dangerous change big companies dread most. Because here in America an inventor can create an idea that changes an industry we have seen it again an again. In fact that is what has made America the greatest nation on earth it was our idea, our innovation and that is why we must put a helmet of armor on our United States Commerce Departments, United States Patent and Trademark Office. I personally have started to do this for America when other “Presidents” would like to see Americans brains spilled out on the floor along our troops blood…

Now if we look closer to the answer as to why for so many years we haven’t achieved our goals of Victory, then we must look closer as to the reason why we haven’t received as much as we disserve as Americans. We absolutely disserve better starting right now, and to prosper in such a way that it makes all the nations on earth Jealous of the upgrades America intentionally found through war and politics. We can’t help but to shine brighter now, brighter than ever before and with a vibrancy that speeds up the worlds turning momentum increasing gravity on all enemy nations. Here in this land it is being fulfilled and it is now being turned all around JI.

They would have killed me, but when they read about me, I believe they love me, as I have loved them too, as I do love you all, and it is with this love that GAMBERT shall change nations. Here in this land we have unleashed a power and energy that the world is just not ready to have yet, therefore we the people hold it back until there is law and order the real version. The individual that I am is humble and made to serve the people, however in times of flexing might then I am also made for the moment of power. The individual genius of man is one thing, however I proclaim I am not a fool, and I am like her people, united the genius of All I.N. Nations.

I would like to say that I have met my match, however I believe that I am the match, and lighting the people of America on fire is my re-born duty. I believe that the people of America can burn brighter; I believe that although they may kill all good men, as all good men have died in history, yet in history another good man rises, again and again. They cannot kill all of the goodness of America, after me is another, and after them another, and another always another. This is the again and again the heart beat of America, evil has always tried to stop the heartbeat of America, however this time all beats have stopped and this time we war in Spirit!

Renewed Freedom, radical dignity of the renewed individual, who has been readily made much more available and with more bandwidth which is all brass. Freedom, there is no price on it, so why do you continue to sell it all for nothing all the time? The price for this freedom is priceless and at times the price of Americas freedom has been high, but we have never as the people of the United States of America ever compromised for anything less than the full price, in other words; we have never been unwilling to pay that price even if it were with our own lives. Now that is the price that brave men swallow every day, they lay down their life again and again to experience this renewed life great men talk about. It is no coincidence as to that our present troubles exist absolutely parallel to our nations Spirit and our nations health is proportionate to the prevention and elimination served great these men’s intervention of these foreign intrusions in “Our Nations” lives. This result of caring and concern graduates into the result of fulfillment in the greatest realization that we are not dependent and we refuse this disproportionate intervention and intrusion into our lives which result from a system built by blind men and women who are led by an evil desire of excessive, over excessive government.

We say yes, yes it is time. It is time for us to realize that as the dead nation we have become, the murdered nation that was performed by hit men, the realization that we are too great of a nation to just lay down and die. We are too great of a Nation to just limit ourselves to whatever dreams “They” approve, or whatever Life, Liberty, or Pursuit of Happiness, that works well with their foreign controlled constituents, or with their permission to have the American dream or not. This is not how the American dream is dreamed best, because the best American dream is the one you are awake to, the one where you’re in control of, the lucid one that becomes your “Real Reality” of Justice and Faith. Just waiting is your entrance as the greatest dreamers of all again as, “The People of The United States” we can dream again! We are just too bright to lay dim and die again, we are just too lit to limit ourselves to small dreams by their permission anymore, and we’re not as some would have you believe, because let me tell you we the People of America we’re not dead anymore! Were not doomed to the inevitable decline our real enemies wished and hoped for us to have and to fall into, not at all.

I do not believe in their kind of hate. I do not believe in their kind of fate. I do not accept their idea, which only ends in their nightmares. I do not share their nightmare that I hate and I refuse their fate. I believe we all refuse this end, their end, their fate, their hate, their nightmare they lead that never ends. Their false dream only ends baited thinking they are living the dream only an illusion hooked on their own lie. We the people do not have to share their illusion, their nightmare, or their lies with them any longer, and the good news is to be proclaimed to the world, the American dream is alive in Gods great name we are free again!

