Jason Gambert Iron-Fist-in-a-Velvet-Glove

From: Jason Gambert Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 11:50 PM To: ‘Pressey, Montia Givens’ Subject:


Respectfully Given Pressey Montia Givens,

First Off I want to thank you for siding with the truth, justice, and what the law states. Although I commend you for doing what is right, since nothing is being done, I am now forced to strongly advise you how this must be taken directly to David Kappos, who was elected by the Obama Administration during this election time, and has to report directly to Congress. He must now be made very aware of this final notice before serious action and you must certainly now make the director aware of the magnitude of the mistakes some of his employees have made acting outside their legal capacities to do so by law. I will make it clear as crystal, a decision must be rendered before the election, not after the election. Everyone named below have not followed the rules set before them by the agency, therefore I am holding everyone accountable for their actions. I furthermore now have been forced to bring forth the rule of law which appears to be the “Touchstone of the presidency.”

Barak Obama and all of Congress have sided with the laws of this land and were sworn in to protect them along with the people of the United States and their God given rights. It is all of your duties to make sure United States Citizens rights are protected especially in your agency. When citizens are acting within your walls of your agency you are required to show strict adherence to the laws instituted there for everyone including judges to follow, as well as align properly with the highest laws of the land ‐The United States Constitution & Federal Statutes. I desired nothing more than to be nice, civil, respectful, and humble as possible in regards to all this. I have now been forced by the named below to be otherwise against my will. I now give this agency one more chance, “1” final chance to do what is right and issue my property I own by law. David Kappos must do what he was elected to do by the administration and align with the foundations of law not stand divided against them.

If the Director does what is right and fixes what is wrong, and forces the issuance of my property by law in an expedited manner, something he is required to do anyways, then everything will be settled with him. If the Director David Kappos does not do what is right I assure you all of the examples of my rights being violated will come to public viewing while under the Obama Administration, and everything the USPTO has done under his ruling will be brought to light in the most magnificent of ways. I will put this on blast and resignations will be flying like American Flags I assure you.

The Director will have to answer to Barak Obama and Congress including the American people why he allowed my rights to be so grossly neglected and violated while acting within his agency. Furthermore he will have to explain why he permitted officials to break the agencies laws that govern their actions under his organization including the highest laws of the land the Constitution. This gross example of lawlessness doesn’t align to the Obama Administration, the United States, or the people who elected him, those of whom in essence put the Director in office. I strongly suggest everyone to get in line with the rule of law all of you. It is your choice now sir what happens next. What’s enormous revenue and the creation of plentiful job growth generated for the United States to the Obama Administration? I will be generating billions of dollars and creating thousands of jobs for America. May I ask what on earth you are doing withholding my rights? You don’t have any rights to withhold mine sir. What is Change and what is the rule of law the touchstone of the presidency to Barak Obama? What is job growth and international income generated into the United States to his administration? Who are you? I am just getting started.

I went by your system and followed your laws and acted like a good citizen adhering to the rules learning as fast as possible, but there is only one catastrophic problem, your agencies employees did not follow the law or the rules that governand the ESTTA system your agency instituted was corrupt to allow a late filing to move forward. Your employees acted maliciously moving it forward anyways, the Interlocutory attorney has been hiding from me, and gnashing her teeth in hope this will just one day go away. It will certainly not, no one is fooling anyone, and this cover up is going to get really exposed more than you can ever know. This example of lawlessness will certainly grow into something very ugly soon if you don’t fix this major problem. Turn over to me what is mine rightfully by law, stop withholding it against it, and issue my property now. No one wants extreme escalation, and I hope that everyone can be civil and just simply look at the truth of what the law says like the 5 named below who stand with the law undivided within your administration. This injustice will not be tolerated and can be very easily corrected in my soon dissipating mercy state. It must be corrected there is no other choice; you are required to do so by law. I am demanding this agency to do what is right and issue my property I already own. I am not asking you to Strike Rhea Drysdale 91183740 from record fixing the problem, and issuing my property, I am telling you. With my power as a United States Citizen who has rights, who stands on the right side of the law, picture me right now holding an iron scepter pointing it at you standing on the wrong side with the named below boldly stating to you personally “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation” drawing a straight line in the sand.


