Now then other Chairmen and Ranking Members:

I further the notion of the complaints by every Inspector General, may I have the great pleasure to introduce myself to you, your organizations, agencies and agents; again my name is Jason Gambert. I am the reason why two Directors and a General Counsel left an agency where I ended a ten year RICO enterprise at the United States Patent and Trademark office in 2013 and now I have a “Big Dam List!” One “Obama Nation” won’t be able to survive, I apologize to anyone still suffering this is bigger than the United States; wouldn’t you say Todd J. Zinser? II.I.JI. JI.

Now the “Federal Inspector Generals” have written in regarding what I call simply “Obstruction of Justice,” let’s not sugar coat anything in America anymore; starting today Wednesday, the 7th of August, 2014! Regarding the serious limitations on access to any records may I just say that I have the lawful authority to “Sever” all unlawful barring of any further Obama Nation hindrances. The access to records as requested recently by the work force of the Inspector Generals acting in the Department of Justice, EPA, and Peace Corps today have full access to “Whatever,” “Wherever,” and at “Anytime!” Starting today and may I say this with reassured emphasis, “That if any agent within any agency obstructs or absconds, all IG’s are directed to request the Sheriffs departments assistance to enforce their Justice.”

Now it is not without further ado that I introduce myself in unbelievable light as the brand new standing in line “President of the United States” with the full power of the “Constitutional Republic,” all agencies of defense and our Nations support in the extraordinary circumstance we are facing today. This of which includes not impeaching Obama Nation, but placing him and his entire administration under arrest, directly in accordance with 18 U.S.C. and may I not be candid in what time it is in America today; but what time it is right now and that time is now for our very real justice state in the United States! May I also reinforce the strength and support of the principles that the Inspector Generals SHALL have complete, unfiltered and timely access to all information; and materials available to the agency that relates to our Inspector Generals overseer duties! Everyone recognize forty-seven united Generals JI.

The unreasonable administrative burdens that these Americans have faced is still an underlying “Symptom,” of the overall Obama Nation Disease. Now I have been out in broad daylight proclaiming Justice, pointing out all Obama Nation for some time now and without any holding back whatsoever. For the spirit of this letter, so will it be the same when it comes to the importance of these principles of operating in the daylight. The Congress today MUST do more than act and the CONGRESS must do more than digest the General Act of 1978, but the CONGRESS must also swallow who is in line right now standing LAWFULLY AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. –If anyone objects now is the time… (Updated Thursday September 21st 2017 Nobody Objects.)

In Gambert vs. United states there are clear orders, none of which any lawless agents seem to pay merit to, however this may be, our entire Military including all of our armed forces in the spirit of unity, with every red blooded American does. This also includes every single Sheriff, and every Marshall, who further stand united WITH THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Today I Jason Gambert in FULL POWER AND AUTHORITY do hereby grant the access without OBSTRUCTION to every single one of these named INSPECTOR GENERALS FOR THE PEOPLE – As for them to conclude with. (Updated Thursday September 21st 2017 Majority of Secretaries & Directors Now.)

Now every single agent who further provides incomplete, inaccurate, or significantly delayed findings or recommendations are to no longer prevent any prompt correcting, or enforcing of rooting out internal corruptions, or process justice, the way serious offenses demand. The Congress may need to act, but more importantly the Congress must do more than act but enforce Justice, and today IG’s do not need to wait. It is now II.I.JI.ORDERED.II.I.JI. (Non-Discretionary Function)

By now you all should have the knowledge what time it is in America, and what the intention of Obama Nation genuinely was, but in Fact to only purchase more time, now today his time if over in other words finished. Let me be clear, it is time to provide EVIDENCE to Congress, The Judicial, The American People, The Entire Military, and every Governor and Sheriffs department of the genuine proof of American Citizenship namely his Authentic Live Birth Certificate. Let me be precise for all Inspector Generals, The Entire Congress, before the House, IF THIS IS NOT PROVIDED THEN DOWN THE LINE ALL THE WAY FROM 1-18 ARE IN CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY OF AIDING AND ABETTING MAJOR FRAUD.