I believe in a new Destiny for America the one built on solid dreams that are solidified reality, the ones you live best are the dreams you force through to reality. The best dreams are the ones where you live in the end. Choose the ones best built on life and salvation. I believe that grace is already on its way to fall on us no matter what we do because now it’s just too big to stop. The momentum of the Spirit of America is about to be alive in the most powerful way, the most amazing way, over all death, defying all logic, coming to renewed fruition, and the only thing that can fail us now is to continue doing nothing. Serving zero gives birth to nothing.

So with all the creative energy at my command, I give you all the creative energy to be at your command and to be released in the most creative ways possible. I do believe in a dream that is bigger than all my creative energy, it is your dream and it is all your creative energy. Let us all share a new vision, a renewed vision and a dream of what America is for the future again, let us all engage the engagement, let us get excited about doing something because we have found the burning passion for America and for some hopefully the first time to fan the flame!

Let us find our deep down determinations are raw renewed strengths, let our courage be the people built from the ground up, let us all renew our faith again, and our hope again, let us put on the full armor of the People of The United States of America again, where all our people fight our own battles, where the best battle won was for all of us fighting for each other again.

We have all of the rights, we have every right, and we are built for the right to this very real and present life saving American Dream, the dream of heroic dreams saving each other from systemized collapse and certain death. Those of you who say that we are in a time when there are no heroes, there is no chance, there is nothing we can do, need to take a longer look in the mirror. They need to see who is saying that we’re in a time when there are no heroes, look at yourself and tap into a greater person than the person you are certainly lying to that has more than hope, that has more than heroics, the person you’re convincing only stands to be you, but at least there is one hope, and more than any heroics alive at least you’re starting to see you are standing… Looking at yourself in the mirror every day in a new light you can see a hero every day. Others are starting to see heroes too, because we are all in the same Spirit of America now starting to save each other, every day, day after day heroic is showing it’s face again and out from your job to back home again, to keep away from all substances to find your inner hero genuinely rescuing yourself from empty lies. You meet heroes across the street they check the mail they drive in their cars keeping all the economy we have built every day alive. Starting a business and providing jobs to the less fortunate is a job for a hero to have. A renewed Spirit in the entrepreneurs and renewed faith in America again, the hero is found best inside their selves, jumpstarting their engines on an idea and inspired to create more new jobs is the idea.

New wealth, new opportunity, new heroes every day sharing the vision of a hero, and now you know the name of this vision is your new dream, your new vision to help individuals as to fill the world with good for once as a change. To the families whose taxes support the government is changing ownership back to the people again, and whose gifts voluntarily support the Church’s best because do you not know how much your generous gifts keep the church’s alive? Do you not know that the Churches are the backbone of America where it is them who handle the Morality, and the government is to handle the rest, Church has the government and the government has the Church, both respect each others boundaries one of this world and one for the next, both recognize their need for both, and what is one leg without the other? It is also an Oath to swear in upon, and where when it comes to government decisions to remember their Vow as to never cross the lines where God rules where morality is governed is his church.

It’s too late the Marriage of the People to Church and The State is the Tri Unity and may I say supporting such a Unity as this is best tried so try unity. All the support I have goes to the people everything I have built goes to them, and to this guiding light for morality, so before you hate individuals and families who support government and whose voluntary gifts go to this great need on earth called the Church, don’t forget that America is a Fraternity, a Sorority of believers, and “Semper Fi” knows best. You believe one way or another, but you still believe so it’s better to believe in voluntary gifts, supporting charity, breathing education, cultivating culture, creating art and sustaining our value as The Nation of America is the way of Our Life.

Now today is the new day where all individuals and our families all their patriotism to no longer remain quiet, but to burst forward breaking through all of the spirit of suppression would have you under, and to reach deep, far, and wide as you can go with the good news, America won and no matter what foreign governments can say, nothing can keep our troops away from our people any longer. It’s not up to them; it’s up to U.S. the people of the United States. Now our new values sustain our national life in such a spirit of carrying ALL of our troops home on wings like eagles. Now I have used words that are earth changing, and because of this evil will flame up, “They” become enflamed when the good of people have affect on them because it works, goodness works, and the evil in man will hate you for rising up to confront them to win wars.

