Why this call for tips? Two reasons:

First, public corruption is the FBI’s highest criminal priority—because of its potential impact on our national security (think of a bribe that lets a terrorist slip across our border or lets drugs flow into our cities), on our pocketbooks (an estimated 10 percent of government funds is lost to corruption and fraud every year), and taxing on our way of life (everything from our trust in government to whether or not a local school gets built) is affected.

Second, many of our cases start with a tip from someone who encounters corruption. We’re grateful for every lead we get…and want you to know where to turn and how to provide information.

Public Corruption
Why It’s Our #1 Criminal Priority

Have you stumbled across evidence of dishonesty in government and don’t know what to do about it?

Then please go straightaway to reportcorruption.fbi.gov, a new easy-to-remember web address announced on Thursday by Director Mueller in a speech in San Diego.

There you will find details on how to share tips with us—either by phone or through the Internet. Our analysts will take it from there, reviewing your information and making sure it is acted on as quickly as possible.

For example, when we created a telephone hotline for corruption tips related to the rebuilding of areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina, some 2,500 calls poured in, helping us launch more than 400 cases.

Want more details on how we’re addressing public corruption? Then please read the Director’s full speech. For example, you’ll learn:

  • Where we’re investigating corruption activities around the nation;
  • How many government employees have been convicted in the past two years;
  • How some cases have driven positive reform in government;
  • How we’re helping other nations address similar issues with corruption; and
  • Why fighting corruption, as the Director points out, “is a mission for which the FBI is singularly situated.”

On our website, you can also find updated information on cases, FBI initiatives, and stories, including the article Cracking Down on Public Corruption: Why We Take It So Seriously…and Why It Matters to You.

My Submission To The Federal Bureau of Investigation

I have all of the information listed on https://jasongambert.com

There are Agents at the United States Patent and Trademark organization that have overtly broken Agency law, Federal Statute, Constitutional law, and are clearly using the system to their advantage to escape liability for their mistakes, I am only a citizen and am doing the best I can, but this injustice cannot be tolerated in the USA. Kappos, Bergsman,Rogers, Ritchie, Seeherman, Bucher, Kuhlke, Linehan, Montia Pressey Givens, Jennifer Chicoski, Charles Joiner, all of these people are very aware of this, I get admissions of guilt, then they disappear and stop responding, every time I show them high laws, the highest laws they will find an administrative way to avoid any liability. This is GROSS AMERICAN INJUSTICE and CORRUPTION OF THE SYSTEM and AN ABUSE OF PROCESS. I don’t know what to do or who to contact when corruption like this takes place, the only thing I think I can do is run for Congress in 2014 and tell Arizona my story. I will fight for America and against any injustice like this from ever taking place again.

I have sent this story to everyone at the USPTO, The Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank, Senators, and President Barak Obama, everyone I can think of including you. Why is it so hard to simply get justice in this Federal Agency? Also I have sent a complete file to the Arizona attorney General who was super, his administration contacted me back within 3 days, but that is state, and when it comes to any Federal there currently is nothing and zero responses. John Kyl knows about this now and is putting in a request from what I understand from his website to the USPTO. I am very clear, I am seeking investigations for criminal activity from Agents who were acting within the scope of their office. There must be an investigation opened up, and since I am a victim of injustice I would like to know what is being done respectfully. Also the FBI Phoenix has a copy of all of this too, really everyone does. All I want is my property I own by law, and for the USPTO to stop withholding it. I require accountability for whoever has participated in this lawlessness. A great start would be Ann Linnehan the Interlocutory attorney.

If you would like I can talk to you for hours about this case, I am disgusted at the example of internal cover ups, suspected conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

I am concerned for America if this kind of administration of lawlessness is tolerated inside the USA.

I am done for now, but after almost 6 years of fighting for my property it gets frustrating, and to have “Public Servants” fit to the definition below only makes me grow in fury against people who have no rights to deny mine or YOURS….

-Jason Gambert


Public corruption involves a breach of public trust and/or abuse of position by federal, state, or local officials and their private sector accomplices.

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