The Good News Just Keeps On Going,

Although I have now clearly been suppressed by news agencies, it may be because I have personally uncovered the biggest most expensive scandal in history within the “Brain” of our country… This being the USPTO and while this may be the single most important Agency for our economy under the “Secretary of Commerce.” I am now displeased to have to announce to “Private Law Firms” the fact no “Government Agency” under the “Obama Administration” was found united to simply their “Job Descriptions” and couldn’t perform to the minimum requirements of said “Job descriptions.” Don’t worry America, it is better this way…


I also have to report painstakingly, we still have this “Gross American Brain Cancer” operating within our Agencies completely unaffected and because nobody stands up to prevent lawlessness from continuing within our country! Now, while it is required for all agents and agencies to adhere II. following the rules and I. laws of our land, with strict adherence; it is also further required for them to stay within the lanes or confines of their own Agencies statutes! While that should be enough for some, what is clearly enough now is; how many other people have been affected from this international “Gross American Injustice” unknowingly 1.They Own Their IP and 2. Are Due Damages…

Now I stand for a lot, but right now I furthermore personally stand up with the Lanham Act; I stand up right now with the Federal Statutes that govern Agents, I stand up now with the Internal Agency Laws and their Holy 300 Pleadings! Finally now, most importantly I stand up for the unknowingly thousands upon thousands of national and international victims that have been effected from this awesome gross negligence… Further the alleged conspiracy found within this agency from the years 2005-20013 and that had abruptly ended when I forced this agency to pay attention as to fix this problem with epic dam proportions…

At last, lastly this is so catastrophically huge and expensive it makes every other “Care” under the United States come to a drastic halt; while we “The Americans” fix the fallout from our servant’s lawlessness behavior “Acting” within our agencies! However, I may be displeased I am at least very much pleased to announce to the awake law firms acting within the United States that this injustice found by GAMBERT alone, completely eradicates any other ventures or any other cares while this Goliath debt remains outstanding! The BIG I. annihilating every other unaffordable care divided to this clear American Justice… JI! The Overt Lawlessness and Violation of Every Americans “God Given Rights” Has Now Certainly Come II. An End I.

God Bless America Again,

The Rule of Law, in its most basic form, is the principle that no one is above the law.
The Rule of Law gives the people the power to trust their governments by trusting in themselves and God, and by way of this knowledge able of holding anyone elected accountable to their oaths of office….

— Jason Gambert, United States Citizen and Advocate for Personal Justice.


Due to the hiring of 99 firms and the enlisting of precisely 1000 attorneys (Fortune 1000) to help Janitor Gambert clean up this mess of catastrophic proportions, we currently are only accepting in reply to this honorable roll call Courage or Cower:

This is dedicated to new money!

And a new mop §2…







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