“They” and “Their” in which I have used these words to describe “Them” because they are separate in spirit to the people, they are not U.S. or our troops, or our heroes. Now with talking about you or your inner circles, I am addressing all heroes who I speak of to whom in participation with the citizens, becoming Sovereign again, who wish to help save our land and continue the dream in blessing all our lands. It is your dream to dream, and they are your hopes to bring to fruition, they are your goals that are going to take you to your dreams every step of the way, so therefore the hopes, and goals, and dreams of this Administration will be for all of the people to lift GAMBERT up now, lift GAMBERT up to see your Justice and help you realize your American Faith is protected, so help me God. We the people shall reflect one another’s light, and it’s time for more than compassion, or passivity, it is time for passion and activity. Winning and victory and defying the possible with impossible proves again and again the American dream is part of your supernatural makeup as warriors over champions. Keeping America alive to this fire is our fanning support and overall general mission. How can we say we love our country if we will lose our country by allowing impostors to hand it away? How can we say we love our country and pay no attention to our Neighbors, showing no love to them? Why not take the time and reach out a topic of conversation to a complete stranger and talk about how every part of our media, every facet of our news, all politics and information is changing.

Why not reach out a hand or a topic of conversation to lift each other up and tell each other yes you can, to reach out a hand when others fall, and to not let any more Americans be victimized by any big government. If we the people won’t save each other then who in the hell are we fighting for? What are we fighting for if we wont save the people who are fighting for us, and who will save us when it comes time to save us from the people they were fighting? It’s time to heal all the sickness from our lands from the disease that engulfs America right now, to help heal the sick, and provide them the opportunity to share their own self sufficient knowledge so they too can be equal in the battle realms, more than just equal in fact, and not just in theory, to become over achievers as a whole is what America needs, we shall overcome.

We have the time to change the clocks, and we can solve the problems confronting us all with this kind of powerful change, the change they fear, the change that defies all logic because to them it was impossible, unpredictable, and was outside of their statistical data collections. It is the Spirit of the American people they can’t account for they can’t account for losing. So the answer is Yes, yes we can overcome all adversity and defeat they want you to agree with, however this train of thought is not our train, JI. Whooo JI. Whoo JI. Who and the answer is only one way on our tracks in America and that is an unequivocal or empathetic to our nations cancer and agony of losing, we are clearly emphatic about the reality of courts over cults win.

Can we solve the problems confronting us all? Yes we can and now all we have to do is see the entire Victory home with the truth over all cults and their religion. America is more than a religion it is a belief, and with this relationship we all can share the answer is affirmed unequivocal and emphatically yes. I cannot in any way shape, form, or way, deny the overflowing joy I have for every American now, especially now that I cannot deny our power, and with this knowledge I have created your brand new sword of understanding along the way for you to use, and since all Oaths and Vows have been forgotten, forget them then at least they can do that because they already did. Losing their Oaths and their Vows it was them who were found lost along the way. Now that they are caught they are never to return again, because now we are upgrading all of America with Marriage, where our elected can become Married to U.S., that’s right Married with a “M” in which the Oaths will remain, just as they are, however taking the Oath, is making a Vow, and it is my intention to protect America like I protect Marriage, I have taken the initiative to provide an “Admission Code” with the intention of presiding the people over the dissolution our elected commit adultery on the world’s strongest nation and simply live while our soldiers die and they can get away with it dies now.

In the days ahead I will propose again to you America to marry our new band of protection to ratify and empower your selves as the people who love America the most. The roadblocks and hurdles ahead shall no longer be in the way to slow down our economy or to reduce productivity or have agents in the way of our dreams, hopes, aspirations, or ambitions ruling without any right, robbing without any recourse, breaking VOWS or OATHS without any death, and this kind of Grace Book Law is what America is all about, keeping elected from straying.

