US Declaration of War Against Islam

January 28, 2015

The Real President’s II.I.JI.MESSAGE.II.I.JI.

To the Congress of the United States:

On The Morning of February 1st The Nation of Islam, continuing its path of world domination, has in the past and through it’s teachings declared war against the United States. For too long it has been America who has been merciful on our clear and present threat recognized now as an enemy to the state. The long expected and overdue presents its self to us in the most unbelievable places with all those who aid and abet. Their strong arm and deceitful tactics with their fashionable tongue of cunning allure has only furthered their overt agenda to enslave their infected nations, hence conquering the entire world as now moving toward Global Hegemony through their United Nations attempts. Never has the world seen but once in the past of such a significant threat to life, liberty, property, and prosperity to our original civil way America once knew life. Delay to attack these long drawn out fully exposed plans permit the grounds of great danger to further be advanced on the American people who when gain knowledge have their peace ripped from them. Immediate recognition and rapid response working with the awakened international public, as for the inevitable awakening national public, united together as to focus our efforts of all people who refuse Islam’s clear population attacks to recognize it as their states single focused enemy. Their long pattern of religious violence of epidemic proportions as for those of whom reject and refuse their foreign laws, where finally found are those of us who are determined to maintain our civil way of life, reject the U.N and Islam or any more world hegemony keeps peace inside the United States thus throughout the world. Those of us who have come to this point of having to choose only recognize there is no other recourse other than what has been intruded upon us. As those who wish to remain free will insure our world victory uniting their forces with Justice by Faith over the forces of brutality and religious dominance through their world conquests. I therefore request Congress to not only recognize this terrorism, but to recognize the violence of lawlessness, and to further combat thrice Islam, UN Designs of World Hegemony, Elitist Cartel as the greatest threat of multi faceted, pronged, forked wars brought upon all nations in history. Further to recognize all of it for what it is but our now ALL IN DECLARATION OF WAR ON ALL OUT OPPOSITION FORCES to give all our enemies the courtesy to know in advance of our Massive American Retaliations. The reality is Congress must cease in compromise at the cost of our National Security, or protecting the People of The United States, and by providing emergency state provisions to our people by prosecuting their ultimate dam prosecutions of treason all in accordance.

The Real President’s II.I.JI.RESOLUTION.II.I.JI. JI.

ALL I.N. Declaring that a state of war exists between the Government of Islam and the Government of The People of the United States, further providing provisional protection executing the same.

Whereas the Government of Islam has formally declared war against the Government and The People of the United States of America by Jihad:

Therefore, be it resolved by the Judicial, Legislative, Executive, and Sovereign authority to and of the House of Representatives of the United States of America, ALL IN Congress assembled. That the state of war between the United States and the Government of Islam, which has thus been thrust upon the United States is hereby formally declared and the Congress is hereby authorized and directed to employ the entire naval and military forces of the Government to carry on war against the Nation of Islam, found ALL OUT, Their United Nations and to bring the conflict of World Hegemony to a successful termination. All of the resources of “This Presidency” are hereby pledged to the Congress of the United States, “Swear ALL I.N. America” and remember I. already…










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