Steaming citizens,

And now many Americans agree that plans we put into place, denied unlawfully by our servants is injustice, especially when people like us are trying to put people back into the power of work bringing the jobless security and peace. This is more than our unlawful deniers have ever done they create debt, not wealth. How much wealth did I create? (Updated 8.7.2017 Trillions.)

Hey listen we really don’t know our governments agendas as citizens do we? Can our servants please be clear to the citizens, their employers? I will be clear for those who work for us as a reminder, your employers, you know the United States, who employs you? Did you get drunk on your ego’s did you lose site of the plan, you know the economic one? Don’t worry servants you shall serve, and never outshine your masters, the Citizens of the United States; that is the Rule of our Law. II.I.JI.

Or shall we introduce you to our electric sentences by the same essence of our rule of law? It was an honor for you to be in the privilege of our election, but you have lost site of the greatest one, who are all of the Citizens of the United States together as not two, but one United Nation. We are undivided in our soon to be inferno economy in which we shall launch the middle class to a higher level, us not you. South Stars who are our enemies trying to side track us shall go down to dust heated by the temperature of the sun that was the name of their game, that is there choice they introduced to us what we already know we own war, we own nuclear weapons as presents for our enemies in the name of peace.

God bless our enemies we love you so much we’re willing to warn you you’re playing with fire!

We are always at war, war is inevitable because democracy and peace is our mission. For the enemies of America don’t get it twisted we declared war when the USA was born!

Although we love peace, there is no peace in time of war and as a sovereign nation we can forget the Presidents “Executive Decisions” our “Citizens Decisions” simply are the difference between a sledge hammer on a dam ant.

Furthermore I want to enlighten the world because I am Gambert the illuminator, you listen servants of America, we as the citizens can and will afford it all. If we have better leadership not sacrificing our own soldier’s blood in the name of foreign oil, a whole new era would be born without fear. But it is you Servants that are in the way of your Masters way, the citizens of the USA decree you to get out of our nations way. We are not playing with you anymore.

There is a new era called Gambert and it is about time someone is here to represent the citizens that cannot stand to be silent any longer inside of the real USA. You know the nation filled with the ones that share what you don’t have, a ready, willing, and able fighting spirit of America. “We” the citizens are the ones that have the minds to create wealth and jobs. “We the citizens shall no longer allow you to destroy this country with foreign spending all the while passing the debt to us from China. We the people not you attract, excuse me lead job creation better without you in the way. Now servants let’s play a game, it is the game of old, remember? Let me reintroduce you to a game called follow the leader.


But again it has come to the point where America has gone to sleep, but GAMBERT will launch the almighty wake up call, and remind the Citizens that we are the employers of the free world, and we are the rulers of the United States Government and that is certainly why it is so dam difficult to run for any office, simply because I don’t know if I can currently join their political cults. I can however envision the big slow elephant if I were to reconsider eating one, especially once elected when I step in and people in there “Elephant Positions” look at the “New Comer.” I scoff at you because you are so desperate of a great leader. Dear Lord I think the only solution is not to run for any back of the line, or tail type politics, but to stay in power and keep myself united with the leaders of the free world, the citizens and my heart beat continuing this passion and liberty legacy for a genuinely “Free America!”


Almost six years ago I set out to create American Jobs, international income, and wealth. Thanks to Congress for the future of restoring hope in our system, congress will be the ones that not only hold Barak accountable, but judges and agents including everyone else who insult themselves by actions against their own oaths. I am very, very sharp these days, and it is no wonder why sleeping America is not awake, they don’t read the revolution, they read the sold out news networks that I GAMBERT declare war on, only because I know that accurate information without bribery is the most crucial thing to us as free citizens and we cannot depend on propaganda by design and profit based news networks who did already sell out America. We cannot and must not rely upon ticks for accurate news in America.