I propose removing the cancer, removing the roadblocks, removing the people in the way without any God given right, I propose doing more than just remove them, I propose doing more than just watching them go as if America is a game where when they are in they can do whatever they want, and when they are out there is no recourse for the penalty of their transgressions upon our nations people. I propose removing them all to increase our economy and increase our productivity. Bold steps have been taken aiming right at the enemy, to expose them as the enemy, and it’s ok to point at the worst enemies the world has ever seen, even if it was our “trusted representatives.” We live in the year 2014 and it’s not too far off to say just as every map in our nation is mapped out in detail, we should not underestimate evils strategies mapped out in every department, agency, and agent within America, their monitoring is real and we have seen this only by good men and women defecting because their morality is greater than anything evil has, because evil simply does not have chains on the real Spirit keeping America alive. They cannot tame the wild and free lovers of America made to ride free again!

I will propose more than just removing these people who have destroyed our economy and slowed down our nation, I propose for more than just revolution unstoppable. I propose bold steps to be taken aimed at America becoming Radical, and it’s ok the best way to fight radical Islam is with Radical America, The best way to fight Radical Evil is with Radical Good, and the best way to fight Radical Darkness is with Radical Light. Now this is one of three more branches of the Fourth Branch, their whole job is to be you guessed it, Radical for America! I will propose more than just removing the people in the way of our lovers, the lovers of America who believe ALL I.N. and who know it is still In God We trust keeping America alive and flourishing uncontrollably. I will take more than just steps taken aimed at restoring the balance between the many levels of our government. I propose to another branch of people keeping America alive, and this branch of the “Fourth Branch” is “Revolutionary” they are the “World Changers,” “Game Changers,” because America needs more than a champion, America needs our real “Warriors” the “BIG DAM REVOLUTIONARIES” where I propose to not keep going here for now, we have to retain these pages filled in the new history these Knights are riding II.I.JI…

I will propose for more than just removing the evil in the way of all our peoples dreams I propose we restore the balance between the various levels of our government where progress is lightning faster, immeasurable by their computer programs or their statistic analysts or all other of their systemized strategies that shall not work on the Spirit of these “Men” and “Women” of the true America. It cannot be measured in inches, or feet, and from one end of the earth to the other they shall talk about America with the speed of light again. Miles and miles surrounding men and women who ALL I.N vibrance correctly will be felt around these ones I speak of, they are the “Resurrectors” exactly. They are the ones who go around with the power of salvation and resurrection in the face of all adversity. They defy all darkness, they defy all logic, they defy all chains, they defy all restrictions, they defy all understanding they even defy all death. I propose to these Supernatural American Spectacles to be free to engage.

Where the II.I.JI.REPUBLIC.II.I.JI. is overwhelming for all adversity too overwhelming for them to defeat. Progress may be slow to begin with, but do not despise the days of small beginnings every American Star Burst has happened the same way. It is time now to awaken all sleeping giants to join their GIANT who has also the SLING SHOT for a change. Reawakening industrial giants to the real GIANT SPIRIT OF AMERICA, where getting government back within its means is setting all records straight, setting all orders straight, and that’s why I have thrown down the “Prejudices of Creed” because there is no hiding GAMBERT IS MORE THAN A GIANT. To lighten our punitive tax burden you know what comes next. Winning BIG DAM TIME is our second priority and on these solid grounds made of iron tracks there will be no compromise or defeat.

Addressing all Nations starts with our own Nation of America on the eve our struggle is not for independence this time, but dependence to come to our senses, a man who might have been one of the greatest “Forth Fathers” starts with all of you going “Forth Proclaiming Good News” and to proclaim the “Good News” is much easier when you see our very real “Fourth Branch” to go forth is much easier when you realize who is your greatest fan keeping you alive. Now what else but to talk about presidency, what else to talk about than Congress, what else rather than all this attention but to be placing our attention on what matters most empowers us most and that is placing all of Americas attention on us as fellow Americans for a change. The war in not a foreign war any longer, it is right here right now and it’s about time for America to wake up.