1.) Service of this dialogue to everyone named below making everyone in the agency “Very Aware.”

2.) Making report of this in great detail opening investigations for the named below to the DC Bar.

3.) Furthering to William R. Covey, Director for Discipline, opening up full investigations of this complaint of unethical conduct by named individuals below practicing before the Office.

It is professional misconduct for a lawyer/judge to:

(a) Violate or attempt to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, knowingly assist or induce another to do so, or do so through the acts of another;

(b) Commit a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects;

(c) Engage in conduct involving dishonesty, Fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;

(d) Engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice;

(e) State or imply an ability to influence improperly a government agency or official;

(f) Knowingly assist a judge or judicial officer in conduct that is a violation of applicable rules of judicial conduct or other law.

4.) Federal Tort Claims Act Notice of Suit served upon the Department of Justice and the USPTO opening up investigations seeking enormous damages, which Congress will have to be made aware of from the Director of this agency, and will have to answer why the American People have to pay something that could have been easily avoided.

This very dialogue will be in their hands.

5.) Piercing the Judicial/Sovereign Immunity Vail, breaking new legal grounds instituting new legal terminology on the named below, and systematically taking everyone personally to court for damages they cannot afford to the Supreme Court of Arizona to face me personally.

Including you sir.

6.) Scheduling meetings with Jan Brewer giving her notice of what will certainly be occurring on a federal level inside her state of Arizona, and how it costs Arizona and the people of the USA educating her how much. Thoroughly elaborating in depth how my rights were violated and why she should care. Flow charts flow charts flow charts.

7.) Depending on the decision Kappos makes, publicly exposing this truth and adversity to the American Public, showing the poor reflection on the Obama Administration during this election time. I will be forced by Mr. Kappos to make the people very aware of the hypocrisies existing inside the administrations.

8.) Providing this evidence to the other Candidates for debate publicly, educating them, consulting with them, to bring this heavy case of evidence and proof for their review that will have to be publicly answered for in front of every US Citizen on national television.

This is against everything Obama Stands for if you don’t issue the trademark. This becoming your personal institution of “Barak Obamas Weakness During Election Time & How it Affects Every Single American Inside the United States.” Viral, Viral, Viral, Mr. Kappos, Do you really want to be known as the weakest link in Obamas Campaign for reelection? Are you for his administration which placed you in your job or not? Do you stand with Barak Obama or do you stand divided against him and this Nation? Why not instead become Obamas Strength during election time, do what is right, and side with the “Rule of Law which you must follow anyways.”

I. 306.04 Late Opposition Because the timeliness requirements of Section 13(a) of the Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1063(a), for the filing of an opposition are statutory, they cannot be waived by stipulation of the parties, nor can they be waived by the Director on petition.45 Accordingly, an opposition filed after the expiration of the wouldbe opposer’s time for opposing must be denied by the Board as late. The opposition will not be instituted, and any submitted opposition fee will be refunded.

You are not above Barak Obama or the “Rule of Law” and especially the people of the United States, not the Constitution or Federal Statutes therefore (1) Get in line issue my property and (2) Fix this problem of epic proportions immediately.

9.) Publishing full articles of truth written on the experiences of everyone inside this agency in opposition to the truth, justice, law, and the proper issuance of my property. Wherefore I will be personally sharing my experiences with everyone, naming everyone in great detail giving full honest testimony to their actions, which will certainly get extreme exposure and certainly affect their “good” reputations everywhere in the world online.

I have a right to share the truth of this injustice with everyone everywhere in the world if what is true, just, and fair is not fulfilled according to the laws that govern..

10.) My Justice campaign should affect everyone’s stances and actions in regards to opposing the American People of their rights, and the Constitution. I represent every American affected with this lawlessness and all of the people of the United States will see a reflection of themselves being a victim of “big” Government on a single United States Citizen Jason Gambert.

Do you really want to erupt a volcano of lava flowing with Constitutionalists, people’s rights activists, and veterans that are willing to die for this country for what it stands for? Real people that are willing to fight? It is not the internet crowd you should fear most sir. The general people of the USA are not ignorant and will take this personally I assure you. I have the case built.

