Failure to State a Claim?

I haven’t lost track of anything, I’m claiming everything. Basically you have to give notice of complaint and claim with “delivery confirmation” so no one can get slippery about proof of service etc. before an official complaint can be filed with the courts. This gives them the ability to decide whether they (Attorney General of the Department of Justice) will settle the issue possibly, but remember this, you can’t sue the government or their employees unless the government says you can!

S.O.W., see the Federal Tort Claims Act read and digest every thing, follow every link to where you can learn more about the “Process.” Make sure you state a claim to a dollar amount, but don’t forget something upon which relief can be granted, or get dismissed for the failure of it. Now your “Real Dam President” has always had the same dam claim: II.I.JI.TREASON.II.I.JI. JI!

Judicial Immunity, and Sovereign Immunity was getting uglier by the day as your constitutional rights slowly dissipated because the system was designed to keep lawyers slaves, paying for their tuition usually, then they trade their lives for hours and hours, and any organization that is meant to help US citizens and penalize the evil doers for injustice dissipates and dissipates along.

(They can’t afford the attorneys, and the attorneys can’t afford to take the jobs they really probably originally wanted when going for their law degrees, they can’t take the jobs, they have big school bills to pay, among other things, and the organizations can’t afford them either.) Wow what a design.

While there is still the internet it makes accessible education easier for the victims, the ones who want to stand up and fight for their rights, but to get someone to fight your battles for you is going to take an act of God usually, people don’t care anymore, they have battles and chasing the world to attend to, the last person they want to help is someone besides their own selves, so you’re better off just learning to be Pro Se when you have no other choice. Right?

Do not become depressed, just turn your depression and feelings of injustice into the movement of gaining knowledge of the laws of the land, and get everyone to join together as victims as one unit. It is also known as a “Constitutional Militia.” there is many organizations popping up all over the place especially these days. Seek them out, get active with them.

The right to bear arms was meant to protect the people from the Government, but you see in the world agenda, the goal is to take away the people’s rights one brick at a time.

You can remove an entire Kingdom of the United States that way, and the ones doing it aren’t stupid, they know it. How do you eat an elephant? One bight at a time is the answer. As the people who are aware of this conspiracy almost shed tears for all the blood shed for this great nation, while little radical rally groups shoot themselves by not being a part of what this nation was founded upon.

This nation was founded upon vision, entrepreneurs, freedom, hope, liberty, most importantly justice and the newer version of the Magna Carta. Then a powerful document made to protect peace for the people “The Constitution” Bill of rights and these men, real men, the ones that built homes cutting down one tree at a time, blood sweat and tears, and you’re going to tell me these men, their beliefs, their creation should be changed? Blotted out? Dear God help them all.

It’s changing every day so fast that it’s becoming chaos. Should make a law against new laws and every single bill should be on public display, with the creators of them like Facebook so everyone can see who is behind the curtains, but do we do this? No. Do we enforce anything? No. Why? Because somehow the people in the Government (Not all of them thank God) are mostly under the influence of their own power authorities.  Makes them feel powerful and good they like getting high off themselves right?

Even lower minions running things while others are victims in handcuffs behind bars, then they brutally attack. There is a lot of corruption and crime taking place every day to thousands of people everywhere, If you want to do something, then do it. Do it well.

Keep justice and the truth on your side and enforce it to no avail.

Learn and learn well.

Master your understanding of your rights, what’s left of them, and what can be done according to the highest laws in the land.

Live and live well.

Peace to you all even in times of war.

In GOD WE TRUST is still alive and STRONGEST

So is the Constitution and this we must protect the same.

My question is what was I claiming the whole time?

So protect both your eyes and protect them well.

Enforce and enforce with GAMBERT excellent.

Until these Agents who were put in their jobs by the people realize again who they work for they will be found on the IRON TRACKS.

They work for the people of the United States of America. Where are they? They were lost and forgot their addresses to their own homes, to busy to care, or just to make rent they lost all sight of what was coming for them to claim their lives for II.I.JI.TREASON.II.I.JI.

Who is collecting all this rent? Mr. Boulder Dam Collector JI!

Anyone that sides against the highest laws of the land, against the truth or justice, and what this nation was built upon are guilty of treason.

Give them a fair trial, don’t be like the Unjust of course not.

This is not legal advice, this is only my personal opinion which I am entitled to by what is left of freedom of speech up until today.

Then their was the internet.

May this encourage you into another truth, if you don’t find something worth fighting for, you will never find something worth dying for. II.I.JI.RIGHTEOUS.II.I.JI.

Fight the same way, choose your battles because the good ones are very very long, they suck up your life and you have to really take that into consideration seriously before your enemies all die.

If everyone stands up and says we want America back to the United States then everyone must stop this ideology that someone else is going to do it so you don’t have to. 

That is the problem with this generation, number two, please!

Turn off the television, turn on learning, dissecting similar filings, learn case law, look at other instances of the same situations outcomes in higher courts.  Build your case use the law make your voices heard! Quote Gambert v. United States corporation all day!

You have to become a student first before you can ever expect a victory after 7 or 8 years of legal battles, that just turn into more and more legal challenges. Take the Dam Victory and don’t backtrack…. Don’t be led astray….

Are you up for the task? The Tasks?

Is it worth it?

Is it really, really worth it?

Is it worth it all? Is America Worth it all?

Or just eat more chips and watch more talk shows dam it!

Our forefathers who built the strongest nation in the world were creators. They thought for themselves and somehow our Government now thinks for us. How did this happen? Lack of knowledge and care is how it happened. Lack of education about the power of law. You have all been defeated and conquered until now:

So much to say, that is why I usually just do everything for you!

I am not guilty as you all are for doing absolutely nothing, and now I know how to prosecute you officials for doing nothing as aiding and abetting the conspiracy, so now I hook your jaws….

Learning learning Our Justice Administration is YES!

You can too!

Learn and learn well.

When you find your voice, the guilt of doing nothing goes away when you make scumbags hear the sirens!

God bless America!

Be well all of you.


Update January 8th 2015: “And then Snow Began to Fall.”

The claim was always II.I.JI.TREASON.II.I.JI.

The Victory was always Americas,

Damned Fool.








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