Our country is in danger on purpose, but do not be despaired you are the new leadership America needs most, because I assure you we do not have any leadership at all as radical as it may seem, the only thing keeping America alive right now is all of you. You are what is holding all of the world back. On you depends whether the fortunes for Americas Victory and future remains or not, because the enemy knows that America can never be defeated, but the Enemy also knows it certainly can easily if you allow America to be simply given away. You have almost let Healthcare and the Internet be placed into evils control. Now you are to decide the important questions, the life saving questions, the Nation saving questions which rests on your very own resolutions to do one of two things, something or nothing. Which one will you personally choose as the story of our darkest hour together? Was losing millions of lives and all of the light of our Liberty worth doing o for? Can you stand before God almighty and look him in the eyes and expect to waltz into heaven knowing deep down the spirit of coward provided the way for all the destruction and death to have free reign? What will you say to your children when they hear the story of America holding the flame alive and your generation gave it away!

In such a time as this you must do more than act worthy of yourselves, this time it’s not a fire drill, this is not a game, this is not a joke or a laughing matter America is on the line. We have been deceived BIG TIME and that is why I believe we, the Americans today, are ready to act worthy of ourselves again. To answer the woman crying out “Why is nobody doing anything and just letting these people get away with this?” Where we as a people can place our finger over her mouth while our brothers and sisters were already on their way taking them down to justice. It’s more than a matter of National Security right now, although it seems ok because the news doesn’t report what time it is, and people keep driving around in their fish bowls, I am telling you to act worthy of yourselves again. Get ready to do what must be done to ensure happiness, life, and liberty for our selves, your children, and for your family line to be able to be carried to the next generations proclaiming America is a burning flame of Liberty still alive!

Do more than just act worthy for yourselves. Now as we push into more explosive growth outstanding and as we renew ourselves with our minds, starting with here in our own Nation by ordering all of our troops home with no one left behind, the reality of us at our best is waiting to be seen. Having greater strength throughout the world starts by bringing everyone home alive, and we will again be the torch, where the people executed the orders of American execution, ushering in World Peace or World War 3, we shall be the exemplar of freedom again for the light of the world, we shall be the Loran and as we renew ourselves here in our own land, we will be seen as having greater influence throughout the world. A beacon of Justice starting with the old leadership who attempting at ruining America has all but lost their freedom. To those neighbors and allies who share our freedoms and protections, we invite you too to become like America who was born ALL I.N. and where we certainly shall strengthen you up like we are strengthening each other, but strength starts at home base, and since we are starting over together all historic ties are severed until we gain a better understanding of what has happened with America, and how all of this loss has happened and now that we have entered our Victory state, you can trust we will find out everything and this evil should fear JI.

Looking toward the future we shall strengthen our historic agreements and assure them with our peoples support, but without our people’s knowledge of all of the current agreements all agreements are no longer firm or committed, you can trust everything is off. All of everything was lost, but now we the people are beginning fresh and new because we have found our selves surrounded by all this darkness of evils long thought out intentions with their global agendas. We do invite you to a whole new loyalty with loyalty. We shall strive for mutually beneficial relations but they must be built on grounds that support the Spirit of our Nation and what it is, or better what it is not. We the people of the United States are taking everything back; you can trust everything is lost and found. We will not use our friendships to impose on your nations sovereignty, we will not intrude any longer in agreements with a United Nations or their agendas, where in America the truth is for our own sovereignty, it is not for sale, not for free.

And as for the fully blown system now found currently dying in America now that America has grass roots again, we as the people have something waiting for the enemies of freedom. We have something very, very big waiting for whose who are potential adversaries, we have T.K.O, now, they will be reminded that peace is the fruit of lawful understanding, without Justice there is no peace, and without Peace the only thing left is all out war. Peace is the highest aspiration of the people of America, but all they have done is Rob our peace, take our joy, and to the highest bidder, and that is why we will continue to negotiate for it with the rest of the Nations who are not ALL I.N. yet, because something you may not know about the American people there are some things we will not sacrifice for peace, we will not surrender for it, now GAMBERT reminds the world not now, and not ever. As for the enemies of freedom, those who have defiled our guiding laws keeping peace on our lands, you have trampled on our peace…

Our forbearance should have never been misunderstood it was our reluctance for conflict against those who we just could not believe could really be the enemy. It was just too unbelievable of a truth. However for the enemies of the United States this should not be misjudged as a failure of will, because God knows today we do! I propose more than just action America, when action is required to preserve our national security. I propose we all do more than just act alive. I propose we continue to rise up everywhere breaking loose of all the chords of restriction that command us to stay seated while America is taken out from underneath us all as Americans. I propose higher knowledge. Because if we have the knowledge we have the best chance at never having to use this kind of strength waiting for their own war.

