ALL I.N. Calling American Spartans,

Now is the time for all of America to come to the aid of their Country. This is a call for all of America to stand up and start fighting evil corruption everywhere. Leading the revolutionary party is what I do, because revolution pours out of my being, and I have more than one answer, I have the answers; fight and fight.

I also have a question America, will you just stand there and do nothing watching as corruption and evil continues flourishing everywhere? Will you continue placing the sheets over your head while pretending it can’t get any worse, only to turn around from what you see and go back to sleep? Wake up America it’s time for a fight!

Please understand I am sent here on a mission to bring our nation to a brand new America, a reborn America, and target in on anyone that gets in the peoples way to claim our country back.  May I not be the only one who knows how to hold powerful people accountable, and may I not be the only one who does it all in the name of peace.

Now what happens in times of war against those who set themselves and their organizations up against our country and our people? May I not be the only American who understands that in these paralysis times even peace must come to an end. Now if I must I will present my case against the accountable if I have to because I can with the stroke of my pen turn nations to lend an eye to what is going on in America and with my voice soon approaching create citizens in any free country to want to do away with power hungry, greedy and evil men and women who are supposed to be in service to the people for good.

The way people feel inside being betrayed by their elected officials can bring the revelation of the red horse galloping on men who simply create war. While our president hopes for peace, it is about time for me to come forward and enlighten the dim deaf and mute there is no peace in time of war. As if I could make it any cleaner, still my fire will burn bright throughout the nations to desire a cleansing of evil from within.

I can see the future and the future consists of evil men and women burning forever. Yes actually burning forever and from my doings please allow me to be the hand pulling down the handle on anyone who betrays our country, please let me have the courtesy personally to electrocute these skilled artists of treason if they are so found to exist inside the USA. In fact, think about it. Anyone who understands the United States has nothing to worry about when they are a public figure, they can do anything they want, especially when they have the media in their pocket, but it is the same pocket that has elected those artists of treason and I have news America. The way we get news in America has been compromised.

Please allow me to again reintroduce myself, the man with the Glove, who punches the corrupt with an Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove of Glory. The same man who holds the very same back Glove of weeping waling, morning and death for the enemies of the men, women, and children of the United States of America. Say it slowly with me. “Eye One.” Sometimes a Nation needs a leader who holds this Glove to be seen latching on to the Iron Scepter of Power only to lead a world to peace the iron way found in the rule of law. Everything seems apparently cute in the year 2013 for these pretty politicians, oh how cute their little speeches are, and how cute their attempts at peace are. I am very impressed with their cute little theatrics and this preaching to create new jobs, and “Change” oh how cute all of our little leaders are. Please allow me to reintroduce our “leaders” as our servants again.

How quaint it is that they seem to just love Gay Marriage, oh how American they are when they whore themselves out to the popular senses which is not popular theatrics truthfully at all. How cowardly evil men have become waving there guns in Chick Filet because they refuse to serve to homosexuals, how cowardly someone would use a gun to end someones life and shoot up fast food restaurants, schools children, and everything else, oh how very cowardly these people are. I think it’s about time to show evil inside our country who the boss is. Or should we continue to allow a bogus lie created by polls from the media more than likely rigged by evil men and women to appeal to the “popular” census? Again America the way we get communication in America has been compromised terribly, please allow me to reintroduce you to a dark propaganda agenda.

It is about that time America, don’t you think it’s about that time? Time for revolution and everyone better lose their fears get up and start fighting evil everywhere in America. In fact find evil and destroy it completely of the face of the earth, find an enemy and lay it to waste through strong unity and peaceful protest because Violence does not solve anything unless your Pigs. Now to defend our Liberties is no Violence at all, and an ucompromising comittment to a defense of the innocent eyes of the youth in America for the protection of the souls of our sons and daughters is what Forth Fathers are for. Listen the media empires have systematically desensitized America manipulating the minds of the new generation taking them away from what our Forefathers found was worth dying for.

