SEO® Burning It Up,

Very, very burning legal advice from the wrong lake “Cheryl Meide,” who is not escaping anything. Now contrast a difference between legal peril from Meide and a company that had enough common sense to think “What if we lose?” That was thinking wise, very wise from other companies counsel. Now you can see the differences between good legal counsel and very, very bad legal advice.

Take for example, a legal example, of an owner of a company, “SEOmoz” who took very, very bad advice from a bird one day; who would eventually fly his whole company into the very same SEO® Fire! It’s  no wonder why SEO® MOZ!

Recently SEO®moz changed their name to only “MOZ” with no SEO, wait but why? SEO® is why and much bigger than Mozilla, wealthier than any projects! SEO® Is a screaming eagle! Mmmuch bigger than Godzilla, it’s a prayer that rains down fire on Meide, Drysdale and all of MOZ Hell! SEO® Heaven’s Yes Already!

SEO® Prayer calling fire down from heaven and scorching all of the wizards in the lands of Moz. SEO® Burning all the way through Mozberg. SEO® Pump! SEO® Fire for everyone and all their companies affiliated with SEO®moz! SEO® Reloaded Again! SEO® Unstoppable! SEO® KINGDOM CAPITAL! SEO® The Americans™ Rich! The Americans™ SEO® Supra Wealthy!

Listen, somebody really should have given you sound legal advice, because it would have sounded like this, “What if Gambert holds a legal sickle in the end?” “Then what?” “Because you simply can’t afford the damages when SEO® Reaper… comes after you and your whole company when you lose!” SEO® You Lose. SEO® Remember? SEO® You lost everything… When I say everything I mean everything…. SEO® Everything….

Now that was good legal advice to remember! Because that would have been like cool water, refreshing peace like the real Lake Mead behind Gambert’s dam Justice campaign about to swing wide open on all damned corrupt Judges! Now, however it’s far too late for anyone already found on the tracks of SEO® Justice who were found with Drysdale and meddling with the “Wrong lake” Meide! SEO® Fire! Sending all the “Blog Artists” “Libel Defamatory Losers” and  SEO® Haters all the way down to hell! SEO® All Legal Hell. SEO® Coming to make a brand out of you soon! Very soon “Son!”

SEO® No cooling down now. SEO® Burning through all the blogging chaff and exposing everyone everywhere as losers! SEO® Hotter than the temperature of the sun! SEO® Justice – Setting The Record Straight by fire! SEO® Fire! SEO® “You’re Fired!”  #1 David Kappos SEO® “You’re Fired!” #2 Ann Linnehan. SEO® “You’re Fired!” #3 Gerald Rogers SEO® “You’re Fired!” #4 Marc Bergsman SEO® “You’re Fired!” #5 Ellen Seeherman” SEO® “You’re Fired!” #6 Lorelei Ritchie SEO® “You’re Fired!” #7 David Bucher SEO® “You’re Fired!” #8 Karen Kuhlke SEO® “You’re Fired!” #9 Rea? Who’s Next Rhea? “Wrong Rhea” The Americans™ SEO® USPTO COMMERCE SCANDAL BLAST OFF 2014! SEO® You’re All Fired!










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