I propose above all, we as the People of America must come to more than just a realization, and to realize that our arsenal of weapons belong to us. Our nuclear weapons, our B2 Bombers, our F35’s every Submarine, every Nuclear Submarine, every single Military Officer, all of their Agencies and departments belong to Natural Born Citizens of The Republic of America, and in the arsenal of Knowledge there is a greater weapon than all the weapons of the world and that is the American Spirit found in the Nation of America over all foreign nations. Formidable is the weapon of the raw American will, moral dignity, the moral courage of free man and women JI.

Knowledge is the weapon our adversaries fear most in today’s world and they do not have much of it left. Knowledge is a weapon we as Americans do have and now it’s a well overflowing into the understanding of those who practice the religion of terrorism, or where elected officials are found calling our own citizens enemies, or that in their creation they care creating such a thing as natural born terrorists, is in its self in essence “Kettle meet pot, and pot now kettle.”

Knowledge in America is an overflowing well now and its is a weapon that we as Americans do have let there be no misunderstanding America is terrorism on terrorists. Let that be understood by all those who practice terrorism and pray upon our people, we have been made aware of a whole new beast, a whole new animal that has been slowly gaining more and more of an upper hand in America, and let there be light that those who agree with this kind of radical terrorism preying upon the citizens are finished as Sovereigns we have a zero tolerance.

Knowledge is the weapon of America now we have lots of weapons called knowledge fully upgraded the kind of weapons thanks to the peoples reporting we have identified the pattern of the beasts. I am told tens of thousands of prayer meetings are going on right now for the greatness of America to overcome this undetected beast. However your prayers may be aimed I am more than grateful for all of your prayers that are provided for this Administration of your Justice and Your Faith that I shall represent, and for that I am eternally grateful, deeply grateful that you have a minds eye for this ministry of Justice and Faith for Our Nation. I am still with you all, and as we all know who stand together in the greatest moment in American History as still a United Nation under God, and I do is the sound. I do propose that we all believe in God again, and I do believe God has intended for us to be free at last. I do believe in America, because I believe it is keeping pace with America as Amen. This is the sound of the trumpets rising, this is the sound of the song coming, this is our national anthem for years to come, and I believe if on each day from this day forward to be an inaugural day of the people where the people elect themselves as President, and where it should be declared in the Victory of Prayer every day a declaration, a declared day of prayer, a declared day of all our Victory.

May this be your relationship you share for the first time in our Nations history that this ceremony of Victory is your very own ceremony unstoppable victory. This is the first time in our history that this ceremony has been held, as you know and have been telling me, as you have been told, and where people tell others, that the Great God of our Nation is hearing all of our prayers for our Nation to be Free again. Free to remain in the spirit of Victory that lasts forever as the Champions of Prayer we are the Warriors of Nations, the Nations Champions. We will lead the way into a new Capitol hill, we well be standing there in living Manifesto. Opening up the rebirth of this great nation starts with the breaking of all the water, BOULDER DAM water, and at the end of this open invitation to all those within our nation and elsewhere the shrines of America are all being built up again, leaving old dead America in the dusts of DC’s Museums.

I propose wide open let the floodgates prevail over evil flourishing, but only for a moment in time, because there is never been such a time as this greatness in American History, opening up this day from independence to dependence again, in the same Spirit of Realization again, that without each other dependent on the God who saves, we together as a whole are only but the dusts of time blowing in the wind forgotten. So never forget America as AMEN the greatness of America is never to be forgotten, and let this seal represent all of our Nations Power over all of the Evil of Men, let the giants be reminded on whose heads we the People of America stand!

Directly in front of the world, this great American monument of Victory and Achievement stands for monumental men and woman, the new Forth Fathers waiting to enter their own stories by first defeating their fear of the first step, into another, and into another, until they find they are running with the greatness of all are armed forces being carried by the Spirit who shares the greatness of America, the Same Spirit of our Nation gives our people these wings, the wings of Eagles. God I Proclaim in a trumpet shout of Victory The Spirit of America carries all of you! Now directly in front of me is reluctant men and woman, boys and girls, but today is a new day in American history and we the people are writing the new pages on how the story goes, and it is not up to anyone but ourselves. The declaration of Independence show is now being lit by the Fourth Branch, but with HIS FIRE. The Declaration of Independence still burns without being extinguished, the flames have no effect on our nations flags new iron eloquence.