11.) Everyone everywhere will be shown how their rights have been violated found in me, wherefore if mine are Grossly violated in this way, preventing my rights to help Americas finances and job growth from being exercised, then everyone inside this country’s rights are violated the same way found with me. I will show them how.

This will be a reflecting story that will never go away on this agency and the named below as long as the internet is alive it will haunt everyone.

12.) I will certainly exercise my full publicity powers online around the world which will affect the reputation of the USPTO’s efficiency and honesty integrities among other things like never found before.

Reputation Reputation Reputation

13.) I will be seeking prosecutions of anyone and everyone who sides against the Constitution, the laws that govern the agency, and absolutely to the furthest capabilities of the law possible. I know how to do it, I know how to remove what needs to be removed in order to fulfill this. I don’t want to do this, but if forced by your decisions I will if I must.

See Below

14.) Submitting this case to the DC Prosecutors in combination of the DOJ office for investigation on a.) Obstruction of Justice and b.) Conspiracy allegations. Proper operations of a court requires 91183740 to be stricken from the record and the trademark to be issued to Applicant, anyone who knows of this and sides against the law now will be considered coconspirators to obstruction of justice.

Everyone is now made aware, very aware. Everyone will be held accountable for their actions this means no one is getting away with anything, especially my property I own by law.

15.) Serving this correspondence directly to the Obama Administration 1st  In a Federal Express envelope to make him very aware of all your actions against his administration and the rule of law. Out of respect, courtesy, and integrity something I am under the impression you and your agency currently do not have given the history, I will be serving him first and it shall be the very first initiative in my justice campaign.

It is not for you to know the day or the time.

I’m just getting started….

This is the United States of America not the Divided States of America Mr. David Kappos.

I am in a position of power right now where people have to listen to me, people like you and everyone named below. I am not playing your USPTO games anymore and am ready to rally up every union, everybody who has ears, everybody who has eyes, all the people with smart phones, every single website and users of search engines this decision effects, everyone in America and all around the world. So it is more than imperative that you make the right decision right now, especially in these times of uncertainty. You should be in favor of the people’s rights, and especially what the law requires you to do.

I currently have affiliation with 18,180,750 union members and have 565,000 email addresses of people around the world whom I am in direct contact with.  You and your agency cannot afford to do what is against the law. I can’t emphasize enough to you what this one decision entails, how important it is for you and your agency to side with the truth, justice, and what the laws of this land state. Everyone needs to put on their basis of formal clothes, for anyone and everyone inside this agency who is found to be informal their careers will be crushed by me personally and may be found prosecuted if laws were found to be broken upon further investigation by the appropriate departments.

By September 17th  I need a response what David Kappos himself, his final decisionand ruling is going to be in regards to this tremendous matter of breaking multiple laws and withholding my property.

Not anyone else’s opinions please.

Not TTAB employees (1) Ann Linehan or Administrative Trademark Judges; (2) Bucher, (3) Kuhlke, (4) Bergsman, (5) Seeherman, (6) Rogers, or (7) Ritchie. Only now David Kappos the Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Organization Himself appointed to handle these kind of decisions.

All of the named above should be made immediately aware of this final notice before the September 17th deadline to determime which side of the law they officially stand.  Either with it or against it.

The named above should email me from their official USPTO addresses with their complete names and positions following 15 below where they officially stand in this grave matter. Example 6.) Bucher

People who have acted more than decent and who understand the truth and seem to stand on the right side of the law who currently have nothing to dread are:

1.) Jennifer Chicoski
2.) Charles Joiner
3.) Tyrone Craven
4.) Alyssa Paladino
5.) Pressy, Montia Givens

Others will be named later if must needs be deemed necessary.

This is my third and final notice to all of you.

Again do what is right and issue my property I own by law and stop withholding it against it.

If you don’t issue my property and do what is right, (1) You do this great country of the United States of America an abominable disservice (2) You show a total disgrace to everyone who is a citizen inside the border of this land (3) You betray your own people who have entrusted you with their appointment under their elected. (4) You stand against your selves.




Standup now do what is right. This electricity was made to start the heartbeat of America, not to end it by sitting down doing nothing.


Update August 18th 2017, performed everything above “All I.N. Order & Now I’m P.I.S.C.D!”








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