The Moral of America is being defeated without anyone fighting for it at all. The biggest problem with Agencies inside protecting America is the problem of low moral. Don’t you worry Gambert is here to radically change the Moral of our country one Agent at a time.

Greater America is more than energy we are much more than you who are destroying the moral of our servants, we are going to have a revolution and seek you out soon. But today you can continue in what is left of your time and just keep doing the media’s bidding, letting the puppet masters continue stringing you along wherever they so desire, because just like every southern bell there is nothing worse than public humiliation right? Please let me allocate the truth, please allow me to enlighten the pathetic politics including the WHORES of the media sold out to the highest bidder, we see you making it seem like news, but really just profiting on advertisements and leading the minds in your dark profit agendas.

Look America when terror hits the United States these whores of the media profit on it, when terror strikes they charge you for it by force feeding you commercials. People dying in Boston and then a commercial becomes blood money for these pagans. Again the way we get information in the United States has been compromised America and it’s about time for a revolution. Why is everyone so worried about the NSA and what they are doing with our information? Please allow me to enlighten America, it is not the NSA you have to worry about, it is the people who are in Big Corporations who blatantly sell your information and it’s only because they are the other whores of the internet.

This is a call for a revolution to all the citizens of America who demand a rational change.

Before it’s too late. This must stop for good, news networks are the lowest of the low, and the future does not consist of them the way they currently are I assure you. The current media mongrels are the modern day epidemic of the black plague spread throughout the land to disease men by the fecal matter of rodents. You bad news slandering gossip dogs you are the lowest profiting on the blood of seal team six, the tears of the parents being shot down, and then a commercial to feed your greedy walstreet profit habits, you are all  lower than low, you have become slaves to your task masters who rule over you, the beat you to give them more bad news, and they still profit on all the blood and burning flags they are sold out to the highest bidder, but never report on what matters most all of our rights and how the rejects of society, the non-believers and foreigners are taking them from you.

I hear about new jobs being created, you could say I can create a few, but I genuinely am concerned about people who get in my way, our way, the United States way.  I am genuinely creating jobs, but totally prevented from moving forward from the broken  infrastructure that we call “Government” in America. I am glad there are people in Congress who genuinely care about America, and if they really do then they would be more than concerned about being properly positioned for the future of the way commerce will be conducted internationally, and focused on an implemented future of America starting today.

We the citizens who will run this country must become no longer dependent on White house ale drinking molasses morons. I apologize for nothing Martin Luther King had a dream, but Jason Gambert has a case against all of you who call yourself American in the postions of leading America and don’t protect although you did swear an oath, obviously your oaths are not worth standing up for. You are the ones who are failing this country, but neglecting our citizens rights who depend on you to hold anyone violating them accountable. Did I say Morons??? I meant Morons, you couldn’t be more off.

It’s time to put abolish Sovereign Immunity, and Judicial Immunity altogether. Anyone anywhere that is not in alignment to our nation, our country or our people shouldn’t be able to hide behind a position that protects them to be able to break the law at their own personal discretion. Where did you come from morally unacceptable people because you clearly not American. Since when did America become known for smut and homosexuals with freedom parades, but are violent when your for marriage between a man and a women? What happened to the fighters in America is everyone afraid of the psycho path with a gun who kills you because you hold true to the tradition of America?

I genuinely have the solution, everyone carry guns and draw them on the first person who walks in blazing one in an attempt to kill any of our citizens. Police are overworked, underpaid, and now outgunned, out manned. Look at our border patrol, do you know how they live in the border towns near Mexico? Does anyone have any idea? The politicians keep cutting spending, but will give Syrians 300 million, and buy Russian helicopters for over a half of a billion dollars, but complain about hiring more citizens to secure our borders in America. You know what the problem is? Politicians spending money that is not there own. Look when it comes down to it I am not afraid of any of them because I see the way they are, I watch them carefully and I am more evolved than them when it comes to reality, truth, dignity, trust, and appreciation with a serious concern for America.