Whoever would understand the meaning in his Spirit of the meaning of America has these flames in their hearts. The flames are burning alive and the trumpets are shouting out, the knowledge of those who understand in their hearts the meaning of America will find it in their own lives in agreement and proclaim AMEN! Amen is Victory beyond a reasonable doubt, yes and beyond old monuments are the new monuments awaiting are nations Championed moments that last. From the flames of Phoenix Arizona, or the Sky scrapers in Chicago, from the Columbia river in it’s might to the Mississippi, from as far right or left as you want to choose to go, ALL I.N. America does believe, and they do by now know why you need both wings to fly.

I do propose the weapon of Knowledge with its row upon row of grueling spirit it takes to obtain it, to maintain it is keeping with the rowing, the working, the sweating, because knowledge says keep sweating, the task masters whip more bricks taking away the straw, while whips may whip slaves, the knowledge of rowing is rowing you as far away from slavery and all the sweat and rowing is worth all your freedom! Each of our monuments has meaning, every single thing in American history not forgotten was for a reason and a purpose to keep remembering, to keep rowing, to make the effort because it’s rewards are worth it, the rewards are the fruit of your labor and this blood, this sweat, those tears, these moments are not made for evil men.

All drops and all rowing have not to make up or add up to a single fraction of a fraction of the price that has been paid for all our freedom with our troops blood. That is not the only blood and men do not live on bread alone, mankind within our Nation, our true Nation of Believers are more than just men, they are more than just to be forgotten! That is why I remember you all, I remember each and every man and woman because you are all the greatness of America, you are everything that America is made of, you are the raw strength, the forged steel, and you are the most powerful death defying force the world has never known, because the world cannot know a Supernatural Nation that cannot be defeated no matter how bad the world wants to take you out, no matter how bad the world wants to shank the heartbeat of America, the story just keeps going and going, the beat keeps going and going today forever stronger!

Being killed carrying a message is worth it, America was worth it all, too many have given everything they got so that you may live a life worth living! It was this kind of sacrifice that dreams were built upon! Being assassinated is not assassination, being killed is not being killed, America cannot be assassinated or killed we are Spirit. The message lasts between battalions under heavy artillery fire, the message lasts within our nation, the story is told to every foreign nation, and enemies of America are converted when they see that America lasts forever, and fighting us only makes us stronger! We are the will to survive and God has resurrected us again to fully alive in thunder! The knowledge and weapons of light are heavy artillery our lightning!

Quakes the pledge, “Our Pledge,” where we have written these words: America shall win this war again. Wherefore we shall work together again, we shall save them all again, we shall no longer sacrifice ever again, we shall endure again, we shall fight in the spirit victoriously, and perform our carrying, as if the story of the world’s war depended on all of U.S. standing again.

Standing alone then we must to fulfill the greatest need for the crisis we are facing today, and this does not require of us the kind of standing alone, we must stand together starting with us alone. Three hundred and 21 million Americans are to be only found standing at once. We the people believe in our full capacity to perform Victory over Fear, Need over Paralysis, performing doing good with the good that has been given to U.S. to keep the light of the world burning over absolute darkness. To believe again that together with God’s help we can and will resolve the betrayal, the treason, the lawlessness, the carelessness, the hostility, the injustice, the darkness, the evil, the wickedness of division, the greed, and every other spirit that is attached to the spirit that is not our own as the People of America, our Nation of America, our problems on which we are now confronted with and we as the people of America engage it all!

After all why shouldn’t we believe I.N. “How the story goes for America,” doesn’t anyone know how the story goes every time? All of America is ALL I.N. and we always win because that is just our “Supernatural Style” & “Real Legends Never Die” now “The Story of America Lives On,” IT IS FINISHED.

Keeping Justice and Faith Alive,


I do propose greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends…







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