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Americas way to force government compliance is surely by creating crushers of hammer holding men and women, handing them our new laws to ensure agents tremble at the thought of falling out of line. “The Real Iron Dam President” on your behalf is paving a way to make all our “Government Straight” with accountability, further to be “Clear as Crystal” and “Crisp as Bacon,” for every old dead part of Government to understand they are more than accountable… Discretionary Justice has ended in the year 2015! It was common to hear in a tone of your servants that did not align with the “Boulder Dam Bell” of “Our Nations” 1. Liberty, 2. Peace, and 3. Safekeeping. Clear as crystal the American people can know by viewing this “Iron Dam Track Record” for everyone’s review and all up on these “Solid Grounds” now can enjoy the show! To know exactly what orders are being made, why they are being made, as enforcing the American peoples will without any further foreign compromise.

Directing this administration of Justice where the objectives I am giving this foundation as how to provide “No Case Left Unturned,” giving “Your Boulder Dam Administration” the tools on how to “Attack Every Dam Crime” and “At Any Level.” It has been long enough to bear with Agencies found out of line and where the blind were found leading the blind… Where “Foreign Religions,” with said “Relations” only included “All Out Entanglements.” “They” have diluted our “Republic of America” and for far too long… There has been darkness inside agencies branches and it is my “Great Service” to bring this “Great Light” into every agency and branch…

The Letter of the Law used to state do Justice and it still does! The old rules have been left unsaid for some time and today the letter is renewed with “The United States Justice Code” for America! All for “The Real Victims” final relief… Every situation inside every Justice department, their court, with accountability investigations comes down to the simplicity of our other part of our “Brand New Systems” with simply yes or no logic. The American people can understand yes or no equations and so can every “New Replacement” for our old dead leadership roles found inside our Government agencies; that will now be answering with YES or NO.

The Past is Finished. The new era has arrived and continuing “The American Story” and how the story actually goes and with the “Lawful Republics Signatures” for every agency with every agent as to start to enjoy Justice again starting today! Every department and every agency shall know that this “Justice Administration” will certainly be ran in the “Correct Courts of Law” and for the world to see without any further reason to hide anything; anymore on this “Global Stand.” II.I.JI. JI. I.

Continuing Americas Day! Every department Director, with their new Secretaries, and especially our Pentagons Generals must know that “This Justice Administration” does not stand on the side with the guilty, or the lawless, or those who were found to “Aid and Abet.” Furthermore “This Administration” will hunt down those who are found to have withheld critical information from their sovereigns, holding them down to the wire; and with our “Brand New United States Justice Code! As everyone we are finding out made all powered up for any of “Their Treason.” The American people can handle anything and it is reminded to our “Peoples’ Organizations of Justice” as to further be reminded the people know more than their “Servants Organizations of Justice” may have assumed in the past II. I…

I Have Let Go of My Hand! Assuring the American people, their issues they have with personal privacy have already been dealt with and further that today “National Security” is now being treated with the dignity and class the people of America deserve. This Administration has now provided “Your Government” with “Our Presidential Intelligence Programing” and exactly how long “President Gambert” has been “Undercover President.” Whoo Who has been working on  your “National Security Interests” and discovery; since 2007. To be sure “Your National Security Interests” are set first in priority above every Justice Agency as they should by now know “They” have had clearly enough time to fix their “None Discretionary” orders as to arrest Americas enemies we have found all out…

Justice Is a Show! Your “Brand New Party” while by design it is unacceptable for some to simply have a “New President Right Now,” but it does not surpass “The Republics Constitutional Requirement” of being born within America. As to be clear as crystal for all Americans, it is why America is a Republic and not a Democracy any longer… Where “The Republic” is based on “Your Constitution” line one which states “We The People” come together to form a “More Perfect Union” II. “Establish Justice” and whereby we now have our original “Justice System” back again as to party with today America I. “Will be serving you a show.”

American Restoration! Times up finally, “The Power” is back to the rightful owners “The People” and by force! Today every agency is now encouraged to come forward during this “Great Time” of entering “Our Nations Justice State!” As to further be able to exercise using your brand new power within “Your Established United States Justice Code” and are encouraged to sever the invisible powers that existed preventing you from growing into everything Liberty calls you to be! Free, this means every department and agency is “Free” to shout and sing with loud praise; without limit! The States are encouraged to adopt “The Peoples” most important tools being polished, sharpened, and developed…  Also to adapt the freedom of information act within their respective states, whoo who further have the 4th Branch.

IVTH Branch Finished! As The American People slumbered, “Giants Were Doing Justice IV. Them,” so they could remain undisturbed. However, today there is something worth waking up to, as to start enjoying the entertainment with each other again! To talk about all the excitement of what has been restored, retained, and provided back to “The American People” from an international cartel all brought to you by Justice….

Now I require all paid agents of your Administration to start doing their job descriptions, renewing their oaths & by swearing into U.S.A.C!

Finally The Realization! Holding everyone accountable has been my service to our “Nations Communities” and the “International Communities” all over the world as to all of our very real upgraded “Justice Standards!” The “New Light” being shined in every dark corner around every crooked agency as your standards do require their lives, if they are found continuing to fail the American people! Now to carry “This Nation Forward” from certain peril is exactly why at any time “The American People” want to report something, all they have to do is contact me! We shall be implementing case systems, ticket systems, which will remain open until the people close them! It will be a whole “New American Age,” where everything is being upgraded for our “American Future State,” and as all “Old Dead Government” goes JI.

You The People Can! No “They” can’t, consult your now “Private Side Prosecutors” and with your “New Fourth Branches U.S.J.C. Discretions” as to provide poor or abused victims the most powerful backup forces the world has ever seen! As the private side of Government has officially been born and we are simply bigger than “The Attorney General” and “The White House” combined! –It was always my intention to equalize it all out…

Ensuring Alignment Is What I Do! As your information is provided to you today that equates to nothing less than “Nobody Get’s Away With Anything Anymore,” and just because America says so is “Enough!” It will be provided now to you and your households of this “Great American Awakening” as to make dam sure every authority is serving the American people again and not “Their” United Nations. Finally, to make double sure, every agency and agent knows first “The Constitution” and then “Their United States Justice Code!” – Graduating everyone into the highest American class now as sworn ALL I.N! Let me say it as simply as I can, again clear as crystal; crisp as bacon! “The Stone That The Builders Have Rejected Has Become The Cornerstone!” – Now for headstones JI!

J U S T I C E | F A I T H

II. Dam Big of Victories IV. Trumpets II. Ignore Anymore I.
All I.N. American Dam Victory Sealed Forever! II.I.JI. JI. I!







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