This is my first priority to make America gay to be straight again. Manufacturing and creating jobs is my mission, I am an advocate for creating jobs, and holding our employees accountable if they prevent us from taking the power back. I am the writer and creator of the United States Justice Code, Gambert is the one who created the United States Admission code, much more than an idyllic attempt at pledging allegiance to a flag, overruled by GAMBERT both powerful new doctrines built on “In God We Trust.”


There are many things we can do, but I don’t want to get too ahead of everyone this year, I need everyone including the President of the United States to catch up to the new citizen speed, the same speed that is in greased lightning, the same energy that brings the electric sentences for anyone who sells out our country, past, present, future tense. The new, fresh and interesting law of our land is more high tech than a little 3D Printer. When this printer was getting started is now old news so when our “President’ makes it new, news, it just worries me that the leader of our country tells a tale, and when it comes to being a strong backbone of America I hope our president does not put any tails between any legs, because America can have a political media winner, but fighting enemies in time of war is a whole other thing….. There will be a point when the Nation asks “What do we do Gambert?”


Utterly and completely crush the enemies who keep attacking our manufacturing hubs, our business, our departments of defense or energy, our citizens, and our freedom. Leave the beggars of American mercy as shadows on the walls of cement from how bright it was when America was revolutionized by eradicating evil and hatred with the only substance on earth made for hell this being fire. We cannot worry about feelings or emotions when prison treats individuals better than the streets of Cleveland, and foreign terrorists get trials as though they have American rights. The whole system has become corrupt and we have allowed the enemy to infiltrate our nation by a grass roots approach which is now on the inside. Evil is out of control in America and around the world currently and nations are threatening war left and right, but now is the time for a leader to stand and fight for America again.


Right now there are bigger worries about making the best products or investing in the best ideas, human genomes returned wealth into the economy, but what Gambert is trying to do is return American jobs back to our economy and unlock the answers to the citizens questions why America is being ran by lawyers who are not business men, why the people who lead this country keep trying to fix the old broken system, preaching about investments in science and innovation all the while with their actions saying much louder words without any recourse. The space race is not as important as the cartels submarines which could have nukes on board blowing up LA soon enough, don’t you think that it is about time to treat the war on drugs as a disease rather than a war?


Here is American energy which holds a promise better than investments into the failing war on drugs, it is having American drug companies open up the ability to treat attics, and pour the money back into our economy, opening up the much needed wealth into psychological care, education, and attacking the media’s image of what it portrays. America cannot continue to spend ourselves to death, listen only the strong survive we need to stop fearing the inevitable future, and start attacking the enemy where it hurts and that is in the pocket book. It is simple to see for the new generation solutions to problems that are not being fixed, only damaging society, and costing tax payers trillions of dollars.


For the sake of our children, I am a witness only to hopefully change the future of America and how education is delivered, because as it is, the problem with American education is everything. The absolute truth is the kids are targets; they are there for the taking unprotected and placed in a bubble of delusion while the systematic curriculums bathe over them for over a decade to help them agree to play Klinko with their lives. There is no reality, no truth to what is really going on in America, in the world, and how bad the protectors and real patriots of this nation need all of their help.

The good news is the old systems are going to crash from real progression, America is on the verge of an explosion of growth and progress, but it still does not change the education infrastructure that is clearly outdated, and costly to every citizen in the USA. Gambert as well as many other citizens understand how much each child costs for every day in school on average, and there are many who also know that the costs of buildings and teachers, with this kind of institutionalized teaching needs to change. School is sometimes the most unstable, unsafe, threatening place for a child to be these days. With the sickness and disease found online, strapped to every child’s hands the ability to research morally unacceptable information, transferred to our children’s virgin eyes, with no one standing up to hold the publishers of evil accountable? Where are the real men and women of America? Where are the people who have had enough with the way this country is turning out? Who will stand not for themselves, but for our Children and future of this country? Who will no longer stand for evil to flourish within our borders of the USA?









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