Therefore legally, lawfully, I Jason Gambert standing in FULL POWER do hereby assume the roll of Presidency. Furthermore that all of the orders in Gambert vs. United States are carried out swiftly including the severing of our Inspector Generals abilities to come to their own further conclusions of the law and material facts. Today we have a disease called Obama Nation and suffering loss of all immunity is being combatted right now, here today, and there is nothing sugar coated about the intentions of OUR ENTIRE UNITED AMERICA WHO DO STAND UNITED TOGETHER IN WAR and TIMES of PEACE. You know what time it is JI.

Therefore every Inspector General and their ability to conduct their work thoroughly, independently and in a timely manner today does not need to wait on CONGRESS, but to only come to the CONCLUSION of what time it really is in America, but time to simply perform your duties without restraint, may I again be clear the Sheriffs departments are United with you, the People have a Federal Jurisdiction too. – The 4th Branch.

Can I be any clearer today? “EVERY AGENCY CANNOT REFUSE TO PROVIDE THE OIG WITH FULL ACCESS TO ANY AND ALL REQUESTED INFORMATION NOW JI.”  Furthermore the Department of Justice is reminded of the Independent Authority to act from the OIG’s offices that do have reaffirmed emphasis from this “Administration of Justice” and where the OIG’s independent authority stems from the “People of The United States” for the same surgical reason we are seeing today, but to find and eliminate the disease of Cancer. In Gambert vs. The United States there are clear and precise orders, directing all the Cancer within site to be targeted and eliminated, and if it is a matter of Authority you can trust in certainty I do have the Authority in FULL POWER now. I expect every order to be fulfilled.

Today, may not only my administration be clear, but let every agency also understand the Inspector Generals office now has a further arm to enforce their issues of justice. It can be ORDERED of THE ARMY to assist in obtaining access to their documents. Further if there is any Congressional interference that my Administration be notified by mail to provide the “People of The United States” public record. Therefore, it is also requested today of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to have an EMERGENCY MEETING to address any unresolved issues regarding who is standing in charge of America now, right here, right now, fighting against all agencies corruptions, cancer, egos and lawlessness! JI.

You should also be aware that I represent the interests of over one hundred and ninety nations, including Germany, Russia, China, and America; all of whom are made aware today of the temporary unbelievable momentum of JI. When it comes to law or principle, you can be sure that this Administration has a clear United States Justice Code and Admission Code Mandate. That in times of War for Peace, “We The People” expect more than just senior agency leadership, but today all lengthy delays or diversions of time distractions, or any other technique will be looked at the way it really is; but the Foreign spirit of Obama Nations Administration of Obstruction of Justice. The IG Act is empowered further today, the Inspector Generals are “Generals” and they need to be treated with the Military Powers they now have from my Administration of Justice in service to the American People. Today I further provide an empowered electrical jolt for the morale of these dedicated professionals that make up Americas accountability staff. This administration also unequivocally supports our fellow Inspector Generals and being in same rank of title and roll, can at any time now call on any ranks for their enforcement issues. The risks of United Cancer today are finished, the risks and agencies that feel they are safe from justice error gravely and all vulnerable and mismanagement is now under attack from Jason Gambert standing as the legal President of The United States of America call General Quantock # knows who has given him the JI. Greene Light!

Finally The United States Justice Code strengthens the Act that was given as property to the agents in the IG to ACT WITH, which reflects the clear intent that this Administration has only to provide these “FREE AMERICANS” the ability to be their own agents without any obstruction of justice when Agencies or their other Agents continue to fail America. Today, the very real United States Justice Code reinforces the law in which you all are already made aware of this being “The Constitution of The Untied States.” The very same code that provides the remedy of treason and the very same people who do stand with Gambert legally, lawfully, as Americas current standing ALL I.N. President unless he can be proven otherwise. Today, Gambert who is one of the People, does direct the Senate committee to generally applicable reaffirmation of this Administrations Congressional intent. To inform Congress of the renewed available powers we have II.I.JI. as to enforce Americas Justice in conjunction with the Branch’s of Executive and Judicial. Finally it is not without hiding or delay that any agencies that refuse to comply with the Inspectors, “Our Generals” of rank and title SHALL answer to Justice JI! (Update 10.8.17 New IG’s Now Internal Affairs Restored.)

When It Comes To Leadership In America, I wrote it all down for you,









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