We absolutely must stop foreign spending and aiding our enemies in any way shape or form.

Look I also will be the one who carries the whole burden, because I shall initiate the rebuilding of American truth with no apologies to enemies of the United States. You can’t buy an enemy and make them happy with you when they hate  you, now please read clearly, we must not aid our enemies or hand billions of dollars to foreign nations any more without paying any attention to our homeland and the millions in need of shelters, food, and jobs. I want piano string and fish hooks for politicians who aid our enemies from now on.

No, no no, my sons and my daughters, my servants who are the Government, I shall indeed sweep this country into the fire to create the almighty Tithe, the almighty Genuine “Take Back” who better than the man who has the power in his pen, the power of knowledge in his mind, the one who teaches presidents how to be run from office, and run into the Kingdom building business of America again. I walked into this world and set foot on the heights,  I see a leader of the strongest country in the world talking about a simple red line. Dear God if you believe in luck then he is lucky I don’t know him, but I do know him more than he knows himself, Barak Obama from his negligence has fallen out of the favor of God, but I still offer the invitation to a man who is in clear need of him.

I elect him still, only because he is still sleeping, but it is frustrating to be the leader and have your employees being caught on the Job sleeping, choosing to sleep, and everything else, what do you do America when the President is found dreaming all the time? You wake up the dead with your life giving calls to revolutionize America! Now seal the Dam because it is as you know then very much finished. Big God We Trust Irremovable.

It should drive you mad when you see everything you read from our servants is produced by careful design, but the difference between them and real Americans is that if they took the time to actually be genuine in their attempts rather than continuing on their strings to  work with the whores of the media, only to further their agendas to take apart America one “Brick at a time” they would find being on the right side is the best side. So cut loose stop with the auto responders that try to trick suckers into thinking you actually wrote them, instead why not just say the truth, I can’t reply because I am incompetent.

Janitor Gambert will sweep them clean out don’t worry, the man with the mop has arrived!

Resignations flying like American Flags. Right now the whole foundation is almost gone, and the funny part is every time a brick is let go on our foundation, a simple public announcement is made, that goes along these same lines; “We will rebuild because that is what America is about.” We shall replace the bricks with Quartz and Diamonds, or even more dense stones of value, and that is what they say, they actually think this is the right way. Well I am an Advocate first to God then his protectors and the people in America, but these servants, they are no servants at all, they area all Pigs in their pursuits of Power who have clearly forgot what America is all about. My question is what are they in it for really? I am in it for good against my will, trust me America the last thing on earth I wanted to ever do is become furiously famous, known and very political holding evil men accountable to codes that didn’t even exist until now.


Everyone it seems depends on everyone else to do their job these days, but I depend on America to help me flush the toilet of America. Therefore if I must clean and no one will put me out of my job watching all these clowns try to fix a broken system with old minds, old thinking, preaching one thing, but hypocritical about another, so then my God I must fix them, I must fix this nation, I must fix all things because I have no choice I have to clean it all up pointing them all out! Better to cut out the gang green than to live one more day with an ongoing infection, a bunch of power hungry pigs now targeting in on Americans aiding enemies, helping further the broken systems. Flush, flush and away!

Truthfully honestly it is simple to me, but the hard part is getting clout. You know obtaining big money, politics, power and other things, where people actually listen. That is what it takes in this world, because even if you are sitting on the solution for Hospitals to stop spreading staph and even if you knew the cure to Cancer including free energy technology, the rest of the sleeping world does not care until you have the clout. They are too busy with themselves, their motives, and everything else profit driven. All I want to say to the world is it is a dam good thing I am Gambert the Janitor, and it is a dam good thing I am not President of the United States yet, but in the mean time I will clean with the solution now that I have some serious clout. Wake up to the revolutionary party. Because the Truth is fighting against any “Real” citizens of the United States is not a fair fight at all.” When we are united lighting our spirits on fire again for America we light up like the forth of July.

In the mean time I will simply keep cleaning and cleaning, I will shine and shine, with turpentine. Here we go like every dollar Gamberts’ Justice campaign has begun and education is being changed already, mopping trillions of dollars are about to be swept into the private sector totally apart from the corporations divided against the United States, and if that were not enough, Gambert is going Simple Green, much bigger than the United States, Gambert is going to show all the students who want to study on how to become a Janitor of the free world how to take the power back to the ones who held it before it was taken one brick at a time.  Janitor revelation, even Barak was talking the “R” word, the OUR REVOLUTION word when it comes to him talking to Israel, I think it’s about time for Ol bama to come to his senses and do his job which is enforcing the law. Seal the dam.

Stamp the dam it’s final. You see when it comes to ISRAEL or The United States I put the world on check mate, because I GAMBERT do not play with anyone, religion, or nation who threatens our children. I Gambert a “Future Father” shall wipe off the face of the earth anyone who threatens our people anymore, no more expensive wars with religions. When I fight a war I SHALL NOT FIGHT fair at the cost of any more of our American Blood or our American money on foreign soil. What the hell is wrong with the minds of our servants to want to ever invade foreign countries and spend our children’s blood on any of them? Our people’s lives spent on other nations who hate us because we are American? They shall no longer have our blood, but taste our fire instead. So please America whatever you do, please do not put me in charge, Janitor Gambert has no dam patience for any virus, bacteria or germs of any kind! Scum will be removed with chemicals no problem.

American needs a leader without any mercy, a new leader and I elect myself to be the leader who like a blood hound revisits the things old leaders do not want any citizens to revisit. I have created things that shall swiftly pass through Congress and they are going to love it. The truth is there are a lot of leaders still left in the United States Government who can and will lead the future of America, the same people who understand they are first servants and in partnership to the American People who are sick and tired of being nice and aiding our religious enemies. Everyone else should be very ware because God is raising up many janitors and something the world is simply not ready for because of all the filth, the dirt, and the sickness. It’s about time for all Janitors of the U.S.A. to Unite!


Furthermore like a sweeping river ready or not I will teach the Nations rule I. How to rule with iron fists holding an iron scepter because one thing about ruling other nations, they are not America, most are not civilized, and sometimes when it comes to rapists, human trafficking, religious violence and perversion, it makes you want to tie these criminals in a chair with rope and put them on oxygen, slowly reading there death sentences for their overt perversions. Janitor Gambert sometimes thinks about pouring 90% Propyl alcohol all over their flesh bodies to cure the disease could be the solution, while zooming in on their facial expression  slicing flint sparks to the tune of something as sharp as Beethoven so the whole sexually corrupt world can hear Janitor Gamberts classical justice masterpieces.

When it comes to this behavior of raping, sexually abusing women and children, sex traficking, and human traficking, it is not good enough to just feed pigs anymore in their cozy jails, their pigpens. It it is not well enough to simply lock these pigs up so they can eventually get loose again and do what pigs do freely going out and terrorizing again. It is not ok for these swine to be allowed to exist with the human race any longer, and you listen to me you human rights activists, otherwise we may decide to feed you to them, it is humane to treat the inhumane like the demons they are. We shall light them all on fire with the temperatures of our justice campaigns on pure evil and they can enter hell by their own sounds, the sounds of their own screaming being the pigs that they are. These pigs can feast on each other devouring their own flesh and any soldiers found raping any other U.S. soldiers will be gathered up to them. Beware of the fate of your certain peril pigs.


Correction, Get the disease out of your mind, Police are not pigs, pigs. You filthy human animals, let it be the dreadful day of God when you make your descent.

“For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.” Romans 13:4


Behold we are about to witness the screaming of the swine!

Whisper my name for civilized America G A M